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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 19, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm alpa patel. our top stories... a huge protest against far—right activists in the us city of boston. tens of thousands take to the streets a week after the violence in charlottesville a group of white nationalists is escorted away by police. spain's government says the terror cell behind last week's attacks — has been dismantled as the hunt continues for a key suspect. at least 23 people are killed and more than 60 injured after a train derails in the indian state of uttar pradesh. united! and a beautiful diversion from some grim reality. wejoin the man united fan club in baghdad. hello and welcome to world news today.
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tens of thousands of demonstrators have turned out in boston to protest against so called "free speech rally" featuring right wing speakers. the rally, which was held on boston common, attracted only a few dozen people and was disbanded early. some participants needed a police escort to leave the area safely. this comes exactly a week on from the violence in charlottesville, virginia. that's when a rally attended by white supremacists, to protest the removal of a confederate monument clashed with a counter rally. a 32—year—old woman, heather heyer, died as a result. today's events in boston saw a heavy police presence. hundreds of police officers saw that arrests well
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omitted. the mayor had appealed for people to protest peacefully, but made his feelings clear. this so—called free speech rally, some of the people speaking has said hurtful things about the jewish the people speaking has said hurtful things about thejewish community, the african—american community, about a whole lot of other communities. i do not want them here. if i could have not had them here, i would here. if i could have not had them here, iwould have here. if i could have not had them here, i would have not given the permit if i didn't have to give them the permit. we don't need that of rhetoric going on in boston. well, our reporterjoel gunter is in among protestors in boston. it appears that the violence seen in cha rlottesville last weekend it appears that the violence seen in charlottesville last weekend has been avoided? yes, it was almost entirely peaceful today here in boston. there was a very small group of far right protesters. they were kept well away from the counterdemonstrators by police. the thousands of counterdemonstrators we re
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thousands of counterdemonstrators were almost entirely peaceful. there was almost a festival atmosphere on the common at one stage. we are getting reports that those far right speakers at this causes away by police, what more do you know about that? yes, they were taken out in police vans, they were surrounded by a very hostile crowd who shouted, callous, and john did, shame. but it remained peaceful. there were isolated skirmishes as individual far right protesters were caught up in the crowds but the main group we re in the crowds but the main group were bussed out by the police. how much has this rally being affected by the violence seen in cha rlottesville last by the violence seen in charlottesville last weekend? by the violence seen in charlottesville last weekend ?|i think that violence last weekend was a huge motivating factorfor a lot of the counter protesters. large numbers of people here, large sum of those i spoke to said they were here to come out after what they saw in charlottesville. to come out after what they saw in cha rlottesville. this
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to come out after what they saw in charlottesville. this was a moment for their country to make their feelings clear and they did not want this ideology in the street of their country. donald trump has tweeted saying that there are many anti—police agitators at this demo, what does he mean by that? we have heard in the last few minutes from boston police department's twitter account that there were some rocks being thrown at police at another small protest at a street not far from here. but within the main protests a nd from here. but within the main protests and counter demonstration, there was very little anti—police agitation. lots of demonstrators thanking police and a largely peaceful atmosphere. have there been any peaceful atmosphere. have there been a ny arrests peaceful atmosphere. have there been any arrests or any injuries? we don't have any information from police about arrest. we saw one man being taken away after people shouted that he had a gun. there was a skirmish, we can't confirm that, but he was taken away. we have no
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other information about arrest. from what we saw around boston common, even when the protesters were being bussed out, the violence was really as in minimum. thank you very much. spain's interior minister says the terror cell behind the attacks there this week have been "dismantled." officials believe the cell consisted of 12 young men, most of them moroccan nationals. —— most of them of moroccan descent. however the hunt is still on for one man identified as younes abuyaaquob. police believe he may have driven the van which killed 13 people and injured 130 in barcelona on thursday. from there, james reynolds reports. barcelona, for so long free from attacks, now has to rewrite its own history. this morning the mayor, ada colau, made the first entry into a book of condolence, others followed. translation: i came to express my sympathy with the victims. i also want to show that we are not
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afraid and that we will carry on. the attacks here surprised barcelona. it's the first time this city has been hit in more than 30 years. barcelona now follows the same rhythm of mourning familiar to so many other cities on this continent. this footage, from a museum security camera, appears to show part of the attack. the van tears down the ramblas, passers—by run for their lives. gunfire. the police tie this attack to the one in the town of cambrils in which five suspects were shot dead. the authorities say that no new attacks are imminent, they believe that they've largely broken up the network responsible for the attacks in both barcelona and the coastal town of cambrils. at first, investigators believed that one of the cambrils suspects, 17—year—old moussa oukabir, was also the barcelona attacker,
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but now they're investigating the possibility that 22—year—old younes abouyaaqoub, from morocco, may have carried out the attack. he is currently at large. translation: to confirm, there is an arrest warrant against the person that has been recently named by the media, as i'm sure you'll all know. the police are still looking for that person. spain's king felipe and queen letizia have been on their own rounds, they've gone to see victims still recovering in barcelona's hospitals. the injured come from more than 30 countries. there's still no confirmed word on the whereabouts or condition of seven—year—old julian cadman from britain and australia. but the local police say that everyone caught up in the attack has been accounted for. applause.
