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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 31, 2017 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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now let's return to the commemorations in belgium to remember the 100th anniversary of the battle of passchendaele. and sophie raworth‘s there for us. sophie... among the 4,000 guests here at tyne cot for a special ceremony today were descendants of those who fought in the battle of passchendaele. jill barnett‘s father, freddie parsons, was one of those men. he — unlike so many others — survived the war. this afternoon i spoke tojill, who was here with her family for the first time, about her father. we leave you tonight with her reflections as we remember one of the bloodiest battles in human history. good night. it was a wonderful ceremony. i loved every moment of it. i thought it was beautifully done. how much did he talk about what happened? he did say i don't know how i came out alive. it was just diabolical. the rain, the mud. shells raining down on them. men just blown to pieces all around him.
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it was literally a putrid soup of body parts and rain and mud and everything. it was just awful, i think. and your father also spoke about the horses he went into battle with. one of his horses was fatally wounded in shrapnel or something. and, this particular horse, i think he was probably quite fond of or something and he sat with it for a few minutes until it died. they weren't allowed to put them out of their misery, they weren't allowed to use any ammunition. because the ammunition was all supposed to be kept for the enemy. so, your mother is believed to be the oldest surviving world war i widow. she's coming up to 97. there was a 25—year age gap between my father and her. obviously not well enough to be here today. so, it was quite nice to be here for her. very poignant. it's amazing really. and ijust feel so grateful that my father survived.
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i wouldn't be here otherwise. it is wonderful really and i think he'd be very proud. good evening, you're watching bbc news, i'm 0lly foster at the bbc sport centre, these are our headlines tonight... as easy as 1—2—3... a hatrick for ali sees england go 2—1 up in the series against south africa. a deal‘s been done... la say they'll take 2028, with paris getting the 2024 games they wanted and 4 days before the start of the athletics world championships, london loses one of it's stars of the track. good evening, the topsy turvy test series saw england go 2—1 against south africa today.
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after a big win at lords, a heavy defeat at trent bridge, it was another one sided result at the oval as joe root‘s team won by 239 runs. the tourists were always up against it, needing to bat out the final day with a draw realistically the best they could have hoped for. england needed just 6 wickets, toby roland—jones took two of them in two balls by lunch and though opener dean elgar made a century he was just delaying the inevitable..his wicket was the first in a moeen ali hatrick to seal the win. the final test starts at old trafford on friday. 0ur sports correspondent joe wilson was at the oval. voiceover: £20 got you today. for the kids, a quid. remember england came into the test match seeking answers, two of their
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three debutants were outstanding in the words of england's coach. maybe roland—jones is just one of those players who make a habit... in the morning session, two wickets and two balls. the review was taken by england. actually, roland—jones was closer to an england readable, hat—trick was .com. love, one of the's of decisions was to playjust one specials and that is calling moeen ali a specialist and once again here in the title. after lunch dean elgar went, his century today he definitely deserves an honourable mention. after he went i2 fight was clear even theoretical hope of south africa batting of the day went with him. rabada alt and then morne morkel followed the first ball of melancholy, hat—trick. —— the first
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ball of moeen ali. the confirmation was delayed by a review but it only increased the climax. there is never a bad way to win a test match put this came as one the best and exhilarating conclusion for england. i think the women played with brilliant. i looked down the side. -- i think brilliant. i looked down the side. —— i think the way we played was brilliant. if we can set a game of getting the position of strength early we generally find ways of getting across the line so i think it's really important that we continue to look to that of the most important thing to me was that we respond positively after last week it was obviously a very tough week was bodiger shows the character of the curve in a dressing room. amazing how things turn around after one test match the... south africa are now 2—1 down faf du plessis stuckmann is confident that the way he is now the guy was some questions
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and some scrutiny. the second day of their session, that evening session was the hardest i have had against siemens. it was extremely tough conditions and a lot of credit has to go to england and the way they bowled. if you compare was on day one and a two there was not many freebies from them and that palin says people truly well and that is why they put is under so much pressure. what england would like after this is the next test match coming up injust a number of days, and that is exactly what is happening, too— one of they had to 0ld happening, too— one of they had to old trafford. ...and this evening england named their squad for the old trafford test — just the one change with stephen finn replacing the injured mark wood. the three debutants all retain their places in the 13. los angeles have confirmed that a deal has been agreed to host the 2028 olympics and paralympics. they were also in the running for the 2024 games with paris and that was their first choice but the french capital will now stage those. both games will be
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ratified by the ioc in september without the need for a vote it will be the third time that la and paris have hosted the olympics. they were the only bidding cities after budapest, rome and hamburg pulled out we have a few formalities left, but the city council the body that a overseas we have got to have a couple of quick hearings and approve it but at this point all systems are 90, it but at this point all systems are go, two years ago the words of the 0lympics were not in the angeleno's vocabulary at that point so i think we have come a long way from when we first indicated there was an outside shot that we would be given the opportunity to even compete so here we are today saying that we're down to the final confirmation and in a short period of time be hearing the 0lympian theme rolling through the
