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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm simon mccoy. the headlines at lipm: "the right to be forgotten", proposals to make it easier for people to force social media companies to delete personal data. labour leaderjeremy corbyn condemns violence in venezuela but fails to criticise the country's president, despite mounting pressure. what i condemn it is the violence done by any side, all sides in this. violence will not solve the issue. north korea vows to retaliate and make "the us pay a price" for un sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons programme. a british woman is shot while on a family holiday in brazil. 46—year—old eloise dixon from south—east london is recovering in hospital. a british model who says she was kidnapped for six days in italy returns to the uk, saying she feared for her life "second by second." i've been through a terrifying experience, i feared for my life second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour — i am incredibly grateful
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to the italian and uk authorities for all they have done to secure my safe release. also in the next hour: new dr who jodie whittaker gives her first interview since being cast in the role. the star says being the first female time lord is a proud honour, and she cannot wait to begin. i hope my gender isn't a fearful thing for the fans, because in this world particularly, there aren't rules and that's a great thing. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. new laws are to be introduced, giving people greater control over what happens to their online personal data. the government says the legislation offers "the right to be forgotten," with proposals in the data protection bill making
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it easier to withdraw consent for information to be used. companies will also have to obtain "explicit" consent, rather than using pre—selected tick boxes, to gather details online. here's our political correspondent, leila nathoo. our lives are led online. we all leave a digital trail. but what happens to all the information we upload about ourselves? a new law will ensure that the united kingdom will retain its world—class regime of protecting personal data. now we will have more control, data protection laws are being strengthened. the government has confirmed a bill will be published in the autumn, bringing eu regulations due to come in next year onto the statute book. internet users will be given more powers to protect their data. it will be easier for people to find out what information organisations hold about them and allow them to ask for data to be deleted. firms will no longer be able to rely on pre—selected tick boxes.
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instead, explicit consent will be required to collect personal details. and the information watchdog will be given more powers to issue fines of up to £17 million for serious data breaches. i think there are a lot of pitfalls ahead if actually the benefit of this, which is people feeling far more comfortable transacting online and their data is going to be protected, will work. i think it's a good first step to have the regulation in place. it's how it gets implemented that's the key thing. the new rules won't only apply to the big tech companies and social media giants. they will affect every organisation that processes information online. and the definition of personal data is being expanded, too, to include things like ip addresses to help safeguard identities. there is your photo going up online, your tweet, your search, the search results. but then there is a whole back office, which is the industry of data capture, data processing. that data is processed and it is then that the insights are shared with advertisers, principally. our digital footprints
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are growing ever larger. ministers say data protection laws must keep pace. leila nathoo, bbc news. tom factory, innovation director at the confederation of earth british industry joins the confederation of earth british industryjoins me now, is this the way forward? i think so, businesses are innovating with data all the time and the more that comes online, the more that will happen. it is important there is trust between businesses and consumers about how data is used and this regulation goes on the right direction in terms of fostering owl trust. when you say businesses are innovating with information, there are fears that businesses are doing more than that, analysing personal information and working out how to make money from
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that? businesses innovate because they want to be more successful businesses, absolutely, but they do so businesses, absolutely, but they do so by innovating the products and services they use to make sure they are accustomed, and that happens across the economy. whether you are booking a flight online, whatever you are doing, the relationship with your business is online these days. it is important the right legal framework is there. and one criticism at the moment is unless you do something explicitly ticking a box to say you don't want your information there, it is a given that they can take what they want? it is right that there is a more active process in terms of obtaining customer consent, being able to do things with data. it makes the customer think more about how their data is being used and that dialogue will have to happen more in future, as more of our economy goes online and businesses try and do different things. what kind of things are
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acceptable? when you build up a profile of a customer, their age and their gender, whether they are employed or self—employed, things like that may be less of an issue but when you analyse someone's browsing history, people may think differently of that? there's a level depending on the business in question, i think. depending on the business in question, ithink. don't depending on the business in question, i think. don't get me wrong, so much innovation can happen in industry. like in the health service, being able to understand which kinds of people are susceptible to different kinds of illnesses, it changes how we medicate people in future. there is the potential to look at it in a negative light but also the potential for better services across the economy. our headline may have been misleading, the right to be forgotten, is that impossible, if you have anything online, that you will really be forgotten? if there was a button that consumers could push to say we will forget anything
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about you, a lot of people would pushit? about you, a lot of people would push it? i don't think so many people would push it. if i think about my personal life and services i'd enjoy online, and some websites can push the products i like i benefit from that but it is right to ask the question about whether we are comfortable about the amount of data businesses have on us and make the choice. this regulation gives consumers more power in the choice. this regulation gives consumers more power in that regard. tom, very good of you to come in. thank you. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has spoken about the situation in venezuela — which fellow labour mp frank field described as "desperate". mr corbyn said he was sad for the loss of life, but did not outright condemn president maduro — despite mounting pressure. iam very i am very sad that lives have been lost in venezuela. the people that have died, either those on the streets or security forces attacked by people on the streets, all of
