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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 1, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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back to los angeles. four days before the start of the athletics world championships, london loses one of its stars of the track. and it took 100 matches but moeen ali is the first player to take a test hat—trick at the oval as england win the third test against south africa. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the news that los angeles is set to be awarded the 2028 summer olympics and paralympics. they had been competing with paris for 202a. this means the french capital will almost certainly be the hosts before them. the president of la city council says los angeles will benefit financially from waiting four more years for the games. we have a few formalities left to do, like the city council, the body that i oversee, we've got to have a couple of hearings and approve it. but at this point all systems are go
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and we are very excited. how have you come to this deal is the question many people will want to know? two years ago the words olympic were not even in angelenos' vocabulary at that point in time so i think we've come a long way from when we first indicated there was an outside shot that we'd be given the opportunity to even compete. so here we are today saying we are down to the dotting of the is and crossing of the ts, and in a short period of time you will be hearing the olympian theme music rolling through the city of a lay. obviously paris has been bidding for 2024, and you have bid for 2028, what convinced you do go for 2028? two years ago no
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one even thought we were in the game and now here we are at the table. we believe in going for 2028 we might get some additional perks that we could use to help benefit the city of los angeles, but i think the most important thing is that this is like a once—in—a—lifetime thing. we have the opportunity to be a government in la that for all of history we will be able to say and we will be remembered by the history books as the legislative body that brought the legislative body that brought the olympic games to los angeles in 2028, and that will live on longer than all of us. when you look at things that happened in 1984, people's everlasting memory from those games might be thejet pac man coming into the stadium. what are you going to do to improve on that? i'm not going to let loose any trade secrets but i can promise the world that we will have one hell of an
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opening ceremony and the closing ceremony will match it. we are hollywood. this is where dreams are born and dreams come true, so i anticipate that we will be able to not only put on a competitive show, an entertaining show, but also a financially worthwhile show. thanks so financially worthwhile show. thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate it. paris mayor anne hidalgo on monday welcomed los angeles' decision to offer to host the 2028 games but stopped short of saying the 2024 version was in the bag for paris, saying instead that talks would continue throughout august. meanwhile, the governing body of world athletics the iaaf has re—iterated that russia remains banned from international track and field competition. the world championships start in london on friday and the iaaf say the russians haven't made sufficient progress in their anti—doping fight to merit reinstatement. russia was accused in a wada report last year of state—sponsored doping. its athletics team was barred
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from last year's olympics and paralympics and they'll also miss the world championships. 19 russians will compete in london as independent athletes. we've seen progress and on some occasions some of that progress has been quicker than on other occasions and it tended to speed up a little bit when there's been a focus normally around the major championships. so it's not that there isn't any progress, but the progress we wa nt there isn't any progress, but the progress we want has to culminate in a meeting of those criteria and it's clear it's unambiguous. already one of its biggest stars has pulled out of the championships just days before it gets under way. the 800m olympic and world champion david rudisha has injured a thigh muscle. the 28—year—old kenyan also holds the world record, a mark he set at the london olympics in 2012. it comes as a big loss as he's the only person to ever run under 1:41 for the event. confirmation came on monday that
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nemanja matic has joined manchester united on a three—year deal from chelsea for over $50 million. the serbian midfielder who celebrates his 29th birthday on tuesday will be reacquainted withjose mourinho who originally brought him to england from benfica when he was in charge at stamford bridge. i feel great. manchester is one of the biggest clubs in the world and i'm very happy because i'm now part of this great club, part of this great group and i'm looking forward to start to train with the team and to start to train with the team and to start to play the games. cristiano ronaldo has appeared in a spanish court accused of tax fraud. the real madrid forward testified at a pre—trial hearing before leaving without speaking to journalists who'd gathered outside the building. one of them was our sports news correspondent richard conway. cristiano ronaldo making it clear today in court he feels he's done
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nothing wrong when it comes to his tax affairs. now, he stands accused of $17 million of tax evasion dating from 2010 onwards. now, he said when the allegations were made his conscience was clear and today in court he told the judge that as far as it came to his tax obligations he'd always been very clear, he'd a lwa ys he'd always been very clear, he'd always try to pay, he'd always make sure that he had nothing hanging over him and said that dated back even to his time in england when he was playing with manchester united, he said he never had a problem with the tax authorities. it's up to the judge in this case to decide whether these allegations proceed to a full court hearing. that was all inside the court. meantime outside on the steps there was a degree of theatre that was played out. around 100 journalists waited outside the court to hear what had been happening. real madrid, cristiano ronaldo's employer, brought in a lectin, they brought in a sound system because they were told their player would
