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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 18, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm BST

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the headlines at tpm. this is bbc news. the headlines. three days of mourning are declared in spain as police say they believe a network of at least eight people were behind the terror attacks that have left 1a people dead. another attack in the coastal town of cambrils saw five suspects shot dead by police and seven people injured. one later died. in barcelona police have arrested four people and a massive manhunt is under way for the 18—year—old suspected of driving the van. he's been named as moussa oukabir. the sheer panic on people's faces. you know you have to run and hide. the third victim has been named as an italian father of two. he died in front of his wife and two small
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children. the vehicle attacks are being connected to an explosion further along the coast which destroyed a house on wednesday night. hello from barcelona where police have said they are hunting a terror network well to three people may be involved. in las ramblas, 13 people we re involved. in las ramblas, 13 people were killed and dozens injured. another attack, later on, one were killed and dozens injured. anotherattack, later on, one a local time in cambrils, 100 local time in cambrils,100 kilometres from here. eight car was used to drive into a crowd of
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people. a woman died of her injuries. armed police were on the scene very quickly and opened fire, killing five suspected terrorists. there are unconfirmed reports that one of those five suspects shot dead in cambrils could have been the driver of the van that caused such carnage here at las ramblas. let's get this report from gavin lee. an early tribute on las ramblas, a flower on the street named after its flower market, the morning after the biggest terrorist attack in spain in over a decade. the boulevard is packed again with people picking up the pieces from the night before. the first attack happened yesterday evening. a white van driven at 50 miles an hour through the crowd. 13 people were killed. more than 80 injured. the suspect fled on foot. an italian father of two, bruno gulotta, has been confirmed as the first victim.
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people were told to hide inside as police searched for the attacker. two men were arrested in a nearby bar. police released the image of one of the suspects, driss oukabir, a moroccan national living in spain whose passport was used to hire the van. there was a person next to the blue kiosk who was killed. you can see lots of people running around, lots of people helping each other. then a second attack. five men in another car, 70 miles to the south, in the village of cambrils. five people were injured, two critically. the suspects believed to have been wearing fake suicide vests were shot dead by police.
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within 30 seconds the police turned up and they had drawn the guns and they were shouting something to the guy. and the next thing i know, shots were fired. translation: i suddenly heard bang, bang, bang, here in the port. and afterthe bang, bang, bang, people were screaming. then the police, screaming. then, more screaming. translation: this is a quiet place to come with your family to enjoy it. you think it is more likely to happen in salou nearby, where the party is. investigators link both attacks to an explosion in a house in the town of alcanar on wednesday where one man died and 20 canisters of propane gas were found. the manhunt is still underway for the driver of the las ramblas attack. authorities believe there could be another vann, used by another cell in catalonia. 0n the streets of barcelona, a moment of silence and songs, too. "i am not scared," they shout. this is a city with many
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nationalities coming together in defiance of yet another european attack. in the united kingdom, her majesty the queen hasjust in the united kingdom, her majesty the queen has just sent a message of sympathy and condolences following the attacks to the king of spain. the queen in her message says, it is deeply upsetting when innocent people are put at risk in this way. when going about their daily lives. ". the when going about their daily lives. the king of spain who was here in the heart of barcelona early on to attend a minute ‘s's silence and also to hear the applause of the crowds as they shouted and chanting, we're not scared, ms is of defiance
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to the terrorists. we have also been hearing from the spanish by minister, marianna rajoy. women have the same attitude of the towards vanquishing terrorism. —— we will have the same attitude. we have had enough of terrorism. people are oui’ had enough of terrorism. people are our most important asset and i'm sure we are going to win this battle, as well. this is a global battle. it is notjust against us, it is against all the countries that defend democracy, freedom, human rights. those values and principles that we have felt —— we have always felt very proud of. a manhunt is
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under way for the man who fled on foot. police wanted open fire on him in las ramblas is that there were too many people around to open fire. four people have been arrested. we can hearfrom four people have been arrested. we can hear from the local police chiefs speaking a few minutes ago. we are working on the hypothesis that these attacks were being prepared for a while around this private home in alcanar. so we think they were preparing at least one or more attacks in barcelona. the explosion in alcanar at least avoided some of the material they we re avoided some of the material they were counting on to carry out even bigger tax than the ones they have
