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tv   New York Hijabis  BBC News  July 23, 2017 12:30am-1:01am BST

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president trump has insisted he has "complete power" to pardon people. it comes amid reports that he's looking at ways of pardoning himself and his family, should the findings of a special investigation into links with russia go against him. the east—west split within the european union appears to be growing over poland's controversial newjudicial reforms. on saturday there were more protests in cities across the country. the american actorjohn heard, best known for the home alone films and the sopranos, has died aged 71. the british cyclist chris froome is all but certain to win his fourth tour de france title, after increasing his lead in the penultimate time trial in marseille. the last stage on sunday is largely ceremonial. now on bbc news its time for a special programme — former girls aloud singer nicola roberts and youtube vlogger nabiilabee return to investigate what it means to be a muslim woman
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who wants to dress modestly but fashionably in trump's america. we are getting very, very strong. there are some bad people out there. this doesn't really affect me personally, but indirectly,
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it does impact nabiila and other muslims travelling to the us. we had bought issues on the british side. i thought it would be the other way around. but a action it got stopped and searched in england and came to america and theyjust let me through. everyone starts looking. all of a sudden you feel you have done something terrible because the authorities are questioning you and you are there by yourself. i just really questioning you and you are there by yourself. ijust really want questioning you and you are there by yourself. i just really want to questioning you and you are there by yourself. ijust really want to get a feel for what the people on the ground are really feeling because in england we are bombarded with venues and then we see people protest in. whether it is really affecting
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everyday people because of this is about politicians but are people actually being effected. all the models at this fashion show were wearing earjames models at this fashion show were wearing ear james and models at this fashion show were wearing earjames and were immigrants to the us. —— hijabs we got exclusive backstage access to the show. music: 99 problems byjay z.
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i was completely blown away by it. she has an ability to grab these very intricate details and translate them into very wearable clothes, and i thought this one was dramatic, but yet you can adapt it to an everyday wardrobe. applause. new york fashion week has been very political. a lot of designers have been making statements that have been very pointed but very classy and subtle at the same time. i think it's a beautiful statement in general, especially at the moment with all the things happening, and i think it's beautiful also,
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and it's important also, in the fashion industry to use that platform to make a statement, to bring awareness and consciousness to beauty stereotypes also, to change that up a little bit. even if it's more modest or whatever, you still can dress beautiful and you can make a statement. but it's also more about just being open. i think anniesa is making a statement that is very simple, and it's that there are muslim women all over the world, and they like to dress fashionably and they like to dress to their own taste and still maintain the tradition of a hijab.
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they still maintain their modesty. and i think she does it in a way that is very adaptable, not only to somebody who is muslim, but also to somebody who just really likes chic clothing. i have never worn a hijab on the runway, but i think it's a great idea to not draw the attention away from the garment, and to rather have every model, a very clean look. i think it'sjust putting more emphasis on the clothing. having shows like this is something that gets conversations going. i think a designer like anniesa
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makes a statement and then it is up to the audience to take that statement and accept it or reject it. at least it's a conversation starter, and we could all use a little bit more conversation. with modest fashion growing as an industry, others here in america are seeking to push it forward. one of those is nailah lymus, who runs underwra ps, the first—ever muslim and modest female modelling agency in the us. i did a lot of research before i launched the agency in the secular world, because that's where i really wanted to push the models, into the mainstream industry and not just to be with muslim designers or anything like that. it was just to show how beautiful modest fashion can be, and when i speak to what i'm doing, i speak to the reasons why i'm doing what i'm doing with the agency.