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those lives are terrible for the loss of them. there has to be a dialogue and process respecting the independence of the judiciary and human rights of all. i think president macron's call today for dialogue is a good one and there should be respect for the constitution and independence of the judiciary. do you condemn president madeira's actions? i condemn the violence done by any side, and by all sides in this. violence will not solve the issue. issues in venezuela are solve the issue. issues in venezuela a re partly solve the issue. issues in venezuela are partly structural, not enough is done to diversify the economy. that has to be a priority for the future but we must also recognise that have been effective and serious attempts at reducing poverty in venezuela, improving the lives of the poorest people. do you regret giving him
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personal support when he came to power? i supported personal support when he came to power? isupported many personal support when he came to power? i supported many people around the world for the principle of the government dedicated to reducing inequality and improving the life chances of the poorest people. our correspondent is in westminster for us. he condemns violence, of course he would, that does not go as far as many people think you should in condemning the course of that violence in venezuela? it is in the condemnation song would have hoped to put in the strongest terms. condemnation song would have hoped to put in the strongest termsm condemnation song would have hoped to put in the strongest terms. it is what you may expect from jeremy corbyn, no doubt his political opponents will use this as another way to attack him. he used much more diplomatic language, condemning the violence, saying there needs to be dialogue. he has previously praised maduro's regime, and that of his
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predecessor, hugo chavez. he pointed to improvements in health care and education which had been made under the government ‘s poor working classes but of course, venezuela is in crisis, it has collapsed. there is soaring inflation and there have been weeks of anti—government protests a nd been weeks of anti—government protests and dozens have died. there have been these mounting calls for jeremy corbyn to say what he really thinks on the issue. he has been on holiday and so has been silent until now. it was building towards this moment where he was asked to condemn the regime and what we saw from him was lukewarm words, really, in condemning violence which he has a lwa ys condemning violence which he has always done. still pointing towards what he sees are some improvements that the socialist government has made in venezuela. he has been on holiday, a lot of people are on holiday, a lot of people are on holiday at the moment and he perhaps hasn't faced the tougher question at other times of the year he might.
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does he feel that will now have sorted the issue out, or is it something others in the labour shadow cabinet will say, we need to be more specific when we addressed this issue? undoubtably, it hasn't com pletely this issue? undoubtably, it hasn't completely sorted it out, these things ramble on and it depends on how much venezuela remains in the headlines. of course, the labour backbencher frank field was one of those calling forjeremy corbyn to give his view on venezuela, calling on him to condemn it, pointing out that it was as much about the way the public sees jeremy corbyn, that it was as much about the way the public seesjeremy corbyn, and what his stance on it is. no doubt, this lukewarm condemnation today will upset some members of the party who feel he hasn't gone far enough. we saw these sorts of issues for jeremy corbyn during the election
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campaign, when some people criticised him as an apologist for terror organisations, and that really stuck with him. he was called upon again and again to condemn groups like the ira who he had previously had dialogue with. we see jeremy corbyn back in that difficult position and it is more difficult for him these days because previously, as a backbencher, someone who aligned himself to different protest movements, life was quite different but now he is the leader of the party and potentially the next prime minister. said questions get much tougher. emma vardy, thank you. north korea says it will make america "pay the price", for drafting tough new un sanctions, over its missile and nuclear weapons programme. the state news agency says the international community is infringing north korea's sovereignty. the un's unanimous vote on sanctions follows repeated missile tests by pyongyang, which have escalated tensions across east asia. yogita limaye reports from the south korean capital seoul — a warning that there is some flash photography. "we denounce and totally reject the un security council resolution on our
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country, which the us and hostile forces have fabricated," says a presenter on north korea's official news agency, relaying the country's defiant response to fresh sanctions against it. it's not what these two men would have liked to hear. the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, met chinese foreign minister wang yi in manila. both countries voted in the new resolution against north korea. china says that even with sanctions, it wants a diplomatic solution to the problem. but the us says it's only open to dialogue with pyongyang on one condition. the best signal that north korea can give us that they would be prepared to talk is to stop these missile launches. at the gathering of southeast asian nations in the philippines, secretary tillerson is on a mission to get more countries to isolate north korea. sanctions have not worked in the past, though, and with pyongyang's fierce response, they are unlikely to work now. we need to be creating conditions
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where they are ready to come back to the table. and you are not going to create those conditions with unrelenting sanctions, with threats of war, preventive war, which is what we have heard from the tramp cabinet in this last week. south korea is open to talks with its neighbour. the country's foreign minister kang kyung—wha made that offer again to her north korean counterpart in manila. but he's reported to have called seoul's proposal insincere. this country, south korea, has dealt with the threat from across the border for a long time. but now that pyongyang has said it has developed missiles that are capable of hitting the us, it's made america nervous and has captured more global attention than ever before. the issue overshadowed this meeting in manila. and even though regional leaders came together to put up a united front, the tension and rhetoric is far from over.
