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tv   World News Today  BBC News  June 30, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm kasia madera. our top stories — there are reports of a shooting incident inside new york. a man dressed as a doctor opened fire at the bronx lebanon on hospital. the council leader responsible for g re nfell tower council leader responsible for grenfell tower in london where 80 people died in a fire has resigned. nicholas paget—brown‘s council was criticised for its response. germany legalises same—sex unions — bringing it in line with most other european countries — although angela merkel voted against it. she changed the lives of women in france — simone weil, the holocaust survivor who became a politician has died. we'll have a tribute. hello and welcome to world news today. we start the programme with some
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breaking news coming in from the states. reports of a shooting incident inside a hospital inside the bronx in new york. unarmed man, said to be dressed as a doctor, opened fire at the bronx lebanon on hospital, according to reports. this hit is a 972 bed hospital, at least three people are believed to have been shot, although there are reports of multiple shootings and some reports describe this as an ongoing situation. messages on social media speaking of doctors and nurses having barricaded themselves inside the building and also some reports of a fire in the building. none of this is 100% confirmed. new york forrest has been briefed on the situation and police are going through from each floor to each floor in search of the gunmen. we will keep you updated on this
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developing story. the leader of kensington and chelsea council, the borough where the grenfell tower fire happened, has resigned. nicholas paget—brown said he had to accept responsibility for his role in response to the fire and in particularfor the decision to ban the public and press from a council meeting last night. the bbc has also obtained documents that show that cheaper, less fire—resistant cladding was chosen for the tower block. 80 people are believed to have died in the fire and there is no suggestion a deliberate decision was made to cut fire safety. kensington & chelsea council says safety would not have been compromised in order to manage budgets. our home affairs correspondent tom symonds has more. were you pressured by number 10 to resign? the pressure simply got too great. the leader of the council criticised for failing to cope with the crisis in his backyard, could not hold on. chanting: we wantjustice, we want justice! last week his council
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offices were invaded. last night he couldn't even hold a council meeting. it was the last straw. in particular my decision to accept legal advice that i should not compromise the public inquiry by having an open discussion in public yesterday has itself become a political story, and it cannot be right that this should have become the focus of attention when so many are dead or still unaccounted for. his housing chief has also gone. investigations by the bbc and the times newspaper into the decisions made when the council refurbished grenfell tower added to the pressure. the big change — the addition of aluminium cladding panels to improve the look of the building. we've been investigating that refurbishment and whether it played a part in the tragedy that was to follow. this development in north london includes cladding made not from aluminium, but zinc. documents passed to the bbc revealed that the zinc panels were originally proposed for grenfell.
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in 2012 the architects‘ designs show this clearly — residents were told it would be zinc. but there was pressure from the council on contractors to reduce costs. by 2015 they were given amendments to the original tender and told to fit aluminium composite panel, which is cheaper. the saving — more than £293,000. so did the change make a difference to fire safety? well, this panel is similar to the ones eventually used. it's an aluminium sandwich with a plastic filling which is not fire resistant. the original zinc panels were marketed as capable of being able to resist fire. both panels have the same safety rating under european tests. so on current evidence, it's not clear the change would have made a difference. however, even the fact there was pressure to cut costs has infuriated those affected by the fire. those affected and the wider
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community are utterly sick of this lack of value ascribed to human beings who pay their council tax, who pay these people's wages. meanwhile, cladding from 149 tower blocks has now failed government tests. the whole process has been criticised as pointless because only the cladding is being tested, and not for example installation, which also burns. pointless 7 no, says the testing body. it is critical to do these screening tests, just to see whether there is a risk or not, to see whether the buildings have this flammable cladding or not. many of them do, and the question now is what can we do about it, and are there other risks or materials we need to consider? there is an immediate crisis to deal with, an ongoing police investigation, a public inquiry, again today described as too narrow. grenfell tower casts a long shadow.
