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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines at 11:00: the spanish government says the terror cell responsible for two van attacks has been dismantled, as the hunt continues for the suspect who may have driven the van. spain's king felipe and queen letizia have visited the scene of the attack as 12 people remain in a critical condition in hospital. a war of words between professor stephen hawking and the health secretaryjeremy hunt over the state of the nhs. a british man injured in yesterday's knife attack in finland was stabbed as he tried to protect two women. thousands of anti—racism protesters have demonstrated in boston to oppose a rally featuring far—right speakers. and at 23:30, we'll be taking a look at tomorrow's papers in the paper review. good evening and welcome to bbc
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news. spain's interior minister says the terror cell behind the attacks there this week has been broken up. officials believe the cell consisted of 12 young men, most of them moroccan nationals. one man, younes abuyaaquoub, is still at large — police searching for him say they believe he may have been the driver of the van which mowed down so many people on thursday in barcelona, killing 13 and injuring 130. from there, james reynolds reports. the king of spain, determined to show that barcelona has nothing to fear. symbols from the capital are not always welcome in the catalan region but in the aftermath of the
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attack, king felipe is met with cheers. this footage from a museum security camera appears to show part of the assault on las ramblas. the band tearing down the avenue. passers—by run for their lives. the authorities said they have now broken up the network responsible for the attacks in both barcelona and the coastal town of cambrils at first investigators believe one of the suspects, 17—year—old, a creditor, was also the barcelona attacker but now they are looking at 20t attacker but now they are looking at 20 t rolled younes abouyaaqoub. —— 22—year—old. he is currently at large. the authorities have announced greater security at the borders and in places where tourists gather. the new measures come too
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late for andrew cadman from britain and australia, he has flown in to find son, julian. there are still no word about the whereabouts or condition of his son. these survivors told their story to the queen and king. translation: this violent cowardly attack, this is the nation that has killed and injured many people and has moved us all will not defeat asked for our values. barcelona, for so long free from attacks, now has to rewrite its history. the mayor has" condolences. translation: i came to express my sympathy is with the big dance. i also wanted to show that we are not afraid and that we will carry on.
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tonight, on las ramblas, the simple act of going out for a walk becomes act of going out for a walk becomes a powerful symbol will not this city follows the symbols of mourning and defiance is a familiar to the rest of the continent. several of the men behind the attacks grew up in the small town of ripoll, north of barcelona. most were the children of moroccan immigrants. among them younes abuyaaqoub, now on the run, who as we've heard, may have driven the van in the barcelona attack. our correspondent, wyre davies, has been to ripoll, to speak to people there about the extremists who lived among them. the small chocolate box mounted town of ripoll in the footholds of the spanish pyrenees, the last place you would expect is the breeding ground for a gang of radical islamist extremist. at least seven young men from this small town if it died
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during the attacks all have been arrested. they include moussa oukabir. three killed by police in cambrils on friday morning. also from ripoll ripoll, younes abouyaaqoub, still on the run. at this small mosque where they sometimes break, but were by no means the devout, community leaders we re means the devout, community leaders were speechless, distraught by what has happened. translation: we did not really know the boys all what they were up to. he has been in charge of the mosque. they sometimes came to pray, he says but if we would have known plans we would have gone straight to the police. on the main road into town, armed officers checking cars and lorries as a spain hunt down all of those responsible for the attacks in barcelona and
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cambrils. although the cell carried out this attack have been arrested. this small group of young men mainly of moroccan descent who apparently became radicalised and planned their attacks in the most unlikely of places. in the last two days, several suspects and known associates have been arrested. homes searched and no one left in ripoll, a town where people cannot quite believe it. today it is a shock. in a big town it is easy to find isolated communities but not in a small town. most young people participate in many activities. 22—year—old son of this town is the most 22—year—old son of this town is the
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m ost wa nted 22—year—old son of this town is the most wanted man in spain. after what has happened it will take ripoll yea rs years to recover. we spoke to our correspondent in barcelona and he said there were conflicting reports on how the cell has been dismantled. spain ‘s interior minister earlier today said that countries threat level was not going to be raised to its maximum level although they have put in place extra security at popular destinations like las ramblas because he said the cell behind the attack had been absolutely dismantled by just behind the attack had been absolutely dismantled byjust a behind the attack had been absolutely dismantled by just a few hours later, the local regional official here in catalonia, contradicted that and said he could not be categorical that the cell had been dismantled but it is in part because there is still one individual on the run and the manhunt is still ongoing there are also unanswered questions. the incidence, how did this cell go