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yogita limaye, bbc news, seoul. a british woman has been shot and wounded in brazil, according to police there. eloise dixon from south east london was travelling with her partner and their three children, in angra dos reis, a popular coastal area, around 90 miles from rio de janeiro. officials say the family were attacked, after taking a wrong turning in their car. they say she was shot twice, one bullet scraped her chest and another passed through her stomach. she was taken into surgery immediately for two hours. she is in a good state, latest reports say the bullet did not hit any vital organs, she is positive, talking and reacting well to surgery. richard galpin told me what happened. they were driving ina told me what happened. they were driving in a rental car to the coastal area west of rio dejaneiro. we understand that they wanted to buy some bottled water during the journey. they were given injections but did not understand, presumably they do not speak portuguese, they
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took a wrong turning and instead of going to a shop where they would buy some water, they ended up in a favela, a slum area, in this coastal area. this area has drugs traffickers in it, and people. as they went in, they were approached by gunmen who apparently told them to stop. again, they did not understand and carried on driving. the gunmen opened fire, you can see, there is video footage now, there are there is video footage now, there a re bullets there is video footage now, there are bullets on the side of the car and the passenger headrest when eloise dixon was sat, she must have ducked or moved, otherwise she would have been hit in the head. the husband carried on driving and got her to hospital. do we know how hurt she is? two bullets hit her in the abdomen, around the stomach, the doctor in the hospital is saying that pretty much miraculously, neither of the bullets hit any vital organs or blood vessels. if that
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happened, she probably would not still be alive. it sounds like the husband, pretty quick thinking, in terms of getting her to hospital or a police station? even though one of the tyres had been shot at, they had a flat tire but they still managed to get her to a local police station and then get her to the hospital. we are getting pictures in showing the car driven by the dixon family. a flat tire and a shattered window, and there you can see a bullet hole in the headrest which is what richard referring to. the husband was driving to a local police station and then the hospital, it is worth reiterating that she is said to be talking. two hours of surgery and no vital organs were involved in the shooting. she is conscious and chatting to staff in hospital. we will bring you more on that later on. south africa's opposition democratic alliance is urging mps
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with the african national congress to vote out president zuma. it's after the speaker of the parliament allowed a secret ballot for a vote of confidence on his future. the vote's due to take place tomorrow, amid growing criticism of the president. the headlines this afternoon. the government announces proposals to make it easier for people to make companies delete personal data. labour leaderjeremy corbyn condemns violence in venezuela but fails to condemn the president, despite mounting pressure to do so. a british woman has been injured after being shot while on a family holiday in brazil, 46—year—old eloise dixon is in hospital recovering. south africa past 150 as they look to chase down an unlikely 380 runs to win the final test against england. pat du plessis and hashim amla made a century partnership for the tourists, who must win to level the series. denny solomona and manu
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tuilagi have been sent home from england's training camp, they trained at the weekend but it was understood they were sent home this morning after going out on sunday evening, going against the cultural standards of the team. great britain is going for gold at the world athletics championships tonight. laura muir is in the finalfor the 1500 metres and after winning bronze in rio, sophie hitchon is in action in the women's, final. that said, more for you just after half past four. sports direct has apologised for what is describes as any misunderstanding or upset caused by a notice apparently banning staff speaking any language but english in a store in bangor. in a statement the company said the notice was not intended to restrict the use of the welsh language, or prohibit staff from communicating in their local language, outside these briefings or with customers — and that it was intended to ensure
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that all staff, who attended briefings on health and safety and other important issues, fully understood the content of these communications. a "very small number of eggs" from farms in europe at the centre of a contamination scare involving the pesticide fipronil have been distributed in the uk, but the risk to public health "is very low", the food standards agency has said. millions of eggs have been withdrawn from shops and warehouses in the netherlands and germany and an investigation into the contamination is under way. a 20—year—old british model, who was reportedly kidnapped and held for nearly a week in italy, has returned to the uk. chloe ayling says she feared for her life, after being stuffed in a suitcase and told she'd be ‘sold' online. italian police believe the model was attacked and drugged, before attempts were made to auction her on the ‘dark web.‘ a polish man, who lives in the uk, has been arrested. matt cole has more details. three weeks on from her release, so we returned to the uk this weekend to her home here in surrey. i have been through a terrifying
