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tv   Newsday  BBC News  July 5, 2017 12:00am-12:31am BST

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this is newsday on the bbc. i'm rico hizon in singapore, our top stories. the threat to security in america. the threat to security in america. the us secretary of state rex tillerson confirms the weapon fired by north korea is an intercontinental ballistic missile. the first ever visit to israel by an indian prime minister. the render modi wants to expand the relationship between the two countries. a babita sharma in london. call to ban motorbikes in the capital of vietnam's. translation: are right and motorbike to work every day to earn money. it will affect me a lot and i will lose myjob as a motorbike taxi driver. tobacco farms come under threat. live from our
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studios in singapore and london. this is bbc world news. it is newsday. 7am here in singapore, midnight in london and seven pm in washington, dc where the us secretary of state rex tillerson has confirmed that the weapon fired by north korea on tuesday was an intercontinental ballistic missile. that means pyongyang may now be able to target the us state of lax —— alaska. washington has called for a un security council meeting on the issue. this is the moment that north korea says it came a major power, the launch of a missile which it says can reach across continents and deliver a weapon as far away as the united states. the news was announced on state television with barely
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constrained joy. the presenter showing the handwritten order given by the country's leader, kim jong—un. he personally supervised the launch of a missile which he believes will secure him in power, protect his people and dismay his opponents to the south. translation: if north korea ignores our military‘s warning and continues provocations, we clearly warn that kim jong—un‘s regime will face destruction. this is the missile that could carry the regime's nuclear weapon. described as a hwansong 14, it was launched from an airfield here in the west of the country. it was sent up at a very deep angle and it rose, it is claimed, to about 1700 miles, thought to be the highest any north korean missile has got to. it then landed 37 minutes later, more than 500 miles away, somewhere in the sea close to japan.
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the key point is that if this missile were fired at a shallower angle, it might now have the power to reach, potentially, more than 3&00 miles, the minimum defined range for an intercontinental ballistic missile. if so, that could mean reaching as far as alaska on the mainland of the united states. they're so keen on developing more advanced missile capabilities. although right now, the region is targetable, it is about ensuring that they have that level of respect internationally as well, to say, we have this capability, stand up and listen to us. experts say it is still not clear if north korea has the technology needed to protect a warhead on re—entry and guide it to its target. but the possibility of north korean missiles reaching the us is a significant step forward, that president trump said
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earlier this year just wouldn't happen. in a tweet, he again urged china to put pressure on north korea to end this nonsense, once and for all, a message echoed by allies. the government will be escalating this at the 620 and the un in the course of the next few days. but the real pressure has got to come from china. but so far, china has been reluctant or unable to turn the screw on north korea. president xi was in russia today. both he and president putin called for a freeze on north korea's nuclear weapons programme, but also the suspension of us and south korean military exercises. but this supreme leader is enjoying his growing nuclear capability and shows little sign of listening to anyone. the balance of power is shifting in the region, and the outside world seems powerless to stop it. we'll have more on what the launch means and the changing threat
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from north korea injust a few minutes time. our other top story — narendra modi has become the first prime minister of india to visit israel, describing his three—day trip to the country as "ground—breaking". it's expected to lead to new military and cyber security deals. rahuljoglekar has more. wonderful to see you here. friendship at first sight. the two prime ministers meet each other in tel aviv like they have known each other forever. we love india. we admire your culture, we admire your history, your democracy, your commitment. mr modi was quick to
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point out how significant this was. it is an honour to be the first—ever prime of india to undertake this groundbreaking visit to israel. israeli featured in this video speaking hindi to welcome mr modi. but what has taken india so long to visit israel? some say it is india's closeness to countries like iran and support of the palestinian cause. mr modi has always said he wanted to go to israel but first he went to all the arab states and iran before he has come to israel. india is the world's second largest muslim country world's second largest muslim cou ntry yet world's second largest muslim country yet some dismissed the impact of that on ties between the two countries. in that sense, i
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think india is lucky. we don't look at foreign policy in terms of religious or ethnic views. so what is driving the india— israel partnership? india is now one of ink —— israel's biggest arms market and there are discussions at the corporation in agriculture as well. unusually, benjamin neta nyahu corporation in agriculture as well. unusually, benjamin netanyahu will accompany mr modi to all of his engagements. there is clearly a lot of catching up to do. also making news today: the vietnamese city of hanoi is considering banning all motorbikes by 2030. it's a big job with five million motorbikes in the city. the city council is hoping to clear congestion and reduce levels of pollution. however the plans are dividing opinion in the city... i ride a motorbike every day to own money. if the authorities ban motorbikes, it will asset me a lot. i will lose myjob as a motorbike
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taxi driver. translation: knee and other resident in the capital want the environment of hanoi to be green and click —— green and clean and civilised so that people living and working here have a high quality of life. spanish coastguards believe around fifty migrants have drowned in the western mediterranean. three men from sub—saharan africa were rescued from a sinking rubber dinghy, which they said had more than fifty people onboard when it left morocco. the founder of a californian venture capitalist firm, five—hundred sta rtu ps, has resigned following sexual harassment claims by several women. announcing his move in a tweet, dave mcclure said "i'm a creep, i'm silicon valley has been rocked by sexism scandals in recent months. a major motorway in chaos here — this is the ai highway in austria near the city of linz where a sleepy driver crashed a truck that was carrying thousands of chickens. seven and a half thousand chickens escaped and it took 120 firefighters to help rescue the chickens that survived the crash. -- 7,500.
