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this is bbc news. i'm live in north london where thousands of people have been evacuated from tower blocks over concerns about fire safety. the government says 27 high—rise blocks of flats in 15 local authorities have failed fire—cladding safety tests. four buildings on the chalcots estate near swiss cottage were evacuated last night by authorities for "urgent fire safety works". making sure the authority has the ability to do what is necessary to ensure people have somewhere to stay and that the work is done so those tower blocks will become safe for them to return to in the future. some residents spent the night in hotels or on airbeds in a leisure centre. around 80 households have refused to leave. you have to leave, pack a bag, i
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said how long, they said for a couple of days post i said what if we don't leave and they said we will have the police around to forcibly remove you from your flat. and also in the next hour on bbc news — iraq's prime minister says mosul will be liberated from so called islamic state within days. around 400 is fighters are surrounded in the centre of the country's second largest city. events have been taking place across the country to celebrate armed forces day. glastonbury‘s latest headliner arrives at the festival — jeremy corbyn is set to take the main stage later today. and at 14:30, this week the travel show comes from ghana. this is bbc news, i'm annita mcveigh in swiss cottage in north london,
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where today there is still anger and confusion among the residents of four tower blocks who last night were told to evacuate their homes due to concerns about fire safety. it has been incredibly busy here all through the day since first thing this morning. some people have still been arriving in the last few minutes with their bags packed, they go in there, they register their name and then they can begin the formal process of trying to get someone formal process of trying to get someone else to stay. we do not know for exactly how long they will be out of those tower blocks. some people have only made their way here of their own volition, nobody has knocked on their door and said, you must delete, one lady said she
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watched the news and made her way down here thinking it was the sensible thing to register she was a resident of the tower block and went off to stay with a friend of hers and other many other people were woken up at 2am, 3am and told to quickly pack a bag and get out. there has been a lot of confusion here today, frustration. some people are angry they have had to leave in this way. others saying they understand the councils reasons for getting them out of the four buildings. the four buildings are clad in similar material to that used at grenfell tower in west london, where at least 79 people died in a fire last week. the government authorised cladding on high—rise blocks from around the country and so far 27 blocks in 15 local authority areas have come back
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with the results that say they're cladding does not meet fire safety standards and is combustible. the four blocks evacuated last night are on the chalcots estate in the london borough of camden, contain more 700 flats, and are home to thousands of people. residents living in the taplow, burnham, bray and dorney towers were evacuated after the fire service said the safety of residents in the blocks could not be guaranteed. people in 83 flats refused to leave their homes and are still inside. the prime minister says the government is helping the council do what is necessary to ensure those evacuated have somewhere to stay. our correspondent keith doyle has this report. why was we all ought to be evacuated
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at 8:30pm? after a night of disruption, residents came face—to—face with a lead of camden council. i am so absolutely stressed, why was hotels not looked at before we will all evacuated? i have sat in a chair over here since nine o'clock last night, i'm 72 yea rs nine o'clock last night, i'm 72 years old. suffer with emphysema. now i am being told they cannot rehouse me because i have a dog. what do they want me to do with my dog? put my dog to sleep? the council took the decision of fire service advise that the 4000 people living in the chalcots estate should be moved. some stayed in this centre on air beds others were sent to hotels and some decided to stay put.