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experience, i feared for my life second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. i'm incredibly grateful to the italian and uk authorities for all they have done to secure my safe release. i had just arrived home after being in italy for four weeks and i've not had time to gather my thoughts so i'm not at liberty to the anything further until i have been debriefed by uk police. just 20 and still starting out in her glamour modelling career, chloe ayling landed a dream photo shoot in italy but when she arrived at this disused shop in milan she says she was grabbed by someone while another person injected something into her forearm. she said she woke bound and gagged in the boot of a car. translation: the perpetrator is a dangerous person, he described himself as a paid killer and part of an organisation that carries out mercenary services, bomb attacks and kidnappings. stuffed into a bag like this later demonstrated by italian police, chloe said she was taken 120 miles to this remote farmhouse
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near turin and held for the next six days tied to a wooden chest of drawers. it is understood her captors demanded a £230,000 ransom but were also telling her she would be auctioned for sexual services on the dark web, a secretive part of the internet by a criminal group known to europol as the black death. but her captivity was suddenly ended, she was taken to the british consulate in milan after revealing she had a child. this man, lukasz herba, a pole who lives in the uk, is accused of the kidnapping and was arrested after freeing the young model and is now facing court in italy. while chloe is recovering here at home now, it is understood investigations are continuing in italy but also here in britain and in poland as well. matt cole, bbc news, surrey. police have named a one—year—old girl who died following an incident with a vehicle in merthyr tydfill. pearl melody black suffered fatal injuries yesterday after an unoccupied range rover rolled down a hill and struck a wall.
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the girl's younger brother suffered minor injuries. a short time ago, our correspondent tomos morgan gave us this update. we have been given a statement from south wales police. they say that they were called to the area, where pearl melody black and her family live, near where merthyr tydfil is. the one—year—old was playing with her younger brother, and an unoccupied range rover, parked on a driveway, then rolled down a hill and struck a wall which collapsed. pearl was airlifted to the prince charles hospital in merthyr tydfil, where she sadly died a little later. her younger brother sustained minor injuries. we have had a statement from the family, they have paid tribute. they are heartbroken, of course, but paid tribute to their dancing daughter.
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they said that pearl was every single star in every single sky. she was the rarest pearl in the ocean and the sweetest melody ever written. an investigation is now underway into the circumstances surrounding the incident to find out exactly what happened, resulting in such tragic death. executives at google have denounced an internal memo in which an employee criticises the company's policy on diversity. in the piece, a male software engineer argued that the lack of females in top tech jobs was due to biological differences between men and women. the article was posted on an internal discussion board. while the author has been widely criticised, he also says he has received messages of gratitude from fellow googlers. disruption expected from major upgrade works at the uk's busiest train station hasn't so far materialised, with many trains quieter than expected, on the first working day since the upgrade began.
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more than half of platforms at london's waterloo station are closed, for extension work, to accommodate longer trains, and they'll remain shut til the end of august. adina campbell is at waterloo for us now. it was all right this morning, what about this evening? it is starting to get a bit busier here at waterloo station, you may see behind me there are queues of people building up looking at information boards over there. as you say, this morning it was quite quiet, not as many people as expected. this is a major multi—million pound project, affecting half of the station here. platforms 1—10 behind me are completely shut to rail passengers at the moment. work started on saturday but this has been the real test for commuters, who faced some disruption to their journey. it comes as no surprise that work to upgrade the uk”s busiest train station has taken years of planning. the scale of the project is huge.
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it involves hundreds of network rail engineers, closing ten of the station's platforms, with disruption to thousands of commuters. i'm fed up, fed up. considering how much you've got to pay, it's ridiculous. it's inconvenient, i guess, for tourists and people who have to work, but at the same time, what can they do? this was waterloo this morning. packed platforms with people scanning information boards. and the engineering work has had a knock—on effect at other stations. i can't believe there aren't any rail replacement buses. we've got to figure it out ourselves. and we pay all this money. i'm really angry about it, actually. i'm probably going to be very, very late, but i will deal with it. an average of 270,000 journeys are made to and from waterloo every day. in fact, it's the uk's busiest station.
