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so we are urging anyone with that information to come forward and to do so as quickly as they can. mr speaker, the immediate response to the grenfell disaster is being coordinated by the grenfell response team led led by john barrowdale. he is being supported by colleagues from local councils, the wider government support sector, the voluntary sector, police, health and fire services as well as central government. their expertise and hard work is making a huge difference. but this is only a temporary measure. it is also vital that we put in place long—term support for the longer term recovery. it was right that the leader of the royal borough of kensington and chelsea took the decision to move on. i look forward to working with the new leader of the council, and i will look at every option to ensure that everyone affected by this tragedy has the long—term support they need. well we can now to speak to chris williamson, who's the shadow minster for fire services. he joins us live from our westminster studio. good evening. one assumes that you
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welcome as well the resignation of nicholas paget—brown?” welcome as well the resignation of nicholas paget-brown? i think you should have gone earlier to be honest with you. the response from the authority was wonderful. i don't think it is quite good enough simply to replace the leader with another local councillor. and sadiq khan has called for the government to take more firm action and put in place commissioners to actually get the proper organisation to provide a proper organisation to provide a proper recovery service and proper support for the people who have been affected by the support and tragedy. the government has made it clear that for now, it has no plans to do that? is not acceptable. the government has been woeful in a number of different respects. the way the government is talking about
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providing temporary accommodation, what they should be saying and doing is providing permanent accommodation for people affected. it's no good to say that they are going to provide temporary accommodation and i hear reports that they are planning to provide some interim accommodation forup toa provide some interim accommodation for up to a year, in some of the very nice accommodation in the vicinity. but after that period of time, there will be no guarantee that people will be able to stay or if they want to, they will have to pay the market rent for the properties in question. that is simply unacceptable given what has happened. are you aware of the report in the week and's newspapers concerning the london fire brigade, that said it was so alarmed about a lack of failure on the part of councils and counsel gerrie messer councillors to take responsibility for the risk posed by high—rises, two years ago, that it issued
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specialist guidance on the question local councils needed towards contractors and planning organisations? the problem we have dates back well beyond two years, it's several decades now. what has happened is as a result of an obsession with market economic and looking at public services as an opportunity to make profits, we have seen local authorities cutting corners, public services and externalising, we've seen the tragic consequences here at grenfell of a this approach to housing. i hope this approach to housing. i hope this will be a wake—up call and when we hear ministers talk about learning lessons, they desperately need to learn the lesson that the neoliberal ideology they have been pursuing for so many years is a busted flush. it doesn't work. we need to see public services being about providing public services, not
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generating private profit. are you confident in the enquiry and this will touch on these areas, the contracting out of services? what we know is that is not going to look at that. i know that the victims, the survivors of this tragedy are calling for a wider enquiry. they have even called for the share to be replaced by someone who is more in keeping, someone they have more confidence in. sir martin moore beck has a record that is not one that engenders confidence. for example, there was a case of a single parent with five young children who are challenging the decision of westminster council to be housed her in milton keynes dons he upheld
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westminster‘s ruling. that doesn't kill people years. —— still people with confidence. this community has been ignored. it is time to act and the wishes and views of the people affected in this situation. thanks for joining affected in this situation. thanks forjoining us. a long—awaited report into historical child abuse injersey has delivered a damning verdict on the island's care system. the independent inquiry found there had been failures at all levels for decades and concluded that the states of jersey "proved to be an ineffectual and neglectful substitute pa rent". chief minister senator ian gorst responded to the report by apologising to everyone affected by the scandal. i'm sorry. to all those who suffered abuse in our island over the years. we are here today because children have been abused. because our
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island' institutions fail children and their families. we failed children who needed our care. who needed to be protected and listen to. too often, children were not believed. unpalatable truths were swept under the carpet. because it was the easiest thing to do. i am deeply sorry. we did not do what we should have done. people cared more for the status quo, for a quiet life, than for children. those institutional failings do not excuse those individual. who abused and hurt children or colluded in their pain. andi hurt children or colluded in their pain. and i will not defend them.
