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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 17, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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to both poland and germany. three—year—old george and two—year—old charlotte are on the trip, too. from warsaw, our royal correspondent peter hunt reports. at three, he's far too young to know if he's a reluctant royal, but prince george definitely wasn't keen to embrace warsaw without his father's helping hand. one future king did persuade another one to follow in his footsteps. on the tarmac, george struck a nonchalant pose and practised the odd ballet move. a fidgeting toddler with a lifetime under an intense spotlight ahead of him. princess charlotte faces a similarfuture. a reality aged two she can remain blissfully unaware of for now. does anyone speak english? the language divide isn't the only challenge. here, a country that relatively recently embraced the eu is welcoming royals from one on the way out of the institution. it's called the unionjack.
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the nitty—gritty of brexit will not feature here. rather, william and kate are in warsaw to remind people of the depth of past links and the potential for future ones between the uk and poland. warsaw's past on display on a memorial wall to those murdered when, during the second world war, the poles tried and failed to end german occupation. you wore this all the time during the uprising? yes. marjenna schejbal, aged 20, joined the warsaw uprising. now 92, she said they had to fight for independence. we couldn't stand any longer the misbehaving of germany. five years, it was impossible. tonight in warsaw, prince william talked about the two countries‘ close relationship and the fact polish is the second most spoken language in the uk.
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such links, diplomatic, military, cultural, offer much promise and opportunity for the future. he did not utter the word brexit, but it influenced his speech, as it will the time william and kate spend first in poland, then in germany. peter hunt, bbc news, warsaw. news from hull, the humber bridge has been given grade i listed status. it's one of the longest single—span suspension bridges in the world, now listed with nine other local landmarks, in celebration of hull's heritage as city of culture. the other sites include the flat where the poet philip larkin wrote some of his best—known works. he did most of his writing in the front room. and these public toilets, unique in the 1920s because they had mens and women's cubicles. now it is time for the news where
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you are. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, marc edwards. coming up on our show: hannah cockcroft dominates the women's 800 metres t34 with gold at the world para athletics championships in london. england's cricketers are thrashed by 340 runs by south africa at trent bridge. it's their sixth test defeat in eight matches. the tourists level the series at 1—1. and henrik stenson hands back the claretjug as he prepares to defend his open championship title. hello and thanks for joining us on sportsday. there's been yet more golds for great britain at the world para athletics championships in london.
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dominant performances on the track and in the long jump mean britain now has 11 golds in total. andy swiss is at the london stadium taking in another successful day for our para—athletes. andy, plenty to shout about today. there was indeed, plenty to shout about for british fans, not least hannah cockroft as unbeatable as ever, one of the most dominant athletes in british sport with every title and every record at every distance. the 800 metres is not her favourite event that she was too strong for the opposition. she followed her team—mate kare adenegan for the first lap, overtook and then there was no stopping her as she surged away to win another emphatic victory to go with one metres title that she won at the weekend, so
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hannah cockroft in a class of her own and afterwards her dominant emotion was one of relief. to go out in front of a home crowd is amazing, the fight we get to do this again five years down the line brings back so five years down the line brings back so many five years down the line brings back so many memories, five years down the line brings back so many memories, thank you to the supporters who meant we can bring home more bronze medals to team gb andi home more bronze medals to team gb and i hope everyone enjoys what we're doing. hannah cockroft one of the established stars of the british tea m the established stars of the british team but it was also a night for a new start, 20—year—old sophie kamlish, who runs in the same class asjonnie peacock, kamlish, who runs in the same class as jonnie peacock, she kamlish, who runs in the same class asjonnie peacock, she runs in the 100 metres. in the rio last year, agonisingly she finished fourth in the final, having set a world record in the heats. today she set a record again in the heats and this time
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followed by winning in the final in emphatic style. what a victory for sophie hamlisch, just 20 years old, such disappointment in last year. this time it was cold and not surprisingly she was delighted to finally have that major title. i'm not still believing it because the only other international metal i got was a bronze for the 22013 but i'm amazed. i was like the girl virgin ofjonnie peacock but not as good. —— virgin. ofjonnie peacock but not as good. -- virgin. two goals for britain in the evening session but there was also won gold in the morning session from 0livia breen in the long jump. she competed at the rear paralympics last year where she finished 12th,
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she since then had a rethink she has changed her training base to loughborough with astonishing result because today she set a personal best in the final, 4.81 metres, enough to take the gold medal and 0livia breen delighted because after such disappointment last year, they couldn't be more different here. now what about richard whitehead? unable to make it a double gold following his victory in saturday's 200 metres final. so many people here had come to see richard whitehead, such a draw for the crowd. the 100 metres is a tougher event for him because he is a double amputee, he has a slow start and then charges through at the end but he left himself too much to do and it was only a bronze for richard whitehead. afterwards he was