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and tonight, on the ramblas residents cheered taxi drivers who gave free rides on the day of the attack. this city, like so many others, now has to choose how it lives. james reynolds, bbc news, barcelona. well, finland is also coming to terms with a terror attack. the country's prime minister says a knife attack on friday was the country's first terrorist incident. police say the mass stabbing which killed two people targeted women. the main suspect arrested has been identified as an 18—year—old moroccan man. tom donkin reports. in the wake of the dual attacks in spain, another european community is coming to terms with the horror of terrorism. the city of turku, a business and cultural hub on the south—west coast of finland is now calm with quiet remembrance. on friday afternoon, it was the scene of chaos.
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an 18—year—old man carrying a knife went on a frenzied attack in the city's main market square. the moroccan killed two people and injured eight others before police shot him in the leg and made the arrest. authorities have not released the identity of the attacker who remains in hospital. police believe this was not a random act of violence on the innocent, but a targeted attack on women. the two finnish victims were female as were six of the eight others injured. this is the first ever terror attack in finland's history. juha sipila is the first finnish leader who has had to respond to terrorism but his message was familiar. this is the first time we have a terrorist attack in finland. of course, the whole country is sorrowing the situation right
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now and we are looking for the future anyway, together. and we don't give up. while terrorism is new for finland, the authorities are asking the usual questions after an incident like this. did the attacker act alone, or was he part of a wider network? so far, for other moroccan men have been arrested in connection with the attack. —— so —— so far, four other moroccan men. an international search warrant is out for a fifth. so, while the interior ministry says nationwide security is being stepped up, the country's slides —— the country's flags are lowered to half—mast out of respect for the victims. but also, it will remind those here that despite a history of relative peace, terrorism is part of a new reality. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. the president of nigeria, muhammadu buhari, has arrived back home in abuja after spending the past three months receiving medical treatment in london. the 74—year—old is due to address
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the nation on monday. mr buhari has had three spells of medical leave since june last year. at least seven people were stabbed ina at least seven people were stabbed in a russian city. police say they have identified him as a local man and they are checking for information about his mental health. president trump has thanked his former chief strategist steve bannon for his service and his part in the defeat of hillary clinton. mr bannon was dismissed from his post at the white house. he has vowed to continue fighting the president's opponents, returning to a role at the ultra—conservative website breitbart news. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come... battle paint in baghdad, but it is football driving the passions of
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these iraqi manchester united fans. this is bbc world news today. i'm alpa patel. the latest headlines... tens of thousands of antiracism protesters have ta ken to the streets of boston. a group of white nationalists have been escorted away by police. spain's government says the terror cell behind last week's attacks has been dismantled as the hunt continues for a key suspect. we will stay with that story. to get a sense of how people are coping. joining me now from barcelona on skype isjim kent — a local radio presenter. a traumatic few days, how people coping? it has been traumatic, nothing that we have experienced before. the sense of shock and loss.