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already. and because of that, the attack in barcelona and the one in cambrils were carried out in a bit more rudimentary way than they had initially planned. this is the most releva nt initially planned. this is the most relevant information we have from this investigation. after the attack in barcelona, there was an attack at a seaside resort of cambrils, when terrorists used an audi car to drive into pedestrians, injuring seven. 0ne into pedestrians, injuring seven. one woman later died of her injuries. police were seen very quickly after the car overturned, opened fire on the occupants and they killed five terror suspects
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inside. they were wearing what appeared to be explosives belts, although later on the catalan president said that they believed the belts were fake. 0ur correspondent is there for us with the latest. this is cambrils and the scene of the second coordinated attack. what happened last night was an audi saloon car came speeding down the road. it crashed into a group of at least five people including one policeman. the car flipped least five people including one policeman. the carflipped over onto its roof and five attackers inside tried to get out. but the heavily armed police were already in a state of high alert because of what happened in barcelona hours earlier and they were ready. the attackers had fake suicide belts on, they had no reason to believe those bells we re no reason to believe those bells were fake, and they challenge the
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attackers. 0ne were fake, and they challenge the attackers. one was shot in the head and the other one was shot underneath this tree here. all five attackers —— in all, five attackers we re attackers —— in all, five attackers were killed here. things have returned to some sort of normality but one of the civilians hit by the car has died herself. we still have no further information on the age or nationalities of the attackers but we believe they were very young. that is one theory that the police are working on, that the attackers in barcelona and here may have been a recently radicalised group of young men. there is believed to have been a third vehicle that would have been a third vehicle that would have been used in an attack by this group. this is clearly a coordinated attack. this part of spain is on high alert and although there are many tourists back on the street, there is a real sense of danger and awareness here in the barcelona
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region. let's bring you up—to—date with the figures. 1a dead in total, 13 in barcelona and one in cambrils. more than 130 people injured altogether. from many different nationalities, 34 from many different nationalities, 3a different nationalities were involved. 0f 3a different nationalities were involved. of course, barcelona, tourism is the lifeblood and las ramblas was completely packed as it a lwa ys ramblas was completely packed as it always is with tourists, holiday—makers and sightseers. they are amongst the victims. using a rented vehicle has become the weapon of choice for terrorists now. we have seen it in france, germany, britain and now we have seen it in barcelona. this is from our security correspondent. al-qaeda urged people to drive into
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people with cars. some of them are inspired by this man, now deceased, itchy for for so—called islamic state. in 2014, he urged jihadist to adopt low tech high impact versions to attack westerners, including vehicles. today, is is on the back foot, it's so—called caliphate in the middle east is on is shrinking.
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the events in spain can be seen in the context of its attacking the west more because of drinking in the middle east. how the governments in europe respond? how far should they go to protect their populations? city centres are particularly difficult. london will predominantly, we can't just difficult. london will predominantly, we can'tjust put a barnard into the pavement because the need to dig down in a standard format way. we have utilities underground, we have the underground system. as nice as it would be to say can be put police all over the place, logistically, and from an architectural point of view, we can't do that. crash barriers and ballades are increasingly the norm in london and other cities. these ones outside parliament went up 14 yea rs ones outside parliament went up 14 years ago to stop truck bombs. today, the threat comes from
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terrorist driving the crowds. some measures can be put into place but the government can't shield everyone from attack. the challenge remains an intellectual one. to persuade violent extremists of whatever you, not to do it. now to bring you up—to—date with the cambrils attack. the five terror suspects, they were shot dead by armed police but catalan police are now saying that inside the vehicle with the attackers was an axe and several knives and indeed, thatjust before they were shot, one of the attackers used a knife on one of their victims, attacking them in the face with a knife. so an axe and knives used in that car, an audi
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that was driven and pedestrians in the seaside town of cambrils. let's getan the seaside town of cambrils. let's get an assessment of where we are as police continue to try to find the driver of the van that killed so many people here in barcelona and continue to investigate the terror network that was behind both these attacks. we will speak to paul rogers, professor of peace studies and an expert from bradford university. paul, what is your assessment of this terror threat? spain in general has not seen a terror attack since the train bombs. yes, that bombing of the terminal was horrendous, 2000 people injured. spain has not expose anything as bad since then because it is not a main target. it is involved in the war in the middle east but in a training
