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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 29, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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european union. there were a significant number of rebellions on the labour side, because jeremy corbyn had ordered his mps to abstain from that vote he didn't wa nt abstain from that vote he didn't want them to vote for it or against it, he said you must all abstain. but there were a number of labour mps who voted with that amendment, in support of that amendment, including some on the front bench team. asa including some on the front bench team. as a result of that, they have this evening been sacked. three shadow ministers catherine west brom andy slaughter and ruth cadbury, they were immediately sacked, we're told, and a third member daniel zeitler, who quit his role before the vote took place. i think what that shows is brexit is going to be causing all sorts of issues, not just that the governments and the conservative party and their backbenchers, but forjeremy corbyn and his backbenchers as well. yes, we now have four holes on the labour front bench that will need to be
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filled. today was all about it being a bad day for the conservative party, butjeremy corbyn has been left with a bit of a headache as well. thank you very much, eleanor garnier at westminster. kensington and chelsea council is holding a cabinet meeting tonight to discuss its response to the fire at grenfell tower, in which at least 80 people are known to have died. the meeting was due to be held behind closed doors but it's been announced this evening, following a court order, thatjournalists will be allowed in. nick paget—brown, speaking to bbc london's political editor, tim donovan, a little earlier, said he doesn't want to be drawn on whether he should stay on as leader. that's not a matterfor today, that's something that we will look at in due course. myjob at the moment is to make sure that the council has a head that can be recognised, a public face of the council, and i need to be seen to be making sure the proper response to people's lives that have been so devastated by this tragedy is in place. would you expect to be the
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leader in six months‘ time? place. would you expect to be the leader in six months' time? that's not a matter i am able to express now and not a matter for me. would you be the person leading the council, the conservatives into the election next year for the control of the council? i understand you wa nt to of the council? i understand you want to go down that road. i think at the moment it would actually demean the lives that have been lost by getting too much into the political future of either me or anybody else. the leader of the council there, speaking to tim donovan. we have just council there, speaking to tim donovan. we havejust had council there, speaking to tim donovan. we have just had a council there, speaking to tim donovan. we havejust had a line council there, speaking to tim donovan. we have just had a line of copy just donovan. we have just had a line of copyjust dropped from the council, saying they have adjourned a cabinet eating after the press are allowed to attend, saying it would prejudice the forthcoming public inquiry. the head of justice that the forthcoming public inquiry. the head ofjustice that the law society joins us, to talk a bit about the shape of that forthcoming inquiry into the gronefeld file —— grenfell tower fire. we know into the gronefeld file —— grenfell towerfire. we know who
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into the gronefeld file —— grenfell tower fire. we know who the judge will be, sir martin moore—bick, but what needs to happen in terms of appointing an advocate for the residents? the government announced this concept of an independent public advocate last week, and it's not at this stage play how that appointment will take place. the thing that we at the law society of very clear about is that the residents must have a say in who that is. we don't have a say in who that is. we don't have strong views between the public inquiry or inquests route, but if this were an inquest, the residents would be able to choose their own advocates to represent them. so even though that may not be the position here, it's essential that their views are taken fully into account in making this appointment. what will determine whether they get a chance to have a say in who their abaca is? the details have not yet been announced by the government. we are hoping they will agree that the residents should be fully consulted on this before they name who this person is going to be. what sort of
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problems could arise if the residents don't get the opportunity to have their say in the appointment? it is not for me to speculate on how the residents might respond, but clearly it is essential that everybody has faith in this public inquiry and that we are confident that it will get to the truth of what happened in this terrible tragedy. who is funding this role? might it have a bearing on who gets to choose the advocate mark ellis the advocates in an inquest would be funded via the legal aid system very often. in this situation, it's not clear that the legal aid system would have a role to play. it may well be it is a separate funding arrangement that the government chooses to use here. again, that's a detail we are still waiting to hear about. how important is trust between the advocate and the person they are acting on behalf of, or the group of people?m the person they are acting on behalf of, or the group of people? it is vitally important. there are a lot of lawyers offering that time pro
