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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 17, 2017 3:00am-3:31am BST

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: more business leaders resign from president trump's advisory councils — in response to his stance on the charlottesville violence. he's now shut the councils down. grief and anger in freetown as the search for survivors goes on — at least 600 people are still missing in monday's mudslide. grooming the next generation. the bbc talks to former child soldiers of the so—called islamic state, now living in europe. and making his fifth and apparently final appearance — daniel craig confirms he will return as 007. hello.
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the businessman president who bills himself as the ultimate deal—maker has just lost his two business advisory panels — both of them, officially, dissolved by the white house, but onlyjust before they fell apart as leading figures resigned in protest at mr trump's statements on the charlottesville violence. the president's refusal to draw a distinction between neo—nazis and anti—racist protesters is still having major political impact. two former republican presidents weighed in today, against him. here's our north america editorjon sopel. # amazing grace... the memorial service for heather heyer, an anti—racism protestor mown down by a white supremacist in charlottesville on saturday. but far from this being an occasion when a nation comes together, america seems more bitterly divided than ever. they tried to kill my child to shut her up. well, guess what?
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you just magnified her. applause this was charlottesville on friday night — racist groups chanting "jews will not replace us," carrying ku klux klan style torches, and also marching to the slogan "white lives matter." yesterday, the president blamed both sides for the violence that ensued. you had a group on one side and you had a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch. but there is another side. there was a group on this side — you can call them the left, you have just called them the left — that came violently attacking the other group, so you can say what you want, but that is the way it is. it is true there was violence on both sides. but the race hate protesters had come tooled up for trouble. many carried guns. this is not the army, but a right—wing militia that turned up bristling with weaponry.
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most had clubs, helmets and shields with white supremacist insignia. the anti—racism demonstrators were not organised, they were mostly local people among whom a small core had come to fight. but donald trump seeming to draw a moral equivalence between swastika—carrying neo—nazis and anti—racism protesters has brought near universal condemnation. the senior republican paul ryan tweeting: the only significant voice of support last night came from the former leader of the ku klux klan, david duke, who said: there is reported to be deep unhappiness among some senior white house staff over
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the president's comments. he had not been due to say anything and significantly, a new intervention — this time from two the former living republican presidents, george hw bush and george w bush — saying there is no room for bigotry or anti—semitism in today's america. donald trump left new york today to resume his hardly quiet or relaxing holiday. more isolated from the political and business establishment than at any time since he took office. jon sopel, bbc news, washington. and we had live to the south korea capital of seoul where the president is at his first press conference since taking office. it marks the anniversary of 100 days of presidency. he has addressed
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conflicts with north korea. we have translation, let us cross live now. i try to hear the hurt of the people, and i want to become president for all. i want to help the victims and their families. i wa nt to the victims and their families. i want to try to share the hurt of the people. the speech made for remembrance day, i shared my commitment and i tried to correct my past wrongs. the national role tried to be re—established for the country, and remove the past
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corruption is —— corruptions and to move on without stopping. the power agencies are making efforts to be the agencies for the people, and we have apologised for past wrongdoings to the people. this new wave, the new work stream has been made. there are more challenges that we are facing, so, fellow countrymen, i am very pleased to introduce new policies for the people that will be brought
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in by the responsible government that my government wants to be. we reward national heroes and we will have insurance reform. the senior basic pension increase in the child—care basic pension increase in the child—ca re allowance increase, basic pension increase in the child—care allowance increase, this is the responsibility of the government —— and. the minimum wage increase and the real estate market stabilisation is, this is for the public —— stabilisation. the budget amendments for the increase of the
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public sector workers, we will do more to make people's lives better. if it doesn't make any progress, it would be meaningless. we will be backin would be meaningless. we will be back in seoul in just a moment. would be meaningless. we will be back in seoul injust a moment. the president took office on may ten, one day after the country held a rare presidential by—election caused by the ousting of his conservative predecessor. he has made it clear before today that he wants to avoid war with pyongyang at all costs. he has again made the offer of talks with north korea. 0ur correspondent is listening in. tell us more about this. this is a press conference to
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mark his first 100 days in office. it started with something like a campaign video. at the moment, he is very much a dressing his domestic constituents. talking about anticorruption constituents. talking about anticorru ption measures and constituents. talking about anticorruption measures and pension reform. when questions,, a lot of thoseissues reform. when questions,, a lot of those issues will be discussed regarding north korea. the tensions seem to have eased in the past few days but it has been a significant week in terms of the stand—off between pyongyang and president trump. moon jae—in was between pyongyang and president trump. moonjae—in was elected with a much more considered retiring towards the north—east. he has talked about wanting to expand the diplomatic effort. he talked yesterday about the offer of trilateral talks between south korea, china and the united states in the controversial plan to install an american system. this is a
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president who, just a few days ago, made a blunt warning to his american counterpart saying that he believed only south korea could give consent for military action on the peninsula. this shows you this is a president with a much more consolatory tyrant towards the north, and the idea of restarting any more negotiations. tensions have eased because the north korean leader made that statement saying he would watch the actions of the us before making any decision on whether to launch missiles. it has to be said that people in seoul have lived with bloodcurdling rhetoric for yea rs lived with bloodcurdling rhetoric for years now. they have, but what they did not expect was an incumbent in the white house, a key ally, using similar rhetoric. fire and fury, locked and loaded. it goes on and on. interestingly, last night president trump said that he thought
