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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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a mm" a political story. become a political story. jeremy corbyn has written to theresa may with a call to broaden the public enquiry into the disaster, after thejudge public enquiry into the disaster, after the judge appointed to lead the enquiry warned it may be too narrow in its scope to satisfy all of the survivors. it has emerged that the cladding fitted to grenfell tower for its refurbishment was changed to a cheaper version saving nearly £300,000. documents seen by the bbc show that zinc cladding, originally proposed, was replaced by an aluminium type. a coroner has concluded that the deaths of seven young men who drowned in two separate incidents at camber sands last summer were all due to misadventure. even back at home there are lifeguards everywhere. there was no warning, no signs. i can't believe this is happening in the uk. the funeral has taken place of
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martyn hett, a coronation street superfan martyn hett, a coronation street super fan who was killed in the manchester bombing. ina manchester bombing. in a moment it will be time for a look at sportsday but first, a look at what else is coming up. nicholas paget brown has announced he is resigning over the grenfell tower disaster. we will hear how president trump has been accused by two tv presenters of lying and trying to blackmail them on twitter. and we will have a look at the papers. that is 1045 pm. that is ahead on bbc news. now it is time for sportsday. good evening, i'm olly foster, here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight. the wimbledon draw has been made, but will andy murray be fit to defend his title? johanna konta's also a doubt for the all—england club. she had to pull out of her
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eastbourne semifinal with a back problem. how wounded are the lions ahead of tomorrow's second test? our correspondent katie gornall will have the latest from new zealand. coming up, we are here in wellington, new zealand where the pressure is on the british and irish lions. they have to beat the all blacks here if they are to keep the series alive. also coming up in the programme. howzat! live cricket is coming back to bbc tv. we'll be showing international and domestic twenty20s from 2020. and the tour de france starts in germany tomorrow. we'll hear from chris froome ahead of the grand depart. good evening, lots coming up over the next half an hour on sportsday
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with a really busy weekend ahead, and of course, next monday, it's the start of wimbledon. the draw was made today, so andy murray roughly knows the path that lies ahead if he's going to successfully defend his title. but that's a big if, because the signs didn't look good at the all—england club today. here's our reporter david ornstein. we are here at wimbledon. murray has been practising for the first time since tuesday, having been troubled with a hip which saw him pull out of two exhibition matches. it means he comes into wimbledon with just one grass court match under his belt, a shock first—round exit at queens. murray took part in three training sessions today and did not look 100%, limping and grimacing throughout. how are you feeling? good, thank you. murray's part to a third wimbledon title is hazardous with a
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potential semifinal against rough an adult. let's hear from potential semifinal against rough an adult. let's hearfrom russell fuller. the qualifier or lucky loser in the first round is an unknown quantity. if it is a qualifier he will have won three matches at roehampton. they can be awkward opponents to face. after that, i seek a couple of opponents who caused problems for rafa nadal in the past. dustin brown is a potential opponent. nick kyrgios could be a fourth—round opponent. given murray's recent history, it is dangerous to look much further ahead. he would face stammering care if they both reach the quarterfinals and murray is in the same half of the draw as rough an adult. that could be one semifinal with novak djokovic and roger federer ceded to me to —— meet each other in the other semifinal. also playing one day number one is his fellow british number one joanna konta. she day number one is his fellow british
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number onejoanna konta. she pulled out of eastbourne today with a back injury but she is expected to be fit. and the women's draw is wide open, with defending champion serena williams absent. she is pregnant. there are seven british players in action on monday and you can keep up with it all across the bbc. so that's the latest from the all—england club ahead of next week's championships. david mentioned johanna konta and her injury worries. well, after that heavy fall yesterday, she withdrew from her semifinal in eastbourne today because of a sore back. heather watson's good run is also over, she was in the other semifinal and lost to caroline wozniacki. john inverdale and a sam smith are at the tournament. it was certainly an eventful and ultimate day here at eastbourne which began with such high hopes but ended with both british players not making it to the final stage. heather watson was beaten in three sets by caroline wozniacki, and
