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this is bbc news. the headlines: the government says 27 high—rise blocks of flats in 15 local authorities have failed fire—cladding safety tests. four buildings on the chalcots estate near swiss cottage were evacuated last night by authorities for "urgent fire safety works". they identified a number of issues in the blocks around the installation, around gas pipes going into flats, ran fire doors and the message to me was the combination of the flammable external cladding and these issues inside the block meant the building was not safe. we are making sure the authority has the ability to do what is necessary to ensure people have somewhere to stay and that the work is done so those tower blocks will become safe for them to return to in the future. some residents spent the night in hotels or on airbeds in a leisure centre.
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around 80 households have refused to leave. you have to leave, pack a bag, i said, for how long, they said a couple of days. i said what if we don't leave and they said we will have the police around to forcibly remove you from your flat. and also in the next hour on bbc news — iraq's prime minister says mosul will be liberated from so called islamic state within days. around 400 is fighters are surrounded in the centre of the country's second largest city. glastonbury‘s latest headliner arrives at the festival — jeremy corbyn is set to take the main stage soon. the all blacks defend their record against the british and irish lions, beating their visitors 30—15 in their first head to head of the three test series. and at 430, shaun ley will be looking at the fall—out from the general election as the brexit talks begin in this week's dateline london. is
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good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. we arejust we are just receiving news at the bbc centre, it has come to us from the liberal democrat peer, we understand there are reports that parliament has been the target of a cyber security attack. lord reinhard has also tweeted this information saying cyber security attack on westminster parliamentary, e—mails may not work remotely. we do know
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that the national cyber security centre is apparently working with parliament. and now returning to our top story. 27 high—rise buildings across 15 local authorities in london have failed safety tests ordered in response to the grenfell tower block fire. hundreds of buildings, including hospitals and schools, are still being examined. in north london, around 3000 people have been put in temporary accommodation after four towers blocks, which have cladding similar to grenfell, were declared unsafe. the blocks, which were evacuated last night, are on the chalcots estate in the london borough of camden and contain more than 700 flats. residents living in the taplow, burnham, bray and dorney towers were evacuated after the fire service said the safety of residents in the blocks could not be guaranteed. people in 83 flats refused to leave their homes and are still inside.
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the prime minister says the government is helping the council do what is necessary to ensure those evacuated have somewhere to stay. 0ur correspondent keith doyle has this report. why were we all ordered to be evacuated at half past eight at night? after a night of disruption and little sleep, residents came face—to—face with the leader of camden council. i am so absolutely stressed. why were hotels not looked at before we were all evacuated ? i've sat in a chair over here since nine o'clock last night. i'm 72 years old. i suffer with emphysema. now i'm being told they can't rehouse me because i've got a dog. what do they want me to do with my dog? put it to sleep? last night the council took the decision based on fire service advice that the 4,000 people living in the chalcots estate
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should be moved. some stayed in this centre on air beds, others were sent to hotels and some decided to stay put. i really cried last night, i'm choked up now, it's dreadful. why did it make you so upset? they're saying we have got to get out, the council officials came to the door, banging on the door, "get out, get out". but the chap round the hallway said, "no, she's not going, she's getting on for 80 and can't go anywhere, she's got a cat". the cladding here is similar to that which was on the grenfell tower, and the council says that, along with other fire safety factors, meant four of the blocks were not safe. it's an unprecedented situation. we had 4000 people in those blocks. the council staff and volunteers have been working through the night and we have identified hotel
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accommodation and temporary housing and we're working with other boroughs. and people here are moving out slowly and we're having those conversations, but of course people are tired and they've had a terrible night. we want to get people into secure accommodation as quickly as possible. the grenfell tower fire has changed the perception of the risk of fire in tower blocks. urgent checks are being carried out on 600 blocks nationwide. the government says cladding on 27 blocks in 15 local authority areas has failed fire safety checks. the government is working with those local authorities affected by this issue to ensure they are able to do what is necessary on the ground, to reassure people about the safety of their blocks. the drastic action taken by camden council has caused huge disruption for thousands of people. with other buildings failing fire safety checks, many more could face similar uncertainty. keith doyle, bbc news.
