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this is bbc news. i'm james menendez. our top stories: police have killed five suspected terrorists in the spanish resort town of cambrils — they were carrying bomb belts and had run over civilians with a car. the operation‘s linked to thursday's deadly van attack in barcelona that left 13 dead and more than 100 injured. we report from war—torn mosul, a city emerging from the shadow of islamic state as its once prestigious university prepares to reopen. promises, promises — we take a look at which campaign pledges president trump has kept and which he has not, at least so far. china's lenovo gives up the crown as the world's biggest pc maker after some very disappointing results. hello: there's been a shootout
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in the spanish port town of cambrils, where police have killed five terror suspects they say are linked to the barcelona van attack on thursday afternoon. police are still hunting for the driver of that van which was deliberately driven into crowds of people in the city's best—known thoroughfare, las ramblas. the victims come from 18 countries including france, ireland, venezuela, australia and china. the barcelona attack is also being linked to a massive explosion which destroyed a house in alcanar. one person was killed in that blast. and before the shootout in cambrils, seven people including a police officer were injured when a car drove into them in the town. the bbc‘s sarah corker begins our coverage. in the early hours of friday
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morning, a dramatic shootout in a holiday resort of cambrils. 120 kilometres south of barcelona. the authorities say five suspected terrorists wearing what appeared to be suicide belts were shot dead by police. police opened fire after the attackers drove a car that pedestrians. seven people were injured. somebody shouted, call the police, call the police! the next thing police arrived like there, really quick. then they started shouting at the guy and the next thing, they just shot shouting at the guy and the next thing, theyjust shot him. hours earlier in the heart of barcelona, hundreds of holidaymakers, locals, shoppers ran to their lives. this white van ploughed into pedestrians
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on spain's most famous boulevard. for half a kilometre, the van weaved from side to side, a deliberate attack on innocent people designed to kill, police said. i saw a white van with the side door open. we heard gunshots. whether it was on police or the van, i don't know, we didn't hang out that. we ran into the burger king to get shot. what was going through your mind?m the burger king to get shot. what was going through your mind? if we we re was going through your mind? if we were going to survive. we saw people fall into the ground and that struck my eyes rather than the car. i immediately sensed it was an event like in nice and people around, were running away, fled away. then, the van driver abandoned the vehicle and ran away. armed officers searched the surrounding area. police have
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released a total of this man, driss 0ukabir, born in morocco whose documents were used to rent the van. however latest reports suggest he has told police his passport was stolen. late into the night, the city centre was on lockdown. two people have been arrested, a spaniard and a moroccan, but police say neither was the driver. the so—called islamic state group said it was behind the attack.|j so—called islamic state group said it was behind the attack. i want to express the solidarity of the whole of spain barcelona. today, hit by jihad is terrorism. like other cities around the world before it, cities around the world before it, cities like madrid, paris, nice, brussels, berlin and london, experienced the same pain and insecurity at the citizens of barcelona are feeling today. in another development, police are also
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linking an explosion on wednesday in alcanar in linking an explosion on wednesday in alca nar in catalonia linking an explosion on wednesday in alcanar in catalonia with the barcelona attack. 0ne alcanar in catalonia with the barcelona attack. one person died. police believe those living in this house were preparing explosives. and as people anxiously wait of news of loved ones, the authorities have warned the number of dead may rise. sarah corker, bbc news. 0n the line isjessica tanner. she's on holiday with her best friend in barcelona when she got caught up in the attack. jessica, tell us what you saw? we we re jessica, tell us what you saw? we were walking along —— walking along las ramblas. we've got pictures, of the store that the van drove into. we were taking pictures up the streets there and my friend said she wa nted streets there and my friend said she wanted to cross the road to go to the shop across the road and minutes
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later, we heard a massive bang behind us and people were screaming and crying. everybody just behind us and people were screaming and crying. everybodyjust started running. we followed the crowd. i think wejust prayed running. we followed the crowd. i think we just prayed that it was just an accident and we turned around and walked up to the main road to see what had happened. it seemed quite safe at the time but that all the police started running towards the main road. that's then that we could see the bodies lying on the floor. it must have been very distressing. it was absolutely horrendous. people were crying. we have actually seen a little boy who'd been knocked over. his mum was next to him. were you yourself
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scared? absolutely terrified. my friend was absolutely shaking like a leaf. it is the immediate panic of where we could go and our hotel was on the other side of las ramblas. we could not even go straight to the hotel. i think you are due to return home at the weekend. will you go home at the weekend. will you go home early? we did contemplate booking an earlier flight but the locals and the emergency services have been absolutely fantastic year. we actually got locked into one of the cafes for about two hours after
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running around the streets and we went to stay in a local restaurant and they let us charge our phones to contact ourfamilies. and they let us charge our phones to contact our families. we wanted to ci’oss contact our families. we wanted to cross las ramblas and get to our health tell and that police were wonderful, they showed us how to get to our hotel. ——h. wonderful, they showed us how to get to our hotel. --h. that was jessica turner speaking to us from barcelona. messages of support have been expressed by leaders around the world. theresa may: moving on, ben is here with all the business news.
