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tv   World Business Report  BBC News  July 24, 2017 5:30am-5:46am BST

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this is bbc world news, the headlines. donald trump's son—in—law and adviser, jared kushner, will face questions from senators later as part of the investigation into whether or not russia colluded with the trump campaign to help him win the presidential election. police in the us state of texas have arrested a truck driver whose vehicle was found in a walmart car park with eight people dead in the back of it. a ninth person later died in hospital in the city of san antonio. a suicide attacker has detonated a car bomb in the afghan capital, kabul. at least 12 people have been killed and several wounded, according to a government spokesman. the target of the attack isn't yet clear. there's been a shooting close to the israeli embassy in thejordanian capital, amman. local police said twojordanian men were killed and two others injured — one of them an israeli. the shooting took place at a residence in the embassy compound. now it's time for world business report. doctor fox goes to washington...
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the uk's international trade secretary meets his us counterpart to talk trade. but he's not allowed to strike a deal, before brexit. the international monetary fund keeps its forecast for world economic growth. but it cuts prospects for the uk and the us, while china, japan and the eurozone gets a boost. welcome to world business report. i'm ben bland. also in the programme, we'll learn the success secrets of another ceo. but first, later on monday the uk's trade secretary liam fox will be in washington to discuss a preliminary trade deal ahead of britain's departure
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from the european union. a final trade agreement cannot be signed until the uk formally leaves the eu, but the two nations are keen to lay the foundations for what the us president expects to be "a very, very big deal". in an interview with the bbc, mr fox said that uk—us trade is currently worth nearly 220 billion dollars. but this could increase by as much as 52 billion dollars if trade barriers between the countries are removed. for now though, that process can't really begin because the uk is not allowed to hold formal trade talks with non—eu countries until it has left the european customs union. to complicate matters, the uk's trade secretary has welcomed the idea of a transition agreement with the eu which could potentially last up until the next scheduled general election in 2022. this could prevent the uk suddenly falling outside the single market and customs union in 2019, but it is currently unclear whether the uk would be able
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to start negotiating with non—eu trading partners while such a transition deal is active. with me is thomas cole, head of policy and research, open britain. it seems like they have their hands tied, they cannot signoff on the deal. liam fox is in washington today, he will be doing a speech later and laying out a bit more about what he wants to achieve. until the uk has formally left the european union, it will not be able to signoff any trade agreement and until the us state knows what the transition we deal outside suddenly you will be, it cannot push either. it is really not until 2019 at the
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earliest that we will have a clearer understanding of where these talks can go. which area will they be able to make progress on most easily and where are the stumbling blocks? the financial, in london and new york, possibly you could do something there, the aviation sector. the eu has opened sky agreement with the us so has opened sky agreement with the us so they could be optional. they could grandfather the open skies dealfor the future. could grandfather the open skies deal for the future. but there are negotiations... the big free trade agreement between the us and union... exactly. in a small way, it was one of the reasons why the leader vote wanted to leave the
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european union because they were concerned it could lead to a big trans— concerned it could lead to a big tra ns— atlantic concerned it could lead to a big trans— atlantic agreement with the us and concerns on issues around health and pharmaceuticals. even with the uk outside the eu, one of the things the uk will need to do is what its future agricultural policy will be and if it is similar to the current eu policy, then agriculture will also be a problematic issue. britain is slightly on the back foot given it has not negotiated its trade deals for a0 years, the us is far more experienced and we know president trump is driving to that the best possible deal for america. the uk bad deal simply from being out of practice? the us has pulled
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out of practice? the us has pulled out of practice? the us has pulled out of the transpacific deal, that is not going ahead and it was a huge deal. he's talking about we negotiate in nafta with canada and mexico, 25% of us trade and the uk accou nts mexico, 25% of us trade and the uk accounts for a lot less of us trade. if the uk were to stumble out of the eu, in relative terms, the uk will be in eu, in relative terms, the uk will beina eu, in relative terms, the uk will be in a position of weakness and will want a quick trade with the us but baby not be able to dictate the terms, it would be one where the us is calling the shots and from the uk point of view, it even a very liberal trade agreement with the eu would not compensate the potential loss of trade from the european union if hard brexit happens. the international monetary fund has kept its growth forecasts
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for the world economy as a whole unchanged for this year and next. but it wasn't so positive about the uk and us. 0ur asia business correspondent, karishma vaswani joins me now from our singapore bureau. karishma, what did they have to say? the imf‘s main message really a p2p that the global economy it is chugging along steadily —— appeared to be. 3.5% for 2017 and for next year. while china, japan and the eurozone saw an upgrade, the us and the uk are expected to see lower than expected growth rate this year and that is because of a weak first quarter. 1.7% growth compared to the