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role. it also has very close links with moroccan authorities and a lot of the problems that spain has had in the past have stemmed from jihadists in morocco. in more general terms, it has a more effective counterterrorist system because of the attack on a two share in 2004 but also because of the eta experience. this is part of a pattern which really starts about three orfour pattern which really starts about three or four years pattern which really starts about three orfour years ago. pattern which really starts about three or four years ago. frank gardner reported on one of the tweets that came out then. what bought at us head was a change in the islamic state strategy. it was all concerned with building its own geographical caliphate but that changed once this us led air war started three years ago. since then, it has sought openly to attack what it has sought openly to attack what it considers to be the far enemy, the crusader forces out to destroy
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it, the united states and countries of western europe, principally. the airwar has been of western europe, principally. the air war has been astonishing, the pentagon reckons it has killed 60,000 ices paramilitaries. that is twice as many as was estimated to be in the entire organisation a few yea rs in the entire organisation a few years ago. essentially, we have to get to grips with what is driving this in the first place. it looks like the military tactics which we have used not just like the military tactics which we have used notjust against ices but over the last 16 years is not actually worked. we are no more secure now than we were then. but that requires a major change in thinking, andi that requires a major change in thinking, and i don't see a change. so—called islamic state are claiming responsibility for the attack in barcelona. they are saying it was their soldiers involved. that is there any way of knowing to what extent is would have guided, if this
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was in their name, to what extent did they guide it? perhaps in the way that al-qaeda guided the 9/11 attacks? was as a carefully coordinated attack was this just the work of local who had got together into some kind of cell network? that, we don't yet know, but because of the size of this and the appearance of quite a large catalan base to sell, that it may have been more organised and may have a more direct connection with ices. this is something that varies quite a lot. ices is trying to inspire and encourage and occasionally it helps organise. the attack in paris appears to have been more cause related. 0thers appears to have been more cause related. others were what people call lone wolf attacks as you saw on westminster bridge, or a small group as you saw on london bridge. so my guess is that it was veering towards
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the area of a high level of organisation. this is serious for the spanish because this is one cell that they didn't have a handle on. that is the indication coming out of one of the spanish police sources. this is part of a wider problem which affects a number of countries. spain for the first time in a number of years, much more frequently in france and britain. i suppose if there were a lot of number —— a number of people in this plot, that makes it easier for the authorities? more traces left, potentially more clues left and they can work on that? they will be working on that as well. this doesn't take away the overall message, that we are involved in a new kind of irregular war. 0ne involved in a new kind of irregular war. one of the questions is, why is is doing this? firstly, the
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taliesin. they are suffering huge losses in the air war. also a kind of demonstration that they are still there and to be reckoned with. but thirdly, crucially, they want to stirup as thirdly, crucially, they want to stir up as much anti—muslim bigotry and islamophobia as they can. the overwhelming majority of muslims in countries like britain are incredibly worried about this. they abhor the idea of islam being used in this way but when people react, when the far right reacts, this is playing into the hands of the is leaders. they want to sow dissent. as we have seen in barcelona, the portal thing is not to fall into that trap. thank you for your time, paul rogers. the foreign office has said that
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they believe is a small number of britons were victims. what is the latest at the foreign office? the foreign office is assisting a small number of britons who are caught up in the attacks. they have deployed a number of staff to help anyone who feels they need it. we also getting reports that they are urgently investigating reports that a child of dual british nationality is believed to be missing after barcelona attacks. here is the prime minister, theresa may. sadly, i must tell you that we do believe that a numberof tell you that we do believe that a number of british nationals were caught up in the attacks and we are urgently looking into reports of a child believed missing who is a british dual national. the foreign
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office is offering consular assistance to those involved in the attack and their families and working urgently to see if there are others that need help. so what we do know is that his name isjulian cadman. his grandfather is appealing for any information on his facebook page and also, as we said, the foreign office is assisting a number of casualties, british casualties in spain who were caught up in the barcelona attacks yesterday. we have talked about the police operation and the foreign office operation, but also a hospital operation. the attitude casualties
