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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 6, 2017 11:30pm-11:46pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news with martine croxall. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first the headlines at 11:30: consumer groups say urgent action is needed to tackle a lack of competition in the energy market. one man has been rescued and another found dead after their boat sank off the west sussex coast. a search operation for two other men who were also on the fishing trip was suspended by the coastguard earlier. china and america have welcomed tough new un sanctions against north korea, in the wake of its recent ballistic missile testing. the chinese foreign minister urged his north korean counterpart to make a smart decision to halt the tests. justin gatlin has received a mixed reception as he was awarded his gold medalfor the 100 metres at the world championships in london. some in the crowd were unhappy that he beat favourite usain bolt, who received bronze. venezuelan authorities say two
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people have been killed in a failed attempt to take over an army base in the city of valencia. president nicolas maduro, whose government has been subject to months of protests, blamed the attack on terrorists. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are reuters business correspondent, tom bergin, and kate andrews, director of news at the institute of economic affairs. tomorrow's front pages: the daily telegraph says brexit negotiators have been accused of trying to "ram through" a £36 billion divorce bill while most of the cabinet is on holiday. the picture showsjessica ennis—hill collecting her 2011 world championship heptathlon gold medal earlier this evening, after the original winner was banned for doping. shortly he should plan and
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the times reports record levels of violence and abuse against vulnerable patients at mental health trusts were reported last year, amid accusations of "endemic" use of force in the nhs. the guardian says 13 areas of england have restricted or completely halted ivf treatment for women since the start of the year, with a further eight consulting on taking similar steps. the ft says financial institutions have paid more than $150 billion in fines in the us, relating to the credit crisis. four in 10 care homes failed inspections this year which means 70,000 elderly residents are at risk, according to the daily mail. the metro features the british model who was kidnapped in milan and says she feared she would be killed. and the sun goes with the same story and says the model has described how she was drugged and stuffed into a suitcase. so let's begin. a couple of health—related stories
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to look at. looking at different problems in parts of the nhs. in the times, abuse of mental patient endemic in the nhs, abuse and violence. this is where they said force has been used in restraining patients. 0bviously, patients with mental health problems sometimes can be difficult to manage for nhs trust and the accusation so that there have been investigations that sometimes the force has been excessive. the figures we see do not show the outcome of the investigations so we do not know if indeed staff have been found to be misbehaving. this is a long—standing
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issue. a few years ago figures showed they were faced down restrictions being used. that cases we re restrictions being used. that cases were being used on psychiatric wards. —— taser. we have seen this for a period of time and it goes on. it is not clear whether it is a budgetary issue but there seems to be suggestions that there are better ways of doing it. that has been success ways of doing it. that has been success in moving away from this kind of restraint. best practice needs to be shared across the system. there is still stigma around mental health. how we treated. talking about it as if it is a disease. it is not something they can always control. a lot of these
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physical force — more than 5000 incidents last year alone — these are coming forward because perhaps the training is not fully their and we are not fully equipped to handle patients. you would not think of handling a patient with something like cancer being treated like this. 0n the daily mail, care homes. four in ten not fit for purpose. an investigation carried out by the daily mail. as a consequence, the right tens of thousands of older people who are at risk. up to 70,000 vulnerable elderly people at risk. fourin vulnerable elderly people at risk. four in ten not fit for purpose, k holmes. a few billion pounds is the whole in these services. —— care
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homes. we have projects which will cost up to $70 billion. a few billions could be put into helping the elderly who need it the most. there is responsibility for politicians across the board. we can fix these problems. the money is there somewhere and you need to prioritise it. but if you help the economy and trade then you would be able to do this... there was a plan to solve these financial problems, pa rt to solve these financial problems, part of the reason may‘s election campaign. it did not go down very well. people that did not have expensive homes contribute more to healthcare. this is very much a financial issue. we have seen it consistently in recent weeks.
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basically some do not want to provide these services to local authorities. it is a challenge and it will get worse because it is an ageing population. hard choices to make. infrastructure into the future and hope there is no loss but maybe people will have to start with taxes in other areas. it is a financial choice and we have to own up to that. in the telegraph, tory anger over brexit divorce bill. accused of being kept out of the loop. and except be of £36 billion. the suggestion that the figure is plucked out of the net all worked out carefully, i don't know, while
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politicians are on holiday. many people saying conflict in things and occasionally theresa may will weigh in on the issue from on high. what is interesting is another narrative we see which is something you get when speaking to officials. trying to explain some basic facts to the ministers and they do not want to hear it. some of these officials say they do not want to listen to reason and consequently they are consistently offended and outraged at the suggestion of the compromises like paying and except bill —— except build. it does seem to be the name of the game. but across the border these days. david jones is come out and said that we should not
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be making a sweetener for trading relations... this is the former trade minister. but whether it is 36 billion more less... it needs to be put forward as a way to come together and start negotiating these deals and there is almost certainly going to be this payment to the eu the question is how much. upward pressure! british tourists and red tape. the cost to make it trickier to visit the continent. we used to visit before we were part of the eu but now all these regulations exist. they do exist, the americans who wa nt they do exist, the americans who want to come abroad. itjust
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they do exist, the americans who want to come abroad. it just tick a few boxes but the idea for uk citizens to pay anything, 5 euros for a visa that will last five years, it does not the huge cost but the idea of paying that anything is a huge change. it is something we need to get used to as the red tape oi'i need to get used to as the red tape on both sides changes. psychologically, this will be one of these factors that will make us feel different. we are clearly not part of the same community. we have to fill out forms. we will not be going to preferential ideals ex— access. many people may be delighted about that, reasserting their national identity, many people will say it feels a bit uncomfortable. perhaps we can start collecting stamps in
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oui’ we can start collecting stamps in our old loop passports if we get those back, kate. laughter absolutely. your other. right, were we going? the guardian. the postcode lottery. defying medical guidelines because money is tight but the aged which some women are being denied this treatment is surprisingly low. many women about the age of 35 may start thinking about ivf. but they will take action on it. this to me isa will take action on it. this to me is a frustrating storeyed because a professor quoted in this, who pioneered ivf in britain says the issue is equality. he says that if
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the country decides not to have it it will be fine but that is a race to the bottom, surely. the idea behind this is why is it so difficult to access ivf at that young age of 35 stop we need to start looking at the system and how women can access this cheaply and more efficiently as they do a cross europe. a lot of people would think we have had this battle already. this age group, that is when it is most effective. it sounds like a medical argument but it really sounds more economic. it seems to be just a case of yes we obeyed the argument but it seems to be the one which is easy us. a lot of citizens
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may feel it is a choice issue so they feel politically this is something they can get away with. if they rationale the forms of healthcare they may not find that is accepted so maybe it is about what else may be caught next. google apologises after employees anti— diversity the raid. we cannot get away from agenda at the moment. this was a document written by an unknown google employee suggesting the rub perfectly acceptable reasons why women are not doing so well inside this company. they call it a manifesto which is even more outrageous. the issue around the gender pay gap is far more new ends. women in the uk between the ages of
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20 and 40 are earning the same as their male counterparts but when they become mothers... people will be having a sharp in take a breath saying that is not true... rather than talking about the nuances... darwinism. yes. if you choose to cherry pick the evidence, you can justify any argument. it might be this particular individual has not been successful in his career... i am assuming it is him. it sounds a little bit. and maybe angry. we think this is not the best context from which to make an argument about a highly complicated issue.
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