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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  July 31, 2017 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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you have any details legislation. you have any details about where he might go and his message? not at this time but we will keep you guys posted on his travel schedule in august and he hopes to have a large amount of support for tax reform, it is vital to our economy and something the administration is focused on and will continue working with the house and senate and members of the administration. for that was barbara huckabee sau nters for that was barbara huckabee saunters and off she went as if we have planted which will of course we didn't. barbara, what to make of that, she did not tell as anything? she told us a couple of things, she said that the president felt it was because of anthony scaramucci's comments last week presumably she was referring to his interview last week in which he used a lot profanity when talking about members of staff. she said he felt they were inappropriate, i did recall mrtrump
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saying anything directly about the interview before so that is clear he felt that was inappropriate. according to her. she'll is said the president did not want to bat in general tally with the line of succession by that she clarified she meant that mr scarr amici have the arrangement way he could report directly to the president and mr kelly is coming in to tighten adult so kelly is coming in to tighten adult so that they would put the president threw him and to survey the mr trump felt, according to the spokeswoman, but she did not want the buddha mr kelly with. those were the two reason she gave. also, interestingly, she said it was a decision that was made mutually among the three people, the president, mr kelly and anthony scaramucci and also she was asked about the reporting, she said that eve ryo ne about the reporting, she said that everyone at the white house would report to mr kelly rather than direct to the president and she was asked several that mean everybody does it mean his mean his daughter, his son—in—law and she said everybody. she said that mr kerry
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would bring new structure and discipline to the white house of the message is very much that we are going to try and eliminate this chaotic lines of communication from the white house. the chief of staff will be required to do the job that achieve of staff have to do which is to be the main man falling communication to the president. that was her message today. —— bundling communication. thank you come back toa communication. thank you come back to a city find out anything else. the problems these press conferences is that at any point the president could pick of his own and start tweeting and everything the press conference doll —— everything be turned upside down. charlie wolf a republican broadcaster and commentator joins us now. what did you make of that? the white house was by hierarchy and hasn't had needs to run like a military operation. general kelly was put into titan of the ship and he's taking control and he probably he
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would make that as a demand that if he was going to take over the ship at the titan adult like a marine unit. a a—star general marine knows how to do that. anthony scaramucci was out, it was not the image, i thought it was interesting in the beginning the first press appearance he made was very good i thought then the phone call, it makes it look like the new york fingers great putter gets the point where it looks like you have someone from's the king of queens. yes but mr trump new what anthony scaramucci was like, mr trump has been critical of people firing this pokes people it is not weighted as a? i think the president was looking for someone who understood him, originally, that was his people outside of his daughter and his son—in—law, these were all elite washington establishment people, person three macro anthony
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scaramucci was from the neighbourhood, from queens, made good not a communications person, half the trains, lawyer, financier very smart. the opening press conference in very good but again... feels like a long time ago.” conference in very good but again... feels like a long time ago. i think he is realising, he is understanding how it works. also the thing with general kelly you have to remember is that he's the main source, the main conduit to the congress as well as making sure to plan the president's schedule, the president has not had an easy time because of his pod club. hold on, the chief of staff who was just left was the person the perfect man. even he couldn't do it? general kelly is above all that, he is an independent, and marine general who has served in combat and had had a son who was alli gave his life in
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combat as well. there is nothing you can hold an general kelly, he has gravitas and: so when he goes to congress and says, listen we don't have the stuff that we need because you have not been improving them, i need these people, it will get done. it will be run with marine efficiency it will be run like a house runs even better. the trouble is when he was a military commander he was in charge of everybody, and when he said jumps peoplejumped, but now he has a boss who by all accou nts but now he has a boss who by all accounts cannot be controlled by anyone, he is his own man. accounts cannot be controlled by anyone, he is his own manlj accounts cannot be controlled by anyone, he is his own man. i think there will have to be a mixture of there will have to be a mixture of the two, donald trump is going to be his own man, and in lean leans you get to know your situation and you adapt to your surroundings, and the general kelly was that to his surroundings and he will make it work ensure he will told the president and given council when needed, maybe some will be taken and somewhere to be taken put his job needed, maybe some will be taken and somewhere to be taken put hisjob is
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to make sure that the rest of the ship works tightly around him and he will clog like a good sailor —— he will clog like a good sailor —— he will plug the leaks like a big sale -- he'll will plug the leaks like a big sale —— he'll plug the leaks like a good sailor. how we have reports that qatar has filed a complaint with the well—trained organisation. here's a tweet... remember those three countries severed ties with qatar backin countries severed ties with qatar back injune, countries severed ties with qatar back in june, we've countries severed ties with qatar back injune, we've talked about a lot, they accuse qatar is the terrorism something that cannot alli denies. —— something that qatar denies. —— something that qatar denies. they have stopped flights to doha, and on top of the land border with saudi arabia has been closed which was used to import 40% of
