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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 23, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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in nottingham, london and eastbourne. the british number three made a statement at a press conference this afternoon, and didn't take any questions. i was notified a few days ago that i failed a drugs test in april where i tested positive for cocaine. it was a context completely unrelated to tennis. i made a mistake. i made a mistake and this is completely umacceptable behaviour. i let a lot of people down, my family, my coach, my team, the fans and british tennis. i can only deeply apologise the clock is ticking down on one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events of the summer nearly upon us. the first test between the british and irish lions kicks off in the morning and our sports correspondent katie gornall is in auckland. these are the headlines they are
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waking up to in auckland this morning. king of the clashes is how they describe it. it underlines what they describe it. it underlines what the challenge this is for the lions, a team that has been together a few weeks, about to take on the world champions in their own backyard. the received a motivational boost from brian o'driscoll, the legendary irish centre, the four time tourist. his talk was cruelly ended 12 years ago against new zealand in the opening minutes by a controversial tackle. he spoke about what it meant to him to be one of the lions and that will be poignant for the irish test ca pta i n that will be poignant for the irish test captain for this game, peter o'mahony. we spoke to his father yesterday. he described it as mind—boggling. nobody said it would
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be easier in auckland. there is positivity and momentum about this lions side but whether that is there by the final whistle is another question. england's twenty20 series with south africa will be decided in the third match in cardiff on sunday after the tourists levelled it up at one all with a narrow win by three runs at taunton this evening. it was england's first game there since 1983. our reporter henry moeran was at the ground. it is not often that international men's cricket comes to taunton, and the 12,000 crowd were going to make the most of an exciting day for this pa rt the most of an exciting day for this part of the cricket world. england taking on south africa in the second three t20 internationals. this was a story of the day. the last time england played in bolton, coloured kit was revolutionary. putting a camera on an umpire would be unthinkable. this was the second ball he delivered in international
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cricket. it is not usually so simple. taunton is a notoriously good place to back. ab de villiers is notoriously good batting. bowlers, head for the hills. new balls, please. curran returned and picked up two more. south africa reached 17a, once at tower in total but not nowadays. not with england striking it like this. jason roy we re striking it like this. jason roy were supposedly out of form, and he nearly put it out of the ground, going to 50. then south africa claimed he was deliberately getting in the way of their throw while running. the umpire called him out for obstruction. england needed four from the final ball, and south africa did not allow them one. not many will remember the last england game in taunton. few will forget this one. after a thrown in taunton, we had to cardiff for the finale of this t20 international series. owen morgan, the captain, has said there will be changes to the england side
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with another opportunity for some of the make a name for himself in this england limited oversight. the serious set up beautifully at 1—1 after the second match here in taunton. southampton have appointed the former alaves coach and liverpool defender mauricio pellegrino as their new manager. the argentinian replaces claude puel, who was sacked after one season in charge earlier this month. pellegrino stood down as alaves boss in late may, after losing the spanish cup final to barcelona and finishing ninth in la liga with a club that had been promoted the season before. castleford have extended their lead at the top of super league this evening to seven points. they beat leeds 23—12 at headingley. zak hardaker scored a superb individual try as castleford bounced back from their challenge cup quarterfinal defeat against hull. it is their eighth successive super league victory and the third time they have beaten leeds rhinos this season. here are the scores from the other games tonight. hull fc are up to second after their 40—18 win over wakefield
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and that's because of a dramatic defeat for salford at st helens. matty smith kicking a drop goal for saints on the hooter. 25—24 the final score. elsewhere, wigan drew 19—19 at huddersfield. that's all from sportsday with me, will perry. coming up in a moment, the papers. you're watching bbc news. stand by for the papers. the breaking news this evening, 800 households in north london are being told to leave their homes because of safety fears. five residential blocks on the chalcot estate in camden are being evacuated after tests showed that cladding were similar to that used on the grenfell tower. sonia jessup is on the estate now. what has been
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happening there tonight? this is ashley the taplow block. behind me, it looks quiet, but we have seen a steady stream of people through those doors, carrying a few belongings that they could take with them. we've had some people in yellow security jackets directing them, and fire safety warding stalking to them. we have seen young children carrying pillows. —— fire safety wardens, talking to them. and we have seen one lady trailing a small baby. many people i've spoken to said that they were frustrating —— they were frustrated with the way this had been carried out, that there had been a lot of confusion, some people said they heard on the news that they should be leaving and some said they did not want to leave. council officials are knocking on doors in taplow telling people to evacuate. it is not clear
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where people are meant to go or for how long. there's a meeting at the sports centre, so i'm going over there to see what is happening, but there to see what is happening, but the flats are safe it is a communal areas they are concerned about, not exactly sure what. it is all a bit chaotic and nobody knows anything at the moment. you live near?|j chaotic and nobody knows anything at the moment. you live near? i live in taplow. what is your reaction? i intend to stay put. i think it is a knee jerk reaction from the council. they have to be seen to be doing something but creating chaos and pandemonium, we have all been happy living there for years. there was a fire a few years ago and the building did what it is meant to do, and the fire was contained. and this just seems excessive. people are being diverted round the corner to the swiss cottage leisure centre. we are being told that they are being given stickers with a number on it and being directed to mattresses on the floor. we are talking about 800 households being evacuated. people