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let's get more now on our top story — the us confirmation that north korea did test an intercontinental missile. thank you so much forjoining us. 0ld statements from secretary tillotson, calling for global action against north korea. what more can be americans do? —— rex tillerson. think we have seen in the past that you can ramp up sanctions and things like that and if you can increase pressure. north korea sees this as a
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vital interest. what about more pressure from china and the russians? they have called on kim jong—un to give up his nuclear programme. using that will be enough? i don't think it will be enough. china has been fairly clear about the fact that ultimately, it sees this as an issue between the united states and north korea. and because of that, fundamentally, it has to be resolved between those kind —— between those two countries. china is willing to play a role in getting people together and facilitating that but it is not something china can do for the us. the us has to be involved. you are a missile scientist. talk us through this missile that was launched by pyongyang. can it really target the
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us state of alaska? well, i think it can. what we saw north korea do yesterday was what they have done recently in a number of tests which is to fire a missile essentially straight up. it then fell down into the sea of japan and the reason for doing that is they didn't want to overflight japan. even the doing that is they didn't want to overflightjapan. even the height it went, how far would go if you shot it at went, how far would go if you shot itata went, how far would go if you shot it at a flat trajectory? if you do that calculation, you find it can in fa ct that calculation, you find it can in fact hit all of alaska. it seems like, mr wright, fact hit all of alaska. it seems like, mrwright, a step —— fact hit all of alaska. it seems like, mr wright, a step —— and huge step in the technology. how are they getting there so fast? from a tech eckel pointed view, it is a logical next step. they added a second stage onto a modified missile they had before so from a technical point of view, is not groundbreaking. from the point of view of the symbolic
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nature of it being an icbm being able to reach alaska, it certainly is. we have seen a lot of tests over the last few years and not only a number of tests but a number of different missiles. my guess is that kim jong—un have started several yea rs kim jong—un have started several years ago to develop a number of different systems and that those are starting to come to fruition and we are seeing them tested at a much more rapid pace than we did before. david wright, the us missile scientist joining david wright, the us missile scientistjoining us from boston. thank you for your views on this issue. thank you. just like in many countries, there's a growing move to cut or curtail tobacco production in india backed by the world health organization. taxes on tobacco are increased every year and there are major warnings notjust on tobacco packets but also on television. india is the world's second largest tobacco growing country. but as sanjoy majumder reports, the move is being opposed by those who grow tobacco. it isa
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it is a crop that once made their fortu nes it is a crop that once made their fortunes but india's tobacco farmers are now staring at the potential ruin. as buyers inspect their stock ata ruin. as buyers inspect their stock at a local auction, there is a distinct air of tension. india is one of the world's biggest tobacco producers that is under pressure to cut back. it is the effect of the global antitobacco campaign led by the world health organization and which is being supported in india by the government. this part of southern india is with —— where most of india's tobacco is grown. it is also the part of the country which is really dry. it doesn't get much rainfall and the soil is very, very arid. but the tobacco plant thrives in these conditions and that's why it's grown in such abundance. because for the farmer, the returns are because for the farmer, the returns a re really because for the farmer, the returns are really good. so the farmers see
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any move to reduce production as disastrous for them. translation: unless the government compensates us all come —— comes up with an alternative, it will be difficult for us and we will be forced to migrate. but there is little support for the farmers. every year, little support for the farmers. every yea r, nearly little support for the farmers. every year, nearly i little support for the farmers. every year, nearlyi million indians die of tobacco related illness. something that has been highlighted through a very visible campaign. smoking can cost you your health. so the government has raised taxes and introduced a cap on production. tobacco is your gateway drug. it is the first drug that any child users orany the first drug that any child users or any young person uses. if you stop production and stop export of tobacco, the whole world will thank us tobacco, the whole world will thank us for it. the farmers are being asked to switch to other crops but the returns are poor. now, they are fighting back. unless we are assured
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a good market for other crops. not that there are too many options, just one or two options, it has to bea just one or two options, it has to be a stable situation for the farmers to be confident enough to ship to other crops —— shift. tobacco farms are the livelihoods of 45 million indians. for them, tobacco farms are the livelihoods of 45 million indians. forthem, it tobacco farms are the livelihoods of 45 million indians. for them, it is a question of their survival. this is newsday on the bbc. still to come: at china's resident arrives in germany, we will look at how much influence xijinping has in europe. and to mark america's independence day, we need all america's residence in one small corner of virginia. -- we meet. china marked its first day of rule in hong kong with a series of spectacular celebrations.
