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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 12, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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pulling up in his final race. it's going to be ethiopia at last. mo farah fights for the silver. and sir mo's track career ends in an agonising finish as he's forced to settle for silver. but as the old guard bid farewell, new stars are born with a gold for the british men in the relay — in the third fastest time in history. good evening. one person has died and at least 19 others have been injured after a car rammed a crowd of people opposing a far—right rally in the us state of virginia. it happened in the city of charlottesville after violent clashes broke out between white nationalists and counter—protesters. a state of emergency has been declared and president trump has
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condemned the violence. our north america correspondent, laura bicker, reports. hate has come to the streets of the southern american city. an explosion of violence sparked after a planned protest by white nationalists. the so—called alt—right, including figures from the ku klux klan and saluting neo—nazi sympathisers. the day started in a tense stand—off as the group was surrounded by anti—racism activists. it then erupted into taunting, shoving and outright brawling. this has been declared an unlawful assembly. the rally was cancelled before it even began. as the turmoil subsided, police took back the streets. the crowd dispersed, then this... tyres screech. a car, at speed, ploughs through protesters. one person has died
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and at least six others are thought to have been injured. a state of emergency has now been declared in cha rlottesville. many fear what is known as the alt—right have become emboldened by donald trump's ascent to the white house. today, the us president said the violence was notjust one—sided. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. on many sides. it has been going on for a long time in our country. amidst the hate, there was some hope. this is going to solve nothing. you're out there, beating each other up! a rare and brief moment for division to be set aside. as the mayor now calls for calm to be restored. and we can speak to laura now. deeply disturbing scenes. what is
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the latest? the driver of the car has been arrested and a number of those injured in that incident has risen to 19, but this has been simmering for months. white nationalists planned this rally to prevent the demolition of the stature to general league, who fought to preserve slavery during the civil war. it is one of a number statues across the site earmarked for demolition and white nationalists believe they are raising history, their heritage. civil rights activists believe it is time to give america a fresh start and confederates are not heroes but when it comes to the statement from donald trump, this was his first real domestic test and in failing to admonish those in the alt—right who have in the past supported him, somehow found him on this occasion to be wanting. thank you. the world athletics championships bid farewell to two of its biggest
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stars this evening when sir mo farah and usain bolt ran the last races of their international track careers. but there was disappointment for both of them — first, as sir mo had to settle for silver in the 5000 metres. and then usain bolt pulled up in the final of the 100m relay, which was won by great britain. from the london stadium, andy swiss reports. i have never said this before. the silver medal goes to mo faraha from great britain. he hoped for a golden goodbye. but proof, once again, that in sport there aren't always fairy tale endings. britain's most decorated athlete had emerged fighting fit. london expected. as sir mo farah set out for one last hurrah before retiring from the track. but come the last track, where he normally leads, he was led. mo farah has got to find something for the last time in his career... farah was swamped, trapped and there was no escape. ethiopia's muktar edris strode clear and this time, mo farah was beaten.
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mo farah fights for the silver. he gave everything, as he always has done. the despair, the deflation, was all too clear. but after an emotional reunion with his family, the fans roared mo farah around for a last lap of honour. not quite the ending sir mo farah or the fans hoped for. it has been an incredible career on the track but tonight, it was not to be. it has been amazing, a long journey but incredible and it will not quite hit until you can finally and cross the line and having a couple of minutes to minutes to myself to realise this is it. if that medal was tinged with sadness, the next four great britain was not as the women's ax100m relay produced a thrilling finish. the champion in the 100, comfortable, usa, great britain and northern
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ireland and jamaica. usa, great britain and northern ireland and jamaica. victory for great britain. some result. the spotlight is like a magnet to him. and then time for the finale, goodbye to the greatest, the replaceable usain bolt. his jamaica tea m replaceable usain bolt. his jamaica team by the reigning champions but the british team led the relay and as old took the baton and the world held its breath, calamity struck. mitchell—blake held its breath, calamity struck. mitchell—bla ke is held its breath, calamity struck. mitchell—blake is in there, it is going to be tight! rob britton it was the stuff of dreams, a gold medalfor the was the stuff of dreams, a gold medal for the quartet and a remarkable performance for them but usain bolt‘s career finished flat on the track, the saddest ending for the track, the saddest ending for the man who redefined speed, injured in his final race, his career ended in disappointment but his breathtaking brilliance will never be forgotten. andy swiss, bbc news, at the london stadium. our sports editor, dan roan, is at the stadium now. they're going to be
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a hard act to follow. that is right, these are the world championships that refused to follow the script. you will never see a more dramatic bite of athletics as what we have witnessed, mo farah and usain bolt, not the way either wa nted usain bolt, not the way either wanted to end, especially usain bolt, the sight of him almost being carried across the line, pulling up in his last competitive race, one of the saddest sights on this board has witnessed and mo farah, his legendary status and his popularity at the pinnacle of british sport is not assured, he might not have world records but he is arguably the greatest distance runner in the world of athletics has seen and his association with his american coach, who was under investigation by anti—doping authorities, means his legacy is not without controversy. he still has two track races to come before the marathon and that is
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it for usain bolt, a sad end to his glorious career, track and field will find it almost impossible to fill the void he leaves. bold and mo farah, the sprinter and the distance runner, both ruling the track in a way never seen runner, both ruling the track in a way never seen before over the past few years. the chinese president, xijinping, has urged the united states and north korea to show restraint amid the growing crisis over north korea's nuclear programme. during a telephone conversation with president trump, china's leader urged both parties to avoid "words and actions" that could increase tensions. from seoul, robin brant sent this report. president trump has threatened fire and fury. his military, he says, is now locked and loaded. but tonight, north korea is getting sound and music from its neighbours in the south. the message at this annual peace concert on the border perhaps a little louder after a week of increasing tension. this is south korea's capital, just a few dozen miles away from that concert. the people here have long lived with the growing threat from the north. but...