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undetected for close to a year? was because it was a small group of local men from one town, ripoll, who radicalised each other and formed a small group which authorities did not know about all were there expertise from abroad, for example morocco. that is still an unanswered question. we will find out how the latest developments have been covered at 11:30 when our guests looked at the papers. in finland, a british man was among those injured in yesterday's terror attack in which two women died. hassan zubier, a trained paramedic who now lives in sweden, was on holiday in toorku when the attack took place. he was repeatedly stabbed in the neck and chest as he tried to protect his girlfriend and help treat those who had been injured. he told a local newspaper that
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despite his efforts, one of the women died in his arms. professor stephen hawking — one of the world's most famous and foremost scientists — has launched a stinging attack on the government over the nhs. he's accused the health secretary jeremy hunt of "cherry picking" evidence to justify the creation of a seven—day nhs. mr hunt has rejected that and accused the nobel—prize winning scientist of spreading falsehoods. sarah cambell reports. professor hawking acknowledged that he would not be here today were it not for the expert care he received at the hands of the nhs, but he is concerned about its future and he did not pull any punches, accusing the health secretary of abusing science, of cherry—picking studies in order to win the argument over whether levels of care at weekends in hospitals are dangerously low. hunt has cherry—picked research. speaking as a scientist, cherry—picking evidence is unacceptable. applause.
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..citing some studies but suppressing others to justify policies that they want to implement for other reasons, that debases scientific culture. the issue of a seven—day nhs week has proved toxic in relations between the health secretary and much of the medical profession in england. it was at the heart of many of the recent strikes that led to cancelled operations. in 2015, jeremy hunt stated that 6000 people die each year because of a monday to friday culture in the nhs. he wanted more senior staff on shift at weekends. one study was widely quoted, showing death rates were higher for people admitted at the weekend. jeremy hunt has never shied away from taking on the medical profession and it seems he is not shying away from taking on arguably
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britain's greatest living scientist. professor hawking, a labour supporter, feared there was a move towards a us style system where eve ryo ne towards a us style system where everyone has to be able to afford health insurance. at the event, the tone was much less confrontational. our system free at the point of use, is a principle that we absolutely have to fight for and continue to uphold and that was made very clearly and, in fact, that is something that all political parties have committed to. the organisers wanted to spark debate over the future of the nhs and that has certainly happened.
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many thousands of people have taken to the streets in the us city of boston, to protest against a public meeting by right—wing extremists. a small group of white nationalists were attempting to hold what they called a "free speech rally". the protests followed last weekend's violence in virginia, when a young woman was killed by a car driven at a crowd of anti—racist demonstrators. from boston, aleem maqbool reports. if we can't a day of taunting american‘s far—right it was a day of targeting america's recent violence, many had been worried about it. but this was the city's this was the city's response — so—called free speech rally but after recent violence, many had been worried about it.
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iam i am outraged. we have to make a difference. i cannot believe in 2017 we are still marching for rights. faced with the option to stand, a cannot sit home when there is hate out there. they have the right to speak what we also have the right to congregate and so we do not support what they have to say and i think the numbers bear that out. one outnumbering the other by many thousands, the two demonstrations we re thousands, the two demonstrations were kept apart but the far—right demonstrators, wearing from pats, we re demonstrators, wearing from pats, were unapologetic. —— donald trump hats. just one of those so—called free—speech protesters have come out into the crowd and has had to be escorted by police through this very
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angry crowd who have been chanting anti— racism and anti—trump slogans all day. the president has been underfire for all day. the president has been under fire for unequivocally condemning the far—right protesters in charleville last week. the protests were heather heyer was killed. there were moments of tensions but on the whole, the date was peaceful. more about the huge statement from people here and that whatever the president does, they will come out in their thousands to condemn racism. hundreds of people have been killed and sixteen million seriously affected by floods in south asia. the monsoon storms have been sweeping across bangladesh, india and nepal. aid agencies say the region's facing it's worst humanitarian crisis for many years.
