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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 27, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines. scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, has said her government is delaying plans for a second independence referendum. it comes after the snp lost seats in the general election. when the terms of brexit will be clearer we will come back to parliament to set out ourjudgement on the best way forward at that time. including our view on the precise timescale for offering people a choice over the country's future. none of the questions raised by brexit are answered by ripping scotland out of our own union of nations, our biggest markets and our closest friends. the government has established an independent expert panel to provide advice on fire safety. since the grenfell tower fire, the cladding from 95 towers in 32 local authority areas have failed fire safety tests. judges in the european court of human rights have rejected a plea from the parents of terminally—ill baby charlie gard to intervene in the case.
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chris gard and connie yates wanted 10—month—old charlie gard, who suffers from a rare genetic condition, to undergo a therapy trial in america. the governor of the bank of england has issued a warning about the amount of money banks are lending to us. it comes as consumer borrowing reaches its highest level since 2005. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... we'll be speaking to a cyber security expert about the latest major cyber attack targeting ukraine's national bank and its largest airport. it's been fifty years since the first atm opened in the uk — we'll be looking at how far the technology has come since then. and at seven — we'lljoin katty kay and christian fraser in 100 days plus, for more on what the us says is the compelling evidence that president assad is preparing
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a chemical attack. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm damian johnson with our main stories. world cup controversy laid bare as fifa decides to publish a critical report into the bidding process for the tournaments in 2018 and 2022. england's under 21's look to reach the final of the european championships for the first time in eight years, but germany stand in their way. england's women post a record breaking total of 377 in their world cup match against pakistan. plenty of tries, but the british and irish lions blow a iii—point lead to draw the final midweek match of their tour to new zealand. fifa has decided to publish a controversial internal report
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into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 world cup tournaments in russia and qatar. it follows a leak of the report written by fifa's own ethics investigator michael garcia to a german newspaper. 0ur sports news correspondent richard conwayjoins me now. what is new in the report? it has been under lock and key for number of years, been under lock and key for number of yea rs, fifa been under lock and key for number of years, fifa not intending to publish it and for a long time to come because they said they were legal reasons, they did not want to interrupt the legal process going around the bidding for the world cup is run by russia and qatar. we have a lot of detail about things that went on during the bidding process, involving all the countries involved
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for 2018 and 2022. the focus is on russia and qatar, of course russia destroyed their computers in the aftermath of winning the bid so evidence from them was hard to come by. as for qatar, more information there, some of that has been previously reported. inglot does not escape censure either, michael garcia thing in the report that the england bidding team tried to satisfy or at least attempt to some of what he called improper requests from voters. the duke of cambridge and the dental minister david cameron were present at discussions that took place between the england bid team and the south korean voter over votes. so some detailed information in there, still going through it all. some 430 pages in total. and steve, has the hand been forced in publishing now? absolutely, there was no intention to publish i think, it was going to go on for a number of years, despite
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all the allegations we've had under pressure and scrutiny of the winning bids had been under. michael garcia resigned from fifa back in 2014 because he said a summary of the report that was published was erroneous as he called it and said it was misleading. and he quit. but fifa said it had to be kept back. now the german newspaper was going to release details of the report day by day this week, some of which was published last night and more tonight and in the coming days. imagine that peter had to bite the bullet and just put it on a website because they did not want misleading information to emerge, they said. but in effect they have been bounced into this. thank you. england had several early chances to go ahead but found themselves a goal down after 34 minutes when leipzig striker davie selke headed in. the germans threatened to score another, but instead england hit backjust
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over five minutes later thanks to demarai gray's finish. germany have been pushing is the heart has gone on and they equalised not long ago through felix platt. it is to all with 13 minutes remaining. england posted a record breaking 377 on their way to a crushing victory in the rain—affected world cup match with pakistan in leicester. it's a morale boosting win after they lost their opening game with india. joe wilson was at the game. world cup, turn right and look for the floodlight. to choose cricket on jake —— on a grey tuesday takes commitment but it was worth it. tickets distributed to 38 local schools. watch out for falling sixes. pakistan, their women had never beaten england but the home
