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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 14, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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thieves are targeting land rovers, tractors and quad bikes, despite increased security on farms. and ryanair calls on uk airports to enforce a two—drink limit, after a bbc investigation finds arrests of drunken passengers have risen by 50% in a year. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news... as president trump finally condemns far—right groups after the violent scenes in virginia over the weekend, we'll be looking at the scale of america's extremist white nationalism. 70 years on from the partition of india, two men who witnessed it as children from different sides of the religious divide meet up to share their memories of that time. and, as big ben prepares to go silent for the next four years, we'll take a closer look at one of the world's most famous clock towers. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday —
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i'm reshmin chowdhury. coming up on the programme... reported to the police — neil lennon's conduct during hibs‘ win over rangers is questioned. banned for five matches — cristiano ronaldo is punished after pushing a referee. and the future is bright — great britain's athletics team say the world championships were a great success. hello and welcome to the programme. police have received complaints about hibernian head coach neil lennon's conduct during his team's win over rangers at ibrox on saturday. the northern irishman was criticised by some rangers fans for so—called "inflammatory" actions after simon murray equalised. it comes as police investigate "offensive and threatening comments"
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made to lennon on social media. alistair lamont reports. the ibrox stage was set for a hotly anticipated fixture. the recent rivalry between rangers and hibernian spiced up even further as the former celtic player and manager neil lennon took his place in the opposition technical area. ina dramatic opposition technical area. in a dramatic 90 minutes, flash points once scarce. this was the first half equaliser. another episode in neil lennon's antagonistic relationship with the rangers fans. lennon denies being provocative but before the match he knew what might unfold. i like to play my role, it's part of the game. you have to have character the game. you have to have character the game, humourand the game. you have to have character the game, humour and fun, it can't all be serious and confined to the then side of the game.
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but it appears events subsequent to the game might have strayed into that territory. police told bbc scotla nd that territory. police told bbc scotland today they were aware of offensive and threatening comments that had been posted on social media against lennon enquiries are ongoing. they confirmed they were investigating complaints about lennon's behaviour during the game. a statement from rangers supporters social media account said... the debate over a manageable, right oi’ the debate over a manageable, right or otherwise to respond to abuse from the stance has long been a tough one to negotiate. there's a certain responsibility within thejob as there's a certain responsibility within the job as a manager of restraint. the public has to play a pa rt restraint. the public has to play a part in this as well. if they are going to be party, at times, to be
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overindulgent and bad language and abuse towards individuals, that they've got to understand sometimes that people are only human. a human and a villain to some, a euro to others. —— a year road. liverpool midfielder philippe coutinho has been left out of the squad for tomorrow's champions league qualifier at hoffenheim. he put in a transfer request last week, just days after the club had rejected a £90 million bid from barcelona. he missed saturday's premier league match against watford with a back injury. another brazilian does appear to be on his way to barcelona. after cashing in on neymar‘s £200 million transfer to paris saint germain, barcelona have spent some of it on the former tottenham midfielder paulinho. he's set to join them from chinese super league champions guangzhou evergrande, in a deal worth £36 million. he'll have a medical in spain on thursday. diego costa has been fined by chelsea after failing to return to pre—season training last month.