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0ur reporter, amy cole is in north london. how are things at the moment? there was a lot of confusion and chaos for the residents, any more sensible organisation? there has been a lot of chaos and confusion, residents have said that throughout the afternoon, there has been a steady stea m afternoon, there has been a steady steam of people coming out of the leisure centre, trying to find out more information, registering their concerns and names, and about 100 slept on air beds inside the leisure centre last night after they were woken up at 2—3 in the morning, being told to evacuate their flat. they suddenly found themselves packing up bags and having to come to this leisure centre. camden council says it has found 270 hotel rooms and flats in neighbouring boroughs and they have also urged people to stay with family and friends, but this is a saturday, a
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time forfamilies friends, but this is a saturday, a time for families to spend time together, and they haven't got plans. so they have got to urgently find accommodation and places to stay. it has been on irving seeing people with their suitcases and overnight bags —— it has been quite on irving. there is a place —— playground close by, and someone gave the children balloons, recently, just to occupy them. we have also had people turning up with food and water and there has been a steady police presence. there's a large number of people around and they have made sure it has stayed calm and quiet in these rather tense circumstances. we have heard a number of residents around 83 households have refused to leave their flats and some of that is because concerns their pets. the rspca were giving advice to owners
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and they have found some hotels which will accept pets and they have also offered shelters to provide temporary accommodation and some faster services are also on stand—by. —— foster services. 12 dogs, six cats, two budgies, a cockatiel and a hedgehog and several fish tanks, by our currently without anywhere to go. the rspca is helping in that matter. at the moment it seems relatively calm but as i have said, there has been anger and frustration amongst the residents who have wondered why they couldn't have left their flats say at nine o'clock this morning. camden council said it could not have guaranteed fire safety officers to spend the night at the flats. thanks for joining us. we have got some pictures at
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glastonbury. jeremy corbyn has been speaking. we can listen to what he is saying. cheering michael, don't go. michael, don't go. # 0h, jeremy corbyn. can you please give it up for michael ebers. i have a gift for you. michael, the inspiration that gave space to millions through glastonbury. thank you, michael eavis, for all you have
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done. i want to say thank you to michael for lending us his farm and giving the space all those years ago for people to come here and enjoy music and enjoy good company, and enjoy inspiring thought. michael, you have paved the way for a space for all of us. you brought the spirit of music and the spirit of love and the spirit of ideas. and you brought the spirit of great messages. and if you can see that far, look on the wall over there, that surrounds this wonderful festival. there is a message on the wall for president donald trump... booing do you know what it says?
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build bridges, not walls. applause do you know, politics is actually about everyday life. it's about all of us and what we dream and what we wa nt of us and what we dream and what we want and what we achieved and what we wa nt want and what we achieved and what we want for everybody else. what was fascinating about the last seven weeks of election campaigning around britain is, do you know what, the comments area got it wrong, the elite got it wrong. that politics is about the lives of all of us, and the wonderful campaign that i was involved with, that i was so proud to lead, brought a lot of people back into politics because they believe there was something on offer for them. cheering but what was even more inspiring was
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the number of young people who got involved for the very first time. cheering because they were fed up with being denigrated and fed up with being told they don't matter and fed up with being told they never participate and utterly fed up with being told that their generation was going to pay more to get less, in education, health, housing and pensions and everything else. cheering that they should accept low wages and insecurity and they should see it as just part of life. well, it didn't quite work out like that. did it? and do you know what, that politics that got out of the box is not going back in any box because we are there, demanding and achieving something very different in our society and in our lives. there's a
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number of things which are very simple and basic questions, we should ask ourselves. is it right that so many people in our country have no home to live in and only a street to sleep on? is it right that so street to sleep on? is it right that so many people are frightened of where they live at the moment, having seen the horrors of what happened in grenfell tower? is it right that so many people live in such poverty in this size i —— in as a society surrounded by such riches? no, it clearly is. and is it right that european nationals living in this country making their contribution to our society and working in our hospitals and schools and universities, don't know if they going to be allowed to remain here? i say, they must all stay and they must be part of our world and part
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of our community. because what festivals are about what this is about is about coming together. this festival was envisaged as being from music, yes, but also for environment and for peace, and you heard the message from ep thompson earlier, what a wonderful man he was. when people across the world think the same, corroborate the same, maybe indifferent langue which is an different fates, in different cultures, peace is possible and must be achieved. —— may be in different languages and different faiths. let's stop the denigration of refugees and people looking for a place of safety in a cruel and dangerous world. they are all human
