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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 31, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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commemorations have been taking place in belgium, marking the centenary of one of the bloodiest campaigns of the first world war, the battle of passchendaele. thousands of descendants of those who died in 1917, joined dignitaries, including members of the royal family, for a service of remembrance at tyne cot cemetery. the battle we know today as passchendaele would last for over 100 days we remember it not only for the rain that fell, the mud that weighed down the living and swallowed the dead, but also for the courage and bravery of the men who fought here> a former royal marine, ciaran maxwell, has been jailed for 18 years, for supplying bombs to dissident irish republicans. downing street insists the free movement of people from the eu, will end in march 2019 after brexit, with or without any transitional agreement.
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in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... and we'll be finding out how cricketing legend, geoffrey boycott, reacted when the bbc test match special team bowled him a googlie hello, i'm 0lly foster, welcome to the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight.. as easy as 1—2—3.
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it's a hatrick for ali as england go ahead in the test series against south africa there's a significant vote by liverpool fans in favour of safe standing...but will it ever be seen at anfield it's a massive week for england's footballers at the women's euros. they are now favourites for the title. imad ascot thinning at frankie dettori feels about his son following in his footsteps. good evening, lots coming up. the latest from madrid and a taxing day for cristiano ronaldo and we'll also look ahead to the world athletics championships that start in the london on friday. england's cricketers have been playiong in the capital for the past five days , and they have gone 2—1
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up in the test series against south africa. the tourists were always up against it, needing to bat out the day with a draw , realistically the best they could have hoped for with england needing just six wickets, toby roland—jones took two of them in two balls by lunch and though opener dean elgar made a century he was just delaying the inevitable. his wicket was the first in a moeen ali hatrick to seal a 239 run victory. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson was at the oval. £20 got you into day, for the kids, a quid, two wickets in two balls forjones,
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after a review taking the england courtesy of huge miscalculation. the hat—trick was still to come. 0ne courtesy of huge miscalculation. the hat—trick was still to come. one of england's other decisions for this match was to playjust one specialist spinner and once again today ali around that title. after lunch dean elgar went. he deserves an honourable mention for his century today. after he went he fights disappeared. even the theoretical support the south africa batting of the day went with him. the hat—trick, confirmation was delayed by a review. 0nly increased
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the climax when england realised they had won the test match with a ali hat—trick. there's never best bad way to win a test match the is one of the best. . i think the way we played was brilliant. look down the side and we have a number of different matchwinners throat. we can set to give up and get in the position of strength they then we find ways of getting across the line so find ways of getting across the line so it is really important that we continue to work to do that. the most important thing for me was that we responded positively after last week. it was a tough week for us but that shows the character of the guys in the dressing room. amazing how things turn around, south africa note 2—1 down. the captain last week was confident, he is now the guy with some questions and some scrutiny. that first evening session was the harvest. it was extremely tough conditions and a lot of credit
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has to go to england for the way they bowled. if you compare our sunday one to date to the rent any freebies from them in that time so they bowled really well and that is why they put us under so much pressure. but england would like is the next test match and a couple of days. that is exactly what happens. 2-1 days. that is exactly what happens. 2—1 up, they had to old trafford. 0ur correspondentjoe wilson was at the oval. some football news for you, jose mourinho will be reunited with nemnaja matic next season. manchester united have bought the chelsea midfielder for £40 million. the serbian midfielder has signed a three—year contract. he won two premier league titles at stamford bridge after being brought back to the club by mourinho. the manchester united maanger says matic represents everything we want in a footballer: loyalty, consistency, ambition, team player. staying with united, defender philjones has been fined and banned for two european matches for verbally abusing a uefa anti—doping officer after the europa league final. team—mate daley blind has also been
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fined around four and half thousand pounds and united £9000. liverpool's biggest independent supporters group, the spirit of shankly, has overwhelmingly backed the introduction of safe standing in premier league grounds. that could be a significant step towards the introduction of rail seating that allows fans to stand. grounds in england's top two divisions have been all—seater ever since lord justice taylors inquiry into the hillsborough disaster in 1989. let's bring in our reporter david 0rnstein. this is a particualrly emotive and delicate issue when it comes to liverpool beacsue of the detahs of their fans at hillsbrough the club has always been against the diea of safe standing though this would change anything?