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i really cried last night. i choked up i really cried last night. i choked up now. it is dreadful. they are saying we had to get out, the council officials came to the door banging on the door on the get out, get out and the chap down the hallway said no, she's not going, she's getting on for 80, she cannot go anywhere she has a cat. the cladding on these blocks are similar to that which was on the grenfell tower, the council says that along with other fire safety factors meant four of the blocks not safe. it is an unprecedented situation, 4000 people in those blocks council staff and volunteers have been working through the night, identifying hotel accommodation and temporary accommodation and temporary accommodation and temporary accommodation and people here are moving out slowly and having conversations but people are tired, people have had a terrible night so we wa nt people have had a terrible night so we want to get people into secure
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accommodation as quickly as possible. the grenfell tower fire has changed the perception of the risk of fire in tower blocks. urgent checks are being carried out on 600 blocks nationwide and the governments of cladding on 27 blocks inis governments of cladding on 27 blocks in 15 local authority areas has failed fire safety checks. the government is working with local authorities affected by this issue to ensure they are able to do what is necessary on the ground to reassure people about the safety of their blocks. the drastic action taken by camden council has caused huge disruption for thousands of people with the building is failing fire safety checks, many more could face similar uncertainty. we saw some people from the rspca going into the leisure centre behind me, quite a number of residents have pets and that has been more problematic for the council to sort out to try to find accommodation
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which is also pet friendly. i spoke earlier about the confusion amongst people about what was going to be happening to them, that confusion began quite early on yesterday when they saw news reports say the blocks would be evacuated, they came downstairs and spoke to guards outside the blocks who told that no, nothing happening here you can get back inside that happened a couple of times and eventually some work showing the guards news reports on their mobile phones saying, look, we are being told the blocks are going to be evacuated and then those knocks on the doors came at syria, 3am in morning in many but not all cases. and also people are saying, confused about why the council has carried out the evacuation in the way it has some people feel that they could have been told last night
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you're moving out tomorrow, pack your bags tonight and get ready to move out tomorrow rather than being told in the middle of the night they had to quickly pack a bag and leave. i spoke to one resident earlier, paul scofield, and she said though she would like to stay, she appreciated the concerns of a fire safety a nd appreciated the concerns of a fire safety and had a friend she could stay with and thought she would probably be leaving the flat now for however many weeks it would take to make it safe. you have been to the swiss cottage leisure centre to register the fact you are a resident of the dorney tower block and what information have you been given? the red cross who i spoke to have said that we should all be evacuating, i said i had just come here today to say i am in the block because i thought that would be the responsible thing to do andi would be the responsible thing to do and i have somewhere to stay and she
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said, she said, well eventually the electric and the gas will be cut off soi electric and the gas will be cut off so i said in view of that i think i will go home and pack a suitcase in case that happens and then i will leave. but what you told me and i found somewhat surprising was that until the point she went in there and registered, no one had knocked on your door to say you should evacuate the block. no, i only know from what has been said on the media. so we're now at lunchtime, however many hours after other people had been told to leave, but no one had come to your door?|j imagine no one had come to your door?” imagine an emergency like a fire that circumstances would be a cce pta ble that circumstances would be acceptable but i'm not so sure about this situation. i would rather stay in my home. until things change and things are different. what you mean
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because the council is advising they have been told by the fire service people's safety cannot be guaranteed but do you feel safe?” people's safety cannot be guaranteed but do you feel safe? i feel safe, yeah. i do feel safe. ok, the fire service have said it is not safe and i respect that because we don't know what they have found so i am open—minded about that but in view of the fact the fire service have done of the fact the fire service have d o ne safety of the fact the fire service have done safety checks annually i am not sure what is different from this time last year. if services are shut off it becomes impossible and presumably people who have refused to leave so far will be forced to leave. i will, to leave so far will be forced to leave. iwill, personally. iwill personally leave if the gas and electricity are shut off. and i will be ready. you save have a friend to stay with which is great, will you be up to stay with us when the duration of any work that is carried
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out even if it goes into weeks? yes, down in chalk farm. and my daughter has somewhere to go, too. she was told when she registered in the leisure centre behind us that they had said to her that the utilities would be cut off in the blocks. we have had not —— not had confirmation of that but presumably that will force out the people who have said the council so far they do not want to leave. earlier when we had keith doyle's report, the prime minister says the government is working closely with camden council to help the people who have had to leave their homes. that is a match of course which the government has been working with without local other authority. we are seeing as a result of what happened of the terrible fire in grenfell fire in kensington, we have urged authorities to send in samples of cladding and materials on their tower blocks. these have been tested,
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many have been found not to be to the fire safety standards. that is why action has been taken. in some cases it is possible to take mitigating action. in others it has been necessary to have people move out on a temporary basis. that is what happened in camden last night. it was notjust a question of the cladding in camden. there were a number of issues that came together which meant the fire service was concerned about those tower blocks. you have considered that the grenfell response amounted to a failure of the state. what has been done to avoid that being the case in terms of these evacuations? i did indeed say the initial response to the grenfell tower fire was not good enough. that is why the government stepped in. we have been providing the capacity, the capability, for the kensington and chelsea area. we are bringing other people in so we can see people who have lost their homes
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in the grenfell tower fire being rehoused within three weeks, ensuring that we are providing financial support to people who lost everything. but as part of that also it is government that have been working with local authorities to ensure they are inspecting their tower blocks. we have facilities available for the cladding on tower blocks where they have sent these things in. when those tests find means that local authorities are working with government and local fire safety, to ensure the safety of these people. our priority is people's safety. in terms of the people evacuated last night, can you guarantee those evacuated will be suitably housed, notjust put on inflatable mattresses in sports halls.