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a decision made by kimjong—un not to launch any missiles this week was very wise and well reasoned. we don't want to get too analytical about who says what and what it really means. it is very difficult to interpret that. they have said last week that the north koreans have a plan to launch missiles which could land within miles of guam. we saw pictures of him looking at the plan. we weren't expecting any kind of decision, but the interpretation from a lot of people is that a decision has been made to hold off. a statement said that kim jong—un was going to watch more closely. that has been welcomed. i don't think anyone well informed could say, that's it, no launch. the threat is still there. thank you for that. going back live to moon jae—in‘s first press conference as
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president. there are about 300 journalists from local and foreign news outlets. taking some questions 110w. news outlets. taking some questions now. you have a question? 0n news outlets. taking some questions now. you have a question? on behalf of the blue housejournal, i am a journalist. i would ask you to be more open on the speech made for liberation day. you said, we would do anything and everything to stop the war. the tension between north korea and the usa, the crisis and
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feelings of the people, the anxiety is still going on. so, what kind of determination do you have to tackle this anxiety of the people? thank you. there cannot be a second war on the korean peninsula, i can guarantee that. after the korean civil war, all the people of the nation all of the people of the nation all of the people of the nation worked very hard to build the nation. war cannot happen on the peninsula. the north korean
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provocations, the strong sanctions and measures will be placed on north korea. but a peaceful solution must be sought. the usa and the us president donald trump, the policy towards north korea is not different. the un security council has sanctioned to cut one third of north korean exports. it was agreed unanimously by the un security council. china and russia have spoken of an in—depth resolution as well. to put it differently, it is to stop the war happening. the
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strong sanctions are to push north korea to come to the negotiation table. the military action that can be only made in south korea, and without consent of south korea, nobody can make military action. all the options which usa will make should be agreed between south korea and usa and that has been agreed. and the general public should believe that there will not be a war on the korean peninsular. and it is beyond
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the pale to make the tensions on the peninsular — and that was the promise by the president, that there will not be a war on the korean peninsular. and the second question, please? we're staying here for contact. the us defence secretary said that should north korea carry out its threat to send missiles to the pacific us territory of guam, that would constitute an act of war. the south korean president moon jae—in said in his first press conference, to mark his first 100 daysin conference, to mark his first 100 days in office, that there can be no american military action on the korean peninsular without south korean peninsular without south korean consent. robin brant, south and north korea still officially at war? they are. the armistice agreed in 1952 entered
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the military conflict but he didn't agree a lasting peace and there is some speculation that perhaps kim jong—un, the president of north korea, wants to agree a final treaty at some point down the road, obviously on terms more preferable to him. let's go back to what president moon... the point he made. this is to a domestic audience. he repeated his point that no one he thinks can take military action on the korean peninsular without the consent of south korea. if north korea were to launch a missile near guam guam, i don't see how south korea could see a retaliatory strike from the united states. nonetheless, president moon making the point, pointing time and time again, not just saying that the us and south korea should agree military options, should agree military action, but he
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is asserting the point that south korea and he has a veto and that any kind of military action on the korean peninsular. and that he said it is beyond the pale to make tensions on the korean peninsular — those kind of comments almost echo what the chinese president said to donald trump in a phone call and not just at kim jong—un — donald trump in a phone call and not just at kimjong—un — people have become used to his bellicose words, but also to president trump as well. thank you very much indeed for that. and i think we'rejust i think we're just going back to listen to a little more on the press conference from seoul from listen to a little more on the press conference from seoulfrom president moon. on the liberation day speech, and as soon as the opportunity strikes, you mention north korean
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nuclear weapons — of the improving relationship between the north and southis relationship between the north and south is the most important, you mentioned. nuclear weapons and humanitarian issues, military talks, it seems north korea is not responding to any proposals. and my question is — do you have any special plans to overcome the silence that north korea is posing? any intention of sending an emissary to north korea? the dialogue between north and south should rich and, and
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we shouldn't be anxious about resumption of talks sooner, because opening dialogue again will take time and effort. first of all, dialogue cannot start for the dialogue cannot start for the dialogue purpose. and the conditions of dialogue should be prepared for the outcome of the dialogue — we should have some kind of securities for the conditions of dialogue resubmission. when the conditions are right and when they are made on improving the ties between north and
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south will begin, by that time it would be a time for sending an emissary to north korea. 0k, would be a time for sending an emissary to north korea. ok, the fourth question, please? translation: korean peninsular issue, not only the korean journalist, foreign correspondents would be interested as well, so if any foreign correspondents would like to ask questions — cnn journalist? you said that the united states and south korea are speaking with one voice — you say that you agree on how to deal with north korea, and also the fact that south korea, and also the fact that south korea has to decide on a military option if that appears to be the case. but at the same time you have us president trump talking about the