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they've always been on the same sake of the hillsborough family support group. we've always been against it and actor or knowledge to this point still against the idea of safe standing. the club have trodden a filler diplomatic line in all of the same listen to their fans views and at the moment this is all hypothetical. it is a fairly significant today potentially because the size of this vote in itself, almost 18,000 people were polled, 88% of them were in support of this. those included survivors and their families and of this. those included survivors and theirfamilies and it is liverpool's largest independent supporters club. we should take note of this. the idea of this coming to fruition is still some way off. and what is a rail seating? it's proven to be popular in europe and in scotland. most of in germany at
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russia dortmund player they have successfully tried it and elsewhere in the bundesliga but as you say celtic tried it last season with 3000 seats and is now a permanent feature. also sweden and austria there are clubs they are bringing it on board. what kind of time frame are we talking about? when will any legislation we overturned and be brought in? it is annoying going discussion. the premier league clubs only last month wrote to the clubs ascii then that it would like to participate any trial. west bromwich have offered their stadium as part of that. shrewsbury town plan to bring it in. cristiano ronaldo appeared in court in madrid today. the 32—year—old real madrid striker is accused of evading around
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£13 million in taxes — he denies the charges. 0ur sports news correspondent richard conway has been in madrid today. chris daniel barber said that his conscience was clear from these allegations were made and what the court here in madrid was told today in some detail is exactly how she believes he has done nothing wrong when it comes to his tax affairs. he is accused of evading around £13 million in tax from 2010 onwards but ronaldo and speaking to the court made it very clear she has never avoided or updated tax and has a lwa ys avoided or updated tax and has always been very clear on his responsibilities in terms of paying his obligations. he also pointed to the fact that in england when he played with manchester united, he never had a problem with the tax authorities there and that the company authorities there and that the com pa ny structure authorities there and that the company structure for his image rights as effectively stayed the same. it is never to thejudge in this case to decide whether these allegations will be heard in front ofa allegations will be heard in front of a full trial and that decision
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should be known shortly. that result all inside court. meanwhile outside, the world media waited to hear from cristiano ronaldo and there was certainly a sense of theatre around all occasion. read about a0 tv crews, all occasion. read about a0 tv ci’ews , over all occasion. read about a0 tv crews, over 100 journalists were told that ronaldo would appear on the steps of the court and speak to the steps of the court and speak to the media was he has given his testimony. real madrid were quite worried he may leave spain, there was a lot of support for ronaldo today, electron and sound system abroad and so you could speak to the media but in the end kristen rivaldo do not appear. he was advised not to speak to the media surreal have to wait and see whether he wants to add to what is said in court and once you know exactly what is happening with court proceedings but today he did always talking inside that courtroom. england's women were back
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in training today after beating france 1—0 to reach the semi—finals of the european championship in the netherlands — they now face the hosts on thursday. lots of reaction to last night's win from some of their male counterparts on social media former captain wayne rooney says arsenal and england forward theo walcott and former england striker michael owen so with germany, the winners for the last six euros, being knocked out yesterday, england are favouriytes for theirfirst major title 0ur reporter caroline barker is in the netherlands.