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so i'm not trying to conform. turn very slowly to, kind of, look out the window. and... yeah, let me see how that looks. i know how you look. i would say it's been an overall positive reaction. there are some people that don't get it and don't agree, because that's just life. i mean, that's a level of reality with everything you do, you just can't satisfy everyone, but i'm just content with my mission, my plan. not to say that there's anything wrong with showing skin or the "sex sells" idea — you want to wear bikinis, that's totally fine. this isjust creating another avenue, and the beauty of the fashion industry and the fashion world is there's room for so many avenues. this is the great business to do that. that'll be the last shot, the dabbing. .. one of these situations? and it would be after you drink the water. and what kind of support do you feel from publications and designers? i feel a lot of support. i think right now, it is picking up a lot of momentum, because it's trending a lot more. modest fashion is kind of in all the stores now, it's becoming more noticeable and more tangible, because modest
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fashion has always been here, but it's usually been more... you got the valentino, it's usually more high—end designers and it's not really tangible to the average. just because of price points. but because it's trending now, you have it in h&m, you have it in uniqlo, it's like, target, you can find some long, flowy dress. it's a lot more accessible now, and therefore you see that a lot of women see the beauty in it. one of the underwraps messages of yours is "infusion of inclusion". mm—hm. do you feel like america is following that ethos right now? um, i think it's gradually getting there.
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because i remember when modest fashion wasn't the term, it wasn't associated with just muslims, and now it's becoming this kind of new muslim thing going on, when it'sjust modest fashion. it's not muslim fashion, it's not islamic fashion, it'sjust modest. anniesa's 2017 collection made a clear statement about modest fashion and being a muslim and immigrant in america right now. we met with elle journalist kristina rodulfo to get her views on what's happening in fashion at the moment and its importance when set against the backdrop of current us politics. how far do you think the modest fashion industry has come over the last three years? the mainstream fashion industry has definitely embraced modest fashion, it has established itself as one to watch, for sure, but we are still at a point when it's news — you know, it's not the norm, and so it's definitely a sign that we need to keep on continuing this conversation until the point that it's no longer something that's outstanding, it's something that's
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normal and making fashionable more representative of all women. is it the designers making a statement against... using their creativity and their shows and platform to make a statement against the political climate? it may seem that modest fashion is coming to the forefront right now, especially as trump is in power, and it might seem like it's an act of defiance, which, in a way, it is. i can't say for sure if the designers are definitely trying to say something to the president, but i know for a fact that it's definitely a group of women that should not be ignored. muslim people, by 2030, will make 29% of our population, so that's 29% of the population that you should be catering to. fashion is for everyone. so it should be for those people as well. halima aden. cheering. seeing halima aden walking the runway and getting the career start that she has is definitely encouraging to young muslim women who may want to work in fashion,
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because it tells them the message that "you belong. " so seeing more diversity and seeing fashion represent our country the way that it actually is is very encouraging. all people want to see is themselves, and representation for all... people say that diversity talk happens so much — because we need it! we need that, until it doesn't have to be discussed any more. who, for you, are the important voices around modest fashion? a lot of credit has to be given to fashion bloggers, because they are creating attention and creating a space for hijabi bloggers, hijabi fashion, hijabi beauty, way before mainstream publications were paying attention. one person i follow is melanie elturk of haute hijab. i love her, she's so great. amani from muslim girl is someone we definitely pay attention to and we feature her on and have a relationship with her. she is the coolest.
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she has a really fun blog that kind of brings a space that wasn't there before for muslim women. amani has grown her site since starting it at 17 years old, and it now receives over 100 million hits a year. campaigner, tech entrepreneur, author — this young woman is vocal about all the issues that concern young muslim women, and we're about to meet her. hi, nicola. you ok? you were at anniesa's new york fashion week show in february, and all of the models were in hijab and they were all immigrants. so how significant was that to you? i thought it was really cool to see that, because it's not an image you typically see. i instantlyjust flashed back to my first new york fashion week. it was when i was in college, maybe three years ago, and when i was there, i remember meeting someone from wilhelmina models. i thought it was so cool,
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i'm getting an insider's view on the industry, and i asked him, "do you think that there is hope that, one day, "we are going to see modest fashion represented on these runways? " and he immediately said, "absolutely not. " modest fashion is really about equipping women with a choice to reveal as little or as much as they want with their clothing, just to have that autonomy about how they choose to express their bodies. in the past, a lot of women have been really limited in the way they choose to dress. with fashion especially, i can tell you how much difficulty i experienced when i first started wearing a headscarf, when i made the commitment to start dressing in hijab. and i could rarely find clothes that covered my body, and especially for a teenage girl, when i started wearing it, you're already dealing with so many body issues and, like, fashion, style, you're really trying to navigate your identity.
