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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 30, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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and outthought by 30 points to 15. there were some encouraging flourishes from warren gatland's side, but after all the hype, it was a deflating defeat. wellington offers a fresh start for the lions, and a chance for them to reinvigorate the pack. gatland has gambled with his selection, and opted for a change in style. warren gatland has made a bold change to his team for the second test. he's included owen farrell and jonny sexton in the same midfield, despite them not having started a game together so far this tour. now, if that's a surprise, this next change was expected. maro itoje and sam warburton come into the forward pack as the lions try and match the all blacks physically. you play rugby because you enjoy the physical side of the sport, and that's definitely the case for me. so when you come off second best there, it does hurt you as a player. we're looking forward to trying to get a win and making it 1—1, but if not, then you can look back on the game and put your hands up and say, perhaps we were beaten by the better team. in their efforts to salvage
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the series through sexton and farrell, the lions have decided to go on the attack. it's a risky strategy. one man who faced the same situation as captain back in 1993 told me the odds are stacked against the lions. we've just got to go and play the game of our lives. we've got to believe first and foremost that we can win the game, and they're going to have to play well, they're going to have to produce unquestionably the best performance of the tour in order to stand a chance. another series win is within the all blacks‘ grasp. the lions won't be underestimated, but there's no doubt here who the favourites are. cheering. katie gornall, bbc news, wellington. andy murray's says he's feeling good despite limping through much of practice three days before he's scheduled to begin the defence of his wimbledon title. he pulled out of his final warm—up match with a a sore hip. the defending champion did manage to work with his coach ivan lendl at the all—england club today. there were some ominous signs as he was clearly moving gingerly but he remains hopeful he'll be fit for monday's first round.
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so let's look at who murray and the other top players will be facing after the wimbledon draw. murray plays kazakstan qualifier, alexander bublik, on monday. seven—time champion roger federer faces ukraine's alexandr dolgopolov in his opening match. the second seed and three times winner novak djokovic takes on slovakia's martin klizan, and rafael nadal is up against australian john millman. in the women's draw, seven—times winner serena williams will sit out of the tournament as she prepares for the arrival of her first child. world number one angelique kerber faces a qualifier. as does second seed simona halep. karolina pliskova meets evgeniya rodina. elina svitolina faces ashleigh barty. so that's the latest from the all—england club ahead of next week's championships. david mentioned johanna konta and her injury worries. well, after that heavy fall yesterday, she withdrew from her semifinal in eastbourne today because of a sore back.
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heather watson's good run is also over, she was in the other semifinal and lost to caroline wozniacki. john inverdale and a sam smith are at the tournament. it was certainly an eventful day it is for that began with such high hopes and possibly two british players through to the final but ended with both the players not making it to the final stage. heather watson was beaten and joe pulled out because of if all she had last night. this is her own assessment of the radical idid not i did not sleep very well and i have not been diagnosed with concussion but we are monitoring mice in tonnes. sam smith is here to
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consider her course of action where it leaves are heading into wimbledon. if she makes the decision it is her decision and it is the right thing. last night she went down with a hell of a bank, one of the worst falls i have seen in a long time and i am not surprised that she has some pain in her back. they will be monitoring her carefully because she is playing on monday. i can see why she has pulled out. heather watson, monday. i can see why she has pulled out. heatherwatson, does she monday. i can see why she has pulled out. heather watson, does she go to wimbledon renewed after this week? at think this is the best week she has ever had answer. the best tennis day of her life yesterday. her opponents are not household names but they generate a lot of respect in the locker room. her game is getting better and i think she can
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go beyond where she went before. she has a great game for grass. a big game against the counterpuncher.m has ina game against the counterpuncher.m has in a tremendous week here at eastbourne. you can see it saturday lunchtime on bbc one. world number four novak djokovic is through to the men's final. he showed brief glimpses of his best form against russia's daniil medvedev before coming through in straight sets 6—4, 6—4. he'll play richard gasquet or gael monfils in that final. chris froom has signed a three—year contract with team sky on the eve of the tour de france. the 104th tour gets underway and bustled off in germany tomorrow. this friend is open for his fourth victory in five yea rs open for his fourth victory in five years but it faces stiff competition. this is the biggest challenge i have faced in my career. the level of my
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rivals and the course we are racing on this year makes it a more open race. it is going to be a big challenge for me. to win a fourth tour de france title would be incredible. it would be unreal. good news today for cricket fans, live matches will be returning to bbc television for the first time in 21 years, after a new free to air, digital and radio rights deal was done with the ecb between 2020 to 202k. it includes tv highlights of all of england men's home internationals. the ecb‘s chief executive, tom harrison, believes it will help the sport to attract more youngsters. it isa it is a great deal further game, it is a great dealfurther game, a game changing deal for cricket it is a great dealfurther game, a game changing dealfor cricket in this country. the key elephants we have brought to there this is
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increased reach in revenue and the transformation in the support and promotion of the game in the future. a real focus on promotion of the game in the future. a realfocus on participation promotion of the game in the future. a real focus on participation and a desire for us to gather to get as many people playing cricket as we can. it is exciting for the game. castleford tigers continue to dominate rugby league's super league — they beat hull fc to go eight points clear at the top of the table. the west yorkshire side scored three first half tries, including this from zak hardaker, to lead by 20 points to four at the break. but hull fc fought back in the second half, ensuring a tense end to the match, but couldn't quite close the gap, 2a—22 to castleford the final score. jjones has missed out on a gold medal at the world tae kwon do championships. she took bronze in the under 57 kilos category. she has never been world champion and she was beaten by a korean in the semifinal. two other competitors
