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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 2, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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did in tricky to play as well as we did in tricky conditions, certainly with the bat, because the batting at trent bridge was poor. in tough conditions at the oval to play like we did. ben stokes played fantastically well for his 100th. a good team performance with three debutants doing well. toby, with his eight, and tommy, making his debut was a special moment. a lot of the players have experience. 30 test matches is a benchmark for players and if you play 30, you understand the rigmarole of test cricket better than when you have played one or two. we should be more consistent. how was it who you? no longer captain, are you enjoying not having that focus and being able to play cricket? the bit that got me was that first phone call from james whitaker saying, you are in the squad for lords. brilliant, great, i
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will see you. i read the names on it and think oh, that's it. you carry on with what you are doing. whether i was on the farm, i cannot remember. an hour later i forgot how much work had gone into picking the side. the conversation, tossing and turning in your head, shall we go over him? i realised i did not miss that. it is horrible when you see joe root going out at trent bridge facing the media but when you play badly you have to hold up your hands. it is good as assigned to bounce back like we did. catherine downes is at home relaxing now. onto athletics and with the world championships starting at the london stadium in 48 hours, the great britain team arrived in the capital today from their training camp in france. they travelled by eurostar and there to meet and greet at st pancras station was our sports correspondentjoe wilson. britain's athletes return from
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france on eurostar. they have kept a clear mind away from london, in paris, at the holding camp, but returned with a clear expectation. six medals at least must be won, say uk sport, who control the lottery funding. asha philip says one olympic medallist who is part of the team. a relay athlete. i have spoken to her about preparation and expectation for the world championships. i am chuffed because idid not championships. i am chuffed because i did not have this opportunity at london 2012 and to do it again at home, i london 2012 and to do it again at home, lam ready. my family london 2012 and to do it again at home, i am ready. my family will be there. they have no excuses. support there. they have no excuses. support the whole team and myself and hopefully get the six medals. the legacy from london 2012 is still in people'smind because people remember mo farah, greg rutherford, jessica
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ennis—hill. is it time for new faces and names to present themselves to the british public? i feel it will be the next generation that will come out. after london, people were inspired in para—athletics and the olympics so i believe and hope people will be inspired by this and come out and watch track and field andjoin come out and watch track and field and join clubs come out and watch track and field andjoin clubs and come out and watch track and field and join clubs and get involved in the sport. we want the next generation to come, because i will not be here for ever. this competition will prove how good british athletics are banned in years to come they will be more to see. that was asha philip, we could call her the loughborough express because she has relocated there. and those who know st pancras station, will also know we not far from a train to take you to loughborough. this britain's former triple jump world championjonathan edwards said this
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week that his world record could go in london to the american christian taylor — the current world and olympic champion. edwards' leap is the oldest in the record books so in the next of our world championship memories, let's remind ourselves ofjust why his jump of 18 metres 29 set in gothenburg at the worlds in 1995, has become such an iconic moment. good night. commentator: the crowd anticipating something special again from jonathan edwards of great britain. 0h, jonathan edwards of great britain. oh, it is a tough act to follow but he has done it again. i don't believe it. exactly 60 feet and a quarter of an inch. jonathan edwards has made history again. road safety campaigners say proposals to remove speed bumps in england to help cut pollution, are ‘dangerous, daft and irresponsible.‘ the government
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has suggested it's willing to pay for councils to rip them up, because when drivers brake and then accelerate to get over them, they increase exhaust emissions. here's roger harrabin. children are vulnerable to polluted air. it can harm the development of their lungs and aggravate existing conditions like asthma and hay fever. but the government's plan to combat pollution includes offering to pay councils to rip up speed humps installed to protect those same children. here is why cars will typically break as they reach a hump and then accelerate their way out of it, increasing pollution in the process. some motoring groups can't wait for the humps to go. speed bumps, "inverterd potholes" — we have been against them from the word go.
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for the past 15 years we have argued against them including the fact that pollution and excessive fuel usage that they cause. but the humps won't be removed without a fight — in many areas, local people campaigned for them to protect children from speeding cars. rachel maycock is a safety campaigner based in cardiff. where she walks her two—year—old to nursery. her organisation, living streets, is writing to ministers criticising their decision to offer to pay for the removal of speed bumps. it's a really weak plan based on really weak evidence. getting rid of speed bumps and spending that money is not going to improve our air quality. it is going to increase the likelihood of accidents in urban areas like this. and the money can be spent better elsewhere. i think it is probably in there because the government feels they need to be seen to be nice to the motorists. and not to demonise diesel car drivers and so forth. but we are concerned it is sending out the wrong message to local authorities. the challenge over humps created confusion in whitehall with different departments saying they weren't responsible for the idea. a government spokesman said later it would ensure any changes on the roads didn't reduce safety for children.
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roger harrabin, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. today delivered a summer soaking in many places, particularly close to the south coast of england. if you we re the south coast of england. if you were planning a trip to the beach in lyme regis you may have turned and headed home because that was the scene for a weather watcher. in northern scotland, blue skies to be found. not a lot of cloud across northern parts of scotland and elsewhere cloudy skies and rain, really heavy rain moving across southern england in particular and that will continue across east anglia and the south—eastern night with blustery winds. rain moving back to northern scotland so things will turn wet as the night goes on and then further showers packing in
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towards the west. low pressure is with us as we head through tomorrow and we revert to something we are used to, a mixture of sunshine and showers. where you are closest to the low pressure the winds will be light and showers slow—moving. plenty of heavy downpours across scotla nd plenty of heavy downpours across scotland tomorrow morning with persistent rain in the far north and northern isles. showers moving through northern ireland into northern england but across east anglia into the south—east, not as many showers. more sunshine. a blustery wind. showers packing in across wales and the south—west. in southern areas, with strong winds, the showers where they turn up should move through quickly. not so in northern ireland and the far north of scotland. they could be a lot of rain in a short space of time and thunder and it could cause a little disruption. not too many
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showers getting into the south—east of england. through thursday night, many showers will fade away. they will continue across northern areas. most widespread where we are closest to the area of low pressure which will be sitting up to the north—east. showers across scotland, perhaps north—east england and the further south you are, more dry weather and spells of sunshine. we will keep showers at times through the weekend but in the south, a fair amount of dry and bright weather, as well. this is bbc news.
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i'm vicki young. the headlines at seven. pioneering research in gene editing in embryos that could pave the way in preventing inherited diseases. a method of not passing on the infected gene could be important for those families and allow them to get out of this cycle. terrorist calling themselves the three musketeers, have been found guilty of conspiring to attack british police and military targets. dozens of army cadets, aged 12 to 17, have been rescued off the mourne mountains in northern ireland, after getting into difficulties in bad weather. donald trump signs off on new sanctions against russia for their alleged meddling in the 2016 election, but claims the bill is ‘significantly flawed‘. also in the next hour...


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