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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 22, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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efiggflz‘uzr euer “a euer 'u u athletes to represent england in any sport. she sees it as her duty to challenge the problem is visibly muslim women face across the board. sport should not have a gender balance. there should be representation of every single type of person. —— a gender bias. summerbee made history as the first muslim woman to the credit for worcester. she used her unique lists to make history but admits making ruby expert was a challenge. to make history but admits making ruby expert was a challengem to make history but admits making ruby expert was a challenge. it was nice, but someone is looking, oh, there's an asian girl in that team and there are times when i have played in the men's team and i took four wickets. selma and dana both enjoyed family support but that is not always the case. here in birmingham, they are creating a sporting arm to introduce an unlikely group of women to the benefits of regular physical activity. it's important to have a message to say it's ok for our girls to be in sport and we really want them in sport. its physical and mental well—being.
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them in sport. its physical and mental well— being. it is them in sport. its physical and mental well—being. it is also them confidence and self—esteem. sport brings all those things. amla rafiq watched her brother become the youngest ever captain of yorkshire and has since been leading the charge in yorkshire to encourage young girls to become involved after becoming frustrated lack of opportunity. my dad used to drive me miles from home to access cricket as well. again, it was having to drive miles away. there was nothing on the doorstep. fast forward to the next generation and 16 you rolled anisa ansar broke every women's wrecker at four wickets taking and became england's top striker bullinger h category. but it has not always been plain sailing. i come from a minority. they can pay for staff, they can afford equipment and travel but we don't have that saw every day after school, we went to the net and had to try 100 times the harder than other people. while sport is increasingly becoming more accessible a variety of challenges remain for muslim women making that
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jump remain for muslim women making that jump to the top level. however, success jump to the top level. however, success breeds success which is why celebrating the difficulties and su ccesses celebrating the difficulties and successes for these brilliant women could prove so vital for moving forward. johanna konta's match, she has lost the first set 6—1. she is 1-0 has lost the first set 6—1. she is 1—0 up in the second. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. let's get more on our top story, that 600 high—rise buildings in england have been found to have similar cladding material to that found on grenfell tower in west london, which caught fire with the loss of at least 79 lives. so far, tests have found that seven are combustible. camden council in north london is removing external cladding from five tower blocks on the chalcots estate, because the panels didn't meet the standard commissioned by the authority. catherine dave is the latest. after
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days of speculation, the residency in camden have finally had it confirmed that they are one of a handful of blocks which actually have the same cladding as in g re nfell tower. have the same cladding as in grenfell tower. it has the same polyethylene corner but it does have slightly different insulation properties which means that it does have some fire resistance. nevertheless, the council here says it is taking matters very seriously indeed. it says it will remove cladding from five of its box and in the meantime, it is going to have 20 47 fire patrols, will patrol corridors to make sure that nothing flammable is left lying about and is carrying out tests on white goods in the properties. let's start now to one of the residents. ron, just tell me, how do you feel as somebody living in this blog now you know what you do about the cladding? you
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feel uncomfortable. from a leaseholder point of view, there are a lot of concerns obviously. costs, what is going to cost. is there an implication of cost to me which i don't think so because i paid 42,000 towards the cost and that's a finger that i am concerned with. i live on the ground floor which gives me a little less concerned because i potentially can get out the building much easier than the people in other blocks and an upper floors.|j much easier than the people in other blocks and an upper floors. i know you have a child living there. as it crossed your mind to leave? yes, it has. that's what i will probably think about in the long—term but there is an implication of cost me to do. let's get more insight into the structural issues around grenfell and similar towers. thank you for being with airs on bbc news. what struck me listening to that report is that camden council
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are saying actually these panels are the same and they are not what we commissioned. how do you think that kind of problem arises and is it a problem more widespread in the construction industry based on your experience? first of all, i'd like to extend my thoughts, wishes to all the families have been affected and all the people now up and down the country that are clearly very concerned about the situation that they face. i think there is some process flow they face. i think there is some process now where we need to have a calm and measured approach to these problems because they are conflicts problems. the cladding isn't a thing in isolation. one of the things that concerns me is that buildings are very complex items. we seem to be harbouring just on one part of the problem without looking at the greater picture right now. my question was prompted really by the discussion there has been of changes to the process for certifying buildings that date back to the
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mid—19 80s and if camden council is saying now this isn't what we commissioned, is there potentially a commit reed connection with that change? now is not the time to be tried to apportion blame...” change? now is not the time to be tried to apportion blame... i am not apportioning blame, i'm trying to discover what the process is and how it may have changed. the situation is and buildings have gone from a situation where cladding was applied to buildings and now there is a much higher process of self—regulation and self certification so you can have a building be built and it is not until after it is finished that people actually realise what has actually been put within the context of that building. specifications change and buildings incorporate changes as the design develops. you must remember, it takes up to two yea rs must remember, it takes up to two years to design a building and during those processes, many different people are involved. that is self certification, that means
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that effectively building inspectors from local authorities no longer necessarily go out and do inspections themselves? it is difficult to say without knowing the particulars of any given incident in that. one would expect that there is a process where an inspector will go out. whether that is from the local authority or from another approved inspectorate, one would expect that checks do happen and is they are in place. the real cause of concern is whether that regulation is then enforced and whether the processes where people surf certified and the description of items that they are making are out of the ones that are finally placed on that building. let me ask you finally, briefly if you can, what do you make of the interim measures that are being taken at the moment? i think, and measures that are being taken at the moment? ithink, and whatl measures that are being taken at the moment? ithink, and what i would call four, is for a holistic approach. one of the measures that
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the government hasn't looked at is what they can do themselves. the rules, the laws that enforce the building regulations in 1984 and within them, it gives the government the authority to apply all of the current safety legislation to all of the buildings regardless of when they were built and one of the biggest problem is that people up and down the country now face is they're scared. they are living in an environment where they don't know whether or not it is safe and what we can do is go for an process of enforcement so that we can see all the legislation changes being taken up the legislation changes being taken up and being put in place so they are looked at within these established and existing tower blocks. that is what we need to do. pound and measured approach. ready for your time. time for a look at the weather with ben rich. what a difference a day makes. compare to the recent heatwave, today has been much cooler and fresher there are many. plenty of
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cloud around as well. this picture from a weather watcher in shetland and things are going to continue to change because we have a band of rain moving across northern ireland, scotland, down into northern england as we go through this evening and overnight turning quite blustery up to the north—west as well. it dry night the further south and east you are but for all of us cooler and fresher. 12—15d. tomorrow then, our band will sink southwards across northern ireland and then into northern england, wales and maybe the midlands where it will hang around for most of the day. heaviest burst of rain for hills in the west. largely dry to the north for the afternoon and staying largely dry in the south. 16 in glasgow, 24 in london and it stays fresher and breezy through the next few days. rain at times, still some spells of sunshine. more details on our website. hello and welcome to 100 days + — the british prime minster
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in takes her brexit plan to brussels, but is the eu listening? the german chancellor says the focus won't be on britain at these talks, but on those who are remaining in the bloc. so, what hope does mrs may have of flying the uk flag, to get the deal she wants on the irish border, the exit bill and the rights of citizens? and setting out how we propose to ensure that eu citizens living in the uk have their rights protected in the united kingdom. more high—rise buildings in england are found to have combustible cladding after the safety check that were ordered in the wake of the grenfell tower tragedy. also... president trump announces there are no tapes of his conversations in the white house. he launched the speculation weeks ago but now says there are no recordings of his talks with james comey.


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