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military options being locked and loaded about fire and fury — do these kind of comments undermine yours, does it send a mixed signal to pyongyang? you have mentioned the korean peninsular without the consent of south korea — you can't... no military option can be available. south korea's president moon asked bya south korea's president moon asked by a journalist, who was making the point that north korea doesn't seem to be responding to the offer of talks from president moon on what is
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his plan for that. north korea has made it clear it is very angry at the latest un sanctions. the president saying, whether he asked if he had plans to resume dialogue, he said he would wait for conditions to be right and send an emissary then, but he made the point that, as far as the us and he was concerned, north korea was approaching a red line. by introducing stronger sanctions, it went ahead with un security council resolutions. us president donald trump showing strong determination. it is like pressing north korea. as far as the
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military option is concerned, south korea and usa, so that means the positions are the same between the usa and south korea. and from security areas, we are moving to politics — any politics issues? sbs journalist. translation: when you we re journalist. translation: when you were a presidential candidate, the cooperation was a key idea mentioned, but the new government, the combined government, was the key idea, but it seems like the personnel, the appointments, were
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more like friends. president moon talking of the us president showing strong determination, in his words, pressing north korea. robin brant, our correspondent, what is the feeling that president trump's strong word — phrases like north korea, if it thinks about the attack, will be in trouble like few nations have ever seen, fire and fury would descend on them — how does it look from seoul? well, the people we spoke with, at a protest the other day, led by some peace activist, and anti—us demonstrators, they obviously think that president trump is hugely problematic. having said that, plenty people know that the us and south korean military alliance is absolutely crucial to protecting this country. let's just go back to president moon's answer,
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the most important answer in the conference so far, when asked by cnn about donald trump's language, and has it added to the problem? he gave a very diplomatic answer and said that the president has shown strong determination in pressing north korea over the last few days. i mean, it you know, ithink korea over the last few days. i mean, it you know, i think it would be fairto mean, it you know, i think it would be fair to say, behind—the—scenes, that there are many around president moon who view some of the words, fire and fury, locked and loaded, as being in century and unhelpful. that's about the language in particular, not the us in scraping or asserting its concerns about south korea and sharing support for south korea and sharing support for south korea and sharing support for south korea —— incendiary. as i said, to go back to what president moon said before the conference and has repeated now — you know, he doesn't think that there can be — he has said that they cannot be military action on the korean peninsular without south korea's consent. he has talked about wanting
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to expand diplomatic efforts. you know, it's quite clear that this was a man, and he was elected on a stand being far more conciliatory to the north — this is a man who doesn't wa nt to north — this is a man who doesn't want to see another war in this country. he repeated that at the beginning. in fact he said he could guarantee there would not be another war. but a very diplomatic answer. strong determination is what the president has shown, president moon said, at least, that is his public comment about how donald trump has conducted himself over the last few days. and washington, of course, has warned that if north korea carried out its threat to fire missiles around guam, its us pacific territory, that would or could escalate into war very quickly — i suppose it is worth reminding people now, don't we, that 1994, the bill clinton administration did consider military strikes on north korea's
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then still developing weapons programme. as you understand it, what is the latest from north korea, the latest we have reported is kim jong—un is watching the action from the us before making any decision on his threats against guam? yeah, there is nothing further we have seen there is nothing further we have seen aside from the reports i think two days ago which accompany pictures of kim jong—un studying the plan presented to him by his generals — we saw the peach of a clear line drawn between north korea and the us territory of guam in the pacific. and then we have those reports as well that kim jong—un had decided to watch a little more closely the conduct of the yankees, those were his words. so that's the position from the north. and some have interpreted that, maybe even the president last night in his tweed, when he prays that as being very wise and well reasoned, some interpreter that has pulling back, deciding not to launch —— praised. that may well be the case. but i
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think it's clear that the threat remains, that there are four missiles, and there was a promise, with much detail, coming from the north last week, to maybe launch them within dozens of miles of guam -it them within dozens of miles of guam —itis them within dozens of miles of guam — it is clear that threat clearly remains. and south korea's president of course made it clear that he still favours talks with the north — i think that we know that the north engages with talks when it thinks it has something to gain. what are the chances, do you think? well, we heard about discussions of kind of back channel talks going on in new york, at the new york channel at the united nations is how it has been referred to — as i say, that is just almost a day to day discussion, not really the basis for formal negotiations. we also heard from the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, talking about the united states' desire to see talks, to see the resumption of talks, and we've seen the resumption of talks, and we've seen both the defence secretary
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mattis and secretary of state rex tillerson talk about not wanting to overthrow the regime in the north and not wanting to see an accelerated reunification of the korean peninsular. so they're trying on the diplomatic front to offer some reassurance to north korea in the hope that it will step back from the hope that it will step back from the brink. thank you very much indeed for that. i should say you've just been watching live from the south korean capital, seoul, president moon, the new president, giving the press conference to mark his first 100 days in office — there is more on that and more on all the news — we couldn't get everything of course with a live press conference, on the bbc life website for you anytime. thanks very much indeed for watching —— live website.


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