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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 11pm: emergency checks on hundreds of high—rise buildings following the catastrophic fire at grenfell tower. flammable cladding has already been found in” buildings, and one london borough has started to remove it, as some residents say they feel unsafe. just scared, really scared. every night i'm awake just thinking about it. ijust feel like i don't want to live here anymore. after long hours of brexit talks in brussels tonight, the prime minister makes an offer to eu citizens living in britain. following the conviction of a former anglican bishop for sex abuse, an independent report is heavily critical of the church's conduct. and on newsnight, in the wake of the grenfell tower disaster, we reveal that a leading hotel chain is now questioning the cladding on three of its structures. join me now on bbc 2. good evening and
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welcome to bbc news. safety inspectors are carrying out urgent checks on hundreds of high—rise buildings after the fire at grenfell tower in west london. the government estimates that around 600 buildings in england are covered in some sort of cladding. so far it's been disclosed that 11 residential blocks have been fitted with the kind of cladding that can catch fire. 79 people are presumed to have died in the grenfell tower disaster. our home editor mark easton reports. the consequences of the grenfell tower tragedy are now spreading across the country. hundreds of samples of cladding, similar to that used in north kensington, are being tested, from tower blocks and other public buildings. cladding on 11 blocks in eight areas in england have come back as combustible so far,
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including here, on the chalcot estate in camden, just a few miles from the grenfell tragedy. you can see the smoke from grenfell tower. that's from your window here? just scared, really, scared. every night i'm awake, just thinking about it. i haven't stopped talking about it. none of the residents have stopped talking about it since that day. these tower blocks are different to grenfell, in that they have noncombustible mineral fibre insulation behind the cladding. nevertheless, as of now, fire wardens will patrol 2a hours a day, until every panel has been removed. the council claiming they were misled about the fire resistance of cladding. we never felt the need to take off these panels, take them to an independent testing centre to watch them burn. we thought we were dealing with reputable companies and we feel let down and our tenants feel let down. my absolute priority is to make sure that our tenants feel safe. this test, put on for council officials and fire chiefs by one company a few years ago, shows the difference
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between external wall insulation materials. noncombustible mineral based on the left, and combustible plastic based on the right. it's illegal in some countries to use combustible cladding and installation in tower blocks. but not here. combustible cladding is not actually banned. government building regulations permit its use in certain circumstances even on tower blocks like this one. it's used on hundreds of public buildings all over the country. so, one question must be, are the regulations good enough? working—class people's voices ignored. as the government confirmed that panels from 600 high—rise buildings are being tested for combustibility, the prime minister was repeatedly asked about their legality. was cladding of the type used in grenfell tower compliant with the fire safety and building regulations applicable at the time when the refurbishment was undertaken, yes, or no? they are testing the cladding
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on the building and they expect to make the results of this public in the next, i think in the next 48 hours. yvette cooper. i don't understand why the prime minister can't tell us whether that product is compliant with building regulations for a tower that is this high. the testing of the cladding, the testing of the materials used, is being undertaken and a statement will be made by the police and the fire service within the next 48 hours. 48 hours to wait, but 18 months ago the government was sent a letter by mps on the fire safety committee warning of the dangers of cladding on tower blocks. today's buildings have a much higher content of readily available combustible material, it explains. this fire hazard results in many fires, because adequate recommendations to developers simply do not exist.
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it wasn't just 2015, it's been every year probably for the last 11 or 12 years. we've been writing letters. this disaster should never have happened. after a cladding fire in ayrshire which killed a man in 1999, noncombustible cladding became the rule for public housing in scotland, although tonight, new checks were under way on private homes too. in plymouth, the council says combustible cladding on these blocks will be removed as the scandal of grenfell widens. today, the chief executive of kensington and chelsea was forced to resign over the council's handling of the tragedy, an event which looks destined to become a watershed moment for fire safety regulation. our home editor mark easton. theresa may has been attending her first european summit since the election where she told fellow leaders that eu citizens living in britain for more than five years will be able
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to stay after brexit. the prime minister said such citizens would be given a new immigration status referred to as "settled eu." 0ur political editor laura kuenssberg has more from brussels. some of the big questions have been partially answered but a lot is outstanding, so let's be clear about what we know and what we don't know. we know the british government believes any eu citizen who has lived in the uk for five years would be allowed to stay for good with access to healthcare, education, benefits and pensions, the same rights as any british citizen. and any eu national living in the uk when we leave the eu should be given a chance to earn that kind of permanent residency. no one should be asked to leave on d—day when finally it becomes real. there is a
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lot we don't know. what about those people's families who may live in other places? what about their descendants? what about any kinds of convocations? this is about family's lives and all of those thousands of individual exceptions along the way. what is also not clear is whether the nitty—gritty of the offer will be as generous as the offer the eu put forward about a month ago. we know what they have specifically put on the table. the government won't give us the full details in black and white until next monday when the plan is put forward to parliament. 0ne plan is put forward to parliament. one thing that is certain, though, is an almighty clash that is coming. the uk government is adamant that the new system, these rules, should be administered by british courts. here in brussels the view is the direct opposite, only the european courts can be in charge. that is only one row that we know is pretty much certain to happen. there does