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address the world's media after he gave that testimony. in the end he decided against it, deciding not to speak any further and the media were disappointed they weren't able to hear from the man disappointed they weren't able to hearfrom the man himself. huge interest in him and this case and that will continue and we await to see whether these allegations will proceed now into a full court hearing. four—time major golf champion rory mcilroy has split from his caddiejp fitzgerald. the they have been together for four years and he fitzgerald. the they have been togetherforfour years and he has been on the bag for his major titles. fitzgerald was given credit for geeing him up after a poor start to the open. mcilroy is expected to give his explanation ahead of the world golf championships in ohio this week. in major league baseball news yu darvish has joined the los angeles dodgers from the texas rangers. the japanese star has 960 strikeouts in five major league seasons. he's been an all—star four times and led the american league in strikeouts with a career—high 277 in 2013 and moves to the dodgers as they seek their first
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world series title since 1988. england bowler moeen ali made history on monday as he became the first player in 100 tests at the oval to take a hat—trick. it was also the first time ever in test match cricket that three left handers were dismissed for a hat—trick as the hosts beat south africa by 239 runs to win the third test. england now hold a 2—1 series lead as the only real south african resistance came from dean elgar who hit his eighth test century with the fourth and final test starting at old trafford on friday. i think the way we played was brilliant. i looked down the side and we've got a number of different match winners throughout. i think we can set a game up and get into a position with strength early then we generally find ways of getting across the line so i think it's really important we continue to do that but the most important thing for me was we responded positively after last week, it was obviously a tough week but it shows the
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character of the guys in the dressing room. that first or second day, that evening session, was the hardest against seamers. it was extremely tough conditions and a lot of credit has to go to england with the way they bowled. if you can play us on day one and a two there weren't many freebies from them in that time so they bowled really well and that's why they put us under so much pressure. don't be fooled by this yellow board, it will open up into something spectacular! hawaii's kai lenny won the puerto escondido challenge as a field of 24 of the world's best big wave surfers competed in 20—to—25 foot surf in mexico. this was the first event of the 2017 world surf league big wave tour as lenny took on the towering conditions to collect his first victory on this tour. remember the name. you can get all the latest sports news at our website, that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello, good morning
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and welcome to august. but if you were hoping the new month would bring a new type of weather, well, actually, we'rejust going to continue with the sort of theme we had at the end ofjuly. a mixture of sunshine and showers. the earlier satellite picture shows clumps of cloud circulating around an area of low pressure. and with that we will continue to see some showers as we go through the day. some places starting off dry, particularly northern scotland and the south and east of england, but for wales, certainly not starting off dry. in fact here through the first part of the morning showers likely to gang up into a longer spell of rain. that then extending across merseyside, up into northern england and southern scotland, so could be a soggy start to the day in edinburgh and glasgow. brightening up for a time, though,
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in northern ireland and the north of scotland actually getting off to a fairly decent start with some spells of sunshine. 14 degrees there in inverness. then across parts of eastern england, east anglia, the east midlands, down into the south—east, here should be a fine start, good spells of sunshine, temperatures are around 15 or 16 degrees at 8am in the morning. central, southern england in fine shape and a lot of sunshine across the of england too but a few showers even at this early stage. and as we go on through the day, those showers will become quite widespread right across the map. some places will see more showers than others. some places could see shower after shower after shower, perhaps with hail and thunder. other places might well avoid the showers and stay dry. that most likely down towards the south—east of england. here we'll see the highest temperatures as well, 23 degrees in london. a much cooler, fresherfeel further north and west. as we go on through tuesday night and into the early hours of wednesday, most places will turn dry with some clear spells but then another change out west, this band of rainjust beginning to work into the south—west of england, the south—west of wales. with that some strong and gusty
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winds, could see gales for a time across the far south—west because this next area of low pressure will be pushing its way in from the west with this frontal system bringing outbreaks of rain. tightly squeezed isobars, that shows that we'll have some pretty strong and gusty winds. eastern areas will start off wednesday dry and some parts of eastern scotland, eastern england will stay dry all day. but the rain migrating its way eastwards and some of that could be heavy in southern parts of england later on wednesday afternoon. now, for thursday, we're back to where we started. again it's a mixture of sunshine and showers. our area of low pressure still with us, sitting across scotland at this stage. a fairly cool, fresh feel in blustery winds and for the end of the week, you guessed it, again that mixture of sunshine and showers. fairly cool and fresh, particularly in the north—west. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: farewell to the mooch. afterjust ten days in the job, president trump fires his director
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of communications, anthony scaramucci. officials in los angeles say they've struck a deal to host the summer olympic games in 2028. venezuela's president is accused of undermining democracy as the us imposes direct sanctions on nicolas maduro. and sam shepard, the acclaimed actor and playwright, has died at the age of 73.
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