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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  July 12, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello. this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: history in the making, johanna konta becomes the first british woman into the semi—finals of wimbledon in almost a0 years. like a fine wine, 37—year—old serena williams becomes the oldest player to reach the last four at the all england club since 1994. a tale of two cities. paris and los angeles set to be awarded the 2024 and 2028 olympic games. all of those stories still to come but we start our show with the sad news that united arab emirates para athlete abdullah hayayei has died following a training ground incident on tuesday evening in london. the 36—year—old thrower in the f34 class was preparing for the world para athletics
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championships which open on friday in the english capital. our paralympic sports reporter, nick hope, has more details. emergency services were called shortly after 5pm local time for a seriously injured man. ambulances we re seriously injured man. ambulances were all in attendance. 20 minutes later, 20 past five, the athlete was pronounced dead at the scene. it was released in a statement after 11pm after his family was informed. an investigation is under way. further details will be revealed. at the moment, it will be wednesday when a joint arrests conference is held. —— press c0 nfe re nce . sir philip craven, president of the international paralympic committee, has released a statement which says this. "we are all truly devastated by this tragic news
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and the passing of abdullah. the thoughts, prayers and condolences of the whole paralympic movement are with abdullah‘s family, friends and teammates as well as the whole of the national paralympic committee of the uae. we are all in state of shock at this terrible tragedy." now, it might have taken almost a0 years, butjohanna konta has become the first british women into a semi final at wimbledon since 1978. she fought back from a set down to beat second seed simona halep, and as a reward will take on five time winner, venus williams in the last four. williams at 37, is the oldest player in the semis at the all england club since martina navratilova “119911. austin halewood rounds up the days action. it was a day the centre court crowd had been waiting for. 0n centre court, a british woman in a wimbledon quarter—final. never mind the rest of her career, johanna konta's progress here had
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taken her life to a different level. simona halep took the upper hand in the first set. another tie—break. both players had their chances. decided by the smallest of margins. it was johanna konta who fought back to ta ke it was johanna konta who fought back to take the second. a decider. johanna konta once again to control. the first women's semifinalist in 39 yea rs the first women's semifinalist in 39 years for britain. i definitely felt very clear on what i was trying to achieve out there, regardless whether it was going my way or not. i really stuck to myself and tried to create as many opportunities as possible. i knew going into the match against simona halep that she was not going to give me much for free. i definitely had to be the one out there to create my own chances.
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i felt i out there to create my own chances. ifelt i did out there to create my own chances. i felt i did that. out there to create my own chances. ifelt i did that. i out there to create my own chances. i felt i did that. i took a few of them. this year's french open champion, 20 years old, the youngest woman left in the draw. in her way, the oldest, venus williams. 37. it was the experience of venus williams on the big stage that shone through in the first set. her opponent came backin in the first set. her opponent came back in the second, but her fairy tale story came to an end at the hands of the champion. the elite of women's tennis. this woman won the french open title last year. 0nly 110w french open title last year. 0nly now was she finding the title winning form again. she took the opening set from her opponent. the second was not far behind. becoming good at just the second was not far behind. becoming good atjust the right time. and finally, after moving to centre court because of rain, world number
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87, the last woman to the final four. the first in history to do so from slovakia. i played the semi—final in nottingham. there would be players. i could not expect i would play like this. i beat her 6-3, 6-3. that is i would play like this. i beat her 6—3, 6—3. that is amazing for me. evenif 6—3, 6—3. that is amazing for me. even if they change the score, here iam. even if they change the score, here i am. wimbledon can often throw up some surprises. few ticketholders would have thought to see novak djokovic first up on the women's semifinals day. his first match carried on from monday. he saw off adrian in straight sets. thomas burke waits in the quarters on wednesday. —— tomas berdych.
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the international olympic committee will award the 2024 and 2028 summer games at their meeting in september, meaning those games will be staged in paris and los angeles. they're the only candidate cities for 2024 and it's hoped one will offer to take the 2028 0lympics ahead of a vote, or if they're unsuccessful in their bid for the earlier games. alex capstick has more details. resounding support for the proposal after thomas bach described the jewel award as a golden opportunity. cities around the world were turning their backs on the games due to high cost. hamburg and rome and budapest pulled out of it. two strong candidates with relatively inexpensive plans. the ioc was presented with a period of stability, a chance for calm. both cities have given the idea their blessing. although they began preparations for 2024, another will
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accept for 2028. much will need to be discussed, but if things stay as they are, they will be the hosts of they are, they will be the hosts of the next big games. former all—rounder, ravi shastri, has been appointed india cricket coach till the 2019 world cup. the 55—year—old takes over from anil kumble, who stepped down as coach last month after falling out with captain virat kohli, despite enjoying a successful run during his year in charge. shastri edged out five high—profile candidates including batting great virender sehwag, australia's tom moody, englishman richard pybus and former india manager lalchand rajput, who were interviewed in mumbai on monday. germany's marcel kittel is fast becoming the headline maker at the tour de france. defending champion chris froome might be in the leader's yellow jersey, but victory in the 10th stage was kittel‘s fourth of this year's tour. froome was kept safe from his general classification rivals by his team sky colleagues who led the peloton towards bergerac. however, no—one could match kittel forfinishing power as he held off compatriotjohn degenkolb and dutchman dylan groenewegen for his 13th stage win of all time, and that's a german record.