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296 quarter. 1.7% growth compared to the 2% for the uk. but to be honest, it does not really quite clarify why. you will remember the imf was pretty critical about brexit in the lead up to the referendum and vocal about the risks, saying the uk would see adverse effect but that does not really show up in this report. meanwhile, the fund also said the us would grow by two x 1% in comparison to 2.3%. that downward revision is due to the fact that the imf does not expect to see the same fiscal stimulus in the us that had been expected under president trump mahmoud abbas administration of things like tax cuts and infrastructure construction. given the problems with the
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administration, they say it does not look likely. china saw an upgrade. next year 6.a%. all these figures are going to be in line with what the chinese government wants for its economy and both are slightly higher than what the imf previously forecast. renee elliott founded organic supermarket chain planet 0rganic in 1995. she said she went through a difficult time in her early thirties, which led her to focus more on her own wellbeing. she's shared her wellbeing tips for other bosses with ceo secrets. i think it was when i was in my early 30s, i went through a difficult time and it was then i realised you have to take care of yourself and put yourself first and
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ta ke yourself and put yourself first and take care of the basics otherwise you cannot be a false the change in the world. —— force. well—being comes in many different forms, economic— band, save spend. never stop learning. be honest and tell the truth. psychological is about doing the personal development work, taking responsibility, taking your pa rt taking responsibility, taking your part in things. good food, physicality and fitness. spiritual well—being of me is about meditation and socialism out having fun with family and friends and then sleep which is so important. when you're tired, go to bed. a lesson for us
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all. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter — i'm @benmbland a survey of people over 65 in britain has found that more than a0% believe they have been targeted by scammers. the charity, age uk, said of those targeted, 16 per cent of single older people, paid out money to fraudsters. more than 1,300 took part in the survey. our business correspondent is joe lynam. fraud has always been with us but technology has enabled fraudsters to use increasingly creative and believable ways to target the elderly. in a survey of more than a thousand over 65, a3% had been contacted thousand over 65, a3% had been co nta cted by thousand over 65, a3% had been contacted by scammers hoping to
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defraud them. of those targeted, 16% of single people paid out some money. two thirds of those did not report the matter to police. we would encourage people to not worry about being seen to be impolite. you have to look after yourself. scammers rely on your politeness. if it isa scammers rely on your politeness. if it is a call or e—mail you are not expecting offering you some offer or putting new under pressure, alarm bells should be going off and you should delete those things. in ours and tax known as fishing, and then fraudsters started contacting and their targets in person. detectives investigating the death of a young woman in south—west
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london have charged a 33—year—old man with murder, rape and kidnap. the 19—year—old woman's body was found at a house in kingston on wednesday. the man has also been accused of raping another woman, in her 20s. a second man, who's 28, has been charged with kidnap. coming up at 6:00 o'clock on breakfast — dan walker and louise minchin will have all the day's news, the latest headlines... president's trump's son—in—law, jared kushner, will face questions later from senators investigating alleged russian meddling in last year's election. at least nine people have died after being trapped in the back of a truck in texas — police say they were victims of people trafficking. a suicide attacker has detonated a car bomb in the afghan capital, kabul. at least twelve people have been killed and several wounded. twojordanians have been killed and an israeli wounded in a shooting incident at the israeli embassy in jordan's capital amman. now it is time for our newspaper review. what's making headlines
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around the world 7 let's start with the japan times which covers the us congress reaching an agreement on sweeping russia sanctions to punish moscow for meddling in the 2016 presidential election and its military aggression in ukraine and syria. the philippine star previews president rodrigo duterte's state of the nation address today. his speech is expected to focus on the government's efforts to deal with an islamist insurgency in parts of the country, and his controversial war on drugs.
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china and russia, meanwhile, have begun their annual joint naval exercises. china daily reports the drills are taking place in the baltic sea, the first of their kind for the chinese navy in europe. the gulf news claims israel has defied international calls to remove metal detectors at the entrance of a sensitive holy site in eastjerusalem despite the security measure triggering violent clashes with palestinians. 0nshore uk windfarms now lead the field in efficiency and can be built for about the same price as gas power stations, according to the guardian. the finding comes as the world's first full—scale floating wind farm takes shape off the coast of scotland. and it was a good day for british sport yesterday with england's


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