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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 4, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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a world record transfer fee of over $250 million, as neymar leaves barcelona for paris saint—germain. hosts the netherlands are through to the final of the women's euros at england's expense. and michelle wie fires a record eight under opening round to take a one—shot lead into the women's british open on friday. hello and welcome to the programme. we start with the news that was eventually set to happen. brazilian forward neymar has left barcelona and signed a five year deal with paris saint—germain for a world record fee of more than $250 million and the club have tweeted bem vindo or "welcome", in the players native portuguese language. it more than doubles the previous record which is what manchester united paid for paul pogba last year and the club has called a press conference for 1130 gmt on friday. neymar shirts will be on sale in the morning from 8:00 gmt at all club shops, then the player himself will be presented to fans before the opening ligue un match against amiens on saturday
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and our sports news correspondent richard conway has been in the thick of the action. it has been the transfer saga of the summer. it's now officially at an end. neymar is a paris st germain player. and what a pursuit it has been. this club has wanted neymar for a number of months, even a number of years. but in the last few weeks they have really accelerated their chase. it required a world record sum of money. $260 million, 222 million euros, £200 million, it doesn't matter what currency you call it, it's a megadeal, the likes of which has never been seen before. now, the machinations to get to this point, there were a few to it, and the road to get them to this point where he has signed for them. la liga, spanish league officials, didn't want anything to do with the deal, telling neymar‘s lawyers that they didn't want their money, they wouldn't take the release clause sum of money. instead, they had to go to barcelona, that cleared the obstacles in the road
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and allowed neymar to become a paris st germain player. now, we will see him unveiled in due course. that is said to be some event, because psg are delighted that they've finally got their man and they're ready to tell the world about it. hosts the netherlands will play denmark in the final of the women's european championship, after both sides won their respective semi finals on thursday. vivianne miedema and player of the match danielle van de donk scored either side of the break to put the dutch 2—0 up against england. and an own goalfrom millie bright just before the end sealed a 3—0 victory for the host nation, to put the favourites out. it is my home stadium, i played here for eight years, so it is so amazing andi for eight years, so it is so amazing and i am so proud of this team. what and i am so proud of this team. what a game. to win 3—0 against england, a game. to win 3—0 against england, a top team, so amazing. we saw two different sort of styles. england is powerful and we tried to play a
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possession game and i think a team with a procession game one and you see that difference when you play soccer. you have see that difference when you play soccer. you have more see that difference when you play soccer. you have more chances and, yeah, it is so great, we did a great job. in the earlier game, austria paid the penalty for missing penalties against denmark. sarah puntigam fired over the bar after only 13 minutes and, after a goalless two hours, the tie was decided by penalties. and austria missed three more spot—kicks in the shoot—out, while simone boye sorensen scored the decisive penalty to send denmark into the final. it was a very long match and a match where you get a little bit older when you are standing on the side watching it, because there were chancesin watching it, because there were chances in both ends. i think austria have played a beautiful tournament and they have some players who we really should look for in the future. i think they played an amazing game today, but i
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am very happy that we ended up the winners and i think it was deserved. michelle wie carded a course record 64 to lead by a stroke after the first round of the women's british open at kingsbarns in scotland. conditions were much more favourable early on with rain storms hindering the later tee times. south korea's in kyung kim is one shot behind wie. defending champion ariya jutanugarn and world number one ryu so—yeon were playing together and both shot one—under rounds of 71, which leaves them just one stroke above the projected cut. chris latchem was out on the course watching the action. a truly spectacular day of golf. the first—ever major day of golf here on the coast and it was michelle wie, the coast and it was michelle wie, the 2014 us champion, who really took advantage of some gorgeous conditions. this morning there was no wind coming off the sea, the sun was shining, barely a cloud in the sky and she made a mockery of the golf course, setting a new record. she went round in 64, eight under
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par, and that's a 1—shot lead at the moment. for michelle wie, we've known about purpose along. back in 2005 she finished in third place in the women's british open. back then she was an the women's british open. back then she was an amateur the women's british open. back then she was an amateur and won the silver medal. she has had a combination of injury and ill form. she put it all to one side today. really remarkable. then she said, i am hoping for bad weather. she got her wish. the weather really came in. we lost one hour and 40 minutes due to rain delays. it blew a couple of the guys off the course. dame laura davies playing in her 37th british open. she came back out after the delay. we kept the players on the golf course, so she was obviously getting stiff. it really did affect the course, but michelle wie in those mother conditions