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qatar's food, you can imagine the consequences that. live from new york, good to see is the mirror, guess the question here is what influence, what pressure could the wto apply even if it concluded that qatar had a point? the world trade organisation is really responsible for adjudicating any sort of trade disputes and what qatar has said in their complaint is that these countries are using coercive attem pts countries are using coercive attempts at economic isolation. by complaining to the wto qatar is enforcing all three countries to the table to try and resolve the dispute and if they don't then they could face litigation with the wto, so they could face quite a bit of pressure from them. most countries would want to avoid that. now, saudi arabia, the united arab emirate money of the country have all said that if qatar does this they will
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cite national security as the reasoning. that is an exemption that is allowed under the wto but it is seldom used. was the time brain on this what is the procedure? now they have opened up a 60 day period in which all of these countries have to sit down and come to some sort of discussion and at about 60 day period have expired then it becomes pa rt period have expired then it becomes part of the deep wto and what they decide. —— part of the wto are what they decide to adjudicate. i'm sure we will told that my. on friday, north korea test—fired another intercontinental ballistic missile. these pictures supposedly show it — and what's worried the country's neighbours is that these pictures were shot in hokkaido, japan. north korea claims that the entire us is now within its striking range. we can't be sure if that is true but inevitably it is a concern for
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donald trump. he was asked what he is in the do about it. we will handle north korea we will be able to. it will be handled. we handle everything, thank you very much. not a whole lot of detail there but we do know that the americans will not call un security council meeting. as it's done in the past. nikki haley, the us ambassador to the un said... to state the obvious this is all a blow for those hoping for a de—escalation attention on the korean peninsula. as you may know there is a demilitarised zone between north and the south and the bbc‘s karen allen has been there. this is some of the report she has
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sent. beyond the barbed wire lines north korea and this incredible wall trait in the bids contains messages to people on the other side many rum loved ones. this one is written in england and says "grandpa and grandmal england and says "grandpa and grandma i have made it, unification one day." that is a hope for the future but many people's eyes are on what is happening now and i hope a de—escalation following the missile test that happened on friday. donald trump is expected to hold talks, telephone talks with the president of south korea he was on vacation at the moment but he is going to want to talk about shoring up missile defences here in south korea. president trump has also spoken to the japanese prime minister but they have had no discussions specifically on any military action. well more from karen in south korea in a moment i also want to tell you that the weekend in alaska america tested this... it's anti—missile system, it
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destroys missiles in the last stage of their flight. i destroys missiles in the last stage of theirflight. i mention destroys missiles in the last stage of their flight. i mention that because already as karen was mentioning the americans have installed that system in south korea. also at the weekend the americans rejects over peninsulas, china is opposed that happening president trump doesn't seem overly concerned on sunday he took the twitter to say... thart language from the president, mark and distant from the line which he used when the chinese leader visited him a couple of months ago. here is karen again in china's position. people are wondering how much influence the shana really have certainly people here have links to china, many of them have family to
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china. it is true that it's responsible for about 90% of all trade with north korea, china the instance, provide cheap fuel which powers the tanks and power stations in place of korea. it is condemned the test and has very little appetite any kind of military confrontation after all that could result in millions of north korean refugees flooding across in chinese borders. as the donald trump's tweet, that china could solve this problem while the chinese newspapers as saying he is simply wrong. it is not that simple. officials century say they have struck a deal will hold the olympic games in 2000 22. reports say the international olympic committee will
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confirm the arrangement in the coming hours. let's talk live on the bbc sports centre. reports make it sound like it's a done deal. absolutely outspoken to the la city council about this and they believe that the eyes need to be dotted and the tease me to be crossed. if you look at this boston pulled out earlier on and you had rome, hamburg and budapest what this does for the aac in the ipc is it gives them the opportunity to plan ahead and know what is happening to those 2024 and 2028 games, it has not been la since 1984, fantastic games then, the usa have not posted it sits at an 21996 and also means that france, the powerless, it is a get out ofjail ca rd powerless, it is a get out ofjail card for them as it means they get those 2024 games and this is 100 yea rs those 2024 games and this is 100 years since paris lost hope in the
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olympics. the verb is great news and the la it will be an outstanding games as well. financially good incentive for both countries. good for the icc because it is having more and more trouble finding cities willing to take this on. more and more trouble finding cities willing to take this onlj more and more trouble finding cities willing to take this on. i mention about boston, rome, budapest there is that pulled out. he gives them the opportunity to plan ahead for yea rs the opportunity to plan ahead for years to come so we are then looking at 2032, your member that paris missed out on 2004 the london is a disappointment that there the them also financially they believe this will be the best one for them and also the la. wire thank you very much indeed. in a few minutes an outside source we will be looking at next week ‘s election in kenya outside source we will be looking at next week 's election in kenya an important electoral official have been found murdered today. one of cricket's greats was bowled another googlie today — this time from atest match special commentary colleague. here's what happened when geoff boycott was told one of his most famous innings was about to be scrubbed