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we will return to new york, the breaking news that there has been a shooting at a hospital in the bronx borough of new york. we have a tweet from the police commissioner of new york, according to the reuters news agency, saying the suspect who opened fire at the hospital is dead. just to repeat, this developing situation, the breaking news we started the programme with, the suspect who opened fire at the bronx lebanon hospital in new york is dead. that's according to a tweet from the police commissioner and thatis from the police commissioner and that is being reported at the moment on the reuters news agency. we believe at least three people have been injured but of course, this is a developing situation and we will bring you more details the moment we get confirmation of them. let's turn to germany. germany has legalised same—sex
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marriage, a move that brings it in line with most other european countries. members of parliament voted in favour — after the german chancellor angela merkel changed her position to allow a free vote on gay marriage — though she herself, voted against it. jenny hill explains from berlin. cheering they've waited a long time for this. here, it's called "marriage for all." the new law means same—sex couples will be able to marry and adopt children. translation: it's a historic day for germany. today thousands of same—sex partnerships have been given equal status. the two—class system in love has been abolished. jubilation too inside the german parliament. the political left has fought for years to bring this legislation, but angela merkel has always opposed it, until earlier this week. during this interview she appeared
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to soften her stance. she'd met, she said, a lesbian couple who'd fostered eight children. they inspired a change of heart, and a free vote for mrs merkel‘s conservative mps, though she herself voted against the bill. translation: it's been a long, intense and emotional debate. for me personally too, which is why i hope that today's vote not only brings respect for both sides of the debate, but brings peace and cohesion too. angela merkel may have rejected the proposition at the ballot box, but she will go down in history as the chancellor who introduced same—sex marriage to germany. it's an election year. by voting against the bill, mrs merkel is appealing to the more conservative of her electorate, but by in effect letting it happen she's appeasing potential coalition partners of the future, and she's cementing that reputation as europe's
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defender of liberal values. for now celebrations, though the law may yet be challenged in the constitutional court. what's widely held as a victory for equal rights is also seen by many here as a political success story too. jenny hill, bbc news, berlin. social media timelines are full of rainbow colours today as twitter users celebrate germany's decision to legalise same—sex marriage. the hashtag "marriage for all" began trending worldwide within hours of the announcement, generating more than 50,000 tweets. 0ne twitter user posted — "germany legalized same sex marriage. i am proud of germany for the first time." another posted — "i might be crying some happy tears right now, marriage equality in germany is everything i've wished for this month." it will soon be 2a hours since
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president trump's ban on certain people travelling to certain countries came into effect. critics say it is unconstitutional and racist. this was the response when president trump first imposed his travel ban, the court struck it down. but now it has been partially provide timely response looks like this. the travel ban is more limited and the protests are smaller. but this is an issue on which america feels deeply. we are ina which america feels deeply. we are in a political climate where muslims are being targeted by bigoted and is discriminatory laws. if nothing else, it will make a psychological difference, now that we are actually going to do something to prevent terrorists. most muslims feel this
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isn't the best way to promote peace and to stop terrorism, which we all wa nt to and to stop terrorism, which we all want to do. for the next 90 days, non—us visa holders from six predominantly muslim countries will be denied entry to the united states. but there are some exceptions. those with close family members already in america may be admitted but not grandparents or more extended family. those with us couege more extended family. those with us college places or jobs more extended family. those with us college places orjobs can be admitted as well but the administration is struggling to explain how exactly these rules make america safer. this has been one of the president's top issues. he has talked consistently about how he believes the united states needs to do more to enhance our screening procedures and to take a better look at people who will be coming into the united states. lawyers are talking to new arrivals at airports around the country to monitor the new arrangements. it will include 120 day ban on most refugees from
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anywhere. we tried to gather information so we can note for future travellers, what to be on the lookout for. if we need to file lawsuits or petitions, we also on hand to do so. the supreme court will decide decide on this ban in 0ctober will decide decide on this ban in october and some of the restrictions will by then already have expired. let's speak to the former president of the american immigration lawyers association, joining us live from 0hio. even as this ban was finally coming into effect, we had a clarification on the bona fides family members, fiancees were now in this kind of ran. this is a bit of a minefield. who are these relatives that will be allowed through? the supreme court was pretty clear, the supreme court was pretty clear, the supreme court was pretty clear, the supreme court says somebody needs to show a bona fides famille yelp relationship. 0r
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show a bona fides famille yelp relationship. or a bona fides relationship. or a bona fides relationship with an employer. the trump administration took it on themselves to arbitrarily narrow that definition. as you mentioned earlier, the left out grandparents and they originally left out fiancees. it just and they originally left out fiancees. itjust goes back to this whole thing. we have never had a president in this country that has tried to ban an entire religion. the lower courts have waded in and said no. the supreme court earlier basically said no. they left the core of this travel ban in place the donald trump really was the big loser this week in terms of his travel ban. even though he has got it through, partially, he has got roughly what he wanted, you still think he is the loser in this? yes, because he didn't get what he
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wanted, which was to ban all people from six predominantly muslim countries, all people, including people that have lived and worked tierfor people that have lived and worked tier for years, people that have lived and worked tierfor years, anyone people that have lived and worked tier for years, anyone from these countries. the court said, you can't do this because we know you want to do this because we know you want to do this because we know you want to do this based on your hatred of muslims. look at what you said during the campaign. the supreme court looked at this and said, to have a connection to united states, we can put a temporary pause on that. the rest of donald trump's plan is still on hold. that's why i say this was a big loss for him. would you suggest as some critics say, this is based on racism? of course it is. it is based on anti—muslim rhetoric that we heard coming out of this president's mouth
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for the last two years. one thing that happened in the us courts, donald trump as everybody knows, loves to tweet and he will say anything he wants and then denied that he said it and you can save the sky is blue and then say it was raining and he will say, i only said it was raining. but when you go to a us court, as in the uk, you go into a court, you are responsible for your words and the courts held him to his words and they were, he wa nted to his words and they were, he wanted to ban muslims. he said it over and over again. then he said, even whether his assistants were saying, this is in a band pause. donald trump then tweets, this is a ban. the courts have held him to his word and i think this is really where he is going to have to take some responsibility. we will have to leave it there. david leopold. thank you. we will stay with donald trump.
