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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  June 30, 2017 9:45pm-10:01pm BST

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lots to talk about but my most important role this week is to get the pronunciation right of a man called ove. it seems to be "over". that is the closest. it is adapted from a bestseller and the blurb says, it will make you feel a new sympathy for the curmudgeons in your life. the tag line on the movie poster is, you will love him as much as he hates you. ove is widowed, he is embittered. he wants to end his life but it keeps being distracted by his neighbours to keep breaking the housing association rules, of which he is a stickler for keeping to. when a new family moves and he is furious about their presence, their noise, generally them being there. however, a woman sees behind that curudgeonly facade, he starts to break down his resistance and amazingly, she gets him to teach her to drive. here's a clip.
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horn blares. a fantastic look of exasperation on his face. he has the most fantastic face. did you ever see the 100—year—old man who climbed out the window and disappeared? no. i know the one you mean, i didn't, sadly but i read about it. i struggled with that film, because it had that scandi humour think that i never really fell in with. with this, it looks like that kind of film but then we start to learn about his life story, young romance, childhood trauma, his relationship with his wife which is idyllic but faces tragedy, and you start to understand how he got to where he is and it is sweet and sentimental. there is a lot of absurdist humour. there is an ongoing argument about whether saabs or volvos are the perfect car. how swedish.
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entire friendships fall out over these arguments but you start to see as a three—dimensional character. he has a strong moral compass and is somebody who has suffered and has been made bitter. inside that is the person he used to be. i went in thinking i would go for it, but i laughed and cried. i like any movie that makes me cry because it means that it's working, you believe in the characters. i really liked it. despite the tag line, you will love him as much as he hates you, which i thought would be a hard watch, it was easy to fall in with. i am looking forward to seeing that. good. alternatively, a third of any film, really, does the world need this? whether we need despicable me 3 is another question. here's the thing, i find the minions funny. they are running out of plots and they had to bring a twin brother in to make the plot work, but you see the minions before
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the titles and one pulls out a fart gun and ijust started laughing. i giggled like an idiot for the rest of the film because i think the minions are funny. the verbal staff is funny and they are perfect slapstick creations, they remind me of what was funny about old silent cinema. there is steve carrell and a story about gru and his brother, a new super villain but for me i just find the minions funny. i laughed all the way through. even though i knew that i shouldn't, i did. you are allowed to do that. i am so fascinated by risk, your third choice. this is by laura poitras, who made citizenfour, about edward snowden which was brilliant. it was real edge of your seat stuff. she was in the hotel room when the revelations were made. he came across as self—effacing
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and shy in that documentary. someone who did not want to be the centre of the story. this is one aboutjulian assange, about whom the adjectives self—effacing and shy are not immediately applicable. the film is very conflicted about its subject. it looks like it began as a film about someone film maker admired, but that changes. the portrait we get is someone who is narcissistic, controlling, self obsessed, and has no self—awareness. here is a clip in whichjulian assange and his associate are trying to ring hillary clinton on the phone. this is an emergency. you are the emergency line and it will take a while? 0k. do you want to do that now and i will wait. he would like to speak
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to her about that, yes. 0k, let me start by giving you my phone number. one moment, please. details including an unredacted cable set are about to go on the internet. i do not understand why you do not see the urgency in this. who is he? hello, this isjulian assange. we don't have a problem, you have a problem. that is the tone of the film. the story is well now rehearsed, i think people know the basic parameters. what is strange about this film is that it is very fragmented, it is nothing like as good as citizenfour. you can tell that it is a film
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in which the film—maker's relationship to the subject changed during it. when the film was first seen about a year ago, the film—makers said the julian assange demanded changes and got lawyers involved, which he did not have the right to do. she has made the film that she wanted to make. there is an irony in someone who is releasing information wanting to control it. we have seen this before in other documentaries and in the much—derided drama, the fifth estate. you get an inside view, but it is fragmented and frustrating because even when they are talking about the electio,n you want the film to be more focused. it feels like it is falling apart. julian assange has said that the film will do his reputation no good at all and i think that he is right. which some people may take as a recommendation in itself. it depends where you
