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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 11, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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driver of migration. as ever, the targets are huge. by 2030, the project aims to restore 100 million hectares of land, sequester 250 million tonnes of carbon and generate more than 350,000 jobs in rural areas. although it's not clear exactly how these numbers will be achieved. it's definitely small beginnings, with the hope of building to a biggerfuture. the great green wall is a powerful symbol to focus global attention on the problems in the sahel. it remains to be seen how successful it will be in breaking
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the cycle of exodus. fascinating. that is all from us tonight, we are back on monday, have a great weekend. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. the headlines tonight: there's a goal—tastic start to the new premier league season as arsenal come—out on top over leicester. at the world athletics championships, there's a season's best for dina asher—smith, but it's another fourth place for britain. linsey sharp's 800m disqualification is over—turned, meaning she will run in the final.
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and rory mcilroy‘s hopes of a third uspga title look all but over after a difficult day at quail hollow. so lots of great sport for you tonight, we're starting at the emirates where the new premier league season got off to cracking start. the first time it's kicked—off on a friday and it was everything we'd hoped for. arsenal best leicester 4—3. 0ur correspondent andy swiss was watching. it is back on a friday, an unprecedented start to the premier league season, but for the fans that familiar question — could this be their year? amid the summer spending splurge, arsenal splashed out £50 million on this man, alexandre lacazette, and it took him all of 94 seconds to show why. that is what you call making an impact. a dream start for him and the hosts.
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that was the beginning of a frantic first half. leicester hit back. shinji 0kazaki with the equaliser, as arsenal's old frailties returned to haunt them. soon the foxes were in front, jamie vardy lashing it home. but on the stroke of half—time, danny welbeck levelled it up. four goals in the first 45 minutes. welcome back. in the second half arsenal delivered, vardy did not. 3—2, for arsene wenger that summer break a distant memory. but then the craziest of comebacks. with less than ten minutes left, aaron ramsey's flawless finish gave the gunners hope. moments later 0livier giroud completed an extraordinary turnaround. 4—3 to arsenal. the rest of the season has some act to follow. you could see that it was two teams
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that were well prepared and overall i felt we showed fantastic spirit, never came back, —— gave up, came back and won the game. we could do better defensively but overall i feel we produce a top—quality game. of course you come away from home, score three goals, were nearly there in terms of the 83rd unit i think it was eddie could see from corner as well, so bitterly disappointed. i am always trying to look for the positives. liverpool's season starts at watford tomorrow, but they're already in a battle to keep hold of star player phillipe coutinho. the brazilian midfielder responded to the club saying they won't sell him to barcelona by handing in a transfer request. earlier today, liverpool denied reports he'd put in the request and have already rejected a bid of £90 million from barcelona saying he was "definitively" not for sale. it was a fascinating, but ultimately disappointing, day for britain at the world athletics championships in london. mo farah‘s10,000m gold is still the team's only medal as they suffered another
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case of fourth—itis. 0lly foster has been following the action for us and i spoke to him at the close of the evening session. it has become a bit of a recurring theme. we would love to speak about firsts, seconds and thirds. tonight the british team, i can give you a fourth, fifth and sixth. the final event on the track, the women's 200 metre final. gina asher—smith looked so metre final. gina asher—smith looked so strong and getting to the final -- dina. so strong and getting to the final —— dina. but what a field she faced. daphne schippers, the reigning world champion, retained her title. the ivory coast runner getting silver. the 400 metre libby kennedy and stormed through to deny dina a medal. i mixed -- missed out on a
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bronze. i am quite frustrated. but at the same time in reflection i really ha p py at the same time in reflection i really happy to have done a 22 with little training. this is what is truly stand out in that everything you've been through, the broken foot, the surgery. i'm over the moon, fourth place. but they might not have got a medal here today but they will definitely be there. the ones to watch in the championships to come. we had our eyes on the long jump to come. we had our eyes on the long jump runway on the other side of the stadium. the british contender was really in it for a time. a third world championship for the one who
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took gold. the russian, the olympic champion, took bronze. the bridge coming fifth in the long jump. she spoke afterwards. definitely a little bit disappointed. i was hoping to come out here and content for a medal in front of the home crowd. i gave it my best. absolutely, nobody could doubt that. is morale good in the team?|j absolutely, nobody could doubt that. is morale good in the team? i think we are still doing well. just focusing on seeing what we can do. a lot of teams are still quite young, so lot of teams are still quite young, so it is like a changeover from the older guys. it's just about as kind of getting the experience. there was writ issued interest in the men's hammerfinal. writ issued interest in the men's hammer final. nick miller writ issued interest in the men's hammerfinal. nick miller is based in the states. he was lifted to silver briefly, but he fluffed his last couple of attempts and tried to