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the striker said he'd been told by antonio conte that he wasn't part of his plans for the new season. in a recent interview, costa threatened to sit out the remaining two years of his contract, unpaid if necessary, if chelsea would not allow him to move. he maintains he wants to return to atletico madrid. cristiano ronaldo has been banned for five games, after pushing the referee in last night's first leg of the spanish super cup. he'd already scored after coming on as a substitute in real madrid's 3—1 win over barcelona at the camp nou. the world player of the year has ten days to appeal. hugh ferris reports. cristiano ronaldo has had a taxing summer. cristiano ronaldo has had a taxing summer. given an extended time off by real madrid due to footballing and then legal commitments, this is the moment that will give him even more of a break. any el clasico has its fair share of drama, especially when there is a tricky at stake, but this one had an inauspicious start, thanks to gerard pique. having only
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return to training recently, ronaldo was just a substitute but half an hour is more than enough for a cristiano cameo. five minutes would have done. first luis suarez tumbled over after the slightest of touches, penalty given and converted by lionel messi. there is nothing like a goalfrom his rival to inspire ronaldo. this sublime effort gave real madrid the lead again and prompted this celebration. a yellow ca rd prompted this celebration. a yellow card for that, and this. just two minutes later, diving with a referee's decision and ronaldo was sent off. translation: as usual, i am not going to criticise the referee. we played a great game but i'm a bit disappointed by the sending—off of ronaldo. i'm not sure if it was a penalty but i think the red card was too much, but it went like that and we cannot change it. he can't change the spanish football's authority to punish the
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bush either but now the suspension sta rts bush either but now the suspension starts with the second leg of the super cup on wednesday. —— punish the push. after 10 days of ups and downs at the world athletics championships, the great british team said today they viewed it as a successful competition. things looked pretty dismalfor a while — their medal tally stood atjust one for more than a week. but over the weekend, they added five more, and hit the bottom end of their target of 6 to 8. if you look at the final table, great britain finished in sixth place, with those two golds — from mo farah on day one, and that thrilling 4 x 100m relay victory on the penultimate night. top are the united states with a total of 30 medals. but here's something really interesting... this is the iaaf placings table. it allocates points for top eight finishes. and for the first time great britain are in third — remember there were five, fourth place finishes? laura muir, nethaneel mitchell—bla ke, kyle langford, callum hawkins and dina asher—smith
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alljust missing out on a place on the podium. that is one of the reasons squad is s0 that is one of the reasons squad is so positive the future. we came off the back of an olympic games and is a weight had to follow that but i think the team did so well. if you look across the whole board, the top eight finishes, so many people finishing in fourth and then we hit that medal target last night. so loads of positives to take from this tea m loads of positives to take from this team andi loads of positives to take from this team and i think there will be a lot of people here you will see in the future on the podium in tokyo in 2020. this is my seventh world champs, my first was in helsinki, which was pretty dire. i have seen british athletics at its lowest, almost. this is a completely different era. we're moving on from mo and jess and people like myself and greg are towards the end of our careers, but a lot of very talented
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young people in this team. a lot of fourth places, obviously no one wants to finish fourth but it's promising. you look at the ages of those guys and they're only going to develop and become better and stronger athletes. it is exciting. there wasn't universal praise for the team, though — michaeljohnson, part of the bbc‘s commentary team, and an eight—time world champion, said this: getting to grips with the touch—screen! not every athlete is taking life from one competition to the next. laura muir finished fourth and sixth in her events in london and is one of those tipped for success in the future, but she won't be representing scotland at the commonwealth games next april. instead, she'll be taking her next set of exams on the road to becoming a vet.
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ina in a week's time i start my final year of the vet school. hopefully i will graduate next summer. it's going to be more veterinary based next year. i will still be training full—time but it's important i get my studies done. your studies, commonwealth games next year year, will it be a step too far? yes, unfortunately this time it doesn't work out. i'm gutted i'm not going to be there representing scotland, but the team will do great without me. bbc commentator brendan foster has dismissed the idea that the london stadium be used as part of a bid to stage the commonwealth games in 2022. liverpool and birmingham are hoping to replace durban as hosts and the chairman of london 2017, ed warner, said the athletics events should be held in london to save money. but at the world athletics championships last night, foster said although it is a fantastic stadium, warner's suggestion just wouldn't work.
