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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 26, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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ijust got to the point where i thought, he genuinely believes he hasn't done anything wrong. her mother, who supported her, was appalled by what unfolded. i felt guilty because i should have been protecting her. it shouldn't have been allowed, that meeting should not have been allowed, ever. jehovah's witnesses say this evening that they have robust child protection policies and put appropriate restrictions on anyone found guilty of sexual abuse. today's report, however, say that their actions in manchester failed the women. it has to be dealt with in a way that is sensitive to the victims, who have gone through this terrible ordeal, but also in a way that the public would expect this to be dealt with and in this case, they let the victims down. jonathan rose was expelled from the kingdom hall. the meeting clearly should not have happened. the charity commission have wider concerns about how jehovah's witnesses handle sex abuse allegations and are carrying out a broader enquiry.
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michael buchanan, bbc news, manchester. great britain's adam peaty has continued his winning streak, claiming his second gold medal in the world swimming championships. competing in the 50 metre breaststroke, hejust missed out on breaking the world record which he set in the semi—final yesterday. our sports correspondent joe wilson was watching. commentator: he's bringing it home, this is utterly brilliant! when adam peaty swims, he brings britain with him. but there is one superfan... come on, quick! when peaty won olympic gold in rio, grandmother mavis was glued to the telly in uttoxeter. yes! the world championships in budapest — well, she's travelled in person. to be here at this time meant the world to me. it's very touching, really. i couldn't go and see him in rio, but, as i say, this has made up for everything, and i'm so, so pleased that i've come.
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and it's 20 years since i've flown, but it was well worth it. mavis was watching adam head to lane four in the 50 metres final, looking for the black cap. there's been extensive attention on the muscle of the man, but so much rests on the technicality of peaty‘s swim — he makes the old—fashioned breaststroke more active, more efficient, more urgent. yesterday, he did 50 metres in under 26 seconds — 25.95. that's what he was chasing again, as well as simply winning the race, of course. their dreams are no longer quick enough, and the time, 25.99, just outside of his own world record... well, yes, four hundredths of a second outside — don't dare be disappointed. he is a double world champion, and peaty still had the mixed medley relay, where britain finished...fifth. well, watch out for improvements — he promises. i'm so, so happy with my performances here, two 25 points now, and i know there's more
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in that, but i don't want to spoil it for next year. yes, from uttoxeter to budapest, all his fans need something to look forward to. joe wilson, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here's emily maitlis. a week of drama at the white house and it's only wednesday. tonight i will bejoined by and it's only wednesday. tonight i will be joined by one of donald trump's key lieutena nts. will be joined by one of donald trump's key lieutenants. what has the president achieved six months on? join me now on bbc two. now on bbc one, the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday— it's that man again — another gold for peaty, the king of the pool. stalemate for celtic — held 0—0 in their champions league qualifier. and no more for novak — djokovic calls a halt to his tennis in 2017. britain's adam peaty has
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won his second gold of the world swimming championships in budapest — taking the 50 metres breaststroke. but he just missed breaking his own world record which he broke twice yesterday. commentary from andy jamieson. a good solid reaction in the centre. a good start from adam peaty. this is good news, if you get a solid start in the semifinal, that got him the world record. this is amazing, brilliant breaststroke swimming. making the rest of the world reset their dreams because they are no longer quick enough. just outside his own world record. the rest really tried but no one got
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within half a second of great britain's adam peaty. winning gold in the 50 and now he has done the double double. yes, very good. quite exhausting, switching off and switching on, especially winning the double but i'm so happy. 225 points now and i know that there is more. i don't want to spoil it for next year. now who remembers this devoted dad during the 2012 london olympics? he is the most down—to—earth, beautiful boy you will meet in your life, he... look at him he is crying like me. i love you. well south africa's chad le clos and his dad bert are still around and chad's still winning — he took gold in the 200 metres
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butterfly this evening, fittingly in front of bert and the rest of the le clos family and yes, the tears were flowing once more. there was frustration for celtic tonight as they were held to a goalless draw by norwegian champions rosenberg in the first leg of their champions league third round qualifier. chris mclaughlin was watching at celtic park. surely unsatisfying goalless draw the celtic in the east end of glasgow. they were missing their two main strikers. it really showed, they only really tested the goalkeeper once which is not often we have seen that under brendan rodgers. he caught a frustrated figure at times. the only real positive, the clean sheet ahead of the trip next week. a bit
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frustrating we could not get the win, but 0—0 is never a bad result in europe it is important that you don't concede even if you can't score. i was pleased with the players this evening in terms, we up against it a wee bit without strikers. tomorrow we could have two home nations through to the quarterfinals of the european women's championship — scotland need to beat spain by two goals to have any chance. and also need england to beat portugal. mark sampson's side need just a point to reach the knockout stages. we wa nt we want to improve, get better. we wa nt to we want to improve, get better. we want to be the best team in the world and so far we have had a good performance against scotland, in other areas are better performance against spain. we want keep the snowball rolling. we want to go into the knockout stages billing confident, with momentum. and not
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only will we feel that the rest of the tournament as well. well a different story for scotland. they lost their opening group game to england 6—0 and then went on to lose to portugal in their second. so lots to for them to think about in training because to reach iam i am proud of what we have done, as well and even if the result has not gone at all according to plans i'm very proud of the players and of the team. so, we are determined to win the game and that is what is going to make us happy. france will be england's quarterfinal opponents — if mark sampson's side win the group — but the french needed an equaliser from camille abily to earn a draw against switzerland. they were reduced to ten men for much of the match as well. and if scotland make it through, they'll play austria after this goalkeeping howler helped them on their way to a 3—0 win over iceland — goalkeeper gunnarsdottir won't want to see this again.
