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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 16, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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and wonder woman, directed by pattyjenkins, has become one of the year's biggest hits. so much more needs to be done, but wonder woman is an incredible step forward. and i think it is simply a glass ceiling that's in the process of shattering, but perhaps not as quickly as we would like. the oscar's academy too has been changing, bringing in new members, like boyega. the academy to me represents huge influence — the voice of the industry — and it's very important for that voice to have a diverse perspective. ijust hope there is a move forward because, yeah, i think were done having this conversation! laughter. detroit is also aiming to be part of that conversation. a film that feels both historical and all too relevant to today. lizo mzimba, bbc news. newsnight is coming up on bbc two.
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here's emma barnett. tonight newsnight looks at the mysterious tale of the investigative journalist who was last seen while following a story on a danish submarine. join me now on bbc two. that's all from the news at ten team — now on bbc one, hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm leah boleto — coming up tonight.
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celtic have one foot in the champions league group stage after thrashing astana at parkhead. mark stoneman is the only change in the england cricket team to face the west indies in the first day—night test at edgbaston tomorrow. scotland's catriona matthew has been called up to replace the injured suzann pettersen in europe's solheim cup team. hello welcome to the show. let's start with that 5—nil thriller in glasgow then. celticjust didn't hold back. they thrashed kazakhstan champions astana in their first leg champions league qualifier.
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here's tim hauge‘s with all the details. when it comes to domestic dominance nobody can touch celtic, but european excellence has not happened for some time in 50 years on from the lisbon lions, against us than this felt like a throwback. this magnificent run and shot started things. it would be a long night for the kazakhstan, scott sinclair soon made it worse. there was much more to come from celtic, leigh griffiths providing sinclair with another. no one inside celtic park care, this was a night for the hosts to shine bright and they did so again, another fine bright and they did so again, anotherfine move, and other griffiths and sister and another goal. james follows this time. keep watching, there was one final
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flourish. griffiths deserved the goal and a0 had one, not to be. and own goal again but this was celtic at the excellent european best. lets stick with football for a moment because arsenal manager arsene wenger says the club haven't made any progress yet on a new contract for alexis sanchez. the chile international, who has less than a year to go on his contract has been linked with a move away from the club. but wenger insists sanchez isn't for sale and wants him to see out his current deal even if that means he walks away for free at the end of the season. we have to make a choice between efficiency on the field and financial interest, most of the time you can find a good compromise, but in this case i think i prioritise the fact that he will be useful on
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the fact that he will be useful on the sporting side. everton have completed the club record signing of swansea city midfielder gilfee sigurdsson, for a fee of around £a5 million the iceland international, who passed a medical earlier today, scored nine goals to help swansea avoid relegation. his transfer breaks the previous everton record when they paid almost £32 million for romelu lukaku in 201a. he was one of the key players to bring in and that was all about debt of course we knew we would lose lukaku of course we knew we would lose lu ka ku for the season of course we knew we would lose lukaku for the season and we need a productivity to the team and he's that either player, he knows the premier league and he has good seasons in swansea. he is in my opinion in his position one of the best in the premier league. time to put football to one side now because we're talking test cricket —
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but not as we know it. at edgbaston tomorrow, england play the west indies under floodlights and with a pink ball. it's first day—night test match to be played in england — as our sports correspondentjoe wilson reports. in birmingham this week we will start at 2pm and finish after dark. test cricket is chasing the evening, chasing the audience. schedule the match when the crowds can come to watch it, e is for entertainment as well as edgbaston. floodlights and pink balls arejust well as edgbaston. floodlights and pink balls are just two of the variables, the traditional issues like selection. england give a debut to yet another opening batsmen, and the captain joe to yet another opening batsmen, and the captainjoe root could really do with someone rock—solid there to rely on. it is an opportunity for the price now in the season in particular to stamp their mark on the team and don't test cricket but
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i think that is an exciting place for us to be as a team. the lad can ta ke for us to be as a team. the lad can take chances now then that should stand is in good stead. the challenges for the england captain hash—mac the challenges for the england captain are dwarfed by those faced by his counterpart from the west indies. he is only 25 and must lead a team of players trying to prove themselves, let's say that. and who looks after the west indies captain? no one. mighty may support me and it is something i really enjoyed. there have been tough days but that is life. but everything will be handed to your platter. i accepted the challenge and as i said before the team support me and i really appreciated. i think we are infor really appreciated. i think we are in for something special in the year to come. one place where the test match will be scrutinised is the headquarters in london, the manufacturer that england favour.