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push too hard. it was a polish one, two. some controversy in the 800 metres semifinals. lynsey sharp, our best chance of getting through to the final, this was her semi—final. she had to finish in the top two to get into the final and she just barged the american out of the way and both would have qualified because it was a very quick it. british athletics appealed that decision and had to wait a couple of hours. lynsey sharp was in tears as she came past us in the interview area. she didn't want to speak at all. but that appeal was successful, so all. but that appeal was successful, so she is through to the final. the other brits didn't make it. the 1500 metres has chris 0'hare, also based in the states. he finished fairly co mforta ble in the states. he finished fairly comfortable in. i feel
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in the states. he finished fairly comfortable in. ifeel he is down in the states. he finished fairly comfortable in. i feel he is down a little bit too much. he was fourth in his heat and he went through. the fellow scot didn't make it out of his heat. rory mcilroy‘s hopes of a third uspga title are gone after a difficult day at quail hollow. he's ten shots off the pace, while america's kevin kisner continues to head the field. mcilroy had a topsy turvy day, with three birdies and four bogeys to finish two over par. he should make the cut. 0ut front, kisnerfollowed up yesterday's round of 67 with another including this eagle on the seventh. he leads by four shots. this is not the quail hollow that we've got to know over the past ten yea rs. we've got to know over the past ten years. this is a completely different golf course. it's amazing. evenif different golf course. it's amazing. even if they didn't do anything else with this golf course, all of a sudden it is two shots more difficult. castleford tigers have moved ten points clear at the top
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of the superleague super eights. jy hitchcox scored the pick of castleford's four tries in a 23—4 win over salford red devils. elsewhere, there were wins for hull and wigan. 0nto cricket and yorkshire diamonds made a winning start to the women's super league, convincingly beating lancashire thunder. all rounder alice davidson richards hit a quickfire 22 not out with the bat, helping yorkshire to 162—4 from their 20 overs. and she then took three wickets with the ball as lancashire fell 28 runs short of their target. one other story. roger federer is a step closer to replacing andy murray as world number one. the swiss 36 year old is through to the semi finals of the montreal masters, after a straight sets win over roberto bautista agut. with murray still out of action due to a rib injury, the wimbledon champion federer is closing in at the top
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of the atp world rankings. that's all from sportsday. more sport in the morning on bbc news. goodbye for now. good evening. we've made it to the end of the week and what a week it was. very changeable and salty in places, but the weekend is a different story. things looking mostly dry. spells of sunshine at times. quite a lot of cloud tonight. especially in the south. reducing spots of patchy rain and drizzle and a band of showers pushing across scotla nd a band of showers pushing across scotland and northern ireland. generally speaking things will brighten up tomorrow. patches of cloud around, but spells of sunshine as well. a couple of showers on the chart, but these will be the
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exception. many places remaining dry. tomorrow afternoon through the channel islands, the south—west of england mainly dry. 18 degrees in plymouth. we could get to 21 or 22 in east anglia and the south—east. a few showers in the midlands, parts of wales. stay dry. similar in northern england, northern ireland and scotland. some spells of sunshine. the small chance of catching a shower. 17 in glasgow. a nice looking day if you are lucky to go to the edinburgh fringe tomorrow. some cloud at times and temperatures about 16— 17 celsius. in the saturday night we have the high—pressure establishing itself across the british isles. mainly fine and dry conditions. clear spells. the odd missed that. turning chilly. early on sunday morning the temperature could be about 2—4 degrees. a cool start to sunday. but
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a bright start. it looks like a lovely day. most places will be dry. a little bit more cloud coming from the west later. temperature is still nothing to write home about. 17 in glasgow and belfast. 19 in cardiff. 22 in london. into the start of the new working week, we revert to type. the rain is returning from the west. heavy rain at that. that's across western and central areas in —— and that rain will become slow moving into tuesday. more wet weather to come. into the south—east corner there could be warmth and humidity and the chance that we could see that spawning heavy and thundery downpours on tuesday. sunshine and showers the story for most of us on tuesday. temperatures 60— 20. in the longer term we stick with the u nsettled longer term we stick with the unsettled theme but the weekend should remain mainly dry, with spells of sunshine. that's all for now. this is bbc world news.
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our top stories: president trump tells north korea that military solutions are fully in place, "locked and loaded". he warns kim jong—un against striking america or its allies. he will truly regret it, and he will regret it fast president uhuru kenyatta of kenya appeals for unity after being declared the winner of tuesday's disputed election. angry protests have erupted in some opposition strongholds. two trains collide in the egyptian city of alexandria, killing at least 41 people and leaving dozens more injured. also in the programme: we find out just what it takes to make it as a child model in south africa. if they do go to auditions and they
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