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from the record books. it is not what i was thinking. it is a statistical, i'm not good at these "further to the recent request from south african government the icc has 110w south african government the icc has now considered the question of downgrading the status of all statistics including bones and wickets from the series played between england and the rest of the world between 1970. the icc agrees that series played against the spirit of the denny gold agreement and in the interest of keeping cricket free from political interference all matches will be removed... " ridiculous. a load of tripe. jeffrey, you got a hundred in that series didn't you? in the last match of the april. balbir problem if that is taken up. not really it
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wasn't a test match so is taken out. plot, your 100 hundredths will know 900. that is ridiculous. you are right, he is an idiot for putting that out. there might be others who got 100 100th. yours was at headingley, it was special, you not all this command to plates. what date was at york 100 hundred? 11 double quest 1977. that is coming up win not doing anything special ari? we are we having do with a people and raising money for the yorkshire airambulance. and raising money for the yorkshire air ambulance. we will have to cancel it. we are not cancelling it. you invited me to that but under false pretensions. the way you are
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carrying an now you are not getting an invite. i'm taking the inside back. it is a mess. it is a mess and it is also a complete wind—up. laughter sky is that right? you muppet! it is never. is that a wind—up? you muppet! i will get you that! this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is... the brand new white house director of communications antony scaramucci is leaving, just ten days after donald trump hired him. he man in charge of kenya's computerised voting system has been found dead — and the president election is august 8. one kenyan newspaper is reporting that the body of chris msando was decapitated. speculation around what's happened here plays into what is already a tense campaign. it's close — with president uhuru kenyatta up against long—time
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opponent raila odinga. here's nancy kacungira with what we know about the death of chris msando. it is quite important to know who he was chris msando was an it manager at kenya's electoral body. he'd only beenin at kenya's electoral body. he'd only been in office for about two months but he was right at the centre coming up with the electronic system that kenya will use in the elections on august the 8th. he had been missing since friday, two day he was bound, his body was found along with the body of a female, unidentified female, they were found just outside the outskirts of nairobi there was a press c0 nfe re nce the outskirts of nairobi there was a press conference later and his boss, the chair of the electoral body said there was no doubt that he had been tortured port so that he had had one of his arms cut off. what is very chilling about this is that there
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was no attempt to pretend this was an accident or hide the fact that this was a cold—blooded murder.m electronic voting are politically potent issue? it is, it goes back to 2007 when we have a devastating result of the post—election violence one thing that came out of that was a commission which found that in order to stop things like ballot stuffing and double registration of voters and some of the fraudulent activities that went on it was important to have more technology put into the mix to stop some of those things. this white kenya has been pushing electronic voting since then. this was a disaster when they last tried to use it? unfortunately power cuts made it difficult. even simple things like mobile phone that was posed to transmit results were not charged. it did not go quite well and ended up in the supreme court where it was eventually established who won the election.
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sometimes when i told the kenyans about their election they say why do is the international media always wa nt is the international media always want more back to 2007 would there will be problems coming you should be more positive? i guess events like this play into the narrative that this is a tense affair. there was one saying we can go to witches it is not the one who counts but the one count the votes. i think that is something a lot of kenyans are thinking about, can we trust the bodies and the botanic offices there has been a lot of things going on whether it is amending the law to make sure you can have a manual voting system as a back—up there are a lot of things that have gone on the kenyans are not so sure. there was definitely left to their winning to look forward and stratford peeps but there was also bit of webby this people think about what is the best way to get there. peace must be had but just as as well. a row involving apple — and about internet censorship. this is about virtual
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private networks, or vpns — and apple's decision to remove them from its app store in china. vpns allow you to access online material by directing your internet activity through another computer. it means users can then access censored or blocked websites — without giving away their real location. if you can't get to a website of your government is stopping you. you can your government is stopping you. you ca n a ccess your government is stopping you. you can access website because you are not giving weight your real location. apple's removed 60 vpns from its app store — that will make it much hard for chinese users to get around china's tough restrictions on internet usage. vpns are the way of life for a lot of internet uses in china. anyone who wants to access the big sites that barred inside china, facebook,
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twitter, google or a host of a new site about inside china will need a vpn in order to do that. business people use them a lot in order to research products overseas or to market products overseas leaving just used things like gmail, things are just used things like gmail, things a re really just used things like gmail, things are really common when doing business are lots of other places. the chinese government is really cracking down on vpns this year in particular because the political environment in china is quite tense at the moment, it the end of this year there was going to be a very important political conference in china with the next generation of chinese leaders are expected to be unveiled. at the moment the chinese government really is imposing even stricter centres and controls than it normally would. that is probably why apple has finally given in to pressure to remove why apple has finally given in to pressure to remove vpn apps from its app pressure to remove vpn apps from its app store inside china. china is a