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pretty disappointed with his performance but the good news for his fans is that there had been speculation he might retire from the track after these championships but unlike he said he will carry on until the tokyo pa ralympics unlike he said he will carry on until the tokyo paralympics in three yea rs until the tokyo paralympics in three years but otherwise another disappointing night for richard whitehead on a night when there was celebration for britain. track and field success for britain but not so much out in the middle. england's cricketers have slumped to a heavy 340—run defeat against south africa in the second test at trent bridge. it means the tourists have levelled the series at one apiece with two to play. tim hague reports. practising to save this game board chased down and almost impossible world record, england's batsmen will need to be at their best but south africa's vest has been vastly superior so far and was again this
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morning. vernon philander got keith jennings and balance —— and gary ballance, except that town but england would need a guardian angel to get out of this one although chris morris's fall to joe root would get past the guard of anyone. the tourists were too good and you can hide your eyes, go, it is the only english monk who had any success , only english monk who had any success, alastair cook, was out on 42. another morris special arrived and the game was over by lunch. jonny bairstow and moeen ali making it even easierfor the jonny bairstow and moeen ali making it even easier for the south africans, both out. ben stokes was more unlucky, vernon philander at his best all day with another piece of brilliance. if only england had shown such form. all out by 3pm for
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133. we weren't good enough. we prepared well for this game, to good practice days, i think we didn't assess the situation quickly enough and it something we will have to learn. this is an embarrassing first loss orjoe root, whose colleagues will quickly have to get practising ahead of the next test. britain's tom daley and daniel goodfellow missed out on a medal in the ten metre synchro platform final at the world diving championships in budapest. they qualified from the preliminaries in second place, but could only finish fourth in the final. the competition was won by china, with russia second and germany completing the podium. although we did finish fourth, this morning's performance was solid and to have only missed one dive of the 12th was solid and we were
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consistent, and to finish twice, there is lots to take from it especially with the preparation we had, we hadn't done any syncrude training since the world series due to injuries and niggles, so we can't be disappointed with that performance. the pairings have been announced for the first two rounds of this week's open at royal birkdale, and defending champion henrik stenson will play alongside former world number one and two—time major winnerjordan spieth. england's chris wood, and americans mark 0'meara and ryan moore will be the first group away at just after 6:30am on thursday morning. around 1pm, masters winner sergio garcia will be byjason day and zachjohnson. elsewhere rory mcilroy will partner the current world
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number one dustin johnson. but earlier in the morning local lad tommy fleetwood is with us open champion brooks koepka. let's hearfrom him now. it's going to be an experience for me that i'll never forget. it's very rare that you get a tournament this close to home and everybody wants to talk about that and it's a massive privilege to be playing at a tournament so close to home and it to be a british open, so yeah, it will be a great week for me no matter what. so just about enough time to show you how great britain is doing at the world para athletics championships in london. we have touched upon their success today. they're currently sitting in second, a late burst from the americans this afternoon seeing them leapfrog to the top. 11 golds each but leading the table by virtue of their greater silver and bronzes. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow.
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with me, camilla tominey, political editor of the sunday express and jason beattie, head of politics at the daily mirror. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. the financial times headlines the start of the second round of brexit talks with a photo that triggered comments on social media about the brexit secretary's lack of paperwork. the i picks up on today's announcement on the route of the new high—speed rail track, hs2. the times reports that theresa may is being urged by cabinet ministers to sack colleagues after a string of lea ks. the metro runs with a story on rail delays, saying that arrival times will now be recorded and publicised to the minute. the daily telegraph picks up a report claiming that government funds for overseas aid are being wasted. the daily mail says that the electoral commission is launching an investigation into students that may have voted twice in the election. the daily express leads with a story on a new diet that says it can beat alzheimer's disease. the royal couple's trip to poland makes the sun's front page. the paper leads with a story claiming the duchess of cambridge
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wants a third child. so let's begin. hs2, jason, if so controversial, very expensive and we heard today, very expensive and we heard today, very sad for people who were living in new homes that will be demolished. yes, the route has been changed again. is it worth money and is it the route we need? the idea when it was first unveiled, it would be good for connectivity between the north and south, a lot of people in the north said what we really want is an east—west connection, that is where the big gaps are in transport
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