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this is an £800 million improvement by network rail, which is responsible for track maintenance and some of britain's biggest stations. 1,000 engineers and site workers will be working on the upgrade every day. and it will mean longer platforms and bigger trains, making room for more seats and creating extra space for passengers. i realise it's going to cause some disruption for people. and i apologise for that. but on the other hand, i think passengers understand that this sort of work is really necessary to transform their journeys for years ahead. but transport groups say rail passengers will feel the effects of such widespread work. these works are going to mean a month of real disruption and delay, notjust here at waterloo station but on other parts of the network which will be taking the strain as passengers plan alternative journeys. but hopefully it will be a case of short—term pain for long—term gain. the improvements are expected to provide 30% more capacity
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for passengers during peak hours from december next year. the works are expected to last for the next three weeks also, due to finish on august the 28th, the bank holiday weekend. it is beginning to pick up here and although it was quieter than expected this morning, rail bosses are urging people to check before they travel to give themselves plenty of time to get where they need to. they are encouraging people to take a holiday or even work from home. what was this about free ice creams? and free ice creams, they have about 120,000 free ice creams lined up for the next three weeks as well, to ease the paina next three weeks as well, to ease the pain a little as well! you reckon? thank you for that. if you're squeamish, you might want to look away now. an australian teenager is recovering in hospital after being bitten
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after being bitten by thousands of "mite—sized sea critters". 16—year—old sam kanizay found his feet and ankles covered in blood after soaking his legs in melbourne's brighton beach on saturday evening. the teenager had stood still waist—deep in dark cold water for about half an hour but says he didn't feel a thing. no hospital was able to identify what might have done this, so his father went back to the beach to catch some. these are believed to be the perpetrators — in these pictures they are actually feeding on meat. marine biologists say they were likely to be sea fleas. sam spoke about the experience. i walked out of the water, and saw what i thought was sand covering my ankles, and lower calf. i just shook it off quite violently and it came off. by the time i walked across the sand, about 20 metres to put my thongs on, i looked down and noticed i had blood all over my ankles and feet.
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it must have been a bit frightening? yeah, i didn't really know what to think of it. it was a bit of a shock, a bit of a random thing to see. i wasn't expecting it at all. you walk home and by the time you get home you are bleeding more. talk us through what you did then. yeah, i didn't want to go inside of the house as there was blood all over my feet. i called mum and dad from the front door on my phone, they came downstairs and my dad gave me this funny stare and i gave him a stare as we had no clue what was going on. we went inside to the bathroom, and rinsed it off in the shower. no one has seen anything like it or anything before. it's been interesting. this is bbc news, coming up... as the government plans an overhaul of
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data protection laws, we will be asking what it means for the companies holding personal information about you. that's to come, nor a look at the weather. we have got some showers in scotland and northern ireland and some of those are heavy this afternoon. then we have a band of rain from lincolnshire to east yorkshire. in some areas some thunderstorms break—out by the end of the night. temperatures in towns and cities not spectacular, but on the north coast it will get decidedly chilly. after a chilly start scotland and northern ireland see the best of the brightness tomorrow. for england and
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wales there is a lot of cloud and outbreaks of rain and vicious thunderstorms are possible in east anglia and the south—east. temperatures 16 in aberdeen, maybe getting up to 20 in london. in wednesday's very heavy rain in the south east. spells of rain returned for the end of the week. this is bbc news, the headlines: the government announces tighter legislation making it easier to force social media companies to delete information about their users. ministers say the data protection bill will give people greater control over their personal data. labour leaderjeremy corbyn has condemned the violence in venezuela but stopped short of directly criticising the country's socialist president, despite mounting pressure on him to so. north korea vows to make "the us pay a price" for drafting fresh un sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons programme. the state news agency has accused the international
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community of infringing north korea's sovereignty. a 46—year—old mother is recovering in hospital after being shot whilst on holiday in brazil. a british model who says she was kidnapped for a week in italy, has returned to the uk. she told the italian media she feared for her life. now for a look at the sport with leah. let's start at old trafford where south africa's cricketers are chasing 380 to win the fourth of a test. they have to win the match to tie the series. it has been a struggle since land, although they made a breakthrough a few minutes ago. patrick gearey is at old
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trafford. significant breakthroughs for england. the south africans are beginning to collapse. before that significantly hashim amla, who had been frustrating for england for a significant period of time, he was given out on review. they decided he was given out lbw. moeen ali is the man who has done all that damage. hundred and 73—6 and england will feel they are getting closer to victory. south africa were set 380 to win. elgar went early. temba bavuma went before lunch. england only need to draw the match to win the series. that is not in their thinking. there is rain forecast for tomorrow and they will want to wrap this up and they have got significantly closer. it will be