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can you guarantee this? of course what needs to happen is the government is talking with camden council about how long it will take to ensure that these blocks are able to be safe, for people to return to their flats. they can pick up belongings they may wish to gather. people will have taken different steps in terms of where they would have been last night. some were placed in hotel rooms. we are making sure the authority has the ability to do what is necessary to ensure people have somewhere to stay and that the work is done so that those tower blocks will become safer blocks will become safer in future. thank you. can i ask one more question. will the government commit to meet all the local authority's costs rehousing and the work? the government is working with those local authorities affected by this issue to ensure that they are able to do what is necessary
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on the ground, to reassure people about the safety of their blocks. if it is necessary to evacuate, people will take action to make those tower blocks safe, the government is supporting local authorities to do that. together we are making sure the resources are there that the resources are there to make sure people are safe, we do not yet know the cost of what it will be to make safe these tower blocks. moving thousands of people out of those flats and finding temporary accommodation, we have no idea what those costs will be yet. when i switch the leader of camden council this morning she said that they have to look at the cost but that was not their first priority, their first priority is making sure people are safe and had been advised by the fire service that they could
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not guarantee the safety of people if they continued to live in those flats. this is a huge logistical operation, it is entirely possible some will end up sleeping on air beds in the leisure centre again tonight. we heard from people today who have been offered accommodation in the east of london, in wembley, the outskirts of london and many of them that presents difficulties in terms of travelling to their work or for pa rents terms of travelling to their work or for parents with children who are at school is 510 minutes away from the tower blocks saying how can we be expected to get our children to and from school in the morning and pick them up again in the afternoon? a big logistical question there, people are asking the council can we sort out our own accommodation if we give you receipts, will you reimburse us, they say they have not been provided with an answer to that question. the council absently
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adamant that it had to act in the way that it acted but questions persist about the fact people were woken up in the middle of the night, told to get out so quickly, and people are asking that the council not have waited until this morning, warning people they would need to leave the tower blocks this morning. we will continue to keep you updated on the situation in camden but for now, back to the studio. the headlines on bbc news: the government says 27 high—rise blocks of flats in 15 local authorities have failed fire cladding safety tests. four buildings on the chalcots estate near swiss cottage in london were evacuated late last night by authorities for urgent fire safety works. iraqi prime minister says
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mosul will be liberated from so—called islamic state within days. the city of mosul will be liberated from so called islamic state militants within days, according to iraq's prime minister. around 400 is fighters are surrounded in the centre of the country's second largest city. our correspondent orla guerin has been to the front line in mosul‘s old city, along with cameraman nicholas hameon and producer firle davies. her report contains images some may find distressing. a journey to the front line. our windscreen, a reminder of the dangers ahead. our escort, from iraq's elite counterterrorism force. snaking forward towards an enemy that is still inflicting casualties. like this wounded soldier being rushed away as we arrived. and families fleeing, too, on foot.
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escaping hunger and fear a beloved city robbed of life. no food, no water, mosul dead. this is the old city area, it's really the heart of the battle. and when you look around you, you get a real sense of how fierce the fighting has been. the damage is immense, in every direction. the narrow streets, a tight squeeze as troops close in on the last pockets of is resistance. we were told the militants were just 300 metres away. some on the receiving end of an iraqi missile strike. the extremists are now facing defeat here, but it has taken three years to get this far.
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and immense damage has been done to the fabric of mosul and the unity of iraq. orla guerin, bbc news, in the old city of mosul. a huge rescue operation is taking place in south—west china, where more than a hundred people are feared to have been buried by a landslide. the search is taking place in a mountainous area of sichuan province, close to tibet, after the side of a mountain collapsed following heavy rain. stephen mcdonell reports from beijing. chinese rescue teams have been digging through mounds of rubble in the village searching for survivors. more than 40 homes were buried when the top of the mountain collapsed causing a major landslide in this remote causing a major landslide in this re m ote pa rt causing a major landslide in this remote pa rt of causing a major landslide in this remote part of western sichuan province, . remote part of western sichuan province,. working in constant rain, and with roads covered by mud and
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rocks, the rescue effort has been difficult. and yet local officials say some survivors have been pulled out and taken to hospital. they say this has included a couple and also a baby. translation: at around five o'clock the baby cried so i change the nappies and then i heard a loud noise. i went to then i heard a loud noise. i went to the front door but was hit by wind and water and stones came flying that pinned me to the ground. my wife and i slowly got up, held the baby and escaped. hundreds of rescu e rs baby and escaped. hundreds of rescuers have been deployed and once the road was cleared, heavy digging equipment could be brought in. but it has also been a case of using much more basic methods and sometimes even bare hands to try and clear the debris. the mountains are prone to deadly landslides and earthquakes. meaning emergency teams in the area are used to dealing with