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a huge firework display was held in the former colony. the chinese president, jiang zemin, said unification was the start of a new era for hong kong. the world's first clone has been produced of an adult mammal. scientists in scotland have produced a sheep called dolly that was cloned in a laboratory using a cell of another sheep. for the first time in 20 years, russian and american spacecraft have docked in orbit at the start of a new era of cooperation in space. challenger powered past the bishop rock lighthouse at almost 50 knots, shattering a record that had stood for 34 years. and there was no hiding the sheer elation of richard branson and his crew. this is newsday on the bbc.
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i'm rico hizon, in singapore. i'm babita sharma, in london. rex tillerson has confirmed that north korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time, representing what he called a representation of the security threat to the us and its partners. 0n the first visit to israel by an indian prime minister, narendra modi says he wants to transform the two country's economic and security ties. and violence like in the film a clockwork orange. more on that on bbc .com. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. the china daily leads with a picture of president xi jinping shaking hands with russia's president putin
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on his visit to moscow. the papers says president xi described their relationship as unsha keable, saying, "no matter how the outside environment changes china amd russia's relationship will not be affected". the arab news looks at the increasing diplomatic crisis between saudi arabia and qatar. the gulf countries are meeting in egypt on wednesday to decide whether to continue sanctions they imposed on qatar. and finally the strait times looks at the allegations of his misuse of authority against singapore's prime minister pm lee hsien loong is in an ongoing battle with his siblings over theirfamily home. that's the way the papers are looking. you've got something that's
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pretty shocking if you are into one of the most famous cycle races in the world? quite some pictures. that's right. some upset and angry and some disqualified riders. we are of course talking about the tour de france. peter sagan has been disqualified after knocking mark cavendish into barriers, injuring his shoulder. and in the last half—hour there is big disappointment as mark cavendish has pulled out of the tour de france. we just pulled out of the tour de france. wejust spoke pulled out of the tour de france. we just spoke about china's president xijinping. he has now arrived in berlin on a three—day state visit ahead of the summit on friday. he's got a packed itinerary and one of the first things he'll do on wednesday is hand over two pandas from china to germany. it's all part of a whirlwind foreign tourfor president xi. on tuesday, he met with president putin in moscow and the pair condemned the latest
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north korean missile launch. earlier, i spoke to kyle wilson a former diplomat and analyst from australia, who has been following sino—russian relations for decades. i asked him if there will there be a unified response in the security council towards north korea. well, of course the irony here is that the north korean tavern ability to come and everyone's attention. they have reigned on the fourthjuly in the us and they have reigned on the 620 in the us and they have reigned on the g20 and have essentially hijacked president putin and xi jinping's meeting in moscow. this was xi's sixth visit to moscow and you can imagine it would have been a cause for celebration. russian and chinese successes in the past year against the us. and suddenly both countries find themselves on the back foot and forced to respond in some way that looks statesmanlike and responsible to the antics of
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their natural ally, the north korean. so the very difficult situation for both putin and xi jinping. do you think their views are reliant on this matter? they probably are aligned. they have had to seem statesmanlike. they have come out with a joint statement. putin has shown a talent for creating advantages out of setbacks. he always seems to do this. in this case the joint statement essentially puts the us or tries to put the us as it were in the dock by saying that north korea is on the problem, the us is the problem and really between the lines of the statement is the message that the us has no place on the korean peninsula and just as the us should leave europe, where it has no place, that would be putin's reference, so it should get out off... it should remove itself
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from the korean peninsula. —— preference. there is an implication in the statement that russia and china would jointly offer south korea some kind of security guarantees if the south koreans were to distance themselves from the us. so you can imagine putin and xi sitting down in moscow with their advisers, finding a line to serve their interests and the way to do thatis their interests and the way to do that is to focus on the us, to say in fact that north korea is not the problem, the united states is the problem. that was a former diplomat and analysts speaking earlier to babita. tuesday marked independence day in the united states, an occasion to reflect on the history of the country. and in a field in southern virginia, 43 of the america's former presidents are gathered in a unique setting. they are giant statues, once part of a local theme park. but that venture failed and the developer who was tasked with destroying them took them home instead.