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tea m never beaten england but the home team began under pressure and quickly were two wickets down. two players then took control. the captain heather at night and here is the player that england values are highly for the future, not severed. in this match they both made their first one—day international 100. pakistan may well be the weakest tea m pakistan may well be the weakest team in the tournament and some of their play did become ragged. but england, their domination came from clasie battery. just over 2000. —— clasie battery. just over 2000. —— clasie batting. that's over was dominant. the good 50 overs of entertainment. england finishing on the highest ever score in the world cup. not a care in the world except perhaps the weather. pakistan slowly, delayed agony, but no reviews here for this out. pakistan three down. looking composed in this
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company. but the rain came in the 30th over and england were miles ahead on adjusted targets. they could happily watch the cover is safe in their victory. still to come, i am ronnie 0'sullivan and i will be speaking to you on why i chose to write a novel. the british and irish lions missed out on a morale boosting win as they drew their final tour match with the super rugby side hurricanes. it finished 31 points all, as warren gatland's side squandered a 14 point lead. with the focus now shifting to the two must win tests against new zealand to come. our sports correspondent katie gornall is in wellington for us. well, there were thousands of lions fans who turned up here to the westpac stadium, knowing that this is a make or break week for their side. warren gatland's priority was always going to be saturday's second test here against the all blacks, but this is hardly the warm up he
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would have wanted. the final midweek match of the lions tour, and wellington gave it a sense of occasion. for many of these players, this could be the last time they pull on the famous red jersey. greig laidlaw seized his moment, and when he ran out of options there was his scotland team—mate tommy seymour to finish thejob. the lions kept the scoreboard ticking over, but just before half—time the hurricanes powerfully hit back. several auditions for test places in play, time was running out to impress. george north was a surprise omission last week. will this persuade warren gatland to change his mind? the lions struggled to hold back the hurricanes, but in ian henderson they had a one—man blockade. minutes later, seymour again broke clear to put his side 14 points ahead. surely they could not let it slip from here. but the match would turn on one rush of blood to the head. henderson sent to the sin bin, and in his absence the hurricanes struck. a flurry of late tries,
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including this from vaea fifita, saw the lions‘ morale boosting victory slip from their grasp. this was a desperate draw. and after the match warren gatland was asked why he hadn't used his bench more, when it was clear that his starting players retiring out here on the pitch, and he admitted that it was the backlash over his controversial call—ups that influenced his decision not to bring them on. those players were called out as cover. there's not much been made about that in terms he a decision to bring players in for cover. and protect as many of the test 23 as we could. if we did not have those players here tonight, then we probably would have had players on the bench for saturday that may have had to be exposed. so the lions will return here to the westpac stadium on saturday, knowing they have to win to avoid a series defeat.
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warren gatland will be fully aware that his side can't afford to make the same mistakes against the all blacks. shrewsbury town want to become the first all—seater club in england and wales to introduce — what's being called — safe standing. the league one side has applied for approval to create an area with a capacity of around 500 within their new meadow stadium. the plan is to fit the area with rail seats as used by celtic last season. dan pallett reports. it used to be the future, is it now the past? shrewsbury town, dai greene has made a stadium is a modern, all—seater stadium. but they could soon become the first in england to introduce safe standing. asa england to introduce safe standing. as a scot, celtic have done that and it improved the atmosphere so i'm keen to support that but i think when it is designed in shrewsbury as well, what better place for it to be piloted. around 550 seats like these
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could be installed in the south stand before the end of next season. the seats can be locked away to make a standing area separated by railings. they're made by shropshire company. there was told a similar system at celtic. the shrewsbury town supporters parliament suggested doing the same in england, they aim to foot the bill of £75,000 with crowdfunding. i think among supporters and general there is a swing towards safe standing now. from all the data we have seen and the samples, it is incredibly safe. and we're hoping it will improve the atmosphere within the stadium as well. fans claimed that terracing at the former home of gay meadow helped to create a better atmosphere. especially for big games such as this fa cup victory over everton in 2003. lord justice taylor, his report into the hillsborough disaster recommended all—seater stadium but shrewsbury field where
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they go, others will now follow. stadium but shrewsbury field where they go, others will now followm is going to come eventually, and for us to be the first would be fantastic. especially as it is manufactured in the local area. i think isjust a manufactured in the local area. i think is just a matter of time before more clubs get into the safe standing. shrewsbury town have made an application the sports ground safety authority and expect an a nswer safety authority and expect an answer ina safety authority and expect an answer in a matter of weeks. british fighter bianca walkden has secured at least bronze at the world taekwondo championships in muju, south korea. the 25—year—old is the defending champion in the women's heavyweight division. she won three fights on the opening day of her +73kg category competition and will return to action for the semi—finals on wednesday. 0ur 0lympic reporter nick hope is in korea for us. to say this is a remote part of north korea would be an understatement stop over 200 glamorous south of the capital with a population ofjust 20 5000. ——