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significantly closer. it will be significant with the ashes on the horizon and england will be on their way. we hope the weather will hold out. more than 80 million people tune in to watch the world athletics championships and it is day four and 0llie foster is at the london stadium for us. we have had an action packed weekend and no wonder so many people tuned in to watch and listen across the bbc. it starts at about half six this evening, but the final event on the track is a real british event with laura wa keman the track is a real british event with laura wakeman and laura you're going in the 1500 metres. it will be a tough race for laura knew. it has been her breakthrough season in the indoor season in europe. but the 0lympic indoor season in europe. but the olympic champion and genzebe dibaba, the world champion, and caster semenya, showing how strong she is
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at 1500 and hassan as well, that will be a tough race. but we are looking forward to it. we are also looking forward to it. we are also looking forward to the women's hammerfinal. looking forward to the women's hammer final. sophie hitchon looking forward to the women's hammerfinal. sophie hitchon is the first british woman to win a medal at the olympics and she got bronze last year. but that contest will be keenly contested. the polish thrower is fantastic in this event, the 0lympic is fantastic in this event, the olympic champion, the world record—holder, but she is the strong favourite. but every chance sophie hitchon can get a medal in that as well. we are looking forward to seeing the british team captain, eilidh doyle, in the 400 metres hurdles. there will be heat in that. let's hear from the british team captain now. you look at races over the season and there has been a different winner in the diamond lake. i have beaten these girls and
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one week and they have beaten me the next and it is very open in that sense. that is the hurdles. if you get it right, you can nail it. but if you hit a hurdle, it can have an effect on how you perform. it is so wide open but there are so many of us wide open but there are so many of us running so well. you could go there and rana and ran a pb and it might not even ta ke and ran a pb and it might not even take you into the final, that is the reality of it. it is an exciting event to be part of and i will have to wait and see what happens on the day. lots of british interest tonight. we could see eilidh doyle get onto the track and so many stars are out tonight. there is the final of the 100 metres men's hurdles. merritt had a kidney transplant a couple of years ago and he is racing with 0mar mcleod. granny kirk will be running his 400 metres final
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tomorrow. there are three british runners as well on the track. it is all going to be plenty to look forward to across the bbc. that is all the spot for now. we will be backin all the spot for now. we will be back in the next hour with more. more now on the news that people who use social media networks will be able to ask for personal data, or information posted when they were children, to be deleted in future. the government's proposals are part of a change to uk data protection laws. joining me now is vikki hoyle, senior associate in regulation and compliance at the law firm walker morris. it is this opt in and opt out of personal data that is confusing because different companies have used different procedures. that is right. when you visit the website sometimes you will be asked to tick the box to opt in and sometimes to
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the box to opt in and sometimes to opt out. sometimes the opt in box will already be ticked and that is when the company can use you dated to send you marketing communications and pass it on to third parties. the news this morning is that pretext boxes opt in and opt out will no longer be allowed, so you will a lwa ys longer be allowed, so you will always have to opt in for your data to be used in this way. how will it work in practice for companies? will there be an expense required to make this work? a lot of companies spent a lot of time needing that information, they rely on it and they make money on passing it on. that is right, they do. they now need to look at what data they are collecting and how they collected and make sure that they have got the correct structure in place. if not, they have to make sure it is valid.
4:40 pm
how do our laws compare with other countries? are some countries outside the eu even tougher than this proposal? the eu is regarded as one of the strongest areas in data protection. obviously you welcome these proposals because you are suggesting they do not go far enough? what we need to make sure is whilst we protect the rights of individuals that businesses are aware of what is expected of them and we have clear guidance and they know what they are and are not allowed to do and they can make sure they get it right. if there was a button at the bottom of every website saying we can delete everything we know about you, would most people push it? that is a good question. it depends on what data the companies are collecting. you cannot simply just delete the companies are collecting. you
4:41 pm
cannot simplyjust delete all the data you have on an individual. if you have got an ongoing employment contract you cannot simply delete all that data. you need that in order to pay them, to make sure you are dealing with individual needs. it can be assembled simple delete everything all in one go. but do they necessarily also need to know where you shop and when you shop and what you buy and what brand of whiskey you prefer? where is the line drawn on that? it will be different for each company and it will depend why they are collecting your data. under the new rules of businesses will need to be clear what information they are collecting and for what purposes and what legal basis they are collecting it and using it for. we are out of time, it is really good of you to join us. thank you for your time. three young children are being cared for by relatives after their mother was found dead at the family home in the black country.
4:42 pm
detectives believe the 26—year—old was murdered by her husband who then killed himself at the house in 0ldbury. a neighbour called police after hearing the children crying inside. the police watchdog in scotland is investigating why it took over a month to find the body of a man in his own home. divers, sniffer dogs and a helicopter were used in a high profile search operation to find arnold mouat from bo'ness after his family reported him missing injuly. police scotland reported finding his body at home yesterday. more now on the 20—year—old british model who has returned to the uk after reportedly being kidnapped and held for nearly a week in italy. chloe ayling says she feared for her life after being stuffed in a suitcase and told she'd be "sold" online. italian police believe the model was attacked and drugged before attempts were made to auction her on the "dark web". let's go over to naples now where we can talk to pierluigi paganini, a dark web expert and chief technology officer at cyber security group cse cybsec enterprise.