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from the two attacks. some in hospital are critical e—mail and people have been queueing up yesterday and today to give blood to the hospitals to help them deal with the hospitals to help them deal with the wounded. that is the latest from barcelona. back to london. we will stay with the barcelona attacks and take a closer look at political reaction here. we saw the clip from theresa may, but now let's speak to emma vardy, our political correspondent, in westminster. theresa may is saying that the uk stands shoulder to shoulder with spain. yes, that's right. in number of politicians have been speaking out expressing their sympathy, their support and solidarity with the people of barcelona. and the union jack and the spanish flag in downing street have been flying at half—mast. and other holdings in westminster and whitehall. the prime
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minister has said that the uk stands shoulder to shoulder with spain. this morning, i spoke with mariano rajoy, the spanish prime minister, to offer my deepest condolences after the terrible attack that took place in barcelona. the uk stands shoulder to shoulder with spain in confronting and dealing with the evil of terrorism and i have offered any assistance that we can provide. sadly, i must tell you that we do believe that a number of british nationals were caught up in the attack and we are urgently looking into reports of a child believed missing who is a british dual national. the foreign office is offering consular assistance to those who were involved in the attack and their families and working urgently to see if there are others that need their help. but we must work together if we are to confront this evil of terrorism. and also to confront and deal with the
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perverted extremist ideology which drives it. ridding the internet of poisonous material and ensuring that out poisonous material and ensuring that our police and security services have the powers that they need. terrorism is the great threat that we all face, but together, we will defeat it. as we heard, the foreign office is reaching out to people in barcelona, to any other british nationals that may need help and assistance. a special phone number has been set up and you can find that on the bbc website. as well as theresa may, jeremy corbyn has also been speaking about the barcelona attack, as expressing his horror at the way in which that attack was carried out and his sympathy with the relatives of those who were killed. shocked and appalled at what has happened. terrible loss of life, people innocently at las ramblas just enjoying themselves and somebody does this unbelievable act that has taken the lives of many. my sympathies to the families of all
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those who have lost people. and thank you to the authorities in spain for reacting so quickly and the emergency services on the scene in less than minutes. to try and help those people. the pictures that i saw last night were truly shocking. for anybody watching, those pictures from that attack in barcelona, it brings back those all—too—familiar memories when similar terror was experienced here in westminster and elsewhere in london because in recent months, there has been a series of attacks in westminster, at london bridge, and in finsbury park. and also that terror attack in manchester. today, we have also heard from the london mayor, sadiq khan, expressing his solidarity with barcelona. he expressed his condolences saying that london stands with barcelona against the evil of terrorism. thank you, emma va rdy. against the evil of terrorism. thank you, emma vardy. the queen has sent
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a message of sympathy to the king of spain, who was her guest at a state visit by him to the uk last month. the queen says, following the terrorist attacks, it is deeply upsetting when innocent people are put at risk in this way when going about their daily lives. that message from the queen to the king of spain. we will have more on the barcelona attacks coming up. right now, let's take a look at the weather forecast. a mixed with picture over the next few days. some spells of sunshine but heavy downpours as well. quite a blustery wind. particularly across the coast of south wells and south—west england. a scattering of showers across the country which could be heavy and thundery. more persistent rain across northeast
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scotla nd persistent rain across northeast scotland where it could be decidedly cool scotland where it could be decidedly cool. doing this evening and tomorrow night, there could be showers which will fade away. some continuing into the north—west of scotla nd continuing into the north—west of scotland and east of ireland. fewer showers than we had today and more in the way of dry weather. sunday will be fine for many more clout and patchy rain in the south and the west. that's all for now. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: the spanish government declares three days of mourning in spain as police say they believe a network of at least eight people were behind the terror attacks that have left 14 people dead and more than 100 injured. in the second attack, on the coastal town of cambrils, five suspects were shot dead by police after they killed one person and injured seven more. police say there were knives
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and an axe in their car and they were wearing fake explosive belts. police also suspect the driver of the vehicle used in the barcelona attack, believed to be 18—year—old moussa oukabir, may have been among the five suspects killed in cambrils. four people have been arrested so far. the first victim has been named. he is italian father—of—two bruno gulotta. the 35—year—old died in front of his wife and two small children. people from 34 different nationalities were among the injured including a small number of britons. theresa may said a child with dual british nationality was believed to be among those unaccounted for. more now on the attacks in spain. let's recap how events unfolded last night.