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translation: i am worried about that because the level of tension caused by trump's government is much higher than obama's government. trump's policy offers me a comfortable life because he puts heavy pressure on north korea. i feel comfortable. there are small signs, though, that they may be stepping up their preparedness. there are reports shoppers are buying more ready meals and investors here are buying more gold. in just over a week's time, they will have a civil defence drill here in this city. the sirens will go off, people will be guided from above ground to metro stations or bomb shelters to take cover from any possible aerial attack. it happens every year. last year, just a handful of districts in seoul took part but apparently this year everyone is taking part. this is part of the reason for that. china's president, xijinping, has a crucial role if
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there is to be peace. but in a phone call, he told mr trump that all relevant parties, him included, should stop exacerbating the situation. this is part of the reason for that. if anything happens to guam, there is going to be big, big trouble in north korea. north korea has threatened to land missiles close to the us territory in the pacific. that is a threat america can't tolerate. good morning, good morning. it's great to speak to you. mr trump called guam's governor to say this... this is between you and i but you don't talk like they talk, you can't do that. and you can't do that with people like us. across the sea, injapan, they are preparing missiles. but these are for defence. japanese military transporters have been moved to places where they could intercept any north korean launch. robin brant, bbc news, seoul. a man's been arrested on suspicion of murdering a mother and daughter at a house in north london. the women — who were 66 and 33 — were stabbed at a property in golders green last night.
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a 27—year—old man is in police custody. a man arrested on suspicion of pushing a woman into the path of an oncoming bus on a bridge in west london has been eliminated from the investigation. eric bellquist was arrested on thursday but his lawyer said there was "irrefutable proof" he was in the us at the time. the metropolitan police say he'll face no further action. the jogger is still being sought by officers. kenya's opposition has accused the government of "state terror" and of killing its supporters following the disputed re—election of president uhuru kenyatta. the country's human rights office says 2a people have died during protests, but there are claims the figure is much higher. opposition leaders appealed for calm but said they did not recognise the outcome of the election. from nairobi, alastair leithead reports. after a night of violence, the ambulances brought out the injured from the worst—hit neighbourhoods. some had bullet wounds. others, machete cuts and head injuries.
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it is hard to know how many people have been killed or injured in the police crackdown in these opposition strongholds. the clashes continued throughout the day. rock—throwing youths confronting tear gas—firing police. they‘ re dramatic images and they were intense. but this was largely contained to small areas. well, there have certainly been violent clashes. we have seen people who have been killed and injured. but it is very much just back and forth between local youths and these special units you can see, who are quite well—armed. much of what was fired was tear gas. but there is plenty of evidence live bullets were used. monica lost her nephew, thomas, this morning. i had thought he was shot dead by the police officers. was it a bullet wound in his body? yes, there is a wound, a bullet wound in the chest. kenya's human rights commission said
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the police were using excessive force, despite a denial from the government. people who break into shops are not peaceful protesters. so you cannot say the police used live bullets on peaceful protesters. it is not true. the opposition national super alliance once again rejected what they called a sham election. but their senior leaders were absent. stealing elections with impunity in every five years must come to an end. this is nothing like the level of anger or violence that sparked the killings ten years ago. but it is a test of leadership over the angry opposition supporters and overzealous police. and it is a test for kenyan democracy. alistair leithead, bbc news, nairobi. with all the sport, here's lizzie greenwood—hughes at the bbc sport centre. thanks very much.
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good evening. there have been plenty more goals on the opening weekend of the new premier league season and a few surprising results. match of the day follows the news so if you don't want to know what happened, you know what to do. chelsea had a nightmare start to their title defence. two men sent off and defeat to burnley at stamford bridge. new club captain gary cahill was shown a straight red early in the first half but burnley were ruthless, sam vokes scoring twice in their 3—2 win. i don't think many would have given us i don't think many would have given usa i don't think many would have given us a chance today, we came here with the game plan, we have to with some of his clubs but that sending off makes a difference but i was pleased with the way we responded, we got some very good goals. we were not expecting this but i was pleased with the mentality of the players and we saw that through. it is a fantastic three points. newly—promoted huddersfield town are top of the table, thanks to a 3—nil win at crysal palace. their record signing, steve mounie, scored twice. amongst the other results, brighton lost their first
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premier league game to manchester city. watford earned a dramatic late draw with liverpool and there was a dream return to goodison park for wayne rooney, who scored the only goal against stoke. ona on a personal note, absolutely delighted to score the winning goal at goodison park, that is a special moment. a lot of relief and emotion coming out, ifelt at home moment. a lot of relief and emotion coming out, i felt at home as soon asi coming out, i felt at home as soon as i stood the training ground. i have been looking forward to this day for a long time and thankfully it has been a good day, a good result for us and obviously topped off by getting cold. —— getting that goal. stjohnstone are top of the scottish premiership. michael o'halloran scored twice in their 4—1 victory over motherwell, who finished with eight men. there were also wins for hamilton, hearts, hibs and aberdeen. we're well into round three of golf‘s uspga championship in north carolina. hideki matsuyama is still in contention to become the first japanese player to win a major.


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