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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 28, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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bbc sport website and the steeplechases and now, you —— usain bolt and most shortly. that's all for mass for now. goodbye. let's return to the news that the creator of paddington bear, the author michael bond, has died at the age of 91, after a short illness. from paddington‘s first appearance in print in 1958 he proved a hit with young readers and he was later reinvented successfully on tv and more recently for film. michael bond also created other children's favourites, such as parsley the lion. for more on this i'm joined byjonathan kydd — the actor — who played paddington in the cartoon series of the book which was first broadcast in the late 1990s. good to see you, jonathan. it's a
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sad day, 91 vote, not bad at all. well played, good innings. and you get into the head of a fictional bare? it was pretty simple. he gave me the clue of saying he's a bit like noel coward which i find bizarre because i thought you'd be per ruby and because he come from the —— peruvian because he can come per he's all his sweet and lovable he suggested being like noel coward, like, hello i'm parrington. but we ended up more innocent, with permanent high eyebrows. he is an innocent abroad. he's wandering about, not quite knowing what's going on. that was one of his great strengths, wasn't it? he was a
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little alien, really. in an environment where you have to explain things to him. he was a brilliant storyteller. and really sweet guy. we did 140 episodes and he did ten session. so he was really hands—on? he did ten session. so he was really hands-on? yes. he was paying attention to everything. he was lovely. in fact, attention to everything. he was lovely. infact, my attention to everything. he was lovely. in fact, my father was and actor who made films in the 19605 and actor who made films in the 1960s and 70s. it was nice to chill theice 1960s and 70s. it was nice to chill the ice in the auditions, trying to play this wonderfully iconic figure with everyone loving him, but he was happy with how i spoke as long as i kept the eyebrow and try to make him as energetic as possible. innocent and polite. unbelievably polite. i hope he'd noticed that even brought up. you're a perfect fit! i hope to
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be cast instead of ben wishaw in the film but i failed that 15 years later, that would have been nice. mr bond actually manage to get into film himself? he had a cameo. it's a lovely moment in the film. was that little frustrating having created and given to this character and in the minds of lots of kids growing up, your voice is what they understand to be? ben wishaw is not too farfor me understand to be? ben wishaw is not too far for me because he understand to be? ben wishaw is not too farfor me because he is understand to be? ben wishaw is not too far for me because he is well spoken and pitched high as well. so the world of an actor is such that you try something else. i did harry potter, a wonderful line in one of the harry potter games, potter, put down your wand. playing a death eater. so it's swings and roundabouts. sticking with paddington. whether any moments,
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playing as a south american bare, whether any moments where he thought, that's not quite right. whether any interventions?” thought, that's not quite right. whether any interventions? i was a bit growly an some occasion. paddington bear and the source!” kept saying, and i'm bear, can't be growly? the director said no, keep putting him up, be quicker. this was an era of free digital, wait you did it with the whole cast being there. nowadays, i'm playing naughty at the moment playing —— playing in noddy playing a big ears at the moment. it was absolutely joyous with everyone there. it was joyous absolutely joyous with everyone there. it wasjoyous playing absolutely joyous with everyone there. it was joyous playing that iconic character, wonderful
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experience. it's been wonderful having you here, thank you for joining us. 0ne one of our rarest birds of prey is close to extinction. numbers are declining across the uk. even in the bird's traditional stronghold of scotland, the numbers are down. reasons include illegal poaching and destruction of natural habitat. we've got time to quickly show you the commons. we are expecting the vote later on the queen's speech and labour's motion to get the 1% cap on public sector pay removed. the government says it will stick to it. it will be the first test of the strength of theresa may after that deal with the dup was cemented a couple of days ago. interesting times there in the commons. we will
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bring you that after 7pm in 100 days plus, which is coming up. and for a left at the weather. good evening. last week was about the heat and temperature, this week is about rain. these are some rainfall figures and 24 hours. among's rain in hampshire. well over a month rain in santa and in suffolk. there is the more persistent rain affecting england earlier on. things drying up in those places but rain in the south—west lingering and pushing to wales as well. the wettest in northern england will push to scotland, not far away from northern ireland come the morning. some drier weather returning to the midlands and continuing in the south east of
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england. temperature not falling much on the low maximum we had today. into the rush hour tomorrow, more rain and the south west could be more wet with low cloud. the drier start in the midlands, east anglia and the south east. we still have some rain across north wales and northern ireland. the more persistent and heavy rain in the far north of england, further into scotla nd north of england, further into scotland coming in the eastern parts of northern ireland, resource telemachus answered in it it will be wet and windy in scotland, pushing into northern ireland. still some rainfall northern england and wales. still in the south, one or two sharp showers. bit of warmth and humidity in the south east, temperatures higher than today but a chilly day again particularly for the time of year across the north of the uk. more rain and cool winds on friday and
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those will push the rain back into england and wales. southeast and anglia mostly dry. some sunshine of the threat of showers. they wettest weather tends to push away into the weekend. and the weather will come in from the atlantic, and the weaker side. some improvement over the weekend, it should feel warmer when the sunshine does come out and on the sunshine does come out and on the whole, what drier and price. —— much drier and brighter. hello and welcome to one hundred days plus. 28 years after the hillsborough disaster, criminal charges have been brought against six people. among them is the match day commander chief superintendent david duckenfield who faces 95 charges of manslaughter. it is a day of mixed emotions for the families. relief there is now some accountability but frustration
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it has taken so long. this is the scene live in the house of commons where opposition mp's are forcing a vote on the uk's long standing, public—sector pay cap. is austerity finally coming to an end? also... the republican promise to repeal and replace 0bamacare has hit a major hurdle. as the senate is forced to delay its vote we're in kentucky
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