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staying in the us, and two tv presenters attacked on twitter by president donald trump have accused him of lying and suggested the white house tried to blackmail them. mika brezinski and joe scarborough, the hosts of msnbc morning joe said they were warned a tabloid would run a negative story on them unless they said sorry for their coverage of mr trump. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. around 60 migrants are feared drowned after their boat sank off the coast of libya. around 80 survivors were brought to the italian port of brindisi, where they told aid workers about the disaster. on wednesday, a senior eu official said the scale of migration across the mediterranean is untenable — with around 10,000 people reported to have attempted the journey in the past few days. the leader of the far—right in france, marine le pen, has been placed underformal investigation over an alleged
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european parliament funding scandal. ms le pen has denied any wrongdoing, and calls the case "politically motivated". we will bring you the latest sports news including, the wimbledon draw has been made but will andy murray be fit to defend his title? china's president xijinping has been enjoying another day of celebrations in hong kong, to mark 20 years since the territory returned from british control. the chinese president said unification was the start of the new era for hong kong. the world's first clone has been made of the world's
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first mammal. russian and american aircraft have docked in orbit for the first time in 20 years. challenger powered past the light has had almost 50 yachts. shattering the record that stood for 3h years. no hiding the sheer elation of richard branson and his crew. you are watching bbc world news today. our main headlines this hour: police in new york say a gunman has opened fire at a hospital. initial reports say three doctors were shot, one unconfirmed report says the government is a former doctor at the
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bronx lebanon hospital and the latest reports say the gunman has been killed. after weeks of criticism and a stormy council meeting last night, the leader of kensington and chelsea council finally steps down in the wake of the grenfell tower fire. 80 finally steps down in the wake of the grenfell towerfire. 80 people are believed to have died in it. let's get all the sports news with damian johnson. andy murray let's get all the sports news with damianjohnson. andy murray says he is feeling good, despite limping through much practice three days before his scheduled to begin the event of his wimbledon title. he pulled out of his final warm up match with a sore hip. the defending champion managed to work with coach ivan lendl today but there were some ominous signs as he was clearly moving rather gingerly but he remains hopeful he will be fit for the first round. novak djokovic is through to the men's file at the eastbourne tournament. he showed a few flashes of his best form,
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beating the brevet in straight sets. —— beating medal the dead in straight sets. caroline wozniacki is into the women's final. she will play karolina pliskova in the final. her opponentjohanna konta withdrew due to a back injury. chris froome has signed a new contract for three yea rs has signed a new contract for three years with teen sky on the eve of the tour de france. the 104th tour gets underway in dusseldorf in germany on saturday and chris froome is hoping to get his third straight victory and fourth victory in five yea rs. victory and fourth victory in five years. he faces stiff competition from some of the world's leading cyclists. i think this is the biggest challenge i have faced in my career. the level of my rivals and of course we racing on, means it will be a much more open race. it will be a much more open race. it will be a much more open race. it will be the biggest challenge for
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me, for sure. it will be right up there. to win a fourth tour de france title would be incredible, it would be unreal. i don't want to jinx it but it would just be unreal. uk anti—doping authorities still investigating investigations of wrongdoing against team sky and british cycling for 2012 which both deny. uci president brian cookson says cycling has made significant progress in the battles against doping while he has been in charge. reputational problems that have been around that team in the last few months have not been helpful. i want to wait, like everyone else, for the outcome of uk anti—doping enquiries andi outcome of uk anti—doping enquiries and i don't think it is right i should say more than that. team sky are no different from any other team. it is not helpful it has taken so long to resolve satisfactory.