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this enquiry has heard from hundreds of people. i'd like to thank those who spoke of their own difficult childhood experiences. i know that it was hard for them to do so. the telling of their stories will help others to understand how they suffered. it will help us to acknowledge what happened in our community. i am speaking today from the jersey archive, which will community. i am speaking today from thejersey archive, which will house thejersey archive, which will house the enquiry records. the archive is the enquiry records. the archive is the repository of our island's collective memory. it tells the story of who we are. and where we have come from. our failings, story of who we are. and where we have come from. ourfailings, and the hurt suffered, are part of that
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story. what people have told the enquiry and what people have done cannot be forgotten. we heard this afternoon from the chair of the enquiry, frances oldham. who says that for many children, our institutions proved to be ineffectual and neglectful. the enquiry highlights ten fundamental failings in jersey's enquiry highlights ten fundamental failings injersey‘s care system. including, most importantly, the failure to listen to children. i am shocked, i am saddened and i am sorry. this report rams home some cold, hard, brutaltruths. over decades, too many children failed by too many people. and it highlights
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the so—called jersey way. and yes, the so—called jersey way. and yes, the report warns that some children in ourcare may the report warns that some children in our care may still be at risk. i will not rest until we have done all that we can do to change that. i accept that we can do to change that. i a cce pt every that we can do to change that. i accept every recommendation and pledge to build a new culture. one which puts children first every time. where one child failed, is one too many. one which is open to all ideas and expertise. where ever they come from. while she enquiry has been working, we have not stop. we have made additional resources
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available, embarked on a major programme of service improvement, and enhanced our ability to work together across different services. but we know that we still need to do much more. we need to do better and we will. people have been let down. and i am sorry for that. children should never have been abused. they should never have been abused. they should not have been failed. but they were. now, my priority is to ta ke they were. now, my priority is to take action, to help ensure that no child suffers such abuse in the future. the political parties in northern ireland have been given more time to reach a deal on the restoration of devolved government at stormont.
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the most recent deadline for an agreement passed last thursday with the dup and sinn fein still at loggerheads , largely over the issue of the irish language. speaking in the commons, the northern ireland secretary, james brokenshire, declined to set a new time—limit on talks, but insisted that the current situation could not continue for much longer. the executive collapsed injanuary amid criticism of the dup‘s role in a botched green energy scheme. earlier, the leader of the dup, arlene foster, told journalists where she thought the stumbling blocks were. obviously, when sinn fein decided to collapse the executive back injanuary this year, they had little thought for the health waiting lists, the educational budgets, and indeed the community services that rely so much on the money coming from stormont. we, of course, wanted to get this executive back up and running as quickly as possible to deal with all of those issues. we had no red lines, we made that very clear to the electorate.
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however, sinn fein have a shopping list, a shopping list which seems to get longer every time we meet with them. that is very disappointing for all of the people of northern ireland who make it very clear to us that they want to see devolution back up and running again. the sinn fein leader michelle o'neill insisted the deadlock of stormont was not the foot of her party. here we are at the end of yet another exasperating day at the talks. what we have is dup's failure to implement rights for its citizens. a writes for... what's wrong with a couple who want to be married regardless of situation wrong with families wanting to access legacies? and what's wrong
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with people wanting to speak to irish kids with legislation. those at the core of why executive is not up at the core of why executive is not up and running. an hour of news coming up. time for the weather. sunshine is reluctant to come through for many of us today that there was a slow brightening play set into the afternoon, rain and the way for some of us but tomorrow, initially for northern ireland then into scotland and northern england. cloud increasing fort north wales and west england. dampen damp and drizzly for some. low single figures for scotland. one or two showers to come on tuesday. cloud and a picture frame in scotland, southward, but near the leg northern ireland view sunspot in the 20s in south east
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england but quite a cool day if you've got this rain. looking further ahead, wednesday and thursday have warmth in the north but the chance of thundery downpours on thursday. this is bbc news. the headlines at eight... a long—awaited report into child abuse injersey reveals decades of abuse of children as it warns some may still be at risk in the island's care system. for many children who were removed from home situations deemed harmful or unsatisfactory, the states ofjersey proved to be an ineffectual and neglectful substitute parent. iam i am deeply sorry. we did not do what we should have done. people cared more for the status quo, for a quiet life, than for children.
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a teenage girl has admitted killing seven—year—old katie rough injanuary.


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