4:43 pm
have you heard of this sort of kidnap demand using the dark web before? we read about these kind of issues many times all over the internet. i have also seen news many times, but this is the first time we are facing a real case where we have are facing a real case where we have a real victim from these kind of issues. explain the dark web first of all. we see more and more stories involving the dark web, but it is not just clicking involving the dark web, but it is notjust clicking a button, you have to know what you are doing to access it. basically the dark web is a part of the internet or the worldwide web where it is possible to mask your e—mail address. you can remain hidden and preserve your anonymity
4:44 pm
and it is quite easy to access the dark web. you need a specific browser if for example you want to access the hidden side that is available in the dark web that are available in the dark web that are available on the internet today. available in the dark web that are available on the internet todaym is also helpful in terms of kidnapping that you have got bitcoin is, a way of payment which is not traceable. it is true. the bitcoin, like any other colour currency is ha rd to like any other colour currency is hard to track. but it is not the only one. there are also other payment methods that are considered by crooks to be more secure. but this kind of currency could also be
4:45 pm
used by several criminals because they are hard to track. it is very difficult to discover who is the person that is behind the wallet. this looks like a particularly well—planned attack. is this something that is becoming more popular crime in italy? yes, in this period this kind of crime has made the headlines because it is an intriguing mystery. you are speaking about the dark web, cyber crime, human trafficking. it seems like a film. but we cannot underestimate the risks related to illegal activities of the dark web. 0n the dark web it is possible to acquire any kind of illegal material. i am thinking for a example about weapons, also tracking the tools and
4:46 pm
malware. it is very important to consider these issues. very sophisticated and on the face of it it appears she has been lucky to escape with her life. yes, you are right. it is very hard to track a person who uses the dark web. that is why a growing number of people are looking to the specific powers of the internet. when you read about this kind of history, we will see it more frequently in the future. thank you so much for your time this afternoon. thank you so much for your time this afternoon. police in norfolk say an 83—year—old man has been stabbed to death while out walking his two dogs in woodland. the body of the man was found on saturday near the fivewastunction in east harling. a postmortem examination has found the man died of multiple stab wounds to his neck and head. in a moment a look at how the financial markets
4:47 pm
in europe closed the day, but first the headlines on bbc news: the government announces proposals to make it easierfor people to force social media companies to delete personal data. labour leaderjeremy corbyn condemns violence in venezuela but fails to criticise the country's president, despite mounting pressure to do so. a british woman has been injured after being shot while on a family holiday in brazil. 46—year—old eloise dixon from south east london is recovering in hospital. in a moment — new doctor whojodie whittaker gives her first intervirew on becoming the first female timelord. now look at how the markets in europe have ended the trading session. it's been a positive day on the ftse with mining companies leading the way. not much joy in the rest of europe though. frankfurt was hobbled by some lacklustre company results.
4:48 pm
and paris was largely flat. let's look at some of the stories that have been moving the markets. shares in paddy powerfell shares in paddy power fell after news that its boss will be backing down. we could get more control of our personal information under plans outlined by the government. people will be able to ask for personal data to be deleted and to ask firms to obtain "explicit" consent when they process sensitive personal data. the value of bitcoin has jumped to a record high, following a month of turmoil. the virtual currency has reached the equivalent of £2604 per coin. analystjames bevanjoins me now. let's start with paddy power. why the spike in value of bitcoin? there is rising confidence that it is here to stay. it is a medium of
4:49 pm
exchange that us authorities were not keen on and they needed support and that support is coming through from the exchanges and confidence is rising. what about concerns that it can be involved in crime, being used by people carrying out nefarious acts ? by people carrying out nefarious acts? these are legitimate concerns, but we know it is here and it is here to stay and how it involves is an open question, like the internet. let's move on to changes in personal data laws being considered by the government. how will this impact companies? there are two separate aspects. the first is there will be an increase in compliance for all companies to store software and data and that will raise the cost of compliance and that will have an impact on the profit and loss for
4:50 pm
companies. secondly, there will be a relatively large number of people who do not have a data footprint and they will find it increasingly difficult to get access to financial services because the conventional checks placed on people through the internet will not be possible. let's move on to paddy power, their shares are taking a beating after the boss announces he will be stepping down. it is unkind. being a key player in the rise of paddy power, making it into the largest, global online gambling company. he made it clear there would be plenty of disruption from online. and the bet fair and paddy power merger is not completed and people have been unkind about that. he did say a while ago he would intend to step down and this has not been a surprise. his successor is highly respected and i suspect that when the dust has settled the shares will recover.
