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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 26, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines. all new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned in the uk from 2040. the government wants to tackle air pollution and encourage people to switch to electric vehicles. some green campaigners said the plans do not go far enough. a judge has ordered that charlie gard should be moved to a hospice unless any other plans can be made before 12 o'clock tomorrow. president trump has said transgender people tomorrow. president trump has said tra nsgender people cannot tomorrow. president trump has said transgender people cannot serve in any capacity in the us military. huge wildfires raging in the south
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of france with thousands of people, including british tourists, moved to safety. in a moment, sport, but first and look at what is coming up this evening on bbc news and as the government tries to breathe life into a clean their policy we will look at an electric vehicles and what clean driving could mean for you. as fires burn in france, we speak to british holiday—makers there, as at least 10,000 people are moved to safety. and the giant hedgehog that had swollen to the size of a beach ball. zeppelin, as he was named, has safely deflated. that is ahead on bbc news, but now the sport. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm leah boleto. peaty power — adam peaty wins gold in the 50 metres
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at the world swimming championship in budapest. novak djokovic is taking time off to recover from an elbow injury. what does that mean for his career? keep watching to find out. and ross barkley‘s everton career is over. he's turned down a contract extension — he's looking for a new challenge. all to come tonight. hello and welcome to the programme. well we couldn't start the show any other way but with britain's adam peaty. the 22—year—old has won his second gold of the world swimming championships in budapest — taking the 50 metres breaststroke. but he just missed breaking his own world record after an indifferent start.
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commentators are andy jamieson and steven parry commentator: a good start for adam peaty. great news. if you get a good start in the semifinal — that is what got him the world record and he is starting to go already. amazing. brilliant breaststroke swimming. adam peaty in the black hat, making the rest of the world reset their dreams, because their dreams are not quick enough. the time just outside his own world record and the rest of the world starting to come with him, you know. they tried but nobody got within half a second of adam peaty. we will hear from half a second of adam peaty. we will hearfrom him soon. peaty‘s dominance on breaststroke has rewritten the record books over the past couple of years. and the head of elite development at british swimming, timjones, says peaty‘s move to be at the centre of british swimming in loughborough has been key. the most important thing is we have
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a lwa ys the most important thing is we have always had great swimmers in britain, just not great swimmers that could perform at their best when it mattered always and adam has been at the forefront of this, the message that it is important to be at your best at the most important competitions and one thing adam has led the way, trial laced with, swimming ahead of the field in rio and what he has done in budapest. it has been terrific. well one of peaty‘s biggest fans is his nan, mavis. you might remember she shot to fame at the rio 0lympics last summer, when she was filmed watching the games back in peaty‘s home town in staffordshire. well she's got on a plane for the first time in 20 years to go and see her grandson in budapest this time, and says she's been loving every minute. well, it has been wonderful. i did
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not see him in rio but this has made up not see him in rio but this has made upfor not see him in rio but this has made up for it. i get so excited and i am so up for it. i get so excited and i am so proud of him. i cannot explain what goes through your mind when he is swimming. hejust impresses me so much and he has done so much. he is just my grandson, down—to—earth, but iam just my grandson, down—to—earth, but i am proud of him and he has done amazingly well. to be here at this time, it meant the world to me. it is very touching, really. i could not go to see him in rio, but, as i say, this has made up for everything andi say, this has made up for everything and i am so pleased i have come. it is 20 years since i have flown but it was well worth it. mavis is a legend. still to come on sportsday. we will hear from adam peaty and be
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in budapest for more on his success. celtic start their bid to reach the final qualifying round of the champions league — they take on norwegian champions rosenborg later. and...i and... iam at and... i am at the england training base in the netherlands and tomorrow they face portugal, where a point will see them through to the quarterfinals. and it is a tonne up for the oval as the south london ground becomes the fourth test venue to stage 100 test matches. 12—time grand slam champion novak djokovic won't play again this year because of an elbow injury. it means he'll miss this year's us open in new york — the first time he'll miss a major since making his debut in 2004. djokovic retired hurt during his quarterfinal at wimbledon earlier this month and said at the time he was considering taking a break to recover from what is a long—standing injury. in a message on social media, he confirmed he wouldn't need surgery but rest was necessary. it will take a couple of months at least without the racket, and then
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i am hoping that i can start after that to train. i'm looking forward, to be honest, to build my body, my game, my team as well, obviously. i am happy to share that andre agassi is committed to staying with me next year. so djokovic has made the move to prolong his career. and also he'll hope it will stop his slide in form when he returns. david 0rnstein has been looking back at his last 12 months to see how he's slipped down the world rankings. if we cast our minds back to 2016, novak djokovic started the season in blistering form, with victory at the australian open. the french followed — that was his 12th grand slam title. but then things started to go wrong. djokovic saw the defence of his wimbledon crown unravel with a shock third—round defeat by sam querrey.