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just before 3pm uk time, a white van ploughs into people on las ramblas, a famous pedestrianised street in barcelona. 13 people are killed and dozens more are injured. the police describe the incident as a terrorist attack. later that evening, at about 6:30pm uk time, police find a second van in vic, 80km north of barcelona. the van is thought to be a getaway vehicle. then in the early hours of friday morning, a car is driven into people at the resort of cambrils, 110km south west of barcelona. the attackers' vehicle overturns. a woman critically injured there has now died from her injuries. a further six people, including a police officer, are wounded. police shoot at the attackers, killing five of them. controlled explosions are also carried out. police say one of the terrorists killed may have been this 18—year—old, moussa oukabir,
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who they believe to be the driver of the van in barcelona. they also say the five suspects had belts with false explosives and carried knives and an axe in the car. they attacked a person with a knife to the face before they were shot down. in total four people have been arrested. we can talk about the impact the attacks might have on anyone travelling to spain. sean tipton from abta joins us now from central london. brain is up—to—date with the official travel advice from the government. very shortly after these terrible attacks the foreign office updated their advice quickly and said that that stage it was a developing situation and they are remaining in contact with the spanish abilities and they advised people follow the advice of the local security forces and kept away from las ramblas in its entirety. in
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barcelona it is pretty much the equivalent of oxford street, incredibly popular with locals and tourists, very busy. at that stage the advice was to keep away. that could have affected people with hotels in the vicinity. that advice has change and the street has reopened. they are seeing people should remain vigilant in crowded areas which is good advice for many areas which is good advice for many areas in europe. if someone is due to travel to barcelona this evening, imminently, the advices they can go but they have to be careful? precisely. the foreign office are careful in their advice and safety must come first and in the past they have used expressions advising against all but nonessential travel which means holidays in effect hand at that point to operators will stop sending people, giving them the option to go elsewhere. the foreign
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office has not said that so holidays will be continuing as normal. it is important you read the foreign office advice before you even book your holiday to have a confirmed idea about the destination you are travelling to. that is true for many destinations around the world, particularly europe. are you seeing indications that because of this people have decided not to travel to barcelona who were due to go? we get a very good indication about the public mood in terms of the calls we get coming in and we have had very few from members of the public. the ones we have had just wanted to be reassured. terrorism is u nfortu nately a fa ct reassured. terrorism is unfortunately a fact of life in the uk, spain, other countries. it is ha rd to uk, spain, other countries. it is hard to see anywhere there is 100% save so people tend to be realistic about risk. they will do what they can to protect themselves but the likelihood of you personally being caught up in an attack is very small
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but when it happens it is appalling. if anyone is deciding they do not wa nt to if anyone is deciding they do not want to go will they be able to get their money back if they have already paid for hotels and travel and so on? if the foreign office advises against travel to a destination tour operators will let you have your money back or per spawn your date of travel. airlines tend not to be as generous, they tend not to be as generous, they tend to let you transfer to another destination, but that depends on the view of the foreign office takes and they are not advising against travel to barcelona. there are always financial obligations of somebody does not travel and if you were not to fly the airline would almost certainly charge you 100% cancellation fee and accommodation depends on your arrangement with the supplier. the majority of people travelling to barcelona will be doing so independently. those on
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packages, tour operators will take the view as the same —— the same as the view as the same —— the same as the rest of the industry. british tourist stephanie walton was on las ramblas when the van attack happened. earlier she spoke to my colleague ben brown. an hour and a half before, we were literally walking where the attack happened. there were so many people around, everybody was enjoying the sunshine, living a carefree life and having fun. we tried to find somewhere to have a glass of wine and enjoy it. then, an hour before, me and my partner were just saying how there was so much police around, circulating, a bit weird, isn't it? then after that we heard a loud bang, and screams. i had my back turned, and i shot up and turned around and there were these floods of people just running. tables everywhere, glasses, and the thing i remember the most was the flip—flops. they were just everywhere. it was like people had just vanished, they had run for their lives. then there was a second bang, which scared everybody else.
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we ran into the cafe. they shut all the shutters. my partner pushed me into a corner, all i kept thinking about was... i thought, like paris, london, the attacks where they came into bars and stuff and hurt people. the owners opened a back door so everyone could run through, then they pushed everybody against the walls, because if another car came, they would then... you have a better chance. that's what we did. it was absolutely terrifying. when i turned around, i saw bodies everywhere. it's heartbreaking. really heartbreaking. you knew instantly, did you, that this was some sort of terror attack? yeah, especially with the increased police presence and stuff. when you heard that bang, obviously with recent things happening, you know something is really wrong. it's not right. the sheer panic on everyone's faces. you know you have to run and get to safety. you have to hide. that instinct kicked in. but initially ijust froze. you know... all those people. so many kids everywhere.
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it was horrific, that image will stay in my mind for as long as possible. the police were there in large numbers before the attack. do you think perhaps they knew something might be going to happen? it felt like that. initially when we saw loads of police, we did not think something would happen, because you do not think, you are in barcelona, you don't think anything will happen. there were so many around, circulating, but i must applaud them. within seconds, they were at that scene, cordoning everybody. they kept pushing everybody, cuddling little girls and stuff to make sure they were ok. you have said to me you have seen terror attacks unfolding on tv, but to be in the middle of it, to see it for real... you do not comprehend, when you see them running and the panic on the faces, you just watch it. but when you are in the midst of it, running for your life as well, it is a feeling i have never ever experienced before and i never want to experience it again.
