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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  August 9, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: isaac makwala accuses the world athletics governing body of "sabotage" after being excluded from the 400 metres final. defending champion wayde van niekerk does run though and eases to victory. and real madrid retain the european super cup with a 2—1 win over manchester united. hello there and welcome to the programme. lots to get through. and it's the world athletics championships in london where we start. a real story has been brewing in regards to botswana's issac makwala who was forced to withdraw from the 400 metre final after he was diagnosed with a norovirus bug. we will have more on that shortly. olympic champion wayde van niekerk retained his world title in the olympic stadium, and ben croucher rounds up day five. with the absence making headlines outside the stadium, the south
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african world recordholder was not at his best in the final. but still more than good enough to breeze through the race. it looked like there was only one winner. the 0lympic there was only one winner. the olympic champion showed his class to become world champion one more time. michaeljohnson was the last. now wayde van niekerk has the chance to do the same. with david rudisha injured, nigel amos was the favourite for the 800 metres. but there was a surprise in store. the frenchman produced the sprint of his life — and looked like he couldn't believe what happened. you have to go back to 1987 when a man bought outside can you want the steeplechase. for a time,
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outside can you want the steeplechase. fora time, it looked like kevinjagger steeplechase. fora time, it looked like kevin jagger might steeplechase. fora time, it looked like kevinjagger might break the monopoly. led the monopoly in early stages, but lost his theme in the final metres. —— yeager. the east african nation has now won 12 of the 15 editions of the world championships. sam kendrick ‘s, unbeaten this year, capped a fantastic season with gold. at 2a, he has a long career ahead of him. —— kendricks. botswana's isaac makwala says he is "devastated" to have missed out on the 400 meters final. athletics commentator will downing explained to me how the controversy unfolded.
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0fficials stopped him from entering the stadium this evening. he was entered in the 400 metres, and was withdrawn by the iaaf. he was stopped and brought into the office. there are some athletes, many on social media, tonight, that are sad about the fact that he has not been able to compete. you could have been able to compete. you could have been a good candidate for a medalfor botswa na. a good candidate for a medalfor botswana. we've also had the athletics chief from botswana said they had been left completely in the dark. the iaaf medical delegate has said that hast to a 48 hour incubation period, and because he was diagnosed with norovirus yesterday, they were never going to clear him. this is a great champion, because he could have been a very good medal prospect tonight. the
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iaaf did not want to take the risk that one of the big—name athletes of the week also succumb. more on that to come, but to football, now. real madrid became the first team to retain the european super cup since 1990 with a 2—1victory over manchester united in the macedonian capital of skopyeah. the champions league winners were two goals up just seven minutes into the second half when man of the match isco added to casemiro‘s earlier effort. europa league winners united were given hope when romelu lukaku scored with just under half an hour remaining. and with a heatwave across southern europe this week — nicknamed lucifer — it was real madrid who were red hot getting their hands on the trophy. but the manchester united manager was happy enough heading into the domestic season. for us to come here and to do the positive things we did, i think we have to go with a good feeling, and we had to start the premier league on sunday with a positive feeling, and a great experience, and go into
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the champions league in september. who knows if we get real madrid ain? who knows if we get real madrid again? if we don't get real madrid again, we could get another one of the top teams in europe, one of the champions of the best leagues. and i think this super cup was a really good experience for us. the us pga championship will be played in may, rather than august, from 2019. the final major of the year, which starts on thursday at quail hollow, in north carolina, will fit in between the masters and the us open. it means the players championship will move from may to its previous march date and the biggest benefit to the pga tour is being able to complete the fedex cup play—offs before the start of the nfl and college football seasons. i don't think it makes any difference when they host this event. it has got to be... you know, i kind of like the changes they go to make. it is good east hastings
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out a little bit more, instead of being crammed together. so it is a bit more time to repair. —— it is good that they spaced things out a little bit. it will be nice to have some more time to prepare. now to tennis and at the wta event in toronto 10th seed agnieszka radwanska eased past coco vandeweghe winning her first round match 6—3, 6—2 on tuesday. vandeweghe was in good form, reaching the final in stanford, on sunday. but the pole, who was champion at this event in 2014, continued her rich vein of form against the american, remaining unbeaten on hard courts against her, with four straight wins on the surface. in sheffield, at 2500 competitors are preparing themselves for the special 0lympic are preparing themselves for the special olympic games. —— in the english city of sheffield