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if england go on to win euro 2017, they've also beating france annexed it only have to beat the host nation in the netherlands. someone who will see it from the sidelines asjill scott. will talk about the booking but to get that win to go through, what was that like? i'm just so happy. alas it was one of the best feelings i've had in football. been involved with the squad and 11 in yea rs involved with the squad and 11 in years and only having beat france for a0 yea rs years and only having beat france for a0 years to get that victory can't describe how i felt after that game. what went through your mind when you get the booking? i knew i was a yellow card away from missing the semifinal but my game for that day was to help the team get through. recent and disappointed that i could limit of that academy
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several selection but i'm stilljust so several selection but i'm stilljust so happy that we won and i'm confident in the team man of your carry on the journey on thursday. hopefully we'll get through to the final and there can be available to play if needed in the final. how do you against the netherlands sand wedge do you use the huge crowds to galvanise think the team thrives on pressure now. we've done so much what i'm pressurised situations and on the pitch of venue yesterday that this team isn't ready to go home. this week added even featured in my mind. i knew we were going to go when go home yesterday. as good to be tough, they played some good and exciting football and they deserve to be in the semifinaljust as much as we do. take me to the moment when you would be able to influence anything, what other delay?m
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you would be able to influence anything, what other delay? it will be difficult. and not very good at watching games. even in the past i probably haven't been able to turn the television on when sunderland are playing so it is good to be difficult. i will try and enjoy it as best i can. maybe learn something from the game and watch out for tactics and hopefully not get too involved emotionally. hopefully the girls can see us through to the final. remain at cu but we will hear you. thank you forjoining us. you can hear that much on thursday, build up from 7pm. so england v the netherlands on thursday then — the other semifinal takes place earlier on thursday between denmark and austria who knocked out spain yesterday. their players, it's fair to say know how to celebrate. . .. this was recorded through the official interview zone after their match. the bbc understands
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that four—times major golf champion rory mcilroy has split from his caddyjp fitzgerald the pair have been together for nine years and fitzgerald was on the bag for all of his major titles. last month, mcilroy gave fitzgerald credit for geeing him up after a poor start to the open. mcilroy is expected to confirm the news on wednesday ahead of this week's world golf championship event in ohio bad news for ireland ahead of next weeks women's rugby world cup which they are hosting. their captain niamh briggs has been ruled out of the tournament with an achilles injury. briggs — who missed the six nations because of a hamstring injury — suffered this latest setback in training for the world cup, munster‘s louise galvin will replace briggs in the squad — while a new captain will be
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named later this week. ireland's first match is against australia on ninth august in dublin. it's not unusual for children to follow in their father's footsteps. but when your dad is famous horse racing jockey frankie dettori — those are some shoes to fill. well, his son is ready to take the challenge! emma jones has the story... an impressive training ground and an equally impressive teacher for any budding jockey. today frankie dettori was giving his 12—year—old son rocco a little taste of what it is like to race at ascot. this statue is a permanent reminder of what frankie dettori achieved here in 1996 when he wrote all seven winners and one day. sound as if you about his son following in his footsteps ? about his son following in his footsteps? there was a bit nervous at first. bodies that it is
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dangerous, while lifetime of sacrifice and eating so i wasn't too pleased when he first liberty seems very determined cyber translate as best i can add i have seen him right and he writes quite well so i am pretty excited. rocco is currently taking a slightly different path to lose that. previously qualified to compete in the shetland pony grand national which will be ends december. he is getting used to the dangers and rewards of racing. they understand your dad maybe doesn't wa nt understand your dad maybe doesn't want you to be a jockey because it is too dangerous? he has said that multiple times but i think now it is 0k. how will you persuade him? i don't really know how that keep on asking. he wants to be a jockey. . and if rocco does make it 12 years
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already perfected the dettori dismount. reports suggest los angeles will host the games in 2028, a survey for paris in 202a. host the games in 2028, a survey for paris in 2024. most cities have twice hosted the games before. the world athletics championships starts in london on friday and one of it's biggest stars has pulled out. the 800 metre 0lympic and world champion david rudisha has injured a thigh muscle. this is the kenyan winning the world title in beijing two years ago. he also holds the world record, a mark he set at the london olympics in 2012. fingers crossed then that usain bolt is wrapped in cotton wool, he is the main draw and races in the heats of the 100 metres on the opening night.
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