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beings, just like all of us here today. looking for a place of safety and looking to make their contribution to the future of all of us. so let's support them in their hour of need, not see them as a threat and a danger. but let's also look at instability and problems around the world. and tackle the causes of war, the greed for natural resources , causes of war, the greed for natural resources, the denial of human rights, the irrational imprisonment of political opponents, let's look to build a world of human rights, peace, justice and democracy, all over the planet. this place in glastonbury is truly wonderful and i remember coming to this area as a child, being taken up to glastonbury by my mum and dad and i thought,
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what a magical area it is, because there is something very special about it, a place where people come together and they achieve things. we have a democracy because people lay down their lives that we might get the right to vote because women lay down their lives that women would get the right to vote at the time of the first world war. that determination of the collective won us determination of the collective won us the principle of health care as a human rights for all of us, nothing was given from above. nothing was given from above by the elites and the powerful, it was only ever gained from below by the masses of people demanding something better, demanding their share of the wealth and the cake that is created. so, it is about bringing those ideas together. it is about the unity that we achieve and we achieve
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inspiration through lots of things, in every child there's a poem, in every child there is a painting, in every child there is a painting, in every child there is a painting, in every child there is music, and as people get older they get a bit embarrassed about that, can't be thinking that sort of thing, can't write poetry, but no, i want all our children to be inspired, all our children to be inspired, all our children to be inspired, all our children to have the right to learn music and poetry and to paint in the way that they want. and this festival, this wonderful festival with all of its stages and all of its music gives that chance and that opportunity to so many young musicians that they can achieve and inspire us all and i'm proud to be here, i'm proud to be here to support the peace movement and its activities here in the way that message gets across, but i'm also very proud to be here for the environmental causes that go with it, we cannot go on destroying this
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planet through global warming, through pollution, the destruction of habitat, through pollution of our seas and our rivers. we have to live on this planet, there is only one planet, not even donald trump believes there is another planet somewhere else. and so let us protect the planet we've got, use the technology we have, to manage and control the use of our natural resources that the planet is here for future generations in resources that the planet is here forfuture generations in better state than it is at the present time. cheering but it's also about our creativity, creativity that brought us the things i've spoken about but that creativity together can be a tool for getting a message across, a message that racism is wrong, divisive and evil within our society. races in any form divides,
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wea ke ns society. races in any form divides, weakens and denies us the skills and brilliance of people who are being discriminated against, injust brilliance of people who are being discriminated against, in just the same way that sexism does beard in lower paid jobs for women or few opportunities for women, we need to challenge sexism in any form in our society. and challenge homophobia and to challenge all the discrimination goes on. and to make sure that that society we want to build is one that is inclusive for everyone. i want to see a world where there is real opportunity for everybody within our society. that means sharing the wealth out in every pa rt means sharing the wealth out in every part of our country and looking to global policies that actually share the wealth, not glory in the levels of injustice and inequality where the rich seem to
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get richer and the vast majority continually lose out and those that are desperately poor live on the margins of society. euphemistically known as the fourth world. surely we can as intelligent human beings, do things differently and do things better, and when we are here today in class three we are doing things differently and we are doing things that are —— when we are here today in glastonbury. and we are seeing that inspiration. and there are many people that we learn from in our lives, we learn from our friends and from our parents and we learn from oui’ from our parents and we learn from our teachers and we learn from those that have written music or written poetry for us. it's that sense of unlocking the potential in all of us that i find so inspiring and i'm inspired by many poets are many people, and i think we should adopt a maxim in life that everyone we meet is unique and everyone we meet
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knows something we don't know and is slightly different to us in some ways, don't see them as a threat or the enemy, see them as a source of friendship and a source of inspiration. and ifi friendship and a source of inspiration. and if i may, iwould like to quote one of my favourite poets. shelley, who wrote in the early 19th century, many many poems and travelled extensively around europe. the line i like the best is this one," rise like lines after slumber in on vanquish one number, shake your chains to earth like june, which in sleep had fallen on you, ye are many, they are few". cheering i quote shelley because he inspired
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like so many others do, i'm proud to bea like so many others do, i'm proud to be a grass tree because it inspires so many, music festivals all over the country —— i'm proud to be at glastonbury. let's recognise that another world is possible if we come together to understand that, and understand the power we've got and achieve the decent better society where everyone matters and those poverty stricken people are enriched in their lives and the rest of us are made secure by their enrichment. thank you very much, glastonbury. thank you very much, glastonbury. thank you very much, glastonbury. thank you for inviting me, i'm proud to be here. thank you very much, glastonbury. that was jeremy corbyn, speaking that wasjeremy corbyn, speaking on the main pyramid stage and we will stay there. we will talk to our correspondent. not the only politician there, ed balls and