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the other working hard to produce a pink cricket ball that can be used under floodlights test matches that will just be normal. under floodlights test matches that willjust be normal. we have than 18 months of research and batters have been made and rejected and another about and so on until the got the right colour. it was fundamentally the colour on the surface finish and we we re the colour on the surface finish and we were aiming to make the ball and it is possible to classic bowls so there is no difference. they believe there is no difference. they believe the date night schedule has had a positive effect on ticket sales, england will play australia in adelaide under the lights so this match will give them some practice. this is one for a thursday night test match cricket the future? 0h this is one for a thursday night test match cricket the future? oh i don't know is the answer. a big part of the reason we're doing this is because of the ashes this winter. ask me in five days' time but it will be historic because it will
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either be the first and last the night test or the 1st of may. cricket is often enriched or stifled by tradition. there must be them for innovation and for a few days here we will have to think. england's sarah taylor scored 3a on her super league debut but it did not say is her team as they lost to sally by 33 runs. an unbeaten a0 from the captain helped inter london a3—6. taylor's innings gave lancashire some hope but five wickets so then collapsed to 100 all out, winning by 33 runs. scotland's catriona matthew has been called up to replace the injured suzann pettersen in europe's solheim cup team. a7 year old matthew has played in nine cups between 1998 and 2015.
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norwegian pettersen has been receiving treatment for a recurrent back injury but pulled out this morning. the event takes place in iowa from friday to sunday. joe pavey said he is looking to defend her title in germany next week, just one month before she turns a5. she became the oldest woman to claim european gold when she won and unix three years ago. the fighting champion missed and has ruled out competing at the commonwealth games in this chill the next year, saying she has no plans to retire. england have made six changes to the side ahead of the crucial women's of the world cup match against the usa. both sides are unbeaten in their pool, so the winner will automatically progress to the semi—finals. hosts ireland face a similar challenge when they face france later. wales also play — but they can't qualify for the last four. kei nishikori has become the latest
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leading tennis player to announce he'll miss the rest of the season because of injury. the world number nine withdrew from this week's masters event in cincinnati with a wrist problem and scans have revealed a tear in one of the tendons. he joins novak djokovic and stan wawrinka in sitting out the rest of the year. and finally before i go let me show you these pictures the queen's baton relay for the 2018 commonwealth games in gold coast, australia reached new heights when an raf display team jumped with the baton from ten thousand feet. it was safely tucked away during the sky—dive to avoid being dropped. it's expected to reach australia on christmas eve , where it will be carried across the country for 100 days. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to a look ahead at
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what the papers will be bringing us. good to see you both. let's look at the front pages and bring you up to date. metal picks up on the story of the government proposals for the border in ireland and warning of a back door into britain. also on immigration the express covers figures showing the number of eu nationals in the uk has risen. the high report and a—level results have come out on thursday, saying more topically places than ever before are available and the telegraph
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leads with a comment piece from theresa may's from adviser who describes university tuition fees as the ponzi scheme. the times runs with the resignation of sarah champion who is leading the shadow cabinet after comments she made about sexual grooming. financial times reports the us central bank criticising attempts to weaken bank regulation. the guardian has the fa under pressure over payments allegedly made to the player after he made a brilliant complaint. —— after she made a billion complaint. daniel craig remain as james bond after saying he would quit the role. i think he said he would rather slit his wrists and play the role again. the brexit back door. nigel farage is putting his fingers of alarmism on this and that is a shame because the good people of the island of ireland deserve better than that. this is an enormous opportunity, you
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don't want borders are about offences watchtowers, and there is a lovely photograph on the front of the metro showing where the border is. cars pass freely. guns change that. put on immigration border on the airports and ports in northern ireland and then turn it into hong kong, a fabulous place where young people can think, if i get a skilled asa people can think, if i get a skilled as a future for me and business, let business do what it does with his creates jobs, generate createsjobs, generate profits and pay tax. if you can do anything in brussels with this negotiation you can show this is a better thing than beatings for britain. some people, notjust arrived, a lot of beatings for britain. some people, not just arrived, a lot of people see this as a back door for britain and control being handed to the eu. if brexit meant brexit it meant that britain would reassert control and eu nationals would not be able to come into ireland or use it for
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direct bikes from london or belfast. he will move onto studies which look at... eu migrants have come to live in britain after brexit, this will beapr in britain after brexit, this will be a pr nightmare for some brexit fears that is brexit was meant to be about taking back control and copy them of movement, which look like it will continue. that is what is described in the times as a david cameron plan was rejected. '5 henry stop rejoicing in your remaining. this is about what you can always do and always have been able to do, if someone wants to come and live here in the democratically elected governments decides it, that is what controls about. as opposed to the unelected unaccountable bloke in brussels. we had a referendum and people said they wanted to end freedom of


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