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some football news for you now and as we mentioned earlier on tuesday, james rodriguez, the top scorer at the 2014 world cup has moved from real madrid to bayern munich on a two—year loan deal. the columbia midfielder made 111 competitive appearances for real, scoring 36 goals and providing 41 assists but was a periperal figure for los blancos last season. quick tour of news in the english premier league michael carrick has been named manchester united's club captain. the 35—year—old is the club's longest—serving player, having joined in 2006, and he replaces wayne rooney in the role after his move to everton. talking of moves, jack cork has swapped swansea for burnley. the midfielder who was the swans vice—captain last season signing for a fee that could rise to about $13 million with add—ons. steve madanda has rejoined former club marseille from crystal palace on a three—year—deal for an undisclosed fee.
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the 32—year—old france goalkeeper made just league nine appearances for the eagles. almost all the time we've got left for now, reminder of our top story. johanna konta has become the first british woman into the semi—finals of wimbledon in almost 40 years after she beat second seed simona halep. so let's take a quick look at the draw for thursday's women's semi—final. 2015 runner up garbine muguruza will take on this years wimbledon fairy tale story in the shape of world number 87 magdalena rybarikova. the slovakian was outside of the top 400 in the world as recently as march after knee and wrist injuries. while 37—year—old venus williams will fight the partisan crowd against britain's johanna konta. you can get all the latest sports news at our website.
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that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. see you later. good morning. yesterday was one of those days for the southern half of the uk. yes, the covers were on the court at wimbledon. the rain was heavy at times and the umbrellas were out. it wasn't just across the south—east of england where we saw rain. further west in the south of wales it was hammering it down for a time. extensive rain in the southern half of the uk, as you can see from yesterday's radar. the brighter colours
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indicate heavier downpours. that rain is on the move overnight, moving southwards and eastwards. so it is the far south—east that first thing still has some rain to be had. temperatures about 14—15 degrees. a little bit lower than recently and dipping into single figures in northern scotland, so a relatively chilly start here. the rain clearing away pretty quickly. it leaves behind a fair bit of cloud in east anglia, through the m4 corridor and south of that. despite the cloud it is mostly dry. when we break up the cloud we see sunshine through mid—wales, the midlands, up in the northern england. and it should be a dry and bright start with sunshine for much of northern ireland and much of scotland. maybe the odd shower and some mist and cloud in scotland. the cloud we seer in southern counties will slowly move away through the morning and by the afternoon we will see a lot of dry weather and bright weather, good spells of sunshine and patchy cloud here and there. all in all a pleasant afternoon, with light winds out west. pleasant, into the low 20s. always more fresh to the north sea coastal areas, 16—18 degrees. looks like a pretty decent day at wimbledon. it will be dry and bright, with sunshine. temperatures into the low 20s, not particularly windy.
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should be a full day's play. high pressure building in through wednesday. it will stick around into thursday. notice the weak weather front creeping towards the north and west. but ahead of that there's a lot of fine weather. some cloud building and a shower or two dotted around parts of england and wales, but most places will be fine and dry. there will be some thicker cloud into the west of scotland, a bit of a breeze and rain. for the eastern side of scotland, 18 in aberdeen. 20—24 in cardiff and london. then the weak weather front slips south thursday night, into friday. behind it we have this region of high pressure building in. so friday looks decent. it will be dry, bright for most places and not too windy either, so a pretty decent day to end to the week. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: donald trumer defends his meeting with a russian lawyer last year, who was apparently offering to help his father's election campaign. for me this was opposition research
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that had something... may be contrary evidence that everyone is reporting, so i wanted to hear it out. he says he didn't tell his father about the meeting, but democrats say the disclosure is "deeply disturbing". all of the campaign denials of whether we knew this was going on and whether the russians had any involvement, whether the russians wa nted involvement, whether the russians wanted to help this campaign, obviously now have to be viewed in a com pletely obviously now have to be viewed in a completely different context. orphans of war: the desperate plight of the iraqi children trapped by the fight for mosul.
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