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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 10, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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-- kenny do it? we will kenny do it? —— kenny do it? we will keep you updated throughout the evening. british athletics were today that is all for now. you're watching bbc news. a widow has spoken of her "shock and horror" after a private gp who treated her late husband admitted failings in the case. dr peter wheeler, who was princess diana's doctor, has acknowledged he failed to properly monitor his patient by not arranging the recommended blood tests. our health correspondent, jane dreaper, reports. a mother and son seeking answers. stefanos vavalidis died from liver failure after spending the last eight months of his life in hospital. his widow is suing the private gp who was the family's trusted doctor over the prescribing of a drug mr vavalidis took for a skin condition for over a decade. it was an insidious build—up of health problems, as a result
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of the drip drip drip of each one of these prescriptions over this very long period. it's heartbreaking enough to lose your partner of 45 years, but the complete shock and horror when we found out that it had been totally avoidable. that last period of his life was horrifying, so we'd like to prevent it from happening to other people. dr peter wheeler continues to practise at this private surgery, which was declared safe when inspectors visited four years ago, but he's since admitted in legal papers for this case that there were no systems at the time for flagging up the need for regular blood tests in cases like this, and that he failed to properly monitor mr vavalidis and that had he done so, his patient could have lived up to two years longer. the lawyer working on the family's legal claim says it's one of the worst cases he's known.
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private health care does have certain advantages over the nhs. it's more convenient, generally, and it's more comfortable, but it certainly isn't better care. dr wheeler states in legal papers that mr vavalidis would still have died from liverfailure because of his diabetes and obesity. the doctor is under investigation by the general medical council. the united states has expelled two cuban diplomats , amid suggestions that mysterious technology was used to damage the hearing of us embassy staff in havana. us state department officials believe covert sonic devices may have caused cases of severe hearing loss. cuba says it's investigating the claims. our correspondent tom burridge reports. it was a moment when cuba and america's relationship changed. for decades, they were enemies, but the opening of america's embassy in havana two years ago set this island and its neighbouring superpower on a new path,
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with some trade and travel restrictions lifted. now, news about bizarre events in that very building. it's emerged that several us diplomats had to leave cuba last year for health reasons. they had apparently suffered severe hearing loss. one theory is that the diplomats were subjected to a device which gave off low or high frequency sound which is inaudible to the human ear — and that caused the damage. the us state department has given few concrete details. they've reported some incidents, which have caused a variety of physical symptoms. i'm not going to be able to give you a tonne of information about this today, but i'll tell you what we do have that we can provide so far. we don't have any definitive answers about the source or the cause of what we consider to be incidents.
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since 2016 you don't know what this incident is? what this requires is providing medical examinations to these people. initially when they started reporting what i willjust call symptoms, it took time to figure out what it was, and this is still ongoing. but despite the uncertainty america expelled two cuban diplomats from washington in may of this year. cuba said that was unjustified. via state television, the government categorically denied any foul play against the us embassy. cuba said it was carrying out its own thorough investigation and called on america to share information. america is not overtly blaming cuba, probably because so much is still unclear, and the relatively constructive reaction from officials in havana at least shows how much the dynamic between these two countries has changed. tom burridge, bbc news. let us take a look at the weather
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forecast, with thomas. what a change across the south—east today. yesterday and absolute deluge, awful awful day. today more sunshine around for most of us. there will be 12 showers across the extreme south—east, kent and sussex even had a thunderstorm early on, but on balance it is looking fine. there's a lot of clout that in the atla ntic there's a lot of clout that in the atlantic which is moving towards northern ireland and scotland, but the day will be fine and any cloud and rain weight reached the north and rain weight reached the north and west until later on tonight. this is what the weather looks across the south so a fine day, a little bit more cloud in the midlands and a little bit cloud in the south—east. the rest of the country, very little to sayjust scattered fairweather clouds,
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18-20d. this scattered fairweather clouds, 18—20d. this weather front to put into the western isles went been the wane and the wind until around about midnight. —— the rain and the wind until around about midnight. in the early hours of the morning, wales and england tonight are going to stay dry and quite clear. not cold, 12-13d. stay dry and quite clear. not cold, 12—13d. here is the weather system thatis 12—13d. here is the weather system that is going to be pushing through the course of friday. sequences and sunshine across central and eastern areas. cloud and windy conditions on the far north—west and through the afternoon you can see that the cloud and rain moves further east but norwich and london still stained drive through most of sunday. the weather front moves through and the region of high pressure builds so that means at the weekend, at least
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saturday, is looking fine. there will be some sunshine, a lot of dry weather and looking absolutely fine. there are meteors showers over the weekend, so saturday could be a good night to see those. there's a bit of northerly westerly breeze out there so northerly westerly breeze out there so temperatures are not going to be spectacularly high, sunday maybe a few showers, isolated in the east, but it's looking absolutely fine. so, enjoy the weekend. this is bbc news. the headlines at seven: modern slavery in the uk, the national crime agency say they are shocked by the scale of problem, with tens of thousands of victims being exploited. it's just horrible. even it'sjust horrible. even now, ijust feel like my heart started beating a
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little bit. a new threat from north korea — it says it's ready to launch missiles towards the island of guam, home of a us a naval base nhs. nhs figures show that waiting lists hit a ten—year high in england. other key targets including urgent referral for cancer care have also been missed. also in the next hour: the number of potentially contaminated eggs sent to britain from dutch farms is much higher than initial estimates. the food standards agency says 700,000 may have reached the uk, but stresses that any risk to public
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