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my heart goes out to everybody who was hurt, or lost their lives. it's absolutely tragic what happened, it broke my heart. it's such a beautiful city. you were here as a surprise for your boyfriend, is that right? yeah, a surprise he won't forget. it was a surprise birthday trip away. we landed yesterday morning. went to the hotel, came back, looking for somewhere to enjoy some wine, enjoy the atmosphere and stuff. then that tragedy happened. thankfully we fly back tomorrow. people were coming back onto the streets today, in large numbers, chanting, "we're not scared, we are not afraid". is that the message we need to send out? absolutely, we cannot let these people dictate our lives. they may not like it, but we cannot let them. everybody has to come together. everybody came together last night. it was so beautiful. even today, walking on the streets, there's still a bit of an edgy feeling.
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if you hear a siren or cross the road, you are a bit like... bit edgy. but everyone is in the same situation, you all pull together. actually i feel really proud to be with them and sharing it with them. it is a beautiful city, people come here from all over the world. las ramblas particularly. we were saying last night, you could not even move through the people, it was that busy. everyone is just enjoying the sunshine, having fun. for something to happen in the city, it is horrible. really horrible. stefa nie stefanie walton recounting her experience. ben has also been speaking to eneka de marcos who described how he was caught up in the stampede of people running away from the van. i was at the top of the street, having a coffee, is my normal routine. and it was about 4:30pm. i waited for a while, about 4:55pm, there was a noise. and next thing you know, coming from the bottom of that street, there was just a stampede of people, just thousands of people just
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running and running and running. of course, it was a dead giveaway that something was wrong. so we turned the corner where the restaurant, the cafe is, and we all ran inside the restaurant and they locked us in. we were locked in for about three and a half hours. no one gave us any information. things were filtering through about, they had taken hostages at another restaurant down las ramblas, but we were just inside there. like, obviously, chaos. people, children crying, women crying. it was... i was quite relaxed because obviously i hadn't seen the van. but then, after three and a half hours, they let us go. the police made us walk up the street that goes up the street here. and then as we got to the cordoned—off area, there was another bang, like a noise. police started running in. and everyone just panicked, there was another stampede. so at that point, i wasn't going to stick around. ijust ran. i ran for my life. and, yeah, it was just chaos. how long was it before you realised that this was a terror attack,
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that a vehicle had been used and that people had been killed? it was... well, we didn't know if it was terrorism or if was just someone who was crazy or something. but it took us about half an hour to kind of figure out what was going on. we were asking people who had run into the restaurant we were locked in what was happening. they didn't know because obviously, they were in shock, they were crying. it was quite harrowing, to be honest. people obviously absolutely terrified. we have seen the pictures, people just running for their lives? yeah, running for their lives. it was pandemonium in the streets. and then they, the police, cordoned off everything so it was impossible to get home. people who lived in this area were just stuck. you know, so if you wanted to try and get to your safe place at home, you had to just stick around and hope that these suspects were apprehended without any problems. i went through the ones in london when i was young, so, yeah, it's just very important that we get back to normal routine, people just go back to doing what they do. it was quite sad for me, because yeah, this is an isolated incident.
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but in other places around the world, this is happening on a daily basis. and we need to help them all, you know. it's not just. .. it happens once here, it's small—scale and we're all, like, you know, panicking. it's happening in places around the world with ten times the scale, 20 times the scale. so it's just important that we get back to our normal routine and keep on doing the things we do, go to the places we go to. and barcelona is an amazing city. so, yeah, just please come and visit. because it's beautiful. and las ramblas, of course, such a tourist destination. anyone who comes to barcelona comes to las ramblas. yeah, everyone and anyone. my friends were here two days ago and they left on sunday. and i'm so glad they're ok. but, yeah, it's just the place to be. you look at it, it's an iconic street, people selling, it's vibrant, it's alive. so it's a bit of a shock that it has happened to us. the people behind this, and we are hearing there might have been a terror cell of eight people, maybe, who planned this, it was obviously an attack on tourists, on people not only
2:43 pm
from this part of the world but from right around the world who come to barcelona to see what a beautiful city it is. yeah, i mean, i guess it'sjust an attack on freedom and on people who want to live, you know, happy lives. but it's important that we have compassion against people around the world and people who, you know, not everyone is bad. so... yeah, it's important we just carry on and keep living the way we live. 13 people killed, dozens injured. what are your feelings about the people who did this? devastating. how are you going to feel? you know, it's on my street. it's where i live. you know, i walk this street every day. i feel happy, vibrant. yeah, it's devastating. sad, very sad. and you willjust be carrying on with life as normal now? of course. you know, first, it's just a bit of a shock. you don't expect it on your doorstep. but if you don't, like, what are you going to do? just be at home and stay at home like a recluse? you've just to keep living life.