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looking at president trump and his promises. he came into the white house with a pro—business agenda. but events this week have caused the business community in america to isolate donald trump. and after over 200 days in office, donald trump has yet to achieve his first legislative change. analysts have warned that his response to the violence in charlottesville will hurt republicans' prospects for progress on domestic policy. so the big question is: can the president deliver on his campaign promises? —— he has had mild success:
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in january trump formally scrapped tpp, a flagship trade deal with 11 asia—pacific countries — blaming the deal forjob losses in the us. he also promised he'd withdraw from the paris climate deal. and injune the president fulfilled that promise, saying the deal punished the us and — again — would cost millions of americanjobs. and nothing has been achieved when it comes to tax reform. congress is struggling to agree on how to fund lower taxes on individuals and corporations. one of his major campaign promises was to rework the trade agreement between the us, canada and mexico. trump made it clear that he didn't want tweaks, he wanted major changes. chinese personal computer maker lenovo posted a first—quarter loss
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this morning saying higher costs and slower growth in the personal computer market are to blame. it plummeted more than 70 million dollars into the red for the three months that ended injune. but lenovo's chief executive is hoping the chinese market will help the company moving forward. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter — i'm @benmbland. stay with us on bbc news — still to come. three years after his capture by so—called islamic state — a yazidi boy is reunited with his family in canada. washington, the world's most political city, is today assessing the political health of the world's most powerful man. indeed, i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. in south africa, 97 people have been killed today, in one of the worst days of violence between rival black groups. over the last 1ten days, 500 have died. chanting: czechoslovakia
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must be free! russia is observing a national day of mourning for the 118 submariners who died on board the kursk. we're all with them now, within our hearts. the pope has celebrated mass before a congregation of more than 2.5 million people, in his hometown of krakow. "stay with us, stay with us," chanted this ocean of humanity. "well, well," joked the pope, "so you want me to desert rome?" this is bbc news. the latest headlines: spanish police have killed five suspected terrorists in the resort town of cambrils. they were said to be carrying bomb belts and had run over civilians with a car. the operation‘s linked to thursday's deadly van attack in barcelona that left 13 dead and more
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than 100 injured. a short time ago we spoke to fitzroy davies who was with his friends on a night out in cambrils when he got caught up in events there. we were sitting at the bar. these girls ran in. they ran into the bar. people started running past us. our friend looked down the street and the next thing we saw this guy running at us. someone shouted call the police, call the police. the next thing the police were right there. it was really quick. they started shouting at the guy. the next thing they just shot started shouting at the guy. the next thing theyjust shot him. they just shot him. he fell on the ground and got back up. and then... he he
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went towards the police and they shot him again. and that was it. everyone is ok. people are worried, but we are ok. that is the main thing. the attacks in barcelona and cambrils using a vehicle to mow down pedestrians are the latest in a series of at least eight to have been carried out in europe injust over a year. and as ever, the problem for the authorities is that such attacks are extremely difficult to prevent. 0ur security correspondent, gordon corera, has been looking at what more, if anything, can be done. barcelona is just the latest in a series of vehicle attacks, leaving a terrible, but tragically now almost a familiar, scene on the streets of europe. the first major incident was in nice, when a lorry ploughed into a crowd celebrating bastille day, just over a year ago. it was a target and moment to maximise the casualties and the impact. then there was a lorry attack on a christmas market in berlin,
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then van driven into the city centre in stockholm. and britain has not immune from what has been dubbed low—tech terrorism. in march, khalid masood ploughed into pedestrians on a westminster bridge. injune, three men drove down london bridge, before attacking people in borough market with knives. and then at finsbury park mosque, people were struck by a car. stopping these attacks is hard. here at westminster bridge they have installed these barriers to stop vehicles ramming into pedestrians on the bridge. but an attacker could just pick a different crowded place. the authorities are also looking at things like more checks on people making short—notice rentals of vans. but the problem is these attacks require just everyday items. just a car — no guns or explosives. and, with so little planning required, it can be hard to spot