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coach andy farrell says the british and irish lions need to man up if they are to win the second test in wellington and remain in the series with new zealand. the lions have made three changes. 0wen farrell moves to inside centre. sam warburton returns as in side flanker. the tourists have to win this. it is about character this week for us. it is about manning up. putting everything on the line because it is that situation, isn't it? it is do or die for us. barcelona have activated the buy—back clause 4 gerard deulofeu who will return on a two year contract. he was on loan at ac
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milan. he will cost barcelona around £10.5 million. jermain defoe signed for bournemouth on thursday and they have now signed nathan ake for a clu b have now signed nathan ake for a club record fee from chelsea. nathan ake had a spell on loan with eddie howe's season last season and the fee is reported to be around £20 million. that is all the sport for now. the respected french politician and auschwitz survivor who wrote france's abortion laws, has died at the age of 89. simone weil was best known for her instrumental role in legalising abortion in the 1970s, and went on to serve as the first president of an elected european parliament. her death was confirmed by president macron, who called her life "an exemplary inspiration". the french public also paid tribute.
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translation: makes me think about the abortion loss. i can't remember which year but it was a really great step forward. we have lost a very special lady. i benefited from her abortion legislation and at the time, that was extraordinary. she was one of the first push for independent women to get involved in politics, despite having suffered enormously but without ever complaining. earlier i spoke to the economist bureau chief sophie pedder in paris, about simone weil‘s legacy and how she was a woman ahead of her time. when you look at what she was campaigning for in the 1970s, as health minister, she argued in parliament for the legalisation of abortion. she was really taking on a very conservative, male establishment and when you look at her giving a speech in the national assembly in the french parliament, she was a woman in front of her own male audience, only nine female
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deputies at the time, she really wa nted deputies at the time, she really wanted to bring france i think, in the modern era and make it a more socially liberal society. it came after the 1968 student uprising when there was a reaction against a much more conservative culture. she wa nted more conservative culture. she wanted to modernise france in a way that was ahead of her time. let's go back to our developing story, that breaking story from new york. the new york police commissioner says that the gunmen who opened fire at a hospital in the city is now dead. local media reported that at least three people had been wounded in this attack at the bronx lebanon hospital. reports say the suspect was a current or former employee. a police spokesperson did not specify how many people had been hurt in this incident. the hospital is north of manhattan. we will continue to monitor that for you for the time being. if you are heading out to the united
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states or indeed canada, if you are heading west, you will be greeted with a lot of fine and dry and sunny weather. if heading east, potentially you will be greeted with some thunderstorms and potential rain. looking at the satellite picture in the last 2a hours, we can see how dry it has been across the west. heavy rain and thunderstorms have been affecting central and eastern parts of the states and also eastern parts of the states and also eastern canada. for the week in, not looking very different. humid air from the gulf of mexico feeding the thunderstorms. warm and humid and storms could be pretty violent for texas, all the way up the eastern canada. south asia, some heavy rain. south—west monsoon in full swing and it is pretty much where it should be for the time of year. the north west corner, we have seen some heavy rain in the last couple of days. could be
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looking at another four to five millimetres of rain doing the course of the weekend. likely to be more flooding in places. europe, we have seen huge contrast in temperature and weather conditions. central and northern parts have been bombarded with strong winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms. north east germany has seen torrential downpours to end the working week. these thunderstorms will be moving north and east words into western russia and east words into western russia and the baltic states. further south, it is all about the heatwave, particularly across the south east corner. in the canary isles, a lot of fine weather, temperatures around 28, 30 degrees on saturday. the iberian peninsula sees lower temperatures than normal for this time of year. even a few showers across south eastern spain. in france, remains quite unsettled but
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some sunshine and quite pleasant in nice. a bit cooler of late for italy. this intense heatwave is producing temperatures over a0 degrees and it will persist during the week. it is the start of next week that the weather front moves into the heatwave and brings temperatures down and spark off some violent thunderstorms. we will keep you updated. at home, this weekend, things looking a little better thanks to high pressure and we should see dry and bright weather. you can see the high pressure nudging in from the south west. in between two weather systems and this will bring increasing amounts of wind and rain to northern ireland and scotland. but some sunshine around. light winds as well and it will feel quite warm. a full uk weather forecast can be senio in about half an hour so stay tuned. —— about half an hour so stay tuned. —— a full about half an hour so stay tuned. —— afull uk about half an hour so stay tuned. —— a full uk weather forecast can be seen here. you are watching bbc news. the
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headlines: at gunmen who opened fire ina headlines: at gunmen who opened fire in a hospital at the city of new york is now dead. three doctors were shot at the hospital. the suspect may have been an employee or former employee at this institution. the council leader responsible for g re nfell tower, the council leader responsible for grenfell tower, where a leased 80 people died in a fire, has resigned. nick pagett—brown stood down after this council was criticised for its response. larry miller pen as been put under investigation as part of an inquiry into the misuse of european parliament funds. she has denied any wrongdoing. the german parliament has voted to legalise same—sex marriage.
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