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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 15, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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what did your time off the bike. what did your boss that team sky tell you on learning of your accident? the bosses have been incredible, that is the thing, as soon as you hear the story and that it is on a stag do you thought is, he was drunk. stupid. it could not have been further from the case. when i am drunki further from the case. when i am drunk i can do stupid things but in this case just a case of a freak accident, wrong place, wrong time and the team have been incredible. the first message i had was you're one of ours, one of our own. we will get you back we wear. just a message of support straight from the heart and that means so much. i have given and that means so much. i have given a lot to that team and i put my heart and soul every time that i put that jersey on heart and soul every time that i put thatjersey on and they know that. it is nice to feel that love coming back and the whole team is right behind me. that's just about it from sportsday, but we're going to leave you with a little bit of magic.
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the premier league is celebrating its 25th birthday today. if you're looking for any stats, information, or opinion on the last quarter of a century, the bbc sport website has it all. they also carried out a vote for the best goal in premier league history. the winner was this one from dennis bergkamp for arsenal against newcastle on 2nd march 2002. goodnight. that is bergkamp. what a goalfrom dennis bergkamp. turned him inside out. slid the ball past shay given. the headlines on bbc. brexit secretary, david davis,
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says the government wants to negotiate a temporary customs union with the eu for when the uk leaves. india's prime minister leads celebrations marking the seventieth anniversary of the country's independence from britain. rail fares will go up by 3.6% injanuary — the biggest increase for 4 years. passenger groups say commuters will be worst—hit. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london and frankfurt ended the day. and in the united states this is how the dow and the nasdaq are getting on. the northern ireland blood transfusion service has apologised to 120 members of the indian community who were turned away from giving blood. they weren't allowed to do so because of confusion about whether they had been to india and needed a malaria test. peter coulter reports. members of northern ireland's indian community wanted to organise this blood drive to try and do
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something positive. they said ten months of planning went into the event and 120 were due to attend. there are people who had travelled from derry, and others who had travelled from further locations. there were all, like, indian people there. then there was confusion surrounding antibody tests for malaria, if you have been in india you may need a test for donating. most were then turned away. you don't need to present a passport for your citizenship, it was just looking at the face. they asked if we had been to india in the last six months. a couple of guys have taken half a day off for this. it was really shocking and embarrassing. the northern ireland blood transfusion service issued a statement, saying it was a breakdown in communications regarding this session. it goes on to say lessons have been
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learnt, and has apologised for any upset to indians involved. the fat but it clearly that overweight people can still be healthy is a myth according to researchers to top universities. here is sophie hutchinson. british sumo wrestlers in training for their next competition. medically, they are classified as obese. but try telling them they are not fit. i am happy and comfortable at around 18 stone. i basically have no reason to lose weight. i'm fit, healthy, i've been down this gym every day for the last 20 years. i've never had a day off.
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i'm full of fitness. excess body fat is linked to high blood sugar and cholesterol. but some claim overweight people can still be healthy. new research from cambridge university suggests that, even if a blood test is within the normal range, excess weight is still a health risk. it linked people with bmis of over 25 to an estimated increased risk of heart disease of 26%—28%, compared to those with a healthy body weight. at the beginning of the study, they were classified as healthy. then they became unhealthy, and eventually some of them developed heart disease and heart attack. researchers believe excess fat may store health problems for the future, and getting down to a healthy weight, whatever your sport, is vitally important. sophie hutchinson, bbc news. what is the weather going to be
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like, good for a run? not bad across central and eastern areas, another dry day. tonight was not too bad if you escape the showers. still some showers around at the moment. but they should largely fade away overnight. mostly dry nightand largely fade away overnight. mostly dry night and largely clear skies especially through central and eastern areas. quite a cold night for august, down into single figures away from the towns and cities. so a fresh start in the east but high pressure m oves fresh start in the east but high pressure moves in tomorrow but low pressure moves in tomorrow but low pressure may spoil things for some of you in the west. quickly clouding over of you in the west. quickly clouding overin of you in the west. quickly clouding over in northern ireland, occasional
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rain into the afternoon spreading into the west of scotland. much of england and wales and east of scotland, a dry day with increasing amounts of cloud but some hazy sunshine through the afternoon. it will be the wetter spell to wednesday night into thursday as rain spread in across the country. some heavy rain here and there and just lingering across some parts of eastern england for the morning rush—hour. but it should apart and then a similar day to today, showers in western scotland and northern ireland through the day. but mostly dry and warm enough when the sun is out, high teens, low to mid 20s. more showers through the night and into friday with low pressure dominating to the north. and the wind originating from a slightly
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colder source. some of the showers could be heavy on friday. cool and breezy into the start of the weekend and showers becoming less frequent. and then it all hinges on this little area of cloud, hurricane gert. itjust gets consumed into this big area of low pressure moving across the atlantic towards us. some tropical air which could produce heavy rain in the northern half of the country on sunday. but high pressure in the south could keep things dry. but next week things could turn brighter and warmerfor many. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm. the government outlines plans for trade after britain leaves the european union — but the eu's chief negotiator
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says there are other issues to settle first. commuters face the biggest increase in railfares for 4 years, as inflation hits 3.6%. some people get pay rises, i work in the public sector some ip rises i% which makes us worse off when they put fears up like that. the public inquiry into the grenfell fire will examine the response of the authorities, and refurbishment of the tower — but not wider social problems the death toll in sierra leone rises after yesterday's mudslide — now health experts fear the spread of cholera and typhoid. also this hour, india's prime minister leads celebrations marking the seventieth anniversary of the country's independence from britain.
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