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he made the us open final, only to lose to stan wawrinka. but the alarm bells really started to ring at this yea r‘s australian open, when djokovic lost in the second round to denis istomin of uzbekistan. he was 117 in the world at the time. his hopes of claiming back—to—back french 0pens were ended with a quarterfinal defeat by rising star dominic thiem. and then came his retirement with an elbow injury while trailing tomas berdych by a set and a break in the quarterfinals of wimbledon. and as we now know, that injury has brought a premature end to djokovic's year. he plans to return at january's australian open, by which time he'll be outside the world's top ten. celtic start their bid to reach the final qualifying round of the champions league when they take on norwegian champions rosenborg in the first leg
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at celtic park this evening. brendan rodgers will be without the suspended leigh griffiths and is aware that the side from norway have plenty of champions league stars. jonathan sutherland is at celtic park. it is all about striker selection at celtic park. leigh griffiths band, mousa dembele is struggling with a hamstring injury, which means celtic may go with a makeshift strike of scott sinclair, tommy rogic, or both if brendan rodgers opts for a 3—5— two formation. hoping to get into the group stages for a second season but brendan rodgers is aware rosenborg have their own champions league pedigree. they are obviously trying to get back to the level of champions league which they have not been that for about ten years, and have some good players, but are very much based around the team and the strength of the team.
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we are preparing for a really difficult game and the first leg being at home, we want to take advantage of that. the team buses havejust the team buses have just arrived. the team buses have just arrived. the rosenborg captain talked about how his side need to show courage. this place a cauldron often on champions league occasions, although it will not be quite capacity this evening after the green brigade section was closed after uefa charge the club after an illicit banner shown in the previous round. celtic a massive side, they see themselves asa a massive side, they see themselves as a champions league club and hope to ta ke as a champions league club and hope to take a step this evening against the norwegian league leaders. ross barkley will "100%" leave everton, that's according to his manager ronald koo—man. the england international has been at everton since the age of 11, but barkley‘s told the club he wants to leave, after rejecting a new contract. we made really a good offer to him to sign a new contract. he declined that contract.
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he told me that he is looking for a new challenge. and, 0k, it is not everton‘s future any more. it is his decision and i need to respect that and then, 0k, we will see what happens. what i hear from the board at the moment is there it at the moment is there is not really an offer on the table. manchester united manager jose mourinho says that some clubs are paying far too much for players this summer. his team of course spent 75 million on romelu lukaku earlier this month, but mourinho believes less wealthy clubs are overspending. we spent a lot of money in the striker, and if you don't do then we have no striker, that's obvious that nowadays — especially for the strikers — the amount of money is amazing. every club is getting good players, every club is investing a lot. i think some clubs obviously
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they are paying too much and by paying too much they create a very strange and out of control market. but this is the reality now. euro 2017 continues this evening with iceland taking on austria, and one of the tournament favourites france facing switzerland. if the french lose, they could go out of the tournament. england, on the other hand, are looking for three wins out of three against spain tomorrow. and our sports correspondent katie gornall is with the team. another training session done and dusted by england at the base just outside of utrecht. they are in a great position in their group, only needing a point against portugal in the final group game to go to the quarterfinals, they you get the sense this squad will not settle for that. we can find out now because the england and chelsea defender, millie, is with us. congratulations ona
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millie, is with us. congratulations on a great tournament. how important is it to get the 100% record? on a great tournament. how important is it to get the 100% record7m on a great tournament. how important is it to get the 100% record? it is massive. is it to get the 10096 record? it is massive. we want to top the group and wanta massive. we want to top the group and want a clean sheet, we have kept one so and want a clean sheet, we have kept one so far. that is our main target going into the portugal game. we are looking for a good performance, good workrate, showing we will stay switched on and get the job done. you are one of the younger members of the squad but you seem to play without fear or nerves, how? that is just my mentality. i have always had that mindset. i see it as no fear, that mindset. i see it as no fear, thatis that mindset. i see it as no fear, that is when you get the best out of yourself so why make sure it is just another game, another three points to be won and that is the mind set i work with. and having people like steph houghton in central defence must help? massively. she has