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city of islay. the city of la. —— the city of la. the world athletics championships starts in london on friday and one of it's biggest stars has pulled out. meanwhile, the governing body of world athletics — the iaaf — has re—iterated that russia remains banned from international track and field competition. they say the russians have not made sufficient progress in their anti—doping fight to merit reinstatement. russia was accused in a wada report last year of state—sponsored doping. its athletics team was barred from last year's 0lympics, and they'll also miss the world championships. i9 russians will compete in london as independents athletes. coe says... we have seen progress and yes some of that on some occasions that progress has been quicker than on other occasions and it has tended to
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speed up a little bit when there has been the focus normally around major championship, so it is not that that isn't any progress at the progress we wa nt isn't any progress at the progress we want has to communicate in a meeting of those criteria and physically it is unambiguous. for —— and it is clear it is unambiguous. some football news for you, jose mourinho will be reunited with nemanja matic next season. manchester united have bought the chelsea midfielder for £40 million. the serbian has signed a 3—year contract. he won two premier league titles at stamford bridge after being brought back to the club by mourinho. the manchester united manager says matic represents everything we want in a footballer: loyalty, consistency, ambition, team player. staying with united, defender philjones has been fined and banned for 2 european matches for verbally abusing a uefa anti—doping officer after the europa league final. team—mate daley blind has also been fined around £4500 and united £9000. the four—times major golf champion rory mcilroy has split from his caddyjp fitzgerald.
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the pair have been together for nine years and fitzgerald was on the bag for all of his major titles. last month, mcilroy gave fitzgerald credit for geeing him up after a poor start to the open. it was actually this month we are not in august yet. mcilroy‘s expected to explain his decision on wednesday ahead of this week's world golf championship event in ohio the hosts ireland have some bad news ahead of the women's rugby world cup that starts next week. their captain niamh briggs has been ruled out of the tournament with an achilles injury. ireland's first match is against australia on 9th august in dublin. briggs — who missed the six nations because of a hamstring injury — suffered this latest setback in training. munster‘s louise galvin will replace briggs in the squad — while a new captain will be named later this week. it's not unusual for children to follow in their father's footsteps. but when your dad is former champion jockey frankie dettori — those are some shoes to fill.
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emma jones has the story... an impressive training ground and an equally impressive teacher the any pudding jockey today frankie dettori was giving his tour of your sun rocco taste of what it is like to race at ascot. this statue is a permanent reminder of what frankie dettori achieved in 1996 when he rode all seven winners in one day, so rode all seven winners in one day, so how does he feel about his son following in his famous footsteps?” was a bit nervous at first, obviously it is dangerous, it is a lifetime sacrifice no eating, be careful with your weight so i was not to please willie tommy wants to bea not to please willie tommy wants to be a jockey but he seems very determined so outside the guide as i can. “— determined so outside the guide as i can. ——i determined so outside the guide as i can. —— i was not too pleased when he told me he wants to be a jockey.
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i'm excited. rocco is currently taking a slightly different path to his dad he recently qualified to compete in the shetland pony grand national. so, just like frankie he's getting used to the dangers and rewards of racing. i understand your dad doesn't want you to be a jockey causes dangerous is that right? yes he said that multiple times but i think that now it is ok. how will you persuaded me want to be jackie? i don't really know how, but... he was the jockey fall stop. he has already affected the dettori dismount. didn't have far to hit the ground did eat? england have gone up... that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. it is that time of the night of the
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bbc news channel look at what the papers were big tomorrow. with me are laura hughes, political correspondent at the daily telegraph, and journalist and political commentator, daisy mcandrew. lost at about. let's have a sneak preview now, this says that anthony scaramucci's sacking has left the white house reeling, that breaking story tonight they did well to get that on the front page. the times carries a picture of england's test
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cricket win against south africa. the president also features on the front page of the daily mail but they lead that currie with news that pupils as ages 11 could have lessons in breast—feeding. the match carries the story of the royal marine jailed for 18 years after building bombs for 18 years after building bombs for the continuity ira. the daily telegraph has doctors warning that staton ‘s are being needlessly described the millions people simply because of their age. and the sun has an intriguing story about facebook shutting down and artificial intelligence experiment after two robots began talking in a language only they could understand. i know the feeling. that story frea ks i know the feeling. that story freaks me out. laughter but, let's start with the eye newspaper macro, the story broke around 830, eight o'clock but you can imagine the turmoil in some newsrooms trying to get back on.
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anthony scaramucci is sacked as communications head after farmer ‘s terror raid leaves the white house reeling. ——


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