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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 13, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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one about the size of a grain it's one about the size of a grain of sand. these you can see if you're somewhere dark and you let your eyes get used to the dark and you can just lie on your back and watch the sky. even though the moon was out, it's winning, so tonight it will be a bit smaller, not much, but a bit. if you get in the shadow of the moon, behind a wall or something like that is, so you can block out the moon from your picture, you should be able to see the meteors really well. professor monica grady. let's have a clear skies. he's the weather with louise. a lot of dry, fine weather out there. beautifully warm. things are set to change as we go through the night and into tomorrow. some cloud and rain moving into northern
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ireland and across scotland. a cloudy night means a milder night. temperatures staying into double figures. some of the rain turning quite heavy tomorrow. lighter and patch into wales and south—west england. it may stay dry during daylight across the south east. cooler with a few showers in the north and west. it looks as if it will stay pretty unsettled this week. some lengthy sunny spells. the showers could be heavy. it will turn pressure. “— showers could be heavy. it will turn pressure. —— it will turn fresher. this is bbc news. the headlines: a white house spokesman has defended donald trump, after the president was accused of failing to explicitly condemn far—right extremists, following the death of an anti—fascist counter—protester at a white supremacist rally in charlottesville.
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the chancellor philip hammond and international trade secretary liam fox have said that any brexit transition deal would be "time limited", and would not be a "back door" to the uk remaining in the eu. 49 people have died after 3 days of torrential rain in nepal. the red cross says 100,000 people have been affected, with communications and electricity cut off in many areas. transport secretary chris grayling has said that by next year, learner drivers will be able to have lessons on motorways, to try to improve road safety. now on bbc news, sportsday. welcome to sportsday. the headlines: no premier league shocks today as
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manchester united beat top of the table —— beat west ham and tottenham beat newcastle. england march on in their women's rugby world cup title defence but wales are out. i'm at the london stadium on the final night of the world athletics championships. great britain's men have received their gold medals for last night's relay. we have seven more finals coming up. can robbie grabarz graba more finals coming up. can robbie grabarz grab a medal? he is in the highjumpfinal grabarz grab a medal? he is in the high jump final right now. lots to get through. we will have the athletics in a moment. after two days of shocks and drama, today's premier league fixtures went pretty much to plan, with manchester united and tottenham both winning their respective matches.
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we'll have spurs and newcastle in a minute. but first, here's ben croucher with the story of the late kick—off, where united beat west ham 4—0 to go top of the table. when it comes to buying strikers from everton, manchester united have a bit of previous. wayne rooney turned out all right — what could romelu lukaku offer in his home debut against west ham? for £75 million, he gives you this. just over half an hour to open his account. rooney scored a hat—trick on his debut. the belgian got two thirds of the way there. the spearhead for united's title tilt. west ham's new signing marco arnautovic hit the woodwork. marcus rashford was inches away for united. his replacement, anthony martial, given the freedom of the west ham penalty area. goal number three.
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paul pogba didn't need to be that close. a strike to send united top of the table. could this be the season they finish there? it was a good performance with confidence level is very high, with the team coming into the second half winning and playing to score more goals and playing to win in a more comparable way. —— comfortable. i think it was a very positive performance with a good reflection of the confidence level we have. performance with a good reflection of the confidence level we havem was a great finish from lukaku for the first goal? yes, direct. good movement by lukaku. he can give us this, aerial threat in the box. very hard to play when you are too down against them because they are good on counterattacks. 0n
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down against them because they are good on counterattacks. on top of that we concede to really late goals. it is a disaster zone for us. —— a disaster result. in the earlier kick—off, newcastle's latest premier league comeback started in defeat, beaten 2—0 by tottenham after captainjonjo shelvey was sent off. joe lynsky watched this one for us. in these football heartlands, hope comes with expectation. after a season away, newcastle now seek premier league progress. but in this division, one wrong move can turn the tide. the man leading them out was jonjo shelvey. a midfielder set on the unexpected. this stamp on dele alli was in front of the referee. now they knew what was coming. the home side had looked comfortable, but gaps were opening. when harry kane went close, tottenham sensed a breakthrough. alli was back on his feet and stamping his authority. no new additions have come to spurs this summer, but they can count on his quality. last season's runners—up were approaching their best. ben davies found himself in the box.