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really took full advantage. thomas pieters leads by a stroke after the opening round of the wgc bridgestone invitational in akron, ohio. the belgian slotted this 30 foot birdie putt on his last hole to move to five under. rory mcilroy has a new caddie, his best friend harry diamond, for at least this tournament and he sits two strokes back on 3 under, whilejordan spieth aiming for three successive tournament wins after claming the travellers and the open championship is nicely placed also on three under. i want to feel a little better about the way i am golfing as i go through each round, which is going to be tough. this was better than i thought i would be today. so really this week, with how difficult it is driving, my number one priority is getting the ball off the tee and making sure i have good control of the tee. that's going to be important. it's been a strange series of matches for england
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and south africa in their test series. wild fluctuations of form have left the score 2—1 in england's favour with just the fourth test to come at old trafford starting on friday. but, as patrick gearey explains, england don't usually do well in the final match of a test series. so to old trafford for the end of the series as changeable as the local weather. from the applause at lords to the sinking at trent ridge, then renewal at the oval, joe root must feel he has been england captain for three years, not three matches. full of confidence after last week and obviously the last couple of days with the weather hasn't been ideal, but we got stuck in and made the most of it and we are looking forward to getting going again now. 0bviously are looking forward to getting going again now. obviously it's a new challenge, new surface against a side that are good at bouncing back on we know we can't take anything for granted and we won't take them lately at any stage. where next? indoors for a start. this is manchester after all. england including steven finn were kept out
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of the drizzle, although being under a roof doesn't give you cover from everything. joe root hasn't seen the pitch, so we can't see the team. the weather is one of the many unknowns about this test. in the work to do at old trafford to get the pitch ready for tomorrow. plenty of work for england. they lost the last match in eight of their last nine test series. south africa will be aware of that. they bounced back in the series once already, with their bowler recovered from his virus. they arrived with optimism and honesty. one team is on top for a couple of days and the new rock at the next day and it changes completely. we've spoken about the areas where we can improve, but it is important for me that we put back to bed. one team trying to win its first series in a year, the other confident and capable of snatching it from them. all set out for a
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classic, weather permitting, of course. cricket already going on. day two gets under way in just under four hours. india are gaining a commanding position. a partnership of 211 to date. it was his 13th test century and his 15th test match. india are leading the three match series 1—0. that's after already having won the open. —— opener. for everything else you can go to our website. the netherlands took england out of the european championship. also through are denmark, which will be the netherlands and denmark in the final. psg have signed neymarfor a world record fee of $200 million. incredible! from me and the rest of
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the team, goodbye. hello, once again. this sphere is beginning to get a bit overworked. it's been one of those weeks. the reason? that area of low pressure has been thereabouts across the british isles for much of the past week. there are signs of a change, but it's going to be oh so slow. feeling that way across northern scotland from the word go. showers, if not longer spells of rain. that's not the only area. coming away to the opposite end of the country, showers running in up the bristol channel, getting into the northern half of devon and cornwall, up to bristol. another feed coming in from the channel itself, away towards the kent and sussex coasts. further north, some dry weather across the east midlands east anglia, and the rest of the south—east,
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but generally speaking, the further north you go, the cloud fills in and some of those showers become ever more persistent. that will be the way of it for a good part of the morning across the north—east of scotland. even here, that cloud will begin to break into lunchtime and the early afternoon. and the wind is not as much of a feature across the british isles through friday, as was the case for some of you on thursday. with that combination, less of a breeze, more in the way of sunshine and fewer showers, 22—23. we won't get to those lofty heights and i don't think anyone will shoot another 64 at kingsbarn, in fife. the rain won't be persistent, but it could be heavy at times, as it could be over the eastern borders and the north—east of england. some of those showers in the afternoon quite punchy. through the evening and overnight, keeping the showers going across northern and western parts. you're at your driest perhaps through central and eastern areas. here we are into the weekend.
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that low pressure now dominant over scandinavia. a little ridge of high pressure trying to settle things down, and it will do across the southern counties of england and wales. but further north, east anglia, lincolnshire, there will be showers again. again, not too much in the way of a breeze, but it will be noticeable. temperatures really nothing spectacular for this time of year. that little ridge of high pressure that will have killed off some but not all of the showers and will make for a chilly start to sunday underneath clear skies. which, sadly, will fill in rapidly across western scotland and northern ireland too, with rain here moving in for the afternoon. generally speaking, the further south and east you are, the drier your day will be. eventually, come monday, what is left of that front will gradually stagger its way to the south—eastern quarter of the british isles. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: police in australia say two men accused of planning a terror plot targeted
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an etihad airways flight. they're due in court shortly. we will be alleging in court that a fully functioning ied was to be placed on that plane on the 15th of july. more pressure on president trump, as a grand jury is set up to investigate allegations of russian interference in last year's elections. a british computer expert who helped stop a worldwide cyber attack has been arrested by the fbi for alleged links to other malicious software. and you're never too old to rock and roll — meet singapore's grandma mary as she prepares for the gig of her life.
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