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don't know how long they will be staying in temporary accommodation. it could be between two and four weeks whilst urgent safety checks are carried out. camden council says it understands this is incredibly distressing for people, but it insists that safety measures must come first. it says that the g re nfell come first. it says that the grenfell disaster has changed everything. sonia jessops, thank you very much. on the line is one of the residents affected by this evacuation. how much notice that you get that you needed to move out?|j saw on sky news that my flat was being evacuated, so i got out of my flat as soon as possible and when i got downstairs, i saw lots of people taking all their stuff, with their kids. it was a big confusion for me. i literally did not have long, about
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30 minutes to get my stuff and leave. what choice did you have? at the moment they have said that there isa the moment they have said that there is a sports centre across the road that we can all go to, where there will be food and water and they have put up inflatable beds. at the moment they are trying to see if they can sort out temporary accommodation. but everybody is at the sports centre at the moment waiting to see what is going to happen. how much sympathy do you have with the council? they feel, in connection with the fire service, that these blocks cannot be guaranteed as safe. surely it is better to have this disruption than better to have this disruption than be in better to have this disruption than beina better to have this disruption than be in a block that really isn't fit for you to be staying in at the moment? yes, so it definitely isn't safe to have people being evacuated because of fire doors that do not meet regulations. but it is a bit
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unfortunate for someone like me, who has a four—year—old daughter. unfortunate for someone like me, who has a four-year-old daughter. what concerns have you had about your home, up until now? i have not had any concerns. it was only since the g re nfell any concerns. it was only since the grenfell fire that i realised that there wasn't any safety doors or fire alarms or sprinklers to put out fires, if there was a fire. and that cladding as well. and, of course, the cladding. how long do you expect to be out of your home with your daughter? they said between two and four weeks, is what they have been telling the residents. thank you very much. i hope you get some certainty soon and you will not move around too much. thank you very much, faye govey. this is how the
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leader of camden council announced the evacuation earlier this evening. since the tragic fire and grenfell, we have been doing everything we can to track the safety of our blocks. we were first in the queue to track cladding on our blocks. we found that whilst the issue nation must say, the external cladding was not up say, the external cladding was not up to the standard we wanted and was not fire retardant. this was obviously very disappointing. we shared that news with residents and, on thursday night, we had a public meeting with residents were they share the number of concerns about fire safety that i had not been aware of. i immediately asked for council staff and the fire service is to be in those blocks, making checks. at the end of the day they told us that they could not guarantee our residents' safety in those blocks so i made the difficult decision to move the people living
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there into temporary accommodation, while we do the urgent works to guarantee safety. i know it's difficult, but grenfell changes everything and i don't believe we can take any risks with our residents' safety, and i have to put them first. can you tell us what measures you will take to evacuate the towers? we've made the decision to move people into temporary accommodation about two hours ago, in conversation with fire services and staff, when we knew that we could not be sure that people would be safe in that building this evening, so we have moved incredibly quickly to inform residents, to set up quickly to inform residents, to set upa quickly to inform residents, to set up a centre, to move people into hotel accommodation or, where they can, to stay with family and friends. people are on the ground now, talking to residents, working with them to move them to the rest
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centre. it is happening immediately. we have fire services on the ground to explain what is going on and through this process we have been open and transparent with residents. we will continue to be so. we know that it we will continue to be so. we know thatitis we will continue to be so. we know that it is a scary time but we'll make sure that they stay safe and thatis make sure that they stay safe and that is happening, right now. much more run a story at 11pm. now it is time for the papers. what matter i will get to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. we're joined papers will be bringing us tomorrow. we'rejoined by papers will be bringing us tomorrow. we're joined by the writer and broadcaster caroline foster and the jealous, tony mccoy. the first of
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oui’ jealous, tony mccoy. the first of our headlines... the daily telegraph quotes the council leader in the borough, saying that grenfell changes everything. the developments in camden came too late for the daily mirror. the express labels critics of theresa may as eu bullies, as the prime minister announces details of the offer to eu nationals after brexit. according to the times, the manchester suicide bomber used videos from youtube and other websites to help build a device that killed 22 people. and the daily mail serialises the biography of the duchess of cambridge. a couple of the papers are managing to report what happened in camden tonight, only a couple of them because the news broke so late. we will start with the i. urgent safety work needed at high rise after buildings fail safety checks. even this front page was put together in a rush. absolutely,
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covering breaking news. deciding to evacuate a block on a friday evening. they are talking about putting people up on a leisure centre and speaking about finding hotel rooms in the middle of high season in london for 800 households. my season in london for 800 households. my first reaction is, i think this isa my first reaction is, i think this is a mistake. if i was the council i would say to people, there is a very small risk that the fire is going to break out in this block and that the cladding might catch fire and then we might have a repeat of what happened in grenfell. i would have offered a people asked for temporary accommodation but as we heard from bag lady who lives in one of the blocks, we're talking about people being out of their homes for four weeks. i'm not sure that the council has thought this through. how big is this risk? if i lived in a tower block i would feel the concern that lady expressed and i can understand the council offering that do


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