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you want options for how to express yourself, and i remember always feeling so awkward trying to make things fit with the headscarf, and now i think it's beautiful that there are a lot more options out there. so muslim girl has become hugely successful. what inspired you to start? it was less about being inspired to start and more being pissed off enough to start. i think that, for me, i was 17 years old, i was really frustrated by this misrepresentation of muslim women i had been experiencing my entire life. 9/11 happened when i was nine years old, so i grew up through a lot of this islamophobic misrepresentation of muslims, and just seeing people talk about muslim women and what we believe in, what we stand for, but it was never muslim women doing the talking. and so, yeah, we did what any typical millennial women would do — we went online and we created our own space. can fashion and voices like yours help change attitudes? i really do credit social media platforms like instagram for the rise of modest fashion trends.
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you scroll through it and you see veiled muslim girls putting on make—up right alongside non—muslim women and it's normal. it's normal in a platform like that, and i think that's the reason why a lot of these brands are starting to wake up and realise there's a demand to cater to this market. what you think the future holds for modest fashion in the united states? i can tell you what i hope the future of modest fashion will be, and that is that it's going to be normal. it'sjust going to be an option readily available to anyone and people are going to understand that some women choose to dress and cover themselves, while others don't, and there's nothing wrong with that. as a blogger and youtuber myself, i want to find out what all these changes mean for my us peers here in new york. have recent events spurred them on to be more outspoken about modest fashion? or are people now scared to voice their opinions and assert their muslim identity in a divided america? mariana, what for you has been
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the effect of donald trump? we have a leader in our country that is not very aware of our country's history, first of all, and also the laws of our country, so it is creating turbulence between its citizens and him. when he was saying such horrible things, notjust about muslims, but about people in general, and...he won, it showed that half the country, even more than half the country, was ok with this, and they also believed it. so for me, it was just a big wake—up call, it was like, "wow, this actually... "islamophobia is something that exists." and it made me just more, not only aware of it, but more conscious that i need to do certain things to try and change it or combat it, where before, i didn't see it so much of an issue. i feel like it's made hate much more tolerable now in our society.
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for example, my aunt one day was driving and she parked her car, and somebody threw trash at her in her car, and they said, "go back to your country." and she was like, "i was born..." my aunt was born here as well, so it'sjust a lot of ignorance, i feel, and people are taking more pride in it, they feel like it's something they can do and they're not going to get in trouble for. not to be completely negative, i feel like there has been a lot of positivity. at least for me, i have experienced it walking in the street, someone sees me in my hijab, a lot of non—muslims have been like, "wow, you're so brave." there's both sides to it. a lot of love has come out of it, but there's also definitely been a lot of hate, so... how has this affected modest fashion? i personally know people who've taken off their scarves because they have said they don't feel comfortable or safe, or they just can't take the stares any more,
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or the comments, and i can totally understand that pressure, i feel like that's personally why i do it, and i'm sure most of us here, that's what we encourage other women to do, that's the end goal, to let them feel comfortable. there's definitely a lack of tolerance for who we are and the way we dress. my grandmother has always been incredibly encouraging of myjourney and she asked me, "do you think you could still be muslim and not wear the hijab? " and i said, "well, yes..." kendyl, you're a revert to islam. can you just explain what that is to maybe people who don't know? i was raised roman catholic and then, at about 18 years old, i chose to revert to islam, and instead of saying "convert", like many christian orjewish faiths would say, we say "revert" because we believe that our souls are created by allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala,
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and so we are created in a state of being muslim because that is what we believe is true, so your soul is, in a way, reverting back to where it began and what it started as. so how does your love of tattoos work with your faith? i get a lot of reactions, that's for sure. are tattoos allowed? seen as allowed? no. no? well, by the majority, no. the majority of muslims, tattoos are seen to be impermissible and not allowed. so by entering the community as a fairly heavily tattooed person, there were definitely reactions, there were a lot of people that felt like i should remove my tattoos or cover them, which would mean wearing gloves constantly. or something! for me, it was never an issue. my body and the way that i looked and my faith never collided until people made them collide. can an industry like modest fashion