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these types of disasters. recent heavy downpours are thought to have contributed to the instability which triggered part of a mountain to fall down onto the village below. today is armed forces day. more than 300 events are taking place across the country to celebrate the work of our armed forces. a short time ago, the defence secretary, michael fallon, explained why he thought it was still important to celebrate the armed forces. they are doing more and more to keep a safe around the world. there are some 10,000 servicemen and women who are working for us around the globe on operations, and in our bases. they have been helping to deal with daesh terrorism, helping to rescue migrants in the mediterranean, then on nato deployments, been peacekeeping in south sudan, all of that keeps us safer here at home. they are out of our sight but they should never be out of mind. and it is very important
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that we continue to thank them everyday, every year, on armed forces day. the main event has been taking place in liverpool, where a parade and raf fly—past have marked armed forces day. a short time ago, our correspondent danielle hewson gave us this update from liverpool. it is teaming on the dock behind me. over 100,000 have turned up to celebrate national armed forces day. there is a replica typhoon on the dock behind me. this is about marking the sacrifices
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of our servicemen and women and the event goes on all day, the chance that they would take a look on board and hms type 23 frigate called the iron duke, a dragon boat racing and also fly pasts, the red arrows have all ready loan and we will see the battle of britain memorial flight. it is an event which has attracted a great deal of attention, people have had the chance to look at a myriad of equipment which is used by our armed forces everyday when serving overseas and here in the uk. it is a national event and people here have been delighted to come out and support national armed forces day. the leader of the house of commons, andrea leadsom has said it would be helpful if broadcasters "were willing to be a bit patriotic" with regards to brexit. she made the comment while being questioned by newsnight‘s emily maitlis about the uk's position in talks with the eu. we had various different eu politicians, the elected politicians saying it was a good start.
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of course it is very early days. it has been a year... it would be helpful... it would be helpful if broadcasters would be patriotic. the country made a decision... unpatriotic? are you accusing me of being unpatriotic for questioning how negotiations are going? we all need to pull together as a country. we made a decision one year ago today to leave the european union. the outgoing leader of the liberal democrats, tim farron, has described andrea leadsom's remarks as "a sinister threat to the free media" — and said she should apologise. jeremy corbyn has arrived at glastonbury where he is due to take the main stage. radiohead topped the bill on the opening night of the glastonbury festival last night, 20 years after one of their most famous performances at the festival. today will see katy perry
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and the foo fighters take to the pyramid stage — as our entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba is there for us. the crowds are building for the second day of music, the afternoon, the morning kicked off with the famous fab four tribute act, the bootleg beatles, jools holland is on at the moment with his band. later on the labour leaderjeremy corbyn will be introducing one of the acts, he has just arrived will be introducing one of the acts, he hasjust arrived on will be introducing one of the acts, he has just arrived on a will be introducing one of the acts, he hasjust arrived on a glastonbury site and will come on and speak to the people who are assembled here and then yesterday was a wonderful day of music across the site. people ranging from dizzy rascal and the evening was topped off by radiohead headlining on the main pyramid stage. 20 years after their very first glastonbury experience back in 1997. # i wish i was special # for thousands of fans,
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radiohead really are so very special. receiving a rapturous reception in front of a packed pyramid stage. # i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo. this was the musical climax to a day that featured a few unexpected celebrity appearances. # by a tender young maiden... earlier, kris kristofferson was accompanied on stage by a guitar—playing johnny depp. watching them, another hollywood star, brad pitt. and one more famous face admitted that this was set to be his very first glastonbury. yeah, 42 years old and it is my first festival. first time here. i am excited. slightly nervous because i don't know what to expect but, obviously, apart from the great acts
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and people having fun. i am looking forward to it. later today, names who will make an appearance on the main stage include katy perry, foo fighters and labour party leaderjeremy corbyn. after i row to be hot few days, there has been a bit of rain and mud at basta break as is traditional but not too much people are hoping when ed sheeran closes the festival people have enjoyed a very music filled and relatively mud free weekends of entertainment. i do not think it is glastonbury without the mud. i will see what i can do! a few spots every now and then but for many of us dry weather around, with good sunny spells the vast majority
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but not sunny everywhere, grey and cloudy at glastonbury, that image has been repeated in the past half—hour on the isle of wight from one of our weather watchers. the cloud is sitting across the english channel, grey for west wales and bands of cloud to the far north of scotla nd bands of cloud to the far north of scotland bringing some showers and blustery conditions at this stage in the year, the wind touching gale force, not a huge amount changes, 12 showers across southern areas i suspect and further north willacy bands of cloud working into shetland, orkney, parts of sutherland and lewis. elsewhere, throughout this evening, a few showers in central areas but northern ireland stays dry with sunshine and brightening up for some in north—west england where we have seen in north—west england where we have seen cloud so far but some cloud will linger across south


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