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we thought spain was not on the radarfor we thought spain was not on the radar for terrorism we thought spain was not on the radarfor terrorism like we thought spain was not on the radar for terrorism like this. we thought spain was not on the radarfor terrorism like this. this has been followed by this outpouring of solidarity with the one—minute silence yesterday. now there is a strange sense of tension in the air. today's rise of many, the demonstration that took place on las ramblas last night that took place —— on las ramblas, and that provoked antifascist demonstrations. strange air in las ramblas. some of the suspects were moroccan, has there been a backlash to the community there? the moroccans who we re community there? the moroccans who were there one known in their hometown of ripoll, so it is not as
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if they were strangers. the locals are so if they were strangers. the locals are so shocked that these men could have conspired to commit the act that took place just two days ago. barcelona is a relatively successful multicultural diversity. it is incredibly liberal. we have a socialist mayor, so many liberal policies. so to think that somehow these ideas have been given birth to hear will be so shocking to many. as it changed the way people feel? given the fact that there have been attacks in london, berlin, paris, now a barcelona and other parts of spain. how people to that? now a barcelona and other parts of spain. how people to that7m now a barcelona and other parts of spain. how people to that? it is certainly a reality check that spain's second city is in no way immune to these attacks. i don't believe that it will change people's feelings... in the city, there is a
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huge amount of feel—good factor. we attract huge numbers of tourists every month. will we see a change, such as was experienced in nice? we believe not, because there are so many good reasons to come here. the risk of terrorism is everywhere. we hope people will still come and enjoy this beautiful city. jim kent, thank you very much. at least 23 people have been killed and more than 60 injured in india when a train derailed in the northern state of uttar pradesh. the accident happened at muzaffarnagar, which is north of the capital new delhi. nitin srivastava gave us this update. the pictures that have come from this are really horrible. it has
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been a major cause of concern for the indian government and the indian railways, which the biggest railway in the world. more than 20 million people travel in india every day by this mode ofjohn sport. and we have seen horrible accidents in the last eight to ten months. —— this mode of transport. many people have lost their lives in railway accidents and incidentally, most of these accidents have happened in this northern belt. ireland bangladesh where many of the
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major rivers flowing. because of heavy rains on the other side of the border, the levels of these rivers have been rising alarmingly. this side of the border, vast areas of farmland are underwater. houses have been submerged, thousands of people have been moved into temporary relief camps. just in this area alone, 3000 schools have been shut down because they are underwater or badly damaged. the focus of both the government and the international relief agencies is to get supplies of food, water and medical supplies as quickly to these affected people as quickly to these affected people as possible. but people are complaining that supplies are not getting through. one of the reasons for that is that in much of this area, road and rail link is have been affected. so the only way to get supplies is by boat or from the air. now the worry is that the focus
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is shifting to central bangladesh where river levels are rising. good evening. plenty of football to come, but let's start with cricket, and england have won the first test against the west indies inside three days. they bowled the tourists out for 168, which gave them a lead of 346. england then enforced the follow—on, and then bowled the visitors out again for just 137 runs in their second innings. stuart broad took three wickets for england in the second innings, taking him past sir ian botham's tally of 383 wickets for his country. he's second now to james anderson, who himself took a further two wickets in the second innings and five in the match altogether. a poor result for the west indies in what was the first test match of its kind to be played in day night conditions in england. to england's premier league now, and manchester united sit top of the table after saturday's results. for the second week in a row, they won by 4—0 —
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this time against swansea. romelu lukaku was among the goal—scorers for united. anthony martial also scored, as did paul pogba and eric bailly. it was a convincing performamcne byjose mourninho's side, which could send out a strong message to their title rivals. i would say happiness in our play happened with me so many times with my teams. you are winning i—0, you are in trouble. you scored the second goal, you don't give a chance your opponent. you scored his second goal and the filly was you can score more so no reason to close the door, just let the horses run freely. and they were magnificent. liverpool beat crystal palace by one goal to nil at anfield. sadio mane earned them their their first premier league win of the season, a second straight
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defeat for frank de boer‘s palace. jurgen klopp's liverpool were heading for a frustrating draw, after wasting a string of chances, when mane scored his second league goal of the campaign. especially after ones— zero up, iphone, you make the ball do the work. there were good moments roberto firmino had moments. we could have closed the game earlier, but we didn't. an all—inclusive package of lse. arsenal were beaten by stoke, west ham came from 2—0 down to make it 2—2 at southampton until a saint‘ penalty in stoppage time gave them a 3—2 win. another defeat for brighton, this time at the hands of leicester. let‘s turn our attentions to la liga now, where the season has officially kicked off. barcelona and real madrid are both in action tomorrow.