2:44 pm
a number of hours after the attack a car was driven into a crowd of people in cambrils, a seaside resort, and five suspects there shot dead by police. cata la n suspects there shot dead by police. catalan police gave us an update on the situation. they say that the terror suspects carried an axe and naive than their car and one of them used a knife to attack someone in the face we are told. another woman who was injured by that car u nfortu nately later who was injured by that car unfortunately later died from her injuries, bringing the number of deadin injuries, bringing the number of dead in the attacks so far to 14. the catalan police say the cambrils
2:45 pm
terrorists or fake explosive belts are attached to them. they say one of those five could have been the driver of the van which killed 13 people in barcelona. they are investigating that possibility. they have not confirmed that absolutely but they have said one of those five killed could have been the driver of the van used in the devastating attack in barcelona. earlier ben spoke to an eyewitness, richard gregg, who described the panic in the initial moments of the attack on las ramblas. it was fairly surreal and chaotic at that time. all we heard was a couple of tourists shouting that people had been hit and there was blood everywhere. we got onto las ramblas and there werejust people running everywhere, so we couldn't get anywhere near our apartment, which is literallyjust parallel with where the van ended up, so we made our way through the back streets, which were just filled with people at that time, panicking, really.
2:46 pm
the police also were in the back streets very, very quickly. las ramblas has numerous side alleyways all the way up and down it and they were literally flooded with police on foot and on motorcycles, getting us off the street and clearly looking for someone, we now know. by the time we got back to our street, we could see where the van had ended and we could see bodies on the floor, but we just made our way back to our apartment as quickly as we could, because we'd then ended up within the police cordon, couldn't actually leave the building because obviously the marketplace where a lot of the armed police were was literally behind our building, so we were sort of in this trapped position. how long were you trapped there for? have you been able to go back to your apartment now? yeah, we stayed in the apartment for about two or three hours until we'd got all the international news. there was nothing on the news for about 20 minutes, half—an—hour, so we didn't really know the severity of what had happened, apart from by judging from the numbers of people running through the streets and the volume of police,
2:47 pm
and the helicopters overhead, so we knew that it was fairly serious. we left our apartment probably about 9:30pm last night to go and meet friends on the other side of barcelona, just check that they were all ok, and the whole city was fairly quiet, fairly subdued, whereas normally you'd expect barcelona to be buzzing at this time of year. obviously everyone is now very on edge. i suppose if you had been walking down las ramblas a few minutes earlier, you could have been caught up in the attack? absolutely, we literally would have been where the van ended up had we been two minutes earlier, because that's exactly where we were headed, to turn down the side street to go into our hotel. so we're really grateful that we were just about two minutes behind where the attack actually happened. you're on holiday here — are you staying, despite what's happened ? yeah, we're saying, we're staying until monday. we're just taking it day by day, seeing how things go. it was obviously, we were very freaked out last night and on edge, feel a little bit calmer today and,
2:48 pm
as you've mentioned, las ramblas is sort of getting back to some semblance of normality, there's lots of people down there and the stalls are starting to open back up. we feel fairly reassured by the volume of police and the security service's response, so, yeah, we're intending to stay. but you're a bit shaken? a little bit shocked, a little bit on edge still. sort of hasn't really sunk in. as i say, the first sort of ten minutes after the attack, it was all fairly surreal, half the crowds were running and screaming away and the other half had no clue what was actually happening at all, so they're just standing around looking, wondering what's going on, so it was all a bit surreal for that first bit. then, as i say, once it became clear what was happening, that's when it starts to sink in, and when we saw people on the floor being tended to by emergency services you suddenly realise the severity of the situation, and we were very concerned last night until they'd arrested anyone,
2:49 pm
because we didn't know where anyone was. obviously now we hear that the driver's probably still unapprehended, so that does leave a little bit of apprehension, you know, worried about where we're going to go tonight or what we're going to do today. we want to stay in secure places, really. and obviously there have been a string of these vehicle attacks across europe, including london. did you realise pretty quickly that that's probably what it was, when you saw everybody running? yeah, i think we realised, when the first tourist was shouting out, "people have been hit, there's blood," we thought it was perhaps just a tragic car accident. by the time we saw the volume of police, and then we could see there was the van there and bodies on the floor, we guessed pretty quickly that this was some form of deliberate attack. especially knowing las ramblas as well, it's a prime target for that sort of attack because you've got concentrated pedestrians in a small area, there is literally nowhere to run. as that van was going down,
2:50 pm
