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tv   World Athletics Sportsday  BBC News  August 8, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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have been hit by gastroenteritis. the bug forces 400—metre favourite isaac makwala to withdraw. i feel heartbroken. i was ready for this and i worked hard for this. a man who was stopped at manchester airport with a pipe bomb in his hand luggage, is convicted of possessing explosives with intent to endanger life. south africa's president, jacob zuma, survives a no confidence vote in parliament. 198 mps rejected the motion, while 177 voted to oust president zuma. the parents of a boy with a rare genetic disorder have won the latest stage of their attempt to get the nhs to pay for a "life—changing" drug. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. after presidentjacob
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zuma fended off a no confidence vote, we'll bring you the latest reaction from capetown. and after a man died attempting to swim across the channel, we'll speak to an expert on the challenges of extreme swimming. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm olly foster at the london stadium. the norovirus hits the 400 metres final. one of the favourites, makwale, is told he can't run it's set to be another lean night for great britain, unless kyle langford can stun the field in the 800 metres. i'm nick marshall mccormack in salford and, away from the athletics, we'll be looking ahead to the uefa super cup where manchester united take on real madrid. jose mourinho‘s side are bidding to win a fourth trophy injust over a year.
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it is the ee of the women's rugby world cup in ireland and i have been tilting to the english, irish and welsh squad square victoria derbyshire. good evening. they fired at the world athletics championships. we are halfan world athletics championships. we are half an hour away from the start of the action. five medals to be one this evening. the talking point has been away from the stadium and the norovirus that has swept through one of the hotels. it has wiped out some of the hotels. it has wiped out some of the hotels. it has wiped out some of the athletes and support staff. the botswa nan runner of the athletes and support staff. the botswanan runner has been told
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he cannot ride in the —— you cannot run in the 200 metres and he is not allowed to run in the 400 metres tonight, the main event of the night, the last event on the track. it has been aged magic day. they cannot afford for the virus to spread. we have heard from a former runner, he has treated to see that he thinks isaac is going to turn up at the track and appeal. he does not think you should been kicked out of the 200 and he feels he was well enough to make it to the start line in the 400. we will be looking out for him and seeing if the medical delegation overturned it. this is oui’ delegation overturned it. this is our guest tonight, and olympic bronze—medallist. welcome to the
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athletics sports day. terrible for all the athletes and support staff that have been hit by the virus. also such a high profile athlete. that have been hit by the virus. also such a high profile athletem is an athlete's worst nightmare to come down with an illness. this is one of his last championships so i really feel for isaac makwala not being able to run. they have isolated some of the athletes and will tell. if they think he has the norovirus they do not want him coming to the stadium. it is always tricky being close to so many athletes in the tales. during the 0lympics thousands live in one content 0lympics thousands live in one co nte nt area 0lympics thousands live in one content area so things can spread. i have experienced the same, i got a
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vomiting bug in beijing, but it was a week before. if he does run, i would be surprised if he ran well. it plays on your mind. you have to run well to beat the world record holder. but there is also another tough competition. holder. but there is also another tough competitionlj holder. but there is also another tough competition. i think it is going to be later that receive other and he can run. there is only one british athlete in the 800 metres and he is the slowest man there. great that he got there. if you can get himself into a good position in the last lap then he has as much of their chances anyone else but i would be surprised if they got on to the rostrum. three women swimmers getting underway. the 200 metres
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sprinter is probably are strongest. she broke herfoot earlier in sprinter is probably are strongest. she broke her foot earlier in the year of which is very sad for her with a home world championship and the form from last season but if she can run herself into shape hopefully she can make it into the semi and the final. a great weekend for american athletes. thelj the final. a great weekend for american athletes. the i am sure they are being buoyed by a fantastic win in the 100 metres. we'll see what she can do this evening. la dial is back on the track. she would love to make a final. it is one of the toughest events. she will have a difficultjob to make the final but
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she could do so. i am sure she will make it. halfway through the championships, one gold medalfrom mo farah, almost a given, the target is 6—8 but it is not looking good 110w. is 6—8 but it is not looking good now. we are starting to get into the point where we are relying on the relay. anything can happen in the relays. hopefully laura might pull it out of the bag but elsewhere i am not sure of medals are going to come from. we have put on fantastic championships. are you looking forward to the javelin this evening. how will that competition unfold? you have a double 0lympic
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how will that competition unfold? you have a double olympic champion against the next generation. do not rule out the chinese athletes as well. one runner broke the record in qualifying. she will be gunning for a medal. thank you. you can listen to her on five live this evening. lots to look forward to. we need to see if this isaac makwala story has another twist if it turns out to try to get into the final. we will be back here soon. back to the bbc sports centre. thank you very much. the build up to this evening's uefa super cup final between europa cup holders manchester united and champions league winners real madrid has been made intriguing byjose mourinho's comments on real‘s gareth bale.
