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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  June 30, 2017 9:30pm-9:46pm BST

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you are watching bbc news. the headlines: at gunmen who opened fire ina headlines: at gunmen who opened fire in a hospital at the city of new york is now dead. three doctors were shot at the hospital. the suspect may have been an employee or former employee at this institution. the council leader responsible for g re nfell tower, the council leader responsible for grenfell tower, where a leased 80 people died in a fire, has resigned. nick pagett—brown stood down after this council was criticised for its response. larry miller pen as been put under investigation as part of an inquiry into the misuse of european parliament funds. she has denied any wrongdoing. the german parliament has voted to legalise same—sex marriage. it will grant gay couples full marital rights. that is all from me. we will be back
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at 10pm with a round—up of the news. first it is time for newswatch. hello and welcome to newswatch. coming up: a clash with andrea leadsom on newsnight. are the bbc presenter is guilty of being too negative and interrupting ridley? is this government minister being given too harder time on bbc news? as the aftermath of the west london fire continues to dominate the news, it has been a difficult week for the housing minister. he was on victoria derbyshire when he was faced with residents from the grenfell tower. derbyshire when he was faced with residents from the grenfell towerli wa nt residents from the grenfell towerli want permanent accommodation. do not
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give me temporary accommodation. i work hard and i had a good house. do not give me temporary accommodation, i will not excepted. what we will come to, i promised... some viewers felt that victoria derbyshire lost control. 0ne fewer send this e—mail: we mentioned last week another bbc
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item about the fire at grenfell tower that some viewers complained about. an interview with the prime minister. the newsnight presenter has done a number of interviews, and she recently interviewed andrea leadsom. it was a year since britain voted to leave the european union and the preparations for brexit were under discussion. you have a negotiating position that is unclear, you are hearing that from the president of the eu parliament, we have to call system that is unstable, the economy is unfair, living standards are following. what is going well? european politicians are very keen that we keep a strong relationship going forward and that is what we are going to do. it is the elected politicians who are important here. you do not even have
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a deal with the dup on the table. they are laughing at us. that is not true. angela merkel said it was a good start. various different eu politicians, the elected ones, saying it is a good start. it has beena saying it is a good start. it has been a year. if broadcasters were willing to be a bit patriotic, the country took a decision and this government... are you accusing me of being unpatriotic for questioning how negotiations are going and whether you have a position of strength? andrea leadsom denied calling her on patriotic that some viewers that the general point being made by the former conservative leadership candidate was there. another viewer recorded this video
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for us with his thoughts. please, bbc, can you rain in your presenter. she needs to learn how to hold a civil conversation. most of her subjects are subjected to higher insulting interjections. i do not like politicians but i have to commend them for holding the temperature during one of her interviews. she interrupts so much that no one ever gets there and to write. that does not allow the viewers to make a judgment of what they are trying to say. the interview is therefore pointless. the editor of newsnight is here with us. the reference that andrea leadsom made two patches —— made to patchitis
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leadsom made two patches —— made to patch it is is that some people say they coverage has been negative. patch it is is that some people say they coverage has been negativelj thought they coverage has been negative.” thought it was an excellent interview. i'm sure some viewers would agree with these complaints that the majority of people who saw it will think that calling an interviewer unpatriotic when the ‘s awkward questions is somewhere between hilarious and sinister. it happens in moscow and beijing but not really in a place with a free media. andrea leadsom went on to say that she was not calling her unpatriotic. you only have to watch it. the viewers that you have reported the complaints off would make the point that it was fair to call emily unpatriotic. newsnight is good at turning around these interviews as a social media clip to go viral, watching it back on the whole, do you not see why many viewers felt it was heavy—handed? whole, do you not see why many