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seem to be an urgency on both sides. compared to so much of the brexit negotiations it is fraught with process , negotiations it is fraught with process, fraught with difficulty, this concern is how people live their lives. laura kuenssberg in brussels. senior figures in the church of england helped to hide historical sexual abuse by a former bishop — that's the conclusion of an independent review. peter ball, who's now 85, was jailed in 2015 after admitting the offences. today's review criticises the former archbishop of canterbury, lord carey — and the current archbishop, justin welby, has asked lord carey to step down from his position as an honorary assistant bishop. here's our religious affairs correspondent, martin bashir. and what hurts us most... charismatic and ambitious, peter ball and his twin brother michael
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was a bishop in the church of england. thejoint was a bishop in the church of england. the joint achievement heralded on national television. making spiritual noises. in 1993 peter ball was forced to stand down as bishop of gloucester after accepting caution for gross indecency. despite his admission he continued to officiate in churches and at several public schools. a second police investigation led to him being jailed at the old bailey in 2015 for abusing 18 adolescent and young men. today's review entitled" an abuse of faith" said he couuded entitled" an abuse of faith" said he colluded with peter bol instead of being concerned for the welfare of his victims. they didn't follow any proper process in considering the evidence they had. they did not think about survivors. they approached it, again, confused by the sense of peter ball being innocent. one of the witnesses says this review should provoke immediate change to church practice.|j
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this review should provoke immediate change to church practice. i think the church has demonstrated that it can no longer be responsible for policing itself. ithink can no longer be responsible for policing itself. i think that safeguarding in the church needs to be independent of the church. and i think safeguarding should be nationalised and overseen by an external body. the most writing revelation in today's report concerns several letters that were sent here to lambeth palace by victims of peter ball in the early 19905. victims of peter ball in the early 1990s. then archbishop of canterbury george carey chose not to pass those letters on to the police. today lord carey apologised, saying he regretted his failure to do so. lord carey has been asked by the current archbishopjustin carey has been asked by the current archbishop justin welby to step carey has been asked by the current archbishopjustin welby to step down from his position as honorary assistant bishop. the church of england says safeguarding will now be central to its mission and practice. us president donald trump has tweeted about the controversy surrounding his sacking
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of the former fbi directorjames comey. mr trump said that, "with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey," adding that he did not make any recordings and does not have them. the funeral has been held of an american student who died after returning from captivity in north korea. more than 2000 people attended the service at wyoming high school in ohio, where 0tto warmbier had been a student. he was arrested in north korea while visiting as a tourist, and held in prison for 17 months. when he was released and returned to the united states he was in a coma which pyongyang officials claim was caused by botulism poisoning. makram ali, the only person who died in the finsbury park attack earlier this week, had suffered ‘multiple injuries‘ — according to a postmortem
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examination. he was formally named today by police and his family said they were devastated by their loss. his daughter said he was a quiet man with no enemies. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford reports. it now seems clear that makram ali was killed in the attack. his death from multiple injuries can only have been caused by the van. 51 years old, he moved to britain from bangladesh at the age of ten. he had six children and two grandchildren. we wish everyone to know what a lovely man he was. he spent his whole life without enemies, choosing a quiet life instead. we as a family have always believed that the actions of one person cannot be a reflection of a whole people and i have no doubt that our father would not wish for there to be any retaliation or recriminations and we would urge people to remain calm and to pray for poppy in these difficult times. makram ali suffered from a
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wea ker times. makram ali suffered from a weaker leg and collapsed that night on the way back from the mosque. he was being helped in this cul—de—sac ata was being helped in this cul—de—sac at a few yards from his home by other worshippers when a white van sped around the corner and crashed into them. the van with its distinctive yellow logo was hiding in cardiff on saturday. police are asking for information on its movements over the weekend and for people who spoke to the driver. we need to hear from those people, what conversation did they have? what did they know about this person? that is incredibly important. if you know anything in the days leading up to the attack, we want to hear from you. darren osborne from cardiff is still being held on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and terrorist offences but he has not yet been charged. single parents with a child under two have won a court challenge against the government's benefits cap. a high courtjudge said the cap was not intended to cover such households and the failure to exempt
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them was discriminatory. the government has said it will appeal. well, those are the headlines, thank you very much for your company this evening. now on bbc news it's time for newsnight with emily maitlis. tonight, as the government tackles the use of grenfell tower cladding in other local authority housing, newsnight reveals a leading hotel chain is questioning the cladding on three of its high—rise structures. we'll get reaction from parliament, the fire brigades union, and the grenfell tower community. probably not theresa may's meeting other eu leaders in her somewhat wee juiced circumstances. she put on a brave face. 0ther europeans have adopted a perplexed tone. i think, i don't know what the british want. i am in brussels and we'll be asking if the europeans are, for the moment, being
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polite but unhelpful. and what was it like in aleppo during the last days of the siege? we follow local journalists as they leave their hometown. good evening. the government confirmed this evening that the number of high rise blocks of flats found to have combustible cladding similar to that used on grenfell tower has risen to 11, across eight local authorities. but tonight, concerns about safety are extending beyond the housing sector, into a leading hotel chain.


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