those people would've had nowhere to go because you've got traffic either side of you and literally just a complete mass of people in the middle, so there was nowhere to escape, so we guessed exactly what was going on. we are hearing from finland about an attack in the south—west of the country on the south—west coast of finland. the public broadcaster saying that at least one person was seen saying that at least one person was seen lying on the ground and others are reported heart. police say in several people have been stabbed and asking the public to avoid the centre of turku. police carrying out an operation in the centre of turku following reports of shots in the
2:51 pm
market square area. hearing two things. a possible stabbing. also shots being reported. witnesses reporting hearing one or more gunshots and seeing at least one person lying on the ground. a reporter at the scene said the body on the ground has been covered and several people have been stabbed. people requested to avoid the area. some very basic details coming into us. some very basic details coming into us. iam some very basic details coming into us. i am also seeing from the police in finland that the police have shot a suspect in the leg and have arrested this person. that news just coming in. to recap this breaking news from the last few minutes, police in the city of turku in the south—west of finland say they have
2:52 pm
shot a suspect in the leg and arrested this person after an attack on the centre of the city. we have heard of reports of both a stabbing and of shots being fired and that the number of people have been how. unsure whether the shots were fired by police or whether an assailant was shooting people. this was in a market square area of turku. the police asking people not to come into the centre of the city. you can see from the map that the city is in the south—west of the country, the
2:53 pm
old est the south—west of the country, the oldest city in finland i understand. our correspondent has joined me and is looking at what information is coming in about this. in the last two minutes we have had a message from police in finland tweeting about this incident. those messages in english and says several people have been stabbed in central turku. police have shot at a suspected perpetrator. one person has been arrested. you were saying it was not clear who was firing the shots. according to this message from the police they fired the shot in order to stop and arrest the suspect. according to this report from the police it is just one suspect. lots of other reports on social media saying there may be more than one knifeman. we do not know about that. reports on social media were that
2:54 pm
perhaps there was more than one knifeman. images of the central square, what appears to be the central plaza in turku where people have been injured. the information from the police at the moment, just one person involved than that person has been arrested. we believe they we re has been arrested. we believe they were shot in the leg. they have not been shot fatally as far as we are aware. one assailant we believe. it seems from what the police are saying it was they who fired the shots. in their efforts to detain or control the suspect. do we have any idea how many people have been hurt in the stabbing? no. this has only happened in the last ten or 15 minutes. we have the official report that several people have been stabbed. no more detail than that from the police. those reports on
2:55 pm
social media and in the finnish media saying a number of people have been injured but this is in the fairly early stages of the incident so we have no detail. thank you. we will bring you more details on that developing incident in finland as well as the latest on the attacks in spain. the remnants of what was hurricane gert are going to have an impact on our weather but not in the way you might expect. the storm system has weakened significantly as it has journeyed eastwards across the atlantic. her to me not a hurricane, just an area of cloud with outbreaks of rain and warm humid here which will start to make its presence felt pleated into the weekend at the
2:56 pm
start of next week. for the time being it is sunshine and showers, quite cool and breezy. with light winds across a good part of scotland the downpours are slow—moving. reports of flooding across aberdeenshire. the rain will continue for north—east goblin this afternoon. northern ireland, some of the shower is heavy and perhaps thundery and some blustery winds especially for the coast of west than the south—west of england. you could see deals here for a time. winds strengthening for the latter pa rt winds strengthening for the latter part of the afternoon. showery rain working eastwards but the showers will tentatively as we go through the small hours of saturday so many areas starting the weekend dry. fairly cool. saturday another day of sunshine and showers but fewer showers than today. more dry weather and sunshine. most of the showers
2:57 pm
can be found across scotland where it will be blustery. easy across the country. saturday night, we see this ridge of high pressure, it could turn chilly for the early part of sunday morning and remember the leftovers of hurricane gert, by this stage it isjust leftovers of hurricane gert, by this stage it is just an area of cloud and patchy rain which is likely to progress a cross and patchy rain which is likely to progress across the south—west of england and northern ireland. towards the north—east, a lot of drier weather and spills of sunshine. the patchy rain will continue to journey northwards and eastwards. but find it we start to introduce this humid tropical air especially in southern areas. for the start of next week we will see temperatures in the south well into the 20s with the chance of the west. four people are arrested in spain as police say they believe a terror network was behind the attack in barcelona which left 14 dead
2:58 pm
and more than 130 injured. another attack in the coastal town of cambrils saw five suspects shot dead. police say the driver of the van in barcelona may have been one of them. a minute's silence has been observed in barcelona — the spanish prime minister says all countries must stand together against terrorism. this is a global battle and it is notjust against us —
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