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viewers felt it was heavy— handed ?m you viewers felt it was heavy— handed?“ you are making a point about partial extracts from an interview and how some of those can gain circulation outside the context of an interview, thatis outside the context of an interview, that is an interesting one and one we need to think about because sometimes you will have a minute long fragment from an interview they get seen by many people outside the context of the interview. this was a classic accountability interview. it is on classic accountability interview. it isona classic accountability interview. it is on a momentous issue. it is about the future shape and relationship of the future shape and relationship of the country on the continent and it is right that she conducted a tough accountability interview. we understand that people need to be brought back to and so the question, but there was a lot of interrupting there. one viewer said it was frustrating not being able to hear
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andrea leadsom finish her and service. interrupting is a berry fine line. i have sympathy with the viewers that feel that sometimes we enter up to much. we're all subjects if fairness of allowing them to set out their case. there are lots of interviewees who come into an interviewees who come into an interview with the aim of filibustering their way through it and sticking to two or three homilies. in this case it was supposed to be a 15 minute interview to do with when she was able to start it, but ended up only being 7-8 start it, but ended up only being 7—8 minutes. the interviewer is under pressure to keep the interview moving along and to address all the questions they are trying to address in the interview. there were
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complaints about another interviewee emily did with the prime minister. here is a clip. we are yet to find out what the costs of the fire was. you could have stopped it spreading by spending £2 more on the cladding. the fire service are looking at what the cause of the fire was and it is important we find out what happened. you were sent information about this and 2013. the coroner said that you could stop but the sprinkler system. she seemed to be pitting blame on theresa may, in terms of using the word you, that was seen as unfair. the figure of speech was, you could do this, like one could do this... you could have spent... it is the same way as you say, you can get up... some of that focused anger
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should be directed at the right people. the prime minister is the leader of the conservative party, it isa leader of the conservative party, it is a conservative borough, there are responsibilities that they have is the leader of the party that runs the leader of the party that runs the council. in that particular case, don't think the emily that she personally close the cladding... what you think she said is not what viewers think they got out of it. some viewers construed it differently but i do not think they are the majority. town is very important in many viewers said it came across as angry and emotional. should they not remain calm and measured? it often is. one of the responsibilities is to channel the
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questions that the viewers would wa nt asto n questions that the viewers would want aston a particular situation. 0n want aston a particular situation. on friday, emily brilliantly channelled the questions and the mood around the handling of the aftermath of that disaster. there we re aftermath of that disaster. there were two very good interviews there. there was plenty of coverage across the bbc last weekend of the glastonbury festival and it made it onto bbc news, courtesy of an appearance byjeremy corbyn. read 11; minutes of the speech given by the labour and was covered live on the news channel, wanting one viewer to comment: thank you for all your comments this week. share your
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opinions by calling us using the number on screen or e—mailing us. you can find us on twitter and do look at previous discussions on our website. that is from us, we will be back to hear your thoughts about bbc coverage again next week. goodbye. inafew in a few minutes, a detailed forecast in weather in the week ahead, followed by the main stories in the news at 10pm and then at 10:45pm look ahead to tomorrow's headlines in the papers. coming up
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in sport: andy murray says he is fit to defend his title although he was limping today. he was moving gingerly as he returned to the course with his coach but he insisted he would be ready for his match on monday. the latest from the british and irish lions camp. we will hear from the tour de france champion chris froom. and cricket will return to bbc television. that is all 10:a5pm. now on bbc news, the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? a mixed bag this week. we have a man called 0ve, which is a portrait of a grumpy old man. we have despicable me 3, the minions are back. and risk, a documentary.
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lots to talk about but my most important role this week is to get the pronunciation right of a man called 0ve. it seems to be "0ver". that is the closest. it is adapted from a bestseller and the blurb says, it will make you feel a new sympathy for the curmudgeons in your life. the tag line on the movie poster is, you will love him as much as he hates you. 0ve is widowed, he is embittered. he wants to end his life but it keeps being distracted by his neighbours to keep breaking the housing association rules, of which he is a stickler for keeping to. when a new family moves and he is furious about their presence, their noise, generally them being there. however, a woman sees behind that curudgeonly facade, he starts to break down his resistance and amazingly, she gets him to teach her to drive.
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