4:51 pm
that is back to you, simon. news just coming in and the head of the family courts in england and wales has approved a plan of suicide teenager injail, known has approved a plan of suicide teenager in jail, known as x. she will be moved to a special unit after doctors have found her a place. you will remember the interjection from a judge who said it was a matter of national disgrace that no one could be found for her last week. she has been found a place upon her discharge. you are watching bbc news. the actorjodie whittaker, who'll play the thirteenth doctor who, has been speaking of her excitement about the role. in her first broadcast interview since being announced in the part, she praised the "creative and enthusiastic" fans,
4:52 pm
who welcomed her appointment as a female time lord, and she's been given some advice by past dr whos. 0ur entertainment correspondent lizo mzimba has been to meet her. on tv and online, more than 15 million people have now watched jodie whittaker‘s unveiling as the 13th actor and the first woman to play the lead character in doctor who. to the public the build—up only lasted about three days because the promo happened on the friday and then the reveal happened on the sunday. but for me that had been months of secrecy and silent enjoyment, but not being able to share it with anyone. and then the relief of it being public knowledge, and knowing it had not been leaked and that kind of thing, it was amazing. since peter ca paldi announced he was leaving the show, there had been months of speculation about his replacement. forjodie whittaker, understandably a stressful time. you were sat on the secret for three months. ifound out i had got it around late march.
4:53 pm
it had been quite a long process previous to that. i had about four weeks left on shooting trust me as well, so your focus had to be on being the doctor i was currently playing. in trust me that doctor isn't a real one. she plays a nurse who ends up impersonating a doctor. are you sure about this? it's not too late to turn and run. i won't say a word. it can't be that bad. she is well aware her casting in doctor who is likely to bring more viewers to medical drama trust me when it starts this week. if somebody is now watching something or a film i did ages ago because they'd not heard of me or they're curious to know who the actor is who is playing the doctor, that'sjust exciting. also, it shows how lucky i am in a sense of the roles i get to play because they are all so different. and particularly from cath in trust me to doctor who, they're literally worlds apart.
4:54 pm
literally worlds apart! that next role in doctor who has already inspired many fans, especially those delighted that a woman has been cast. we can celebrate the fact of differences and not be... i have said before that i hope my gender isn't a fearful thing for the fans. because in this world particularly there aren't rules, and that's a great thing. she's proved she can keep secrets in real life. this week millions will see how she does it on screen before she finally becomes the doctor. lizo mzimba, bbc news. this doesn't look like a walk in the park. dog owners and their pets in california have hit the waves
4:55 pm
in the second annual world dog surfing championships. there's also style, there's confidence, there's the size of the waves, some events have really big waves, some have small waves. there's a lot of style and techniques. the competitors' main challenge is to stay afloat on the board in pacifica near san francisco. but there are also prizes for the best dressed and tandem surfing. the winner is of course, crowned top dog. it is august, unlike the weather which is more like november. it is awful. it certainly does not feel like summer. if you thought the weather was going to perk up and it is your week off work, you will have to think again. in places it will be very wet indeed. this week it is a mixed affair, some rain at times.
4:56 pm
generally a cool feel, but if you are in the right place at the right time, you will see some sunshine. this is county armagh earlier on today. some showers in scotland and further south some cloud in the picture and hefty downpours starting to develop along this line. this evening not too many showers by this stage, a few in northern parts of scotland. much of northern england, the midlands and wales are clear. 18 degrees in birmingham and coventry. 15 in aberystwyth. but from the south—west and up to east anglia there is a line of heavy showers and these will continue in the same place as we go into the evening and overnight. this band will not be moving very quickly. some thundery
4:57 pm
outbursts by the end of the night. largely dry in the north east and the north west, but in some areas it will be a chilly night. 0ne the north west, but in some areas it will be a chilly night. one or 2 degrees in sheltered glens of scotland. tomorrow it is a bit of a mess. we will see this slow—moving weather front, an area mess. we will see this slow—moving weatherfront, an area of low pressure moving across the near continent. it makes its way into our shores. it means quite a cloudy day for much of england and wales and the rain could turn very heavy in the rain could turn very heavy in the south east and east anglia later on in the day. northern ireland and scotla nd on in the day. northern ireland and scotland will see the best of the sunshine and even here you can catch a shower. temperatures 16—20 at best. northerly winds make it feel decidedly cool once again. 16—19d on
4:58 pm
wednesday. thursday is largely dry, a chance for us to draw breath. for the end of the week we see spells of rain returning from the west and blustery winds as well. not feeling particularly like august. check all the details for where you are online. today at 5: the ‘right to be forgotten' — social media companies may be forced to delete information about their users on request, under a proposed new law. we'll have the latest from westminster. the labour leader condemns violence
4:59 pm
in venezuela. what i condemn is the balance being done by any side. violence will not solve the issue. a 46—year—old mother from south east london is recovering in hospital after being shot twice while on a family holiday to brazil. pyongyang says the united states must ‘pay a price' for drafting fresh un sanctions over its nuclear weapons programme.
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