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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 9, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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the close season has once again been dominated by some big signings and the record for summer transfer spending looks certain to be broken again. romelu lukaku went to manchester united from everton in a british record deal worth up to £90 million. in europe neymar has moved from barcelona to paris st germain for a staggering 200 million. huge sums of money but ahead of the new season the premier league's chief executive richard scudamore says the neymar deal is a one—off. go back to 2002 zidane was transferred for around 14% of the turnover of the premier league at that stage. so i think not saying, not justifying it but that stage. so i think not saying, notjustifying it butjust saying in context, other than the neymar situation which i do not think is the norm, you will not see that again, that was a buyout clause and statement of intent, i do not think
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this thing is out of control. i think we have regulations both ourselves and uefa that keeps this thing in some kind of kilter if you can generate the revenue. staying with football, the fa has announced it will bid to host the 2021 european women's championship. the bidding process for the tournament begins in september with a final decision due next year. england were knocked out of this year's tournament at the semi—final stage by hosts the netherlands. the fourth and final golf major of the year — the uspga — starts tomorrow. world number four rory mcilroy is among the favourites. earlier we spoke to our reporter rishi peasad in north carolina. the 99th pga championship has the potential of being one of the great events of the year. so many of the top players in world arrived here in great form. the favourite and understandably so is mcilroy. a two—time winner of this particular major and also he has an outstanding
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record here. seven starts, six top ten finishes and two victories. he is also the droid record—holder for the lowest round ever produced of 61 here. another player arriving high in companies with jordan here. another player arriving high in companies withjordan spieth, just two weeks after winning the open at birkdale. if he is successful this week he would become the youngest winner of the career grand slam. that is something the 24—year—old texan says he does not feel pressure on. the biggest challenge in winning is going to be incredible talent out there this week. expectations, i really do not feel any. this is a chance to complete the career grand slam, but i'm here sol complete the career grand slam, but i'm here so i am going to try, but i believe i will have plenty of chances, i'm young enough to believe in my abilities that it will happen at some point. do i have to be the youngest, no. i do not feelthat kind of pressure. looking forward to seeing the likes ofjordan spieth
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rory mcilroy and also dustinjohnson has arrived in good form along with hideki matsuyama of japan. jordan spieth' for a career grand slam. and rory mcilroy begins at 635 uk time. the weather forecast for the week, thunder storms predicted on all four days. coverage on the bbc begins at 6pm on the red button and life thursday and friday. and 7pm saturday and sunday. that's all from us here in the bbc sport centre. let's go back now to the london stadium, and re—join 0lly. more excitement? always. another packed night on the sixth day of. with the buzzing after seeing issac ma kwa la with the buzzing after seeing issac makwala qualify for the 200 metres
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semifinal. and we will show you that raise ina semifinal. and we will show you that raise in a moment. still plenty more to look forward to and we have been speaking about mo farah with christine 0huruogu. year three women qualifying also in the women's long jump. sara proctor —— shara proctor in beijing got a silver medal. she is hoping to relive some of those memories. jazmin sawyers, and lorraine ugen also going in that. still absolutely tipping down, that is what we can see there and very 5°99y is what we can see there and very soggy for the long jump over far side of the stadium. so shara proctor and coe will be hoping that they can nail a couple of decent distances to night to get through to the final. a couple of events up in
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the final. a couple of events up in the air actually because of the rain. the men's hammer warming up and the steeplechase, we have not yet heard if that will go ahead. because the hurdles would get very wet indeed. but this is the timetable as it stands this evening on the sixth day. no morning session, wejust had on the sixth day. no morning session, we just had the early sessions and we can see if the women's 3000 metres steeplechase will go ahead. i do not think that it will because the jumps have not been put out. that was due at five past seven but it does not look as if that will go ahead. then the women's long jump qualification, the men's hammer throw, the men's 5000 metres, two heats of that. mo farah must finish in the top five. then the women's shot put final, expected to be an american affair. the men's hammer qualifying second group. and the men's 200 semifinals with issac ma kwa la the men's 200 semifinals with issac makwala returning. the men's 400 metres hurdles final, three gold
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medals to be one tonight. it could be an american one, two, three. clement getting a gold, we would look to see that happen probably did come the first 400 meter hurdles to get three world titles. he is the rio 0lympics champion. then the final event of the day, the women's 400 metres final, no chance to ask christine 0huruogu about that event, her event. but the great american sprinter looking for her tenth world title. all the action getting underway across the bbc of course. but the action really has got underway already with that one man time trial, issac makwala, all his trials and tribulations in the past 48 hours with the norovirus being turned away at the stadium yesterday, his chance to race in the 400 metres. well tonight we will show you the race now, he had the stadium to sell. wayde van niekerk was watching as well, the man he may
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face later, the man that almost certainly he will be facing in that final tomorrow. but he had to reach 20.50 three. look at him. this was the race of his life. racing against the race of his life. racing against the clock. he did what he had to do. he's into the semifinals. from all of us here, good night. difficult to know what to put in this sphere at the moment, for some it has been a miserable day. elsewhere further north and west it has been a glorious summer day. if you have been anywhere near this weather front today you really will
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have known all about it. the rain at times has been quite torrential. but tha nkfully times has been quite torrential. but thankfully overnight it moves away further towards the south and east and following on behind we have clearer skies and temperatures begin to dip away. not so much in the towns and cities but certainly in the countryside. single figures abounding so cold start to thursday. but at least a decent start of the day. some cloud across the north and western isles. the odd shower and for the greater part of scotland, a lovely start to the day. so too for the north of england. the high pressure really doing stuff to settle things nicely. northern ireland and the greater part of england and wales. but in the first pa rt england and wales. but in the first part of the day, over in the south—east, east anglia, you have clout and some rain left over from that rain event today but eventually
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that rain event today but eventually that should drift away towards the near continent and the english channel leaving behind a lot of fine and dry weather. the kind of thing you would hope for for the second week in august. temperatures responding to the sunshine and out of the breeze, around 19, 20 degrees. and in the evening as well fine and dry. but looming in the wings, another area of low pressure. notice the number of isobars squeezing in across the northern portions of the british isles. friday shaping up again to be a day of sunny spells for some in the south and east. but you have to with this weather front pretend with this weather front which eventually moves through scotla nd which eventually moves through scotland and northern ireland bringing rain towards the south. through friday evening and into the first part of saturday, richard high pressure starts to show its hand and this is going to be the dominant feature for the whole of the weekend for many parts of the british isles. but we can forecast largely dry with
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sunny spells. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven: 17 men and one woman who groomed girls and young women for sex in newcastle, are convicted of crimes including rape and trafficking. despite the abuses they've suffered the victims have demonstrated great bravery in recounting their experiences in court. 0peration sanctuary relied on evidence from an informant, a convicted child rapist who was paid 10,000 pounds — that's controversial there are dangerous men behind bars and vulnerable people protected, that would not have been the case if we had not used that informant. the us defends president trump's warning that he'll bring "fire and fury" to north korea if it threatens america. the 83—year—old man killed while walking his dogs in norfolk is named as peter wrighton.


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