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help change viewpoints and opinions? i think definitely, because i think it shows we're really not oppressed, we are very self—empowered and confident in who we are, and there are ways to make it beautiful and trendy, so to speak. even anniesa's show, everything was very bedazzled and it was glitter everywhere and it was very beautiful, very sunny, very eye—catching. i think it kind of builds more sense of acceptance, and not only acceptance, but fascination with it. i feel like it's something that is growing notjust in the muslim community, but in the fashion world all over. modest fashion is kind of still in its infancy in terms of the mainstream. where do you see it going in two, three or four years' time? we have seen in history that subcultures have become mainstream. currently, hip—hop, right? streetwear is everywhere, and we're going to see what the result is once we see where fashion and the trend is moving and see how much it has impacted. music: blinded by your grace by stormzy feat mnek this is it,
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we're at the end of our trip. i think, in today's society, we all feel, especially with social media, we all have a voice and we all feel entitled to give our opinion, but a lot of the time, that opinion is uneducated. i think with the whole thing that's happening with trump, with modest fashion, it has actually moved it forward. like kanye used the first hijabi model. the designers are trying to make a statement and it's actually having a really positive effect. women of all faiths or no faiths are realising that they have another option out there, and i think that that is going to expand the industry for all of us. music: human by rag'n‘bone man i really hope, for muslim women, that it's going to reach a level
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where they can walk out of their homes choosing to dress however they want without fearing being attacked for that. and i think that hopefully, i'm hoping, we're working towards that direction. # i'm only human after all # i'm only human after all, don't put the blame on me # don't put the blame on me. saturday turned into the day of the downpour. that is not surprising when you see skies like this and many others from weather watchers. the area of low pressure producing those showers and outbreaks of rain on saturday are still close by on sunday. even if you have a dry start, be prepared for some showers as the day goes on. cloud around first thing.
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outbreaks of rain in the midlands and northern england and eastern scotland, with low cloud. we will look at things in greater detail at 9am. where we have clear skies overnight, mist and fog patches. they will clear. england, brighter spots, sunny spells. a fair amount of cloud to begin the day. rain in the midlands and it will clear and to showers and brighten up. northern ireland, dry weather to come. western scotland starting find. western scotland starting fine. east scotland, low cloud and a cool breeze. some outbreaks of rain. that rain will go south during the day across scotland. it should brighten up again. northern ireland. the odd shower. dry weather. sunny spells. late morning into the afternoon, showers getting going in england and wales. some could be heavy. sunny spells in between. temperatures in the high
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teens and low 20s. what does that mean for the golf and royal birkdale? a cloudy start. overnight cloud lingering. some showers. improving pictures through the day. easier compared to saturday. the women's world cup, sunshine in the morning, but in the afternoon, the increasing chance of a shower that could be heavy. some showers will continue into sunday evening before slowly fading. by the time we get to monday, it is only slowly clearing from parts of eastern england. a cool breeze with that. elsewhere, a dry and sunny day. temperatures in the west approaching the mid—20s. looking at the big picture for tuesday. in between weather systems. most places will have a fine day. look at this, the next weather system is not too far away. take advantage of the fine day on tuesday. some pleasantly warm and sunny spells. wednesday, that system will come in and more rain will come in with it. this is bbc news. i am reged ahmad.
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our top stories: president trump claims "complete power" to issue pardons as senators prepare to question his family's contacts with russians during the us election. venezuela's crisis intensifies as the military clash with hundreds of protesters trying to march towards the supreme court in caracas. london's great ormond street hospital says staff have received death threats and online abuse in relation to the charlie gard case. and victims of heroin: we'll hear from the people fighting an addiction, leaving them sleeping under bridges and off the tracks in philadelphia.
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