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two and a half thousand competitors are readying themselves for the special olympics national games. every one of them has a learning disability in a country that has one a half million in that category, but sporting provision for athletes like them is facing major funding challenges, as our sports correspondentjoe wilson reports. in sheffield this week, their sport everywhere. the national games of special olympics. 20 different disciplines. 2500 competitors. what links the mall is they love sport. what links them all is that they have a learning disability. and that can make life a daily challenge. getting around, travelling, things like that, people being nasty to me, bullying me... has that happened you? yes, it has. does it happen here? no, because everybody is the same. a lot of people feel they have been left out from the community and the exclusion. whereas coming to these games actually gives them a chance to express themselves and to really show, not about what they can't do, but about what they can do, and more. to stage all this
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sport takes money. for the first time, this national games of the special olympics has received direct treasury funding, £2 million from the government. but when the and then stops, so does the cash. we hope that this will show what the benefit of sporting levies is to the government. the olympic movement was about friendship, camaraderie, and was about achieving one's bass. so perhaps that has definitely got lost. —— achieving one's best. perhaps that has definitely got lost. -- achieving one's best. the opening ceremony has special guests. there are i—and—a—half million people in this country with a learning disability. let's put the spotlight on them and give them the chance, everybody deserves a chance. that is what this is about. that spirit defeats the weather in the
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city, but it cannot overcome a lack of funds. as this national games begins, there is no certainty where 01’ begins, there is no certainty where or if there will be another. joe wilson, bbc news, in sheffield. it's set to be the biggest women's rugby world cup and it starts on wednesday. dublin and belfast host the 12 teams with defending champions england naming their squad ahead of their opening match against spain. captain sarah hunter is in the mix along with forwards abbie scott and heather kerr. while making her fourth while making herfourth world cup appearance, full—back danielle waterman has been called up. there are three groups of four teams in the stages, with the final to be played at belfast on saturday the 36th of august. —— 26. that looks like it will be a fantastic tournament. england are the reigning champions, but they will face stiff competition. everything else, you can go to our website. but for me,
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tulsen tollett, and the marvellous sport today team, it is good night. goodbye. well, ket me start with a very dramatic picture from tuesday. that's some rough weather. here's a big storm just off the coast of essex, and two waterspouts — the marine equivalent of a tornado. incredible. a thunderstorm picture here from the south end. some rough weather over the last 12 or 18 hours or so. this low pressure system is spinning around the uk. mind, london missed the bad weather. scotland and northern ireland also had some sunshine. throughout wednesday morning, there will be further rain, particularly across lincolnshire, and parts in the midlands and into eastern wales and down into the south—west, as well. and also the possibility of some
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thunder and lightning in some areas as well. note how different the weather is in northern england and scotland. a fine start for the day there. lots of sunshine. starts on a positive note, then. so right from the word go, belfast, glasgow, aberdeen, edinburgh, sunshine to start — temperatures 13 or 14 degrees for the morning rush. bigger cloud across the north of england and wales. this is where heavy rain will be, say from birmingham to northampton. maybe nudging into the home counties, and squeezing into the south—west, as well. at this stage, from bournemouth, brighton, into kent and sussex will probably stay dry. heavy rain or showers will get going through the course of the latter part of the morning into the afternoon. a little like tuesday, like yesterday. downpours will be slow—moving as well, raining for a while in many locations.
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say the home counties, east anglia, maybe london as well. this south—eastern portion of the country and the south—east will see some downpours. this is where the worst of the weather will be. looking further north will be fine. how are we doing compared to the rest of europe? a heatwave across some central and southern and eastern parts of europe, 37 celsius over there in rome. a bit too hot to me. i would rather the 18 in london. high pressure starts to build on thursday. we still have the tail end of that wet weather across east anglia and the south east. it may start of grey and wet for a time. a slow moving air of weather. that pushes away. high pressure builds and a window of fine weather develops on thursday. thursday the best day, then friday and saturday the weather will be hit and miss, once again. welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: north korea threatens missile strikes near the us pacific airbase on guam after president trump issues this warning to pyongyang. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. early results in kenya's election put president uhuru kenyatta in the lead but the figures are rejected by his rival, raila 0dinga. hong kong closes 13 beaches as more and more congealed palm oil washes ashore. and the american country music legend glen campbell has died at the age of 81.
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