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joanna konta pulling out following a fall she had last night, a massive fall she had last night, a massive fall she had in the epic victory over angelique kerber. this is her assessment. i did not sleep too well andl assessment. i did not sleep too well and i are not diagnosed with concussion yet but definitely monitoring my symptoms. what prevented me from playing today was playing through my pain threshold. was this the right thing to do?m jo decides it is the right decision, thenit jo decides it is the right decision, then it is the right decision. last night, she went down with hell of a bank. i night, she went down with hell of a bank. lam night, she went down with hell of a bank. i am not surprised she has some pain in her back. i imagine she will be having a scam today she plays on monday at wimbledon. she
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has a very difficult first—round match. does heather watson go to wimbledon renewed and replenished after the week she has had here? yes, she has had four really high quality wins, the best tennis day of her life yesterday, with wins over pavlyuchenkova and barbara strips of. —— pavlyuchenkova and barbara strips of. — — barbera pavlyuchenkova and barbara strips of. —— barbera struck over. they are not household names. i think she can go way beyond where she will have been before. tomorrow it will be pliskova. she has a great game on grass. it has been a tremendous week here at wimbledon. you can see the final on saturday lunchtime. john inverdale there with sam smith. world number four novak djokovic is through to the men's final in eastbourne.
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he showed a few flashes of his best form against russia's daniil medvedev beating him in straight sets. he'll play richard gasquet or gael monfils in the final. to the british and irish lions in new zealand. they have to win the second test in wellington tomorrow morning or the series against the all blacks will be lost. tour captain sam warburton comes off the bench, one of three changes to the starting 15. maro itoje makes the second row but the biggest gamble is in the midfield, will the pairing ofjohnny sexton at fly—half and owen farrell at inside centre be able to unlock the all blacks. our sports correspondent katie gornall is there for us. so, after the all blacks outclassed the british and irish lions in auckland, the tour has moved further south here to wellington. will this be where new zealand wrapped up the series or can the lions fight back —— bite back?
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wellington is where warren gatland's side hoped to get back contract, and as thousands of fans arrived in the city, we asked them if they still had hope for the lions. still optimistic. i think there were enough positives from the first test to save we can just get a bit more intensity and stop them being so clinical as they are, there is still cause for a few more lions roars. we should have been much better. we made a lot of mistakes. at the end of the day, the all blacks are the best and the best team won, sol can't complain. i would question how many of those guys would get in the all blacks team ? many of those guys would get in the all blacks team? that is the question to ask. after saturday i would say none. as the tour itself, i'm sure it will not spoil your enjoyment? no! we drowned our soi’i’ows ol'l enjoyment? no! we drowned our sorrows on saturday night and i will be doing the same this saturday. there is a mass of red shirts. we
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need to help the team and be the 16th man so we need to be loud and raucous and vocal and help them get across the line. here we are in the westpac stadium and this is where the lions will ta ke and this is where the lions will take on the all blacks. warren gatland has chosen his team. owen farrell and johnny sexton are behind me. he has paired them at the expense of ben te'o. it was something of a surprise. the changes in the forward pack were expected. maro itoje has been brought in alongside alun wyn jones. maro itoje has been brought in alongside alun wynjones. sam warburton, the tour captain starts in place of peter o'mahony. it is an exciting team selection, but is it a gamble against new zealand? here is the view from both camps ahead of that decisive test. we know the test series would be over if we lose. we
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definitely want to take it to a deciding match, and i am sure all lions fans and neutrals would like that to happen and make it more interesting test series. definitely wouldn't want to be down 2—0. it will be easy to pick ourselves up for the week after the desperate to make it 1—1 this week. for the week after the desperate to make it 1-1 this week. last week was a beauty and with a little bit more luck and finish, they could easily have won the test match. they know that and they will be coming here with a do or die attitude and we have to front up. it is located in it once, we have got to do it again. it will be real hands to the pump, so it will be real hands to the pump, so to speak and everyone will have to step up. meanwhile, injuries have forced the all blacks for making changes to their side. here is our by changes to their side. here is our rugby reporter chris jones changes to their side. here is our rugby reporter chrisjones who has