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really important market for apple, it represents about 20% of all the companies's sales. it is also very important manufacturing base for apple it gets a third company, fox,, to manufacture many of its iphones, ipods and other devices in militant china said the country is really important in maintaining good relations. —— in mainland china. we can see they value this relationship was over can see they value this relationship was over time apple has been given toa was over time apple has been given to a lot of chinese government laws and regulations on all sorts of things. for example start of the year apple removed the new york times at comet apple store inside china, the new york times is banned in china because of its reporting and now the new times app is longer available on the apple app store. it is also decided to allow or give in to the chinese government's request to the chinese government's request to install data servers in the chinese mainland. it is tried to
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reassure its government customers that it will keep data but many people think this will mean that apple will hand over some of that data to the chinese government when requested. now we have apple's announcement or its acknowledgement that vpn apps are also not on sale in the app store so itjust goes to underline this ongoing demand by the chinese government for apple to give in to certain laws and regulations and apple says it simply is following the rules and regulations of the country in which it operates. just the amount due in case you've been away from the television or your phone, anthony scaramucci the man who was going to reset the messaging coming out of the white house has been relieved of his duties ten days after he was offered them, he hadn't even formally taken up them, he hadn't even formally taken up thejob. them, he hadn't even formally taken up the job. i them, he hadn't even formally taken up thejob. i will see them, he hadn't even formally taken up the job. i will see tomorrow, goodbye.
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hello, this summer has delivered a huge variety of whether at times heart and others very wet. in the past couple of weeks you would be forgiven for feeling short—changed. what has gone wrong with the summer? lets find some answers on a. wrong with the summer? lets find some answers on a. typically we would expect it to be novel of the uk, closer to iceland, would expect it to be novel of the uk, closerto iceland, nothing against that country or its fine people for the jet stream should be nearer to their not here. we would expect some subtle summer warmth what has actually happened in past couple of weeks of the jet stream has been unusually fast self meaning that low—pressure systems have come right across the uk giving of the wet weather at times and keeping it was cool. so, summer, recently, has beenin was cool. so, summer, recently, has been in brief moments as we saw on monday to the showers and kent, in merseyside, some pleasant blue sky.
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you know about it when the show was coming. gusty winds. a similar picture on tuesday. they may be some lovely sunshine but don't expect it to last long. the showers will get going. from the web go on tuesday morning some in southern scotland, north—west england, wales will see some heavy downpours and mail pushing further east during the day. some heavy, some country once. maybe some sun and the far south—east. but if you didn't get shower on monday the chances is greater than usual. a few countries in the low point is. wednesday, slightly different low— pressure wednesday, slightly different low—pressure is coming in again on the jet stream but this is low—pressure is coming in again on thejet stream but this is producing rain rather than showers. that rain will move into wales, western england, northern ireland, throughout the day but it takes awhile to get much of scotland in eastern england so ahead of the rain without any showers it will be a better day the summer. eventually the rain will move on the late wednesday to wednesday night as the low— pressure wednesday to wednesday night as the low—pressure comes right across the
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uk. the winds will pick up as well particularly on the southern flank of the low—pressure really thursday that it will be quite a blustery day, plenty of showers but most frequent towards the north and the west. not too many reaching east anglia and south—east england. more on the web sunny spells, there. a bit of a change of wind direction of friday, the low—pressure will pull away an old be more the west, north—west lead with the north—west of the uk, to add insult to injury on friday there were still showers and the temperatures will come down few degrees and most of the showers will hit the north and west of the uk as they will be in the start the weekend because it is predominantly a westerly breeze, the bev east you are particular request england showers you will see. —— the further east you are. not much better on sunday, the jet stream, east you are. not much better on sunday, thejet stream, this is the forecast it is still taking that southern track and is the still carrying a weather system the next one poised and later on sunday into the start next week. later next week
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there are signs that that high will make an attempt to build northwards across the uk, bringing something more settles but how many others will feel the influence is still open to question before it gets squeezed south again by the return of low pressure. they looks like we're setting up a north—south split. the closer you are to low— pressure split. the closer you are to low—pressure will be more unsettled all booing further north. last year high temperature came in september so do not lose hope yet! tonight at ten... turmoil at the white house, as another senior official is sacked. anthony scaramucci is no longer communications director, afterjust ten days on the job. it follows the appointment by president trump of a new chief
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of staff, john kelly, to bring "discipline and strength" to the white house. also in the programme tonight, remembering the fallen. prince charles leads a service to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of passchendale. among the guests, descendants of those who fought in 1917 in flanders fields. we remember it not only for the rain that fell, the mud that weighed down the living and swallowed the dead,
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