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here's his story. it's a passion of mine and i feel strongly about saving them and i guess it's myjob now. i'm the keeper of the statues. we've got 43 presidents here, ranging from our first president george washington to our a3rd, george bush. we will make an 0bama the same size, and a trump. they are probably 16 by 18 feet. they are probably 16 by 18 feet. they weigh anywhere from 1a to 20,000 pounds, roughly. there was a park built about ten, 12 years ago where the statues were the main attraction and the parkfield. as the
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crushing the statues or getting rid of them, i held them off at my own expense. we cushioned their heads and unfortunately clinton took a big smack in the back of the head. history tells you something about that story. they seem to change. 0ver that story. they seem to change. over the three or four years they've been sitting here the weather, a little models gets on them and eve ryo ne little models gets on them and everyone goes back to george. —— mould. it looks like he's crying. they are strong, they fight the weather. we need to go back to the beginning and before there was a president what this country for four, to have freedom. say what you want, do what you want, almost, within the laws. know why you vote, have a cause. that's my cause, i'm going to spread it. after we moved, and we are considering bronzing them
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which will make them last about 400 yea rs which will make them last about 400 years without a pair. with being concrete, they probably need touching up and attention on a yearly basis. there's a lot of maintenance, but they will be there. as long as i live, anyway. indeed, some of these presidents need a touchup. you've been watching newsday on the bbc. stay with us. we will be reporting on the anniversary of spam. the fin meat, one of america's most iconic food products. we will be back with the headlines next. —— thin meat. the rain came pretty much non—stop
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across northern england and southern scotla nd across northern england and southern scotland yesterday. the wettest place in cumbria getting over 40 millimetres of rain. you can see how the rain band has been tracking into the rain band has been tracking into the north sea. the rain was all courtesy of this weather front. it will still be with us today in northern england, where it will stay cloudy. to the south, low pressure in the bay of biscay. the winds will increasingly fall light, but will begin to back and bring warm air forum the near continent. it will become hot and humid in southern england, where temperatures could hit 30. in the north of scotland at decent start of the day. most of the day will be dry with plenty of sunshine. in southern scotland, northern ireland and northern england it will be a cloudy start and the beast of the pennines the cloud will be thick enough for occasional spots of patchy light rain and drizzle. it could be misty over the hills. further south, that's where we have lighter winds and increasingly broken cloud. we should have some sunshine from the
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word go for many areas southern wales a southern counties of england, most of the midlands and east anglia. temperatures come up quickly. the rest of the day the winds for light in southern counties are allowing temperatures to surge. the cloud across northern england is with us for much of the day, raking in northern ireland. rights built here. it will try to brighten up in north—east england. the rain petering out. probably not a lot of sunshine. we are cloudy temperatures staying into the teens, but look at these temperatures further south. 28 in london. there could be some areas in southern england that hit the 30 degrees mark. through thursday the only real change is this little low d rifts only real change is this little low drifts up from the bay of biscay and with that comes instability. we start to get thunderstorms breaking out across england and wales and some of those could be torrential. they will be hit and miss in nature. any areas. the downpours. it will stay hot and humid and that hot and humid airwill stay hot and humid and that hot and humid air will push further northwards. we could see highs of 30
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degrees further south. 0n northwards. we could see highs of 30 degrees further south. on friday probably the weather becoming drier. again the warm air continues to move northwards. temperatures in newcastle picking up to 21. into the teens the scotland and northern ireland. a rain band picking up as we head through the afternoon. the rain is tied in with a low pressure. but the weekend it will push rain further southward and eastwards across much of the country, introducing cooler air. 0ver across much of the country, introducing cooler air. over time we get the sunday heat wave is over and temperatures back down the average in london. this is bbc world news. our top story. the us secretary of state has called north korea's missile test an new escalation of the threat. us defence officials are now reportedly acknowledging that north korea's latest missile test was an intercontinental ballistic missile. following the request from rex tillerson, a un security council
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meeting was said to be ordered to ta ke meeting was said to be ordered to take place on wednesday. 0n the first ever visit to israel by an indian prime minister, narendra modi says they want to transform their economic ties and build what he called a robust security partnership. and this video is trending. italian police say four teenagers accused of violence in the line say it is looking like clockwork 0range. —— milan. that is it for me from
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