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been following the tour with the kiwi perspective. right here in the new zealand hotel where both teams have made their sides. there has been a war of words between warren gatland and steve hansen. steve hansen has tried to play it down. we can get the perspective of a top broadcast journalist. jim, the war of words has been happening this week, what to make of steve hansen's attitude, and also changing the line with farrell and sexton starting? when you are1—0 up farrell and sexton starting? when you are 1—0 up you can make comments. steve hansen was riding the moral high horse pretty loud and proud. he has not missed one opportunity to have a subtle dig. he said the lions are magnificent with the ball in hand, they should do it more often. he has had those little su btle more often. he has had those little subtle digs and today it is about
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the media doing this. well, yes but you have given us the ammunition. the all blacks are more straightforward. bowden barrett is a good full black —— full—back. iain henderson was magnificent against the hurricanes. what does courtney lawes have to do to get in the starting 15? it seems crazy. you mentioned steve hansen has been on the moral high ground, he has been setting the agenda since the first victory. what do you make of the pressure the warren gatland and the lions are under? steve hansen is under pressure as well. they need to win this test. they do not like losing. gatland came home wanting to prove to new zealanders that his achievements abroad which perhaps a lot of us do not take much notice of, were worthy of notice, and i
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think that has kind of unravelled a little bit because obviously, the tour has not gone the way he wanted it to. but, if they can get up on the next two test matches, then warren gatland leaves here a hero. that is the kiwi view. let's hear from someone who knows what it is like to tour in new zealand. gavin hastings was lions captain back in 1993. his side won the second test that went on to lose the series 2—1. when you suffer defeat, it is probably easier to regroup in many respects. it is a big ask. what have we won, five test matches in 39 against the all blacks. they are a great side. as expected, he shuffled the pack and brought in maro itoje and sam warburton but peter o'mahony has gone from captain to not even in the 23? how can you go from being
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tea m the 23? how can you go from being team captain to not even making the 23? gatland is certainly not interested in winning any popularity contests. interested in winning any popularity co ntests. h e interested in winning any popularity contests. he is here to win the next two test matches. if he achieves that he can come home a hero. would you say to the players as they walk out onto the pitch? we have got to play the game of our lives. we have got to produce unquestionably the best performance of the tour in order to have a chance. so the series is on the line here for the lions in wellington. will this be where they come alive or will it be where they come alive or will it be where their tour unravels? you can follow all the twists and turns on the bbc. katie gornall there for us, kick off 8.35 tomorrow morning. here's what's still to come on sportsday. quad tennis has proved to be a big hit at the us and australian open, and wimbledon could be about to follow suit. i will bring you all the action from
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the taekwondo finals. bbc tv has secured the rights to show live cricket from 2020. the five year deal covers men's and women's t20 matches. the bbc last showed live cricket in 1999 and there has been no live coverage on terrestrial television since 2005. here are some of the details of what we can expect to see on the bbc every year from the summer of 2020. two live england men's t20s, one live england women's t20. 10 live men's matches from the new city—based t20 competition. that will be the new city —based franchise the ecb have come up with. up to eight domestic women's t20 matches. there will be highlights of england's tests, odis and t20s and the england women's internationals.
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bbc sport website will have digital clips from the men's and women's games in all formats. here's the ecb chief executive and his reaction to this new tv deal. it's a great deal for the game. it's a game changing dealfor cricket in this country and the key elements that we have really brought to bear on this are massively increased reach, massively increased revenue, and a complete transformation in the support and promotion of the game in the future. a realfocus support and promotion of the game in the future. a real focus on participation and a desire for us together to get as many children playing cricket as we can. it is an exciting moment for the game. the tour de france starts tomorrow with a 9 mile time—trial in dusseldorf. the 21 stages, that also take in belgium and luxembourg, will cover 2,200 miles. great britain's chris froome, a 3—time winner of the tour is on for a hatrick of victories and he is favourite to be wearing the yellowjersey once again, when the riders hit the champs elysees on the 23rd july.