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the united manager is ready to fight to sign bale if the wales international is deemed surplus to real‘s requirements. away from the bale speculation, united are bidding to win their fourth trophy in barely a year in skopje, as nick parrott reports. manchester united have never won the europa league untiljose mourinho guided them to glory. now he is trying to achieve a personal goal. he is hoping to abide coming the first manager to lose it three times. but he knows the opposition are special. in the semifinals she have some of the best teams in europe. there is a difference of quality. but it is possible. spanish
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teams have dominated the super cup and have won seven of the last eight. united players are desperate to change that and for them this is anything but a pre—season friendly. you cannot estimate what we have gone through to play in this game. it isa gone through to play in this game. it is a big achievement to be part of that and we're taking very seriously. it is a massive trophy to win and it will be terrific for us. after three seasons in chargejose mourinho is how the politics works and put the spotlight on gareth bale by talking about him in spanish. translation: if it is true that gareth is that the exit door i will wait for him on the other side and put upa wait for him on the other side and put up a fight with some other coach thatis put up a fight with some other coach that is waiting as well. if he plays it will be the most evident sign
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that he will continue. if that u nsettles that he will continue. if that unsettles real madrid and offer them to win tonight and sign gareth bale, jose mourinho will strengthen his reputation as a history maker and a mischiefmakers. the eighth women's rugby world cup starts tomorrow with england looking to defend the title they won back in 2014. the pool stages are already sold out with england taking on spain in the first round of pool matches. ireland and wales are also in action tomorrow. we can go now live to our reporter katherine downes in dublin, katherine. how is england's defence looking? looking pretty strong. they go in as the defending champions. the world's number one test side. but they say this is forgotten ahead of this tournament. they have a straightforward opening match against spain and simon middleton has the luxury of leaving 392
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international caps on the bench and he is giving 12 players their world cup debuts. this is what sarah hunter had to say about the feeling in the squad ahead of their opening match. they are excited to be here and get the world cup underway. we have come out here with 11 other teams for the start of a brand—new competition. what has gone before has gone before and the slate is no white clean. everyone is fighting for the trophy come the end of the competition. in contrast, wales's opening match is difficult. they are taking on new zealand in their group is log on any easier because in later rounds are the finalists from the last world cup, canada. when you're speaking to players in the
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opening stages of the tournament, they say they are taking it one match at a time. she has to bring her dad on tour because he is the wales national coach. i spoke to him about what it is like trying to manage his daughter as his captain. i have had 24 years of practice to get to this point. it has been fine. it is not the first time we have been asked this question, but we are here to do a job. there are enough things to do here without worrying too much about our personal relationship. an interesting dynamic to watch in the viscount —— to watch in the irish camp. in the last world
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cup being knocked out the black ferns and ended the 20 match run. they will need this confidence after losing their captain to injury. i was speaking to clear earlier ran and she told me that she got the news of her promotion while she was working in her dayjob as an an any doctor. it was quite overwhelming. the girls thought i had gone very serious. there was an honour to be asked although the circumstances are not ideal. in high—performance sport this does happen so someone needs to step up and i am honoured to do so. i'm honoured to be a part of the squad. ireland take on the sharia in their opening matches at 7pm tomorrow night, which is perfect
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time to get down here to university couege time to get down here to university college to cheer them on. they said they are looking forward to having their home crowd as the 16th man. thank you. england cricket captainjoe root will be looking back at a job generally well done after his side wrapped up their test series 3—1 against south africa yesterday. root himself made lots of runs and there was plenty to cheer with with the performances of bowler james anderson and the all rounders moeen ali, ben stokes and jonny bairstow. there are though still some unresolved issues as our reporter patrick gearey explains. england have won a series 3—1 and they are up to third in the world, so they are up to third in the world, so what is the problem? some of the batting. here is trevor bayliss. so what is the problem? some of the batting. here is trevor baylissm is always good that you are winning but we are not papering over the cracks. we know there are some spots that have not been cemented down and
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we're still looking for those guys to prove their worth at this level. we will focus on two of those guys, the first of which is keating jennings. he started with hundred in india but he's is that the person who is africa. his average has been dragged down and many field there are problems with his technique, which is not what you want before an ashes tour. england have called this man. he has been batting at number five. he has shovelled in the two tests he has had, although he has not had much of a chance. who will england bring in? alex hales, a successful member of england's one day game but he has struggled to adjust the format. he recently scored for nottinghamshire. at the other end there is mark stallman who
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has never played international cricket, but he is averaging in the high 50s and opening for surrey. there is also at this young man. he has proven he can do it in international cricket, he has the patience and technique which showed in england was playing in india and thatis in england was playing in india and that is what many look for it in an opening batsmen. but he has not been in form this season. in a game against hampshire going on at the moment there are signs that he is coming into the runs. as he left it too late or attend a powerfully? it will be interesting to see how he goes and what squid england tech against the west indies and who will start the first match of the ashes in brisbane. that's all from us here in the bbc sport centre. let's go back now to the london stadium, the london stadium, and re—join olly. we are about ten minutes away from
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the action now. i can see some javelin thrower is warming up. the women are coming out for the 200—metre heat is a moment. we are at the halfway stage. we have been talking about this very much because the botswa nan sprinter talking about this very much because the botswanan sprinter isaac makwala has been kicked out of the 200. he has been kicked out of the 200. he has also been kicked out of the 400 final because of the norovirus. we will be keeping an eye on that to see whether he will turn up. everyone is pinning their hopes on him to do the double. six races and 60s. michaeljohnson is a man who
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dominated the 200 and 400. he is working for bbc sport and we spoke to him about him. you never know. with conditions. if he establishes a lead, he may start to pull back. you never know with the times. in times of google when, he is the favourite. but that is why we have a race, it is fun to predict but it is only a prediction at the end of the day there will be a race on the one will give it to him. runners from the bahamas and the americans should be fishing him around that final bend. a brilliant race just before 10pm. the lonely british person in the
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five finals tonight is in the 800 metres. he grew up in watford on the same state is anthonyjoshua so there is some sporting pedigree there. he is only 21. british medal hopes are looking slim and you have to go back to the early 2000 is when we just picked up a to go back to the early 2000 is when wejust picked up a couple to go back to the early 2000 is when we just picked up a couple of medals in 2001. halfway through it is just that mo farah gold medal so far. we asked steve who has propped at the british team on many occasion, the former javelin reckon british team on many occasion, the formerjavelin reckon holder, what he thought about britain's progress so he thought about britain's progress so far the championships. the 6—8 medals as the target but it is not going to plan, that is the simple message.


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