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never mind. ross barkley will "100%" leave everton, that's to his manager ronald koeman. the england international has been at everton since the age of ii, but barkley‘s told the club he wants to leave, after rejecting a new contract. we made really a good offer to him to sign a new contract. he declined that contract. he told me that he is looking for a new challenge. 0k. it's not everton future any more, it is his decision. i need to respect that and then, ok, we will see what happens. what i heard from the board at the moment isn't really an offer on the table for ross. fast bowler toby roland jones will make his debut for england in their third test against south africa at the oval tomorrow. he'll replace mark wood who's
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has an injured heel. roland jones' middlesex team—mate steven finn has been placed on stand—by, but along with batsman tom westley, roland jones can look forward to earning his first cap under skipperjoe root. that consistency is a massive reason why he is so highly thought of. he has takena why he is so highly thought of. he has taken a lot of wickets in that period of time and he has been consta ntly period of time and he has been constantly banking on the door so it is great thing to get the opportunity. he gets the ball to move around which is exactly what you're looking for. so, 100 up for the oval tomorrow and the famous old ground has seen some famous performances down the years — two of them coming in recent times. indeed the last time england met south africa four years ago, hashim amla scored a mammoth unbeaten 311 as the tourists won — it's still the only test triple century scored by a south african batsman. and you only have to go back 23
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years to find the greatest test bowling performance at the oval — again south africa were the tourists with devon malcolm taking nine wickets for 57 in an astonishing display of pace and fire. malcolm's figures are the fourth best by an england bowler of all time. england supporters will be hoping for some of that over the next five days. tennis now and 12—time grand slam champion novak djokovic won't play again this year because of an elbow injury. it means he'll miss this year's us open in new york — the first time he'll miss a major since making his debut in 200a. djokovic retired hurt during his quarterfinal at wimbledon earlier this month and said at the time he was considering taking a break to recover from what is a long—standing injury. in a message on social media, he confirmed he wouldn't need surgery but rest was necessary. it will take a couple of months
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at least without the racket and then i'm hoping that i can start after that to train and i'm looking forward, to be honest, to build my body, my game, my team as well, obviously. i'm happy to share that andre agassi is committed to staying with me next year. there's plenty of sport around on the bbc tomorrow by the way including england's third test against south africa at the oval from 11 o'clock. you can catch the test match special on radio five live sports extra. there is still loads of action from the weld summing championships including the women's 50 metres breaststroke final with george davies going for britain. duncan scott and matt lynch built also in
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the finals. all over on the bbc red button. and, at 745 england take on portugal in the women's euros. live commentary on bbc five live. plus, live text updates via the bbc sport website. coverage of scotland versus spain, as well. that is all from sports day on the night that adam peaty made history, no world record but the 50 metres breaststroke world champion once again becomes the best british swimmer to win five world championship goals. good night. commentator: he has done the double double, gracious heavens, fantastic. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the former pensions minister baroness ros altmann and the writer mihir bose. the metro leads with the funeral of the youngest victim of the manchester bombing eight—year—old saffie roussos. britain may "walk away from eu talks" according to the express minister warn if brussell refuse to back down on the rule of the european court ofjustice. the daily star features the wildfires on the french riveria where 10,000 people have fled the terrifying blaze. the telegraph leads with the story that gp‘s are being urged to stop telling patients they must finish all their prescribed course of tablets as it is driving up drug
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resistance. the mail claims that judges arebeing accused litigation by ripping up employment tribunal reforms. and finally the guardian leads with the government's new clean air policy which is says is being branded as "weak


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