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has he gone mad? if you're holding the commonwealth games in birmingham oi’ the commonwealth games in birmingham or liverpool, you think they will let the athletics being london? forget it, that was silly. at the end of the day, this is the stadium, this is the gold nugget in the sport. there is another one, isn't anywhere else. if i was the head of world athletics i would be looking at the rule book saying, how quickly, get back there? another major event came to an end at the weekend — the special olympics in sheffield. over 2,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities competed. here's a look at some of the highlights. this time it's been a great atmosphere, the fans, though, radu e of the athletes and everything, it's been absolutely phenomenal. i'm a swimmer. to me it's all about taking part on being included. best go for it, it's just really
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exciting. it's inspiring, you know? there's so much warmth and enjoyment in what they're doing, in a pure sporting sense, which is why we do sport in the first place. it's the taking part and getting everybody inspired and doing something, pulling together and making friends and getting fit. cheering
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what a fantastic event in sheffield there. england's cricketers will step into the unknown this week, with their first day—night match — and the first to be played in this country. the opening test in their three—match series is at edgbaston, with a 2pm start, "lunch" at lipm, and "tea" at 6.40pm. stuart broad has been getting some tips from the australians, who've played three day—night matches, but he's never bowled with the pink ball, which shows up better under the lights. i just don't know what to expect. i mean, the australian guys i know say that the twilight period,
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the kookaburra ball nips around, but then the pink ball county round, the guys said the ball went quite soft quite quickly. we're just going to have to be so adaptable on the day, i think. the exciting thing as a player is we are going in with a completely clear mind, we're completely learning on thejob, almost. i think the team that will come out most successful this week is the team that reacts quicker. rory mcilroy says he might not play again this year, because of the rib injury that's troubled him all season. he'll make a decision in the next few days. he's still the world number four, but he's really struggled with consistency recently and he's parted company with the caddie who'd been with him for nine years. he finished in a tie for 22nd place at the uspga championship yesterday — and it's three years since he last won a major. ijust i just haven't allowed ijust haven't allowed at i just haven't allowed at the time to let it fully heal. i wanted to play this season. i feel like i'm capable of playing well and winning
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and putting rounds together, but if i want to challenge on a more consistent basis, i need to get 100% healthy. look at these two — can you tell who they are? it'sjustin thomas and jordan spieth aged nine or10, taking a breakfrom playing golf — "from minors to majors" is the caption on the pga tour‘s twitter feed. and the young guns of the american game were all there to see thomas home, as he won the uspga championship last night. three weeks ago, he watched on as his tour house—mate spieth lifted the claret jug. this time it was spieth and ricky fowler doing the congratulating, as thomas took the title and moved up to sixth in the world rankings. it's awesome. i think they know i would do the same for them. it's a cool project we have. i know rickie was a couple of groups in front and jordan was through nine something when i finished, but i think that kind of shows where the game is
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right now, where all of us are. we obviously all want to win, we all wa nt to obviously all want to win, we all want to beat the other person, but if we can't win, we at least want to enjoy it with our friends. i think we'll be able to enjoy this together andi we'll be able to enjoy this together and i know it will make them more hungry, just like it did for me with jordan at the british or whatever you want to say. andy murray will be replaced as world no.1 by rafael nadal after this week's cincinnati masters. murray's not playing in cincinnati because of a hip injury, and nadal is guaranteed to replace him because roger federer has also pulled out. federer was beaten by alexander zverev in the final of the montreal masters on sunday, and he later confirmed that he'd been nursing a back injury. the wimbledon champion was the only player who could have denied nadal the top spot in next monday's rankings. nadal will become world no.1 for the first time since july 2014. with the recent success of the england team, it's hard to believe that a 50—year ban on women's football was only lifted by the fa in 1971. now, a production at the edinburgh fringe is exploring the hidden history of the women's
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game — and the remarkable story of one of the pioneers of sport. rhia chohan reports. a girl living herdream a girl living her dream at. the green grass... big dream cheered on by thousands. the game takes to the stage. 0ffside is a tale of sweat and struggle and on the forgotten story of the first black female player in britain. emma clarke was born in liverpool in 1876. she began working as a confection —ist apprentice aged 15, before making her british ladies team debuted in 1885. it was a match attended by 11,000. she later went on to tour scotland, so what do we know about this loss pioneer of women's football? emma clark's character has taken a long time to re—search, because lots of history has been whitewashed, as with lots of black
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characters from that time period, so it's been quite difficult for me to re—search and find accurate information about her. to go through that struggle of being a black woman, being picked for a team to play, i've had to try hard to imagine what that's like. today the women's game is stronger than ever, but it faced a long history of setbacks, including the ban in 1921 which stopped women playing for the next 50 years. the reason they actually banned all said they banned it was because doctor said it was dangerous for women's bodies to play football. it was fine to go to factories, to work ina it was fine to go to factories, to work in a munitions factories, to have lots of babies and the rest of it. the production is a response to gender inequality through the lens of football. it is stories like,'s... of football. it is stories like,'s. .. only in of football. it is stories like,'s... only in the last of football. it is stories like,'s. .. only in the last 20 of football. it is stories like,'s... only in the last 20 or of football. it is stories like,'s. .. only in the last 20 or 30 yea rs has like,'s. .. only in the last 20 or 30 years has there been an uprising the women of colour being able to play football and aspiring to do so. i
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really do hope that when people watch the play or research emma clark they are like, wow, she's a person from history, if she can do it, so can i. rhia chohan with that report. that's all from me — but before we go, what are the images that stick with you from the world athletics championships? mo farah's gold? his final major track race? usain bolt‘s farewell? british relay gold? or perhaps this... music.
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