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three points sealed. for newcastle and shelvey, the lessons are in black and white. progress in this division never comes easy. they tried to play deeper and play counterattack. it was not easy to find the space to create chances. with all the counter that we had, i think we need to be a little bit more urgency. the conditions were difficult. i think in the end it is massive, the three points. still i think we have to improve. today everything was so difficult. in the end we lost a game that was difficult to win against a very good team. but we had our chances and we missed these chances to do what we had to do. more sport in a moment. now the
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world athletics championships. the 5000 metres is going on behind you? yes, we are near to ourfirst 5000 metres is going on behind you? yes, we are near to our first gold medal of the evening. the women's 5000 metres, we will bring you up today in a moment. we have had a wonderful start to this final evening. that was because last night'sjaw—dropping hour evening. that was because last night's jaw—dropping hour and a evening. that was because last night'sjaw—dropping hour and a half of sport culminating in the men's four by 100 metres final that saw usain bolt hamstrung in his final race on the track and great britain's quartet storm through for their first world championship gold. they did it at the olympics all those years ago in 200a. this is the class of 2017. there was a wonderful welcome for them as they got on top of that podium. it was their second gold medal. adamjamelia, danny talbot, cj ujah, nethaneel
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mitchell—blake. talbot, cj ujah, nethaneel mitchell—bla ke. japan got the bronze. the women got their silver medal after finishing second the women got their silver medal afterfinishing second in the women got their silver medal after finishing second in the four by 100 metres relay. a brilliant start to this final night of athletics here at the london stadium. the 5000 metres on the way. let's bring you up to date with what is happening in the men's highjump. memories of 2012 for robbie grabarz. anyone bronze at the london olympics five years ago. he is underway. he hasjumped five years ago. he is underway. he has jumped three times so far. he cleared the first couple of heights. that was 220 and 225. but in the
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last couple of minutes he has just failed at 229. it will be a really tough competition. it will be a tough, vision because you have the world leader, barshim, and bondarenko, the ukrainian, and a russian competing as a neutral. daniel lysenko. that will be a tough competition. lynsey sharp knows she has her work cut out. she came up against caster semenya in the rio final last year. and also in the semifinal. lynsey sharp was disqualified but reinstated. but caster semenya, who has a condition which many athletes feel is unfair because she has naturally higher levels of testosterone, the court of arbitration of sport saying that
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they are not going to allow a rule to be brought in to say she has to have hormone therapy. she can compete as she does. a world champion twice and double 0lympic champion. the world record could go in the 800 metres tonight if caster semenya put her mind to it. we will see how lynsey sharp can somehow get in her slipstream in the 800 metres. let's see how laura muir and ellis mccolgan are getting on in the 5000 metres final. we will give you live pictures. —— eilish mccolgan. muir was just pictures. —— eilish mccolgan. muir wasjust pipped to pictures. —— eilish mccolgan. muir was just pipped to bronze pictures. —— eilish mccolgan. muir wasjust pipped to bronze in pictures. —— eilish mccolgan. muir was just pipped to bronze in the 1500 metres. she squeaked through her semifinal as a fastest loser. a list of all the went through as a qualifier by right. they are together, helping each other out. ——
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eilish mccolgan. almaz ayana, the ethiopian, at the front. she won the 10,000 metres on the opening weekend. the kenyans will be the ones to beat as well. laura muir seemingly a long way off the pace. we are expecting that raised to last about 15 minutes. we will see how long they have been going for. it is about halfway through. there is another race on the track. they are all finals tonight. the 1500 metres final. chris 0'hare, another scottish runner, is taking part. brilliant that we have got british interest in so many finals. my word, that has gone to be a tough one for chris 0'hare. abele kiprop the kenyon is looking to emulate mitch
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imelda rouge and win four world championship titles. so much going on. “— championship titles. so much going on. —— mission imelda rouge. thejumpers the jumpers have to wait as the women go past in the 5000 metres. a wonderfulfinal night women go past in the 5000 metres. a wonderful final night of athletics. we have four gold medals away from the stadium this morning. they called this the festival of race walks. a two kilometres circle across “— walks. a two kilometres circle across —— around buckingham palace. the men and women's 50 kilometres and 20 kilometres. 0ur the men and women's 50 kilometres and 20 kilometres. our best hope was tom bosworth going in the 20 kilometres. this happens so often. it happened in the women's 20 kilometres with 100 metres to go. if you get three red cards, you are out. it is a red card for effectively running. that is tom bosworth, a great british hope, in
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tea rs by bosworth, a great british hope, in tears by the side of the track. it happens to the best of them. it is so common and so difficult for the marshals to spot. his mistake was to get roared on by the crowd, watching for a free, and surge to the front. but he felt in doing that. updates through the evening. so much going on. the relays is where they could be british medals. thank you. i have just been watching robbie grabarz. he has failed 229 for the second time. he has one more attempt to make that to get into the next round. england won their second straight 10 try victory in the women's rugby world cup. the defending champions beat italy 56 points to 13 in dublin, as maz farooki reports. the shirt is the same but the line—up is very different.
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