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them and stop them. new shock—absorbing barriers, like this one shown in a test, may offer some protection but counter—terrorism experts caution they cannot stop all attacks happening. it's an almost impossible thing to prevent completely. but you can try to make it a little bit more difficult for terrorists. and that, to some extent, is all we can do. the way we stop this from happening is by preventing people from becoming radicalised, or by people willing to come forward and saying, "i know someone who might be going to do this." this is how we stop it. this is one of the men authorities believe it is responsible, and tonight, islamic state said it was responsible. but this does not always mean there was a direct link with the group, and one major concern for security forces around the world is that these kind of attacks can be carried out with little or no training, direction or co—ordination. we have much more on the events
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in spain on our website. simply go to, where you'll also find a live page with the latest developments. the bbc has gained a rare insight into war—torn mosul, iraq's second largest city. until recent months, it'd been under the violent rule of the so—called islamic state for three years. half the population, about a million people, have been displaced. the devastation, caused by intense bombardment and fighting, is widespread. but as yalda hakim found out, life is slowly returning, and a once prestigious university has reopened its doors. this is what liberation looks like in mosul, just ruins. beneath the rubble are untold numbers of bodies. but life is slowly returning to the city. even here within the charred walls of this university. its doors
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closed in june, walls of this university. its doors closed injune, 2014, after the so—called islamic state turned it into its headquarters. science labs we re into its headquarters. science labs were turned into makeshift weapons factories. iraqi forces discovered what they long suspected and feared, soulful mustered. —— sulphur mustard. some classes have now resumed and students are returning. they will need a new building, but some things are irreplaceable. among the ashes, over a million books on philosophy and literature, all burned by islamic state. this seat of learning represented everything they stood against. intellectuals like ali, a renowned professor of law, who lived in fear for their lives. so, what did you do? the sense of
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life flooding back into this town is palpable. but the scars are there. this is a student from university. when islamic state came to power, she had to give up her studies. but worse was to come. imean, it i mean, it must be quite traumatic. bbc news, mosul, northern iraq. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the us navy says it has lost confidence in the commanding officer of a us warship, and two
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of his senior colleagues, after a fatal collision off the coast of japan earlier this year. they are among twelve sailors to be disciplined after seven crew members were killed in the collision between the uss fitzgerald and a philippines cargo vessel in june. firefighters are struggling to control two major blazes in central portugal that have cut off a village of 2,000 people, according to local officials. the fires broke out on tuesday evening and have so far left 92 people injured, seven seriously. there's a warning that even hotter weather is on the way for the region in the coming days. sport now. england are well on top after the opening day of the first test against west indies at edgbaston. the match is the first ever day—night test to be played in the uk and the first involving england. it saw alastair cook and skipper, joe root, rescue their side after a slow start and the loss of two quick wickets. both scored centuries in a 248 run partnership. cook resumes this morning on 153 with england on 348 for three.
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england are through to the semi—finals of the women's rugby world cup in ireland. they ran in seven tries, including two from marlie packer and this from katy mclean, as they beat the united states by 47 points to 26, to finish top of pool b. england will face france in the semi—finals after the french beat ireland in their pool c decider. france scored three tries, all in the first half, as they won 21—5 to knock out the host nation. new zealand, who are bidding to win a fifth world cup, are also through to the semis. aldora itunu scored a hat—trick of tries as the black ferns beat the 2013 runners—up canada 48—5 to finish top of pool a. a 12—year—old boy from iraq's yazidi community has been reunited with his family three years after being captured by so—called islamic state militants.