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bono to support the residents at the moment. they are ready, willing and able to advise the residents about who might be a suitable candidate to ta ke who might be a suitable candidate to take on this role if the residents wa nted take on this role if the residents wanted that assistance. so there are a number of high—profile lawyers who would be very suitable for this role and we hope that their names will go forward and that the government will choose one of them. this retired judge, sir martin moore—bick, said the scope of this inquiry might not be as wide as some of the residents would like. how is the scope of an inquiry determine? the terms of reference a re inquiry determine? the terms of reference are initially set by the government but an advocate on behalf of the tenants may well want to challenge as to exactly what issues are within or outside the scope. for example, i understand the scope is likely to be looking at ways of preventing similar blazes happening in the future, and that could be very narrowly applied or it could
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look very broadly at all of the backgrounds, the legal and operational issues that arose in the run—up to this fire. so the residents' representative may well wa nt to residents' representative may well want to put arguments to the committee, to the inquiry, to say that the inquiry should be looking at these broader issues. richard miller, head ofjustice for the law society, thank you for your time. let's ta ke let's take a look at the weather forecast now with darren. good evening. today the wettest weather has been in the south—east of scotland. a couple of inches of rain and not a particularly some are looking seen here at st andrews, sentin looking seen here at st andrews, sent in by one of our weather watchers. you can see the extent of the rain earlier in scotland, trying to push into northern ireland, some patchy rain elsewhere and a lot of cloud. we will hang onto cloudy skies for most of the night. some further rain across scotland, northern ireland, wales, west wales,
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the south—west, the ring could be heavy for a while. some rain in the east as well, temperatures no lower than 13 or 1a, so not dropping much from the highs we have had today. again, as we head into on friday we have some rain in devon and cornwall, pat west wales. not quite as wet by the morning. moving to the midlands, cloudy skies, the odd shower but a hint of sunshine in east anglia and the south—east of england. it should be a bit warmer as well. a bit misty murkier for the further north, where we have this patchy rain forced it is mostly light, not the continuous heavy rain some places had earlier on, but not a pleasant start. add to that this northerly wind, that is going to be blowing down the chilly air and where we keep the rain and temperatures will be very slow to rise. it should dry off across northern ireland and western parts of scotland, the rain pushing into england and wales. temperatures 15 01’ england and wales. temperatures 15 or16, england and wales. temperatures 15 or 16, should be a bit warmer across the midlands towards the south—east. 23 possible, though there could be
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some sharp showers. ahead of the weather front which takes the patchy rain south—eastwards across the uk and then for the weekend everything is coming in from the atlantic. weather front should be weaker and not as much rain and with a bit of sunshine about, it should feel a little bit warmer as well. it is all relative, of course, quite chilly under the rain recently. some early rain in the south—east corner of england will soon clear away. a band of rain coming into northern ireland and scotland through the day, eventually heading over the irish sea. for most of england and wales, and nice states. dreyer and the wind is a bit lighter and it will feel warmer, temperatures 20 degrees, i think, in quite a few places. a bit of rain overnight. most of the rain coming in overnight and a few showers towards the north—west on sunday, but otherwise try and bright. —— try and bright. hello and welcome to 100 days+. america says the threat of an attack by north korea is "much more immediate." military plans are on the table as all eyes are on the rogue
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nation's nuclear capability. it may not help that the new south korean president, in washington now for a visit, has a very different view on how to deal with pyongyang. in six hours donald trump's travel ban will take effect. people from six muslim majority countries will be affect but will it make america safer? meanwhile, the president attacks a female television anchor in a tweet, drawing a sharp response. even republicans call it beneath the dignity of the office. what we are trying to do round here is improve the tone and civility of the debate and this doesn't help do that.
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