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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 18, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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they're some of britain's most successful black musicians, actors, sports stars, politicians — and now their pictures will be put on display at the national portrait gallery in london to celebrate black britain. the photographs go on display next year — but chi chi izundu has been given a sneak preview. 37 faces of the most influential names in the black british community. for the first time, a collection will feature in a major new exhibition at the national portrait gallery. it's the gallery's biggest acquisition of afro—caribbean portraits. photographer simon frederick originally took the pictures for a bbc two documentary, black is the new black, but donated the whole portfolio to the gallery. i kept reading newspaper saying that we were a failing community. but then in those very same newspapers, the media seeing us as, you know, leaders. in fashion, in sport, in music, in industry. i just felt that it was time to tell a different story.
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science, politics, music and business, just some of the industries that those who sat for these portraits represent. with a list of more than 750 names, simon is hoping that this collection isjust the beginning. the images include line of duty star thandie newton, the new editor in chief of british vogue, edward enninful, and singer laura mvula. i think probably one of my favourite shots is this one of sir trevor. an honour is how dj and presenter trevor nelson feels about being part of it. i didn't realise how seismic it was until i'd actually visited the magnitude of the place is ridiculous. it's like the whole history of this country in pictures and portraits. to feel like a part of it is to feel like a bit of the brickwork, maybe, like we're permanently here. which is great. and as for the man behind
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the camera, will he be part of the exhibition? i don't know, maybe one day it would be nice to have my picture in here as well. that's it from us. after the death of sir bruce forsyth we will leave you to enjoy some of the most memorable moments from one of britain's biggest tv stars. good night. nice to see you, to see you... nice! # fly me to the moon # and let me stay among the stars # let me see what spring is like # onjupiter and mars... a tea service, a rug, two military prints... the blender? didn't she do well? # darling, kiss me. just do the same thing, we're coming in now.
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right. # i'm putting on my top hat, messing up my white tie, dancing... # in otherwords, in other words, i love you fly me to the moon! hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm leah boleto. a double century for alastair cook has england take control of the first test against the west indies. the usa fight back after europe's strong start to the solheim cup. and world number one mark selby is knocked out of the china championship by teenagerjoe yu—long. hello.
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we'll start with the cricket tonight and the first ever day—night test match to take place in the uk. alastair cook batted for almost 10 hours and churned out an impressive 215 as england tightened their grip on west indies on day two at edgbaston. with more on that and the all action here's our sports correspondentjoe wilson. replica pink cricket balls are available in waterproof plastic. useful. we had all weather at edgbaston. captured here, lunchtime lightning. still, many dressed undaunted but hold onto your sombrero. we started at two. perfect timing is alastair cook. minute after hour after year, does he ever make a mistake? don't rely on it. west indies‘ bowling was an invitation, ideal if you're starting your test career,
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and dawid malan made 65. cook was heading for 200, and the way he got there was sadly symbolic of west indies in this match. well, anyway, cook just smiles and scores. 514 was enough for england, they declared and bowled, immediate success as declared and bowled, immediate success 3s anderson declared and bowled, immediate success as anderson struck. the watch had turned, batting now seemed treacherous. power was dropped and west indies were one down, 44 scored. when rain came. here is the reminder why day—night test match cricket may struggle to catch on in england. english summer nights can be cold and wet. time for some football lines
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for you now and liverpool have rejected a third offer from barcelona for phillipe coutinho. it's understood the latest offer for the brazilian midfielder is in the region of £114 million. the club have already rejected two bids from barcelona, the last 100 million euros, and a week ago issued a strong statement insisting no offers would be considered, prompting coutinho to hand in a transfer request. tottenham have signed defender davinson sanchez from ajax in a reported club record £42million deal. the colombia centre—back has agreed a six—year deal and will be the premier league club's first summer signing. the deal for sanchez will ease some anxiety for spurs fans who were concerned about the clubs lack of summer signings compared to their rivals — the deal is all of course subject to a medical and a work permit. over at stamford bridge whatever you do just don't mention striker diego costa, unless you want a giggle that is. you'll see why in a minute.