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his mother, who now lives in canada, only discovered her son was alive last month, as the bbc‘s adam mcilrick explains. his report contains some flash photography. flanked by family and photographers, this was a moment worth capturing. mother and son together again. 12—year—old yazidi boy emad mishko tamo was given a hero's welcome to what is now his new home in winnipeg, canada. translation: i am happy and very thankful to everybody who had anything to do with helping to reunite me with my mother. emad reserved special thanks for his uncle, steve, and the canadian government for making this all possible, a day few thought would ever come. emad and his family were captured by so—called islamic state in 2014, when the militants took control of their town in northern iraq. two years later, his mother and four
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of her six children escaped to a refugee camp before they were granted asylum in canada. as for emad, he was later found by iraqi forces and sent to stay with one of his uncles, where he recovered from his ordeal. this photo of the boy was taken just after his rescue. the image was shared on social media and discovered by his mother last month. only then did she know her son was still alive. translation: i am very happy and thankful and thank god that he got here safe and sound. the end of an incredible journey and a new one, in a new country, about to begin. the top story. spanish police have killed five suspected terrorists in the resort town of cambrils.
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they were said to be carrying bomb belts and had run over civilians with a car. that is the scene in cambrils right now, the aftermath of that operation. the operation‘s linked to thursday's deadly van attack in barcelona that left 13 dead and more than 100 injured. some of them seriously. you can get in touch with me on twitter. i am james menendez. world business report is coming up after the weather. hello there. friday is looking a bit cooler across the board, and there'll plenty of showers around, too, some of them merging together to produce longer spells of rain, particularly across the north and the west of the uk. we start the morning off, though, with sunshine and dry in the south and eastern areas. there will be plenty of showers from the word go, particularly across scotland. some merging together to bring longer spells of rain in the north—west and eastern areas as well. a little bit of sunshine to the south. some sunshine and one or two showers
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for northern ireland. temperatures around 12 degrees in belfast to start the day. england and wales, most of the showers in northern and western areas. whereas for the midlands eastwards, it should be a largely dry start. temperatures around 15—17 degrees, but quite breezy, particularly close to the irish sea. in fact, irish sea coasts will be windy through the day. it'll remain wet in the northern half of scotland. and this feature across ireland will push towards wales and western parts of england later in the day, to bring more prolonged rain here, too. the south—east should see plenty of dry weather. top temperatures — 21 or 22 degrees, so cooler than what we saw on thursday, certainly across northern and western areas. during friday night, it stays blustery, further pulses of rain, showers moving through. but it does tend to turn a little bit dryer by the end of the night. and a few cooler spots, as well, in rural places,
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central and northern parts. saturday starts off fine and dry. in fact, we're in between weather systems, so it's looking pretty good through the country. still quite a windy day, but far fewer showers, and they'll be much lighter, as well. staying dry, especially in northern and western areas. 20 or 22 the high, around the mid—to—upper teens celsius across the north. this area of low pressure hurtling across the atlantic towards our shores will contain the remnants of what was hurricane gert. so it's going to bring a surge of rain, strengthening winds to south—western areas on sunday. northern and eastern areas actually starting off dry, with some sunshine. a bit of uncertainty as to how far and heavy this rain will spread north and east. but what it will do is also introduce a brief surge of warmer and more humid air to southern parts of britain as we head on in towards the start of next week. but, again, a bit of uncertainty depending on how much sunshine there will be. we could be looking at temperatures reaching the mid—20s. but cool air lurks behind that weather front, where we could see rain as it slowly starts to spread southwards. this is bbc world news, the headlines. police in spain believe they've
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foiled a second attempted terror attack in the town of cambrils, south of barcelona. five suspected terrorists wearing what appeared to be suicide belts were shot and killed. the operation‘s linked to thursday's deadly van attack in barcelona — that left 13 dead and more than 100 injured. spain's prime minister, mariano rajoy, said jihadist terrorism was to blame for the attack. spanish officials have said that the victims of the rampage came from at least 18 different nationalities. fire fighters are struggling to control two major blazes in central portugal that have cut off a village of 2,000 people, according to local officials. the fires broke out on tuesday evening and have so far left 92
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