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let's speak to our sports news correspondent richard conway who is in germany where it's all going to start. what kind of shape is froome in and who are his main rivals? he has not had a win coming into the tour de france but speaking this week to him, he is in confident form. we have some of the bikes behind us. we have to be careful not to knock them. these high—performance bikes will be in action tomorrow for the time trial. speaking to chris froome earlier this week, he was under no illusions of the scale of the challenge that awaits him.
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i honestly think that this is the biggest challenge i have faced in my career. i think the level of my rivals and the course that we are raising on this year leads it to be a much more open race, and it will be the biggest challenge for me for sure. it will be right up there. to wina sure. it will be right up there. to win a fourth tour de france title would be incredible. i don't want to jinx it. it would be unreal. unreal. tea m jinx it. it would be unreal. unreal. team sky are looking for their fifth victory. so bradley wiggins had their first victory. so bradley wiggins had theirfirst win back in victory. so bradley wiggins had their first win back in 2012. but over the past few months, their reputation has taken a bit of a battering? yes, there have been some dark clouds surrounding team sky in recent months. it all dates back to the allegations about what were in the allegations about what were in the mysterious contents of a jiffy
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bag which were delivered to sky's doctor. the questions are ongoing. tea m doctor. the questions are ongoing. team sky's principle batted away questions saying he was there for a long time to come. i caught up with brian cookson and he talked about some of the challenges that that has presented but also spoke about how sport has transformed itself and anti—doping processes in recent yea rs. certainly the problems that have been around that team in the last few months have not been helpful. i wa nt few months have not been helpful. i want to wait like everybody else for the outcome of the uk anti—doping enquiry andl the outcome of the uk anti—doping enquiry and i don't think i should say more than that. team sky are no different to any other team. i do not think it is helpful but it has taken so long to resolve satisfactorily and i hope uk anti—doping can produce their report and enlighten us to what may or may
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not have happened. i had just moved position because i wa nt to i had just moved position because i want to show you the team sky trailer behind me. chris froome and some other team members have gone in there for a briefing. in the last few minutes, it has been announced that chris froome has signed a new three—year deal with team sky. there we re three—year deal with team sky. there were questions about whether he was happy with the team and the leadership. they seem to have been put to bed on the eve of this race and he will want to focus on getting away tomorrow in the individual time trial and getting to paris in three weeks where he wants to win the fourth yellow jersey. richard conway, thank you. a world championship taekwondo gold has eluded jade jones again. the double olympic champion finished with bronze in south korea but great britain did secure a record 5 medals from the championships. our olympic reporter nick hope is there. five medals here at the world
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championships in south korea far exceeds the hopes of the uk team. the fact that jade jones was not among the gold medallists was something of a surprise. she was undefeated over seven months heading into the 57 kilograms final with the home favourite. the korean moved clear in the final round, and jones‘ search of the elusive world gold to com plete search of the elusive world gold to complete her set of honours goes on. it was my fault. i was not me today. idid not it was my fault. i was not me today. i did not fight as well as i normally fight. sometimes you lose andi normally fight. sometimes you lose and i have to go away from here and train hard and get better. i am obviously saving the big occasion for the manchester worlds. there we re for the manchester worlds. there were two medals for other british competitors. daniel samson looked strong but was undone in sudden
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death. it is not the way you want to go in the fight book. there are other fights to come back from. i had two hip operations injanuary and december. getting the bronze medal at the world championships was a big accomplishment. bradley sinden had knocked out a competitor but the olympic champion of china proved too strong. bronze is still an incredible result for the 18—year—old rising star of the sport. to get a medal at the world championships means i can do better and better and i have a really good chance of being at the olympics in 2020. it has still been a fantastic championships for the squad. bianca walkden‘s gold is the standout success for the team. they are heading home to great britain and
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the world championships in manchester. england‘s women play their final warm—up match tomorrow before the european championship in the netherlands. they are in copenhagen for the game against denmark who are also going to feature at the euros. our reporterjo currie is with the lionesses. the lionesses are taking on denmark tomorrow night here in a rather wet and rainy copenhagen. midfielder isabel kristiansen told me they are eager to goats that tournament of the back of a positive performance. it is written good test for us as they are heading to the arose as well this summer so it is a really good test to continue on the run we have had of late. we have put out a statement and said we are england and we are ready to go and hopefully we can put out a performance which shows our plans have gone to plan.