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antoino conte told the striker he had no future at the club at the end of last season, and since then the pair have had a bitter relationship. conte has managed to see the funny side though when asked about the striker saying he'd been treated like a criminal. laughter it's great, it's great. i am not interested to continue this issue. i repeat for me, it's the past. meanwhile burnley manager sean dyche says he'd prefer to see the transfer window close before the premier league starts. last week, burnley sold striker andre gray to watford three days before their opening game. and now he knows exactly the type of player he wants to bring in. one that gets the ball, whack it is
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in the net a lot. i always think they're in the net a lot. i always think they‘ re really, really in the net a lot. i always think they‘re really, really helpful in a football or a game of football. slightly more rounded qualities, as well? no, the one that really whacks it even more than the one ijust said in the net a lot, even more than the bloke i said before, that‘s really helpful i found. lucy bronze has completed her transfer from manchester city to women‘s champions league holders lyon. at city, bronze has won the women‘s super league, the continental cup and this year‘s fa cup. it‘s understood bronze turned down the offer of a contract at city which would have made her their highest paid player. europe have made a strong start as they attempt to regain the solheim cup in iowa. the americans are starting to fight back, they‘re
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currently leading every match this session as they look to retain the trophy. leeds rhinos beat st helens 16—14 in rugby league‘s super league. both sides scored two tries — adam cuthbertson with leeds second. the rhinos held off a late charge from st helens to hang on to win by a margin of 2 points and strengthen their grip on second place. hull were soundly beaten 46—18 by huddersfield and they‘re now 3 points behind leeds. wigan thrashed 4th placed salford who are level on points with wakefield who are fifth. mark selby is out of the china championship snooker after he was beaten 5—4 by chinese teenagerjoe yu—long. the world number one, selby, was competing in a first ranking event since he winning his third world championship back in may — and his rustiness showed as he failed to pot a couple of simple browns during the match. that left yu—long the opportunity to clinch the 5—4 win. but safely through to the last 16 is five—time
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world champion ronnie o‘sullivan. he comfortably beat david gilbert 5—2 and will play another former world champion graham dot in the next round. that‘s all from sportsday. more from the bbc sport centre later. now it‘s time for the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are journalist and author sarfraz manzoor and laura hughes, political correspondent at the daily telegraph. for whom this
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is going to be quite an education. welcome to you both. tomorrow‘s front pages then. the daily mail dedicates its front page to sir bruce forsyth who has died aged 89. the paper says he had been unwell and died with his family at his side. the daily express also gives a full page to sir bruce. the sun called him the best—loved telly legend. the mirror alsojoins in commemorations for the entertainer dedicating seven pages in this edition to his legacy. the telegraph has a tribute but leads with the attacks in barcelona saying spanish security services have begun an extensive manhunt for the remaining killers. the times also leads with the as in spain with the news —— with the attacks in spain with the news that the police
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are focussing their efforts in north africa the guardian writes that terrorists had planned a bombing raid across barcelona but abandoned when they blew up a house where they we i’e when they blew up a house where they were stockpiling explosives. bruce forsyth has died at the age of 89. we of course remember him from many of his game shows. back in the day. you know, we tell our children off for watching too much telly, we we i’e off for watching too much telly, we were obviously fans of the small screen because we were obviously fans of the small screen because we know a lot of the work. the sun has a lot of famous quotes. higher higher, lower lower, and nice to see you and things. i was thinking that i was on twitter earlier and a couple of people were moaning about how the bbc is headlining and going first on bruce forsyth as opposed to other stories, and it struck me the thing about someone like forsyth is they‘re one—offs, there is never going to be somebody who is 89 who has managed to have a careerfor 60
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somebody who is 89 who has managed to have a career for 60 years somebody who is 89 who has managed to have a careerfor 60 years in television and we are from different ages and what‘s interesting is that the bruce forsyth i remember is from the bruce forsyth i remember is from the 70s, the generation game and there were people in the 60s remember him from the palladium and then strictly, this is somebody, every generation has their own bruce forsyth and that‘s not going to happen again. an extraordinary career and he came to younger people‘s attention through strictly and the talent he had was the same no matter what he did. he reached my younger sister, who is eight, she will know who he is. so, despite the age difference the youngest people in our society will know and recognise who he is and who he was. i can't think of an equivalent to him today that was so multitalented, that had so many different skills, i'iow that had so many different skills, how we that had so many different skills, now we have comedians and dancers and singers, we don't have those wonderful characters as much. the other thing that‘s interesting, he started out when he was 14. i think
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when he was 16 he was entertaining troops before d—day but he didn‘t get his gig on tv until he was 30. so he had 16 years to hone his craft. today, you only have to do, bea craft. today, you only have to do, be a dodgy pop band and before you know it you are presenting a programme. now people can be famous for five minutes and they're gone. there is a lovely picture of him, nice to see you, to see you nice. so many catchphrases. you get away with being cheesy in a way that other people couldn't. joining in, the brits are so reserved and when he got you to call out, grown men replied to him. the secret of somebody who can last that long is that ultimately you felt like you had — he was being honest but it was who he really was. i think that‘s ha rd to who he really was. i think that‘s hard to fake that honesty and that‘s why he had that relationship which meant he wasn‘t smarmy with the audience. he was actually cheeky
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with contestants. he could be rude. but get away with it. that‘s the charm. the other thing to remember is there was a time when he got out of favour, towards the end of the


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