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stand on these things. it is interesting, also that it was made by a woman. what is your best out this week? ija. it caused a fuss when it was released at cannes because it is simultaneously released on netfix. it is basically as story about a young girl in korea who has raised a super—pig. she follows to america to stop it being experimented upon and being used for food. it is a film about where food comes from and how does capitalism hide behind a caring face. tilda swinton is a fantastically monstrous creation. the film uses brilliant cgi to bring the giant pig to life. the film is satirical and strange and i liked it. it is ideally seen in the cinema. it is very cinematic. it is thought provoting, it is not vegetarian propaganda but it will give you food for thought. i like that phrase,
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vegetarian propaganda. i will do something with that. what about dvds? heal the living was a small release. it is a story of a heart. it is a story about a young man he was involved in an accident and his heart may be used for a transplant to save someone else, to heal the living. it is a film about the miracle of medicine but it is more than that, it is about life and death, it is about transcendence, it takes poetic meanders into strange areas. it is very underplayed and does not feel like it is manipulating your emotions but i was totally overwhelmed by it. everyone i know who has seen it has loved that. i am genuinely looking forward to that.
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a good tip this week. mark, as ever, good to see you. see you next week and a quick reminder that you will find more film reviews and news from across the bbc online. we know the address by now. and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer as well. that is all for this week. enjoy your cinema going. bye— bye. hello. there is no extreme weather on the way for the early part of july at before we look ahead we can look atjim. it has been one of the warmestjims on record. ——junes. the blue is showing above average
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rainfall, it has also been one of the wettest junes on rainfall, it has also been one of the wettestjunes on record. we have seen the rain easing off over the last 2a hours. the cloud is not as thick as it was a few days ago. most of the rain on saturday as there is high pressure at the moment and i weather front trailing to the north—west to spoil things on saturday. jaidee in eastern scotland. there will be good spells of sunshine with temperatures of 21-22. this of sunshine with temperatures of 21—22. this room is moving clear of
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scotla nd 21—22. this room is moving clear of scotland and northern ireland through the evening and it continues to push towards the south—east. it will make the garden is wet. it will be quite windy for awhile in northern scotland with the showers. the wind will drop on sunday. the rainbow take a few hours to clear away. it will break up in sunny spells will develop in most areas. some showers coming into the north—west of scotland. the weather system is going to be very weak. we will not see the large amounts of rain we have heard recently. rain or drizzle moving away into north—west england and wales on monday. the size they should be dry and warm for the start of wimbledon. the weather will hang around for a little bit.
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across southern parts of england and on to wales in the midlands we could see more cloud but the detail is uncertain. one to showers and some wards across southern england. they could be thundery showers across the continent. both cross north—west scotla nd continent. both cross north—west scotland than maybe some rain. as they head into the week we have to find this flow typifies by the jet stream. wishy—washy weather will continue. low pressure will move to the north—west and high pressure tourists who says. it does not mean it will be wet and and dry on the site, it will be a mixture. we will see some good dry weather and
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sunshine. it will probably get warmer as we move into next week. tonight at ten: after days of mounting pressure, the leader of the west london council responsible for grenfell tower is to step down. were you pressured by number ten to resign? nicholas paget—brown, from kensington and chelsea, said the scale of the tragedy inevitably meant the borough couldn't cope alone. as council leader i have to accept my share of responsibility for these perceived failings. documents obtained by the bbc suggest cladding fitted to grenfell tower during its refurbishment was changed to a cheaper version. meanwhile, the labour leader jeremy corbyn puts pressure on the prime minister to speed up the public inquiry into the tragedy and to clarify its remit. also tonight. a coroner says the presence of lifeguards on camber sands might not have prevented the deaths of seven men last summer. several people, including doctors, are reportedly shot this evening
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