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also picked up bronze medals to make ita also picked up bronze medals to make it a wreck tally from great britain, butjones or it a wreck tally from great britain, but jones or have it a wreck tally from great britain, butjones or have to wait for the next world championships in manchester. it was my fault, i did not fight as well as i normally fight. ijust need to go away from here and train ha rd need to go away from here and train hard and get better. that's all from sportsday. more sport coming up later. we are usually late but tonight we
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are six minutes early. sorry about that. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are david wooding, political editor of the sun on sunday, and katie martin from the financial times. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. we start with the daily mail, which looks at the rising staff costs at the foreign aid department which have gone up sharply over the past seven years. the i features a picture of a still smouldering grenfell tower with the warning that the insulation used in tower blocks may be as flammable as the cladding. the express leads with the claim that brussels still wants to exert control over the uk once the country has left the eu, through european court ofjustice rules. the daily mirror follows up on it's campaign yesterday to change the telegraph is leading with the concerns expressed by senior city figures that the government is focussing too much on trade talks and is failing to prioritise the financial services industry, one of the largest contributors to the country's economy. the guardian leads on the council head who has stepped down. the sun has a large picture of tennis world number one andy murray urging readers to rub the picture and assist him in recovering from a hip injury,
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ahead of the wimbledon tournament which starts on monday. he has got a bad hip. he did not look good. we can start with the price. —— we can start with the i. the threat in high—rises is being ignored by the government. the threat in high—rises is being ignored by the governmentm the threat in high—rises is being ignored by the government. it is not just the cladding, it is what is inside the cladding, the insulation. from what i understand every single tower block's cladding that has been tested has failed. there is clearly a serious problem on our hands here. every single one is taking it to quite some level. there is a failure somewhere in the building industry but also a problem within the council. many papers are running on the fact that the head of kensington
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council has quit and so has his deputy. there is a lot of criticism about how the council dealt with the fire and housing the residents whose lives have been disrupted. we are spoken to residents tonight who are concerned that this is a sop. they have stepped down from the leadership positions but they have not left those councillors, there will not be an election triggered to replace them. where does this leave the leadership? the state of the cabinet? they may have had something to do with it. this brings the total numberof to do with it. this brings the total number of people who have gone to four. the leader and the deputy leader also the chief executive of the council and the head of the organisation that ran the tower block. the very least they can do is to go. they need to fall on their swords but why has it taken them so
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long, it has been two weeks. from what nick pagett—brown was saying, once last night's meeting became another political story, the fact he was intending for it to be a private meeting and journalists got a court order to be allowed to attend to make it a public meeting, he felt suddenly there was another issue that was taking over rather than the problems itself that needed to be resolved. if it had not been this meeting that had broken the camel's back it would've been something else soon. the meeting went very badly. a number ofjohn ellis had permission to be in the room. you can find the footage online. there were questions about whether journalists were there and it was very scrappy and promptly called to an end. the council did not look in control. not only have we had this massive tragedy but the
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handling offer it afterwards by the government and the local council, the way the whole thing has been handled in the aftermath has been a shambles and it has put more agony on the per families. theresa may is under pressure. the mayor of london says that should be independent counsel was brought in to run the council and jeremy corbyn questioning the scope of the inquiry. there have been moments when people have gone over the top. john macdonald the shadow chancellor called a murderer, which is unwise. there is a bit of political posturing on this. people died because of problems with planning, sifting rules, fitting in contracts, whatever it was. a lot has gone wrong. we need to look after these
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families and get them rehoused and then we need to make the other tower blocks safe. we hear their is too much red tape, but it seems there is a lattice where there are gaps that these things can fall through. buildings can be built or renovated and they are not safe. regulation and they are not safe. regulation and red tape has a bad reputation, but this is the kind of situation that could have been prevented if the materials had been fit for purpose and the building had been fit for purpose. it is the same in financial services, there is a lot of red tape out there but they are trying to stop people from losing all their money. can we look at the financial times for some stories. household savings rate at 50 year low. that is quite shocking when you think that if interest rates go up
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people might have to rely on the money they have saved to bridge the gap, but will be dear to put interest rates up to control inflation if it will put an extra squeeze on households? interesting figures from the office for national statistics. i.7% figures from the office for national statistics. 1.7% of income is left unspent and has full budgets according to numbers that came out for the first quarter. the average for the first quarter. the average for the first quarter. the average for the last 50 years is more than that. it might be happening for a number of reasons and you cannot draw a straight line between living standards and saving rates, but this is like the situation will is to pay -- it is is like the situation will is to pay —— it isa is like the situation will is to pay —— it is a situation where limits to pay is making people very close.


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