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but this is what‘s happening tonight. celta vigo lost 3—2 to real sociedad — a late penalty winning it for the visitors. atletico madrid were trailing 2—1 to newly—promoted girona, and they‘d seen star striker antoine griezmann sent off. but giminez scored late to salvage a point for diego simeone‘s side — that finished 2—2. and sevilla have just got their season under way in the late game — they‘re at home to espanyol. that is currently goalless. borussia dortmund moved top of the bundesliga, after a strong showing away at wolfsburg. peter bosz‘s side won 3—0 — goals coming from christian pulisic, marc bartra and pierre emerick aubameyang. and there were wins for hamburg, hertha berlin, hoffenheim, and hannover. and also schalke. by and were in action on saturday. —— bayern munich. onto tennis, and he might be about to be the new world number one, but rafael nadal admitted he didn‘t play very well after losing in straight sets to australian nick kyrgios at the cincinnati masters.
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there wasn‘t much rafa could have done in the first set — the aussie taking the ball early and to good effect. into the second, and kyrgios, who has battled with inconsistency throughout his career, was still the dominant player as he took control of baseline rallies to keep the spaniard on the back foot. victory was secured with an ace — perhaps the biggest win of kyrgios‘s career. that all the sport for now. staying with the sport theme, we want to introduce you to a manchester united fan club in baghdad, where football fans can get away from the daily violence that affects the iraqi capital. chanting: united! cheering. as supporters, it doesn‘t matter how old are you, from what religion, from what colour, from
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what country, from what city. we are gathering around one flag and this is it. cheering. football bringing happiness. that‘s it from me and the team. hello. another day of sunshine and showers. one of our weather watchers photographing this similar numbers cloud of bringing a hefty downpour in the highlands. showers across northern and western scotland will continue overnight. showers for
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parts of england, to, but fading away. the cloud will break up and the weather will become dry. looking at sunday‘s weather, a few days ago we had this hurricane travelling up the eastern side of the united states. it has passed underneath the jet stream where it has got ripped to shreds, but the remnant, the tropical air, has embedded to shreds, but the remnant, the tropicalair, has embedded in to shreds, but the remnant, the tropical air, has embedded in this weather system which will be working infor weather system which will be working in for sunday. so after a bright start to the day with sunshine, we will see cloud approaching south—west england and wales. but it will arrive probably quite late in the day and when we will see drizzly rain with it turning heavier towards the evening across parts of wales and south—west england. the majority of the uk has fine and dry conditions for most of the day. sunday the better of the two macro weekend days. a little bit cooler
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than that in scotland but still pleasa nt than that in scotland but still pleasant in the sunshine and fewer showers than we have seen today. as we go into sunday night, the rain will get heavier across wales and southern counties of england with some heavy burst mixed in with that tropical air. for northern ireland, rain arrives late in the night. that could also be pretty heavy and then the band of rain pushes northwards on monday. behind this warm front, thatis on monday. behind this warm front, that is where the warm air is. even if we don‘t see a great deal of sunshine, it will feel humid. further north, the air is cooler. next week, we will get that warm air wafting in with south—westerly winds. it will feel quite humid and temperatures will be surging upwards on tuesday. bit of uncertainty how much carbon will be, but we can see temperatures reaching around 29 degrees celsius. —— uncertainty
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about how much clout that there will be. this is bbc news. the headlines: spain is tightening security at busy tourist areas, after the deadly vehicle attacks in barcelona and cambrils. a manhunt is still underway for younes abouyaaqoub, the man police say may have driven the van into crowds on las ramblas. the prime minister of finland says the country has experienced its first—ever terror attack. a british paramedic was hurt, as he tried to protect two women from a man with a knife. professor stephen hawking has clashed with health secretaryjeremy hunt over the state of the nhs. the professor criticised the impact of government policies and of the health secretary himself. tens of thousands of antiracism demonstrators have gathered in boston to oppose a rally featuring far right speakers.
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