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manager mark sampson is expected to make many changes. it will be the player ‘s final chance to impress before the euros. let‘s return to tennis now. last year there were british winners at wimbledon in the wheelchair singles and doubles. but unlike the australian and us open, the all—england club does not stage a quads tournament — that‘s for wheelchair players whose impairment affects three or more limbs. but as gemma louise stevenson reports, quad tennis is likely to be included soon. over its 140 history, wimbledon has witnessed its fair share of memorable moments. last year we witnessed one more. wimbledon singles champion, scotland‘s gordon reid. there was even some doubt that single wheelchair tennis should be played on grass. i think that has been consigned to a load of rubbish,
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because actually, the standard of tennis was fantastic last year. this year, wimbledon will go further raising the prize money at wimbledon bya raising the prize money at wimbledon by a third and will have a new show court for the singles and doubles finals. andy la pthorne court for the singles and doubles finals. andy lapthorne has three grand slam titles but he wants another dream to become reality. grand slam titles but he wants another dream to become realitylj have another dream to become reality.” have achieved a lot in my career and there is one thing left to do for me and that is to play at wimbledon now. with lots of family around london it would be nice to play there and have them all come out and support. but you will not see him next week because his division does not play there. you will only see quads divisions being played at the australian and us open. both hard court tournaments. but how close is andy to realising his dream and serving his first ace at asw 19? quads events are something we are
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thinking about. when it will happen, i‘m not sure. we want to bed in the singles events which got off to a fantastic singles events which got off to a fa ntastic start last singles events which got off to a fantastic start last year. i‘m sure they will grow and become increasingly popular and one day i don‘t doubt that quad events will not take place at wimbledon. and when the day does come it will not just be about andy himself playing at wimbledon. when there is a young kid who wakes up and has the opportunity and realises if he is a british kid and he wants to play wimbledon, that opportunity is there for him and for me that would be an unbelievable legacy. for this and future years, it certainly seems that the championships are continuing in their pursuit of greatness. before we go, congratulations to great britain‘s women‘s wheelchair basketball team — they have won bronze at the european championships after beating france. gb‘s men are playing turkey in the final now. that‘s all from this sportsday, from all of us here, whatever sport you‘re following,
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have a great weekend. hello. julyjust around hello. july just around the hello. julyjust around the corner but this was the last day ofjune and a cloudy one for most of us. some sunshine towards the south—east has boosted the temperatures. not much rain around for us today. there will be some patchy rain and drizzle for most of us. cloud breaking further north, particularly into scotla nd further north, particularly into scotland and northern ireland. in england and wales we hang on to more cloud. the cloud should tend to break up. any early rain clears the south—east. sunny spells developing. western scotland and northern ireland are tending to cloud over. we will see some rain and drizzle and time to time. 20 degrees in
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eastern scotland. as high as 24 or 25 in the south—east of england. some rain to come overnight. that will dawdle into the morning. that pulls away, sunny spells developing widely. some showery bursts of rain in the north—west and warm in the sunshine. the headlines at 7pm: after weeks of criticism and a stormy council meeting last night the leader of kensington and chelsea council and chelsea council steps down. as council leader, i have to accept my share of responsibility for these perceived failings. residents celebrated his resignation, describing it as a step in the right direction. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, calls on theresa may to broaden the scope of the inquiry into the disaster, in which at least 80 people died. the families of the young men who drowned off camber sands last summer express their anger about safety on the beach.
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even back home there‘s lifeguards everywhere. there was no warning, there is no signs. i cannot believe this is happening in the uk. nurseries in england say councils are failing to provide enough money


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