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yvette cooper are enjoying the festivities. but spending quite a bit of time on the main stage, there. absolutely. glastonbury has a lwa ys there. absolutely. glastonbury has always been politically engaged, left—leaning, they have a left—field area where policy issues and ideas area where policy issues and ideas are discussed and of coursejeremy corbyn the labour leader was always going to go down well with the audience act lest three, another demonstration of his popularity with young people in particular —— with the audience at glastonbury. politics is always on the agenda here as much as music, but this was a big crowd, tens of thousands of people, they work here to hear him speak —— they were here. they are people who are politically engaged and they were big supporters of bernie sanders campaigning to get him the nomination, and they were the people whojeremy corbyn
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introduced onstage afterwards, the hip—hop act that followed him. but another demonstration of the connection thatjeremy corbyn has with young people in particular. thanks forjoining us. we can go back to our main story, we understand 27 high—rise buildings across 15 local authorities have failed safety checks ordered in response to the grenfell tower block fire. we can speak to the labour mp andrew gwynne. he joins us from our salford studio. how are the tests going? it is of primary concern to those residents in tower blocks that these tests
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continue and that the public authorities very quickly ascertain whether or not the residential tower blocks are safe. and of course if i we re blocks are safe. and of course if i were a resident in one of those tower blocks i would want to know as soon as is that my home is fit for purpose and up to the safest and it is and if not i want assurances that the authorities with the help of central government, are able to put those matters right as a matter of urgency. is it fair that the liberal democrats are describing this as a civil emergency? it is an emergency in the sense that until the dreadful events of g re nfell tower, in the sense that until the dreadful events of grenfell tower, we were all under the misapprehension that these tower blocks met modern safety standards and it is quite clear that the results that are coming in from across the country, that a number of those tower blocks, and notjust the cladding, it is also some of the
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internal works and the pipe works and the fire doors. and other safety measures. they are not up to standard and that raises serious questions, both about building regulations and building control when the responsibility and planning departments are making sure that work that is carried out is carried out to the appropriate specifications but also about the fire safety tests that should go on ona fire safety tests that should go on on a regular basis in these tower blocks and really it raises concerns about resourcing of fire services up and down the country because clearly these fire safety tests have been missing out some very serious issues. manchester is part of the 27 buildings, some buildings there, and also nine blocks in salford. they we re also nine blocks in salford. they were recently refurbished and although they haven't been formally announced yet, they have been tested by the department for communities
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and local government, and they have been removed, the cladding has been removed regardless of the result. why do you think it is we have got this position wherever bridgeman has been taking place within say, last 18-24 been taking place within say, last 18—24 months, and yet safety is still being compromised? —— this position where refurbishment has been taking place. it is right that local authorities, where they can't guarantee the safety of the tower block, make every effort to make the tower block said, whether that is removing cladding or doing other works, that is appropriate that they do that —— to make the tower block safe. you have hit the nail on the head, though, what we have seen in recent yea rs, head, though, what we have seen in recent years, we have seen local authorities and fire services, the underfunded and i'm really concerned —— chronically underfunded. it is a matter of resourcing the planning departments and making sure we have adequate numbers of building control officers, that when refurbishment
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works are taking place, can go out on site and check that the materials that are being used comply with building regulations and also with the planning permission that the local authority has granted and at the moment many local authorities do not have the resources to do that and this is highlighting the level of capacity or lack of capacity that many local authorities now have. jeremy corbyn said that the prime minister needs to get a grip. is he saying that she's not doing that? she has ordered these tests to take place, the government knows what they are handling, what do you think he means by that? we have heard from the statement from the prime minister, last week, where she implied that the government would help to support local authorities but without giving any confirmation of where the funding is coming from.
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and i know that many of the local authorities across the countryjust will not have the resources to be able to on their own put these matters right, and so what we need from the government is an indication of what financial support they can give to local councils, but only to immediately rectify the problems where they have been identified in tower blocks, but also going forward , tower blocks, but also going forward, to make sure that these councils have the resources going forward to be able to have fully staffed and fully resourced planning departments with building control officers that can go out on site and make sure that materials that are being used by developers are precisely the materials that meet ruling regulations and also the materials that were approved by the planning committees. andrew gwynne, thanks forjoining us.


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