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experience as she has taken me under her wing a little and show me the guidelines, my first major tournament, making sure i stay switched on and keep focused. which ido switched on and keep focused. which i do anyway, butjust building the partnership. we wish you luck and well done on a great tournament so far. portugal next for mark sampson's side. they are the lowest ranked team in the competition and england only need a point against them to go through to the quarterfinals and after the tough game against spain you would expect mark sampson to make changes this one. adam peaty won two world titles at the world swimming championships in budapest and we can hearfrom him. very good. quite exhausting coming in and out, switching on and off. so happy with my performances. i know there is more. i do not want to spoil it next year or for the
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year after. we can go to budapest and talk to becky adlington, part of the commentary team along with mark foster. starting with you, mark, another fantastic day for adam, let's put his success into context. he did not break the personal record but did it under 26 seconds, which is amazing? it is phenomenal. i don't think he will be disappointed he did not do his best time this evening. he obliterated the field and every time he gets up, he delivers. he is better than everybody else and over the next three years, into tokyo, he'sjust looking at himself and nobody else and always looking for tiny improvements. we run out of words to explain because he is that good. he was shocked he went under 26 seconds in the semifinals so the fact he has
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done this twice, he's not disappointed in the slightest! we are talking about him and this brilliant success. he isjust are talking about him and this brilliant success. he is just 22, what goes into making adam peaty adam peaty and such a success? he is unique, you cannot compare him to everyone else. here's the whole package we talk about as an athlete, me ntally package we talk about as an athlete, mentally and physically. he has a great relationship with his coach mel marshall. he has moved his programme to loughborough and they execute everything at the best, it is about marginal gains and you look at the race and think, how is he getting faster? he is so good at what he does and the scary thought is he will keep getting faster. what he does and the scary thought is he will keep getting fastenm situations when you look at how you improve and every day they look at every area and leave no stone
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unturned. he's better than everybody else. adam wants to get better and better. it is the truth, i have said it before, unless he does a false start gets injured, it will be that he will not be beaten. he was the kid who hated water as a toddler, where does he go from here?e kid who hated water as a toddler, where does he go from here? ? he was, which is amazing, he is a great role model. he wants to inspire people at home, whether it is parents saying they will put their kid into water or a kid is spied to be the next adam peaty, he does that well and takes the responsibilities seriously. he has the medley relay coming up at the weekend and hopefully they will get medals and beyond that he will refocus, come back for the couple wealth games. adam wants to achieve. he is not complacent going, i have done that. he wants to get better and better and see how far he can push
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boundaries. it is all about project 56 for the hundred metres breaststroke, as well. thanks. cricket now and fast bowler toby roland—jones will make his debut for england in their third test against south africa at the oval tomorrow. he'll replace mark wood, who's not 100% fit. 0ur sports correspondentjoe wilson has been with the side today. this is a landmark match at the famous 0val ground, the hundredth test match to be played here and over the years, the ground has often been the climax of series, times when england has lifted the ashes urn will live long in the grounds memory. this test match is a transitional phase, where england are trying to rediscover perhaps the appetite and technique for playing test cricket and also trying to discover some test cricketers. toby roland—jones comes in in the absence
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of mark wood who has injury concerns. he has probably earned his place, having been on the fringes of it for years, with consistent county cricket. it is the batting and top order that is an issue. joe root, the captain, he has to deal with the aftermath of an overwhelming defeat at the criticism as captain comes his way. from everybody out there and in particular former test captain. i spoke to joe root today. they are entitled to their opinion. that is theirjob, to speak out how they see it. it is important as a side, we remain true to each other. we are honest in the dressing room and know we were not good enough last week. effort has never been an issue and we have a massive desire to go out this week and put in a strong performance and bounce back strong. always in the development of
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a test match team it is tempting to look at the near distance and the ashes, in australia, if mark wood was raring to go for england, that will be important but now, 1—1 and two matches to come. if you lose this one, either side, you do the maths, you're not winning this from there. when play gets under way between england and south africa tomorrow, the oval cricket ground will have scored a century of its own — because it'll become only the fourth venue in the world to have hosted 100 test matches.


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