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south korea. but the spiritual home of tae kwon do. 0ver south korea. but the spiritual home of tae kwon do. over 900 fighters have travelled to compete in the world championships and included all three of the gb 0lympic medallists from rio. first we must start with bianca walkden who has secured herself at least a bronze medal here the world championships today. she became just the first —— the second british tae kwon do fighter in history to claim a world title. she defeated her argentinian opponent in the opening round before despatching her croatian opponent. she finished off with the defeat of the russian european bronze medallist. compared to two years ago it was a lot riding on it. it was hard for me to even be there let alone win. so now it is a bit more pressure because i'm healthy. but deep down i think i have more confidence. in what i can do and how we train. it is just
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another competition with a bigger title, that is what helped me come through today. as well as the semifinal on wednesday there's also the tantalising prospect of the returning of terror mohammed who has not competed since the agonising defeat at the rio 0lympics when he finished with a silver medal. he is now back and determined to be remembered for titles and tribes rather than the tears.|j remembered for titles and tribes rather than the tears. i do not think any civil medallist has ever received so much love and appreciation from the public. —— silver medallist. they all felt the pain with me. it has given me a lot of determination to go on and make sure people watching and supporting me can feel some joy. i sure people watching and supporting me can feel somejoy. i cannot leave it like that. let's give them happy memories with some gold medal. the best ever result of the world championships came six years ago at an event also held here in south korea. then they won four medals. and this week every chance of
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history being made before the event rounds up on friday. ronnie 0'sullivan says he's not about to retire from snooker yet. the five—time world champion has written his first novel — a snooker based thriller. the inspiration is obvious and 0'sullivan told me it's also nice to have a distraction from the game. it is just it isjust something it is just something i'm interested in. i've written autobiographies before and the chance came up to write a novel which is based on part of where i grew up, areas where i grew up, google also played in an certain characters i had a rami, relationships with my father and mother. when you read the book, if you knew anything about me you would think it sounds like the life of ronnie 0'sullivan. the only thing thatis ronnie 0'sullivan. the only thing that is not in there is the tournament victories. i own a snooker club instead of a top professional snooker player. you
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think it has helped you guys are in some ways, yes. a lot of things you do away from snooker, their beneficial to the snooker. but too much of one thing, itjust sort of gets a bit boring. so having certain things to do that excites you makes life more exciting. you've talked about having effectively a breakdown, just after one the world championships. how difficult has it been to cope with some of the issues and play snooker as well?|j been to cope with some of the issues and play snooker as well? i think eve ryo ne and play snooker as well? i think everyone has little phases and moments like that in life. sometimes we just moments like that in life. sometimes wejust do not moments like that in life. sometimes we just do not know where going through. sometimes i've held it down when really i was ready to crack. then something happened and get you through it. but the world championships the year before, it was a bit too much at times. and i knew i needed a bit of time out. tha nkfully knew i needed a bit of time out. thankfully i was able to take that and come back and feel great five
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days later. what about your attitude to the sport that made you snooker, you still love the sport?|j to the sport that made you snooker, you still love the sport? i loved probably more than ever. rather than playing now to be the greatest player of all time, ifeel playing now to be the greatest player of all time, i feel i have cemented my legacy so i'm up there with the top names. and as a kid growing upi with the top names. and as a kid growing up i would have bitten your hand off for that. i get such a buzz from it. iwill hand off for that. i get such a buzz from it. i will probably not be as dominant asi from it. i will probably not be as dominant as i was and that is something i must come to terms with. but i believe i can still take the odd tournament and possibly another world title. and the latest call from the european championships semi final, to have an too. they're playing injury time. updates throughout the evening. -- 2-2. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. you're watching bbc news.
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scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, has confirmed her government is delaying plans for a second independence referendum. speaking in holyrood, she said she still believes the country needs to be given a choice about its future — but not until after the brexit process. the scottish government remains committed strongly to the principle of giving scotland a choice at the end of this process. i want to reassure people that our proposal is not for a referendum now or before do is sufficient clarity about the options. but rather to give them a choice at the end of the brexit process when that clarity has emerged. i am therefore confirming today that having listened and reflected, the scottish government will reset the plan i set out on march the 13th. we will not seek to introduce the legislation for an independence referendum immediately. i'm joined on the line
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from holyrood by mike russell, the snp‘s minister for uk negotiations on scotland's place in europe. good evening.


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