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at 11:30 we'll have our paper review but here's a quick look at some of the front pages. the sunday times leads with its story that the queen won't stand down for prince charles. the front page is dominated by an image of her majesty in pink. the daily mail says hope is fading for the seven year old boy missing following the attack in barcelona. the daily express has the same story, it says the boy's injured british mother is desperately searching for her son. the telegraph also covers the barcelona attack, but focuses on plans to crack down on car and van rentals in its aftermath. the observer says theresa may's claim the uk can still reap economic benefits is rubbish according to a top legal official.. the headlines on bbc news. the spanish government says the terror cell responsible for two
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van attacks has been dismantled, as the hunt continues for the suspect who may have driven the van. the king and queen of spain have visited the scene of the attack, as 12 people remain in a critical condition in hospital. a war of words between professor stephen hawking and the health secretaryjeremy hunt over the state of the nhs. it is time to have a look at the sport. football to talk about. we will talk about the cricket. inside three days, they bowled the tourists out. england and forced the follow—on and got the visitors out again for 137 runs. stuart broad took three wickets in the second innings, taking him past sir ian botham's target. he is second to james anderson, who took five
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wickets in the match altogether. england got victory by 209 runs. a poor result for the west indies in the first test match of its kind to be played in day— night conditions in england. a fantastic effort from the whole squad. the way we batted asa the whole squad. the way we batted as a side was fantastic. we are continuing to take our form on. as a side was fantastic. we are continuing to take ourform on. this was a great example of consistency. no mercy. yeah. once we got in a position of strength, the bowlers we re position of strength, the bowlers were excellent through the game. they were relentless with the area and the length. taking the stumps into play. manchester united sit at the top of the premier league table tonight for the second week in a row winning four goals to zero. this time against swansea. paul pogba got
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a goal. jose mourinho's side gave a strong performance, sending a message out to title contenders. strong performance, sending a message out to title contenderslj would message out to title contenders.” would say happiness in the play. umm... it happened with me so many times with my team, winning 2—0. we will close it and not give a chance to the opponent. we got the second goal and the feeling was we can get more. so wejust let goal and the feeling was we can get more. so we just let the horses goal and the feeling was we can get more. so wejust let the horses run freely. and they were magnificent. liverpool beat crystal palace by one gold. a second straight defeat for crystal palace. they were going for a frustrating goal after losing a string of chances. then saudi money got his second league goal in the
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campaign. —— sadio mane.” got his second league goal in the campaign. -- sadio mane. iwanted them to make the ball work. they we re them to make the ball work. they were like in a few moments. we can agree. so, again, it was the all—inclusive package. agree. so, again, it was the all-inclusive package. elsewhere, arsenal were beaten 1—0 by stoke. west brom defeated burnley. west ham made it 2—2 after a comeback. another 2—0 defeat for brighton, this time against leicester. the scottish premiership. celtic are top on goal difference. nine points for the next one s down. rangers got 2—
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zero against harts. and now the dressage. just show jumping is zero against harts. and now the dressage. just showjumping is left. the wolves got three from three after a ha rd the wolves got three from three after a hard one victory against halifax. a late try brought a 22 points to eight win. they are up to second place in the table, beating the catalan dragons. and that is all the catalan dragons. and that is all the sport for now. thank you for that. and now for the latest on donald trump. donald trump has thanked his former chief strategist, steve bannon, for his service after
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he was fired from his job at the white house. mr bannon, who was seen as the architect of mr trump's right—wing agenda, has vowed to continue to fight the president's opponents. he'll return to a role at the ultra—conservative website, breitbart news. in the last hour, president trump has tweeted that mr bannon will be a tough and smart voice at the right—wing news website. david willis reports. steve bannon, widely credited for helping steer donald trump to victory, he was one of the most powerful men in the white house. if you think they will give your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. every day... every day, it is going to be a fight. steve bannon has now returned to right—wing website, breitbart news, which he ran before leaving tojoin the trump campaign a year ago. he has said that he intends to keep fighting on the president's behalf, but in an interview with the conservative magazine the weekly standard, he has said that the trump
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presidency that they fought for and won is now over. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. he is a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. but we'll see what happens with mr bannon. by the time donald trump had made that less than ringing endorsement of his special adviser earlier this week, the die was cast. steve bannon‘s clashes with more moderate forces in the west wing coupled with renewed accusations following the violence in charlottesville that he harboured white nationalist sympathies helped seal his fate. all of which leaves the president an increasingly lonely and isolated figure. while steve bannon‘s departure is a victory for those who wanted to see an end to the more extreme elements in the west wing, whether it will lead to a better functioning white house remains to be seen. david willis, bbc news. earlier, i spoke to frances stead sellers from the washington post and i asked her what we can expect from steve bannon outside of the white house. you will remember, he is a man who
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called himself thomas cromwell in the court of the tudors. he will be glad to not be executed as thomas cromwell was. this is a significant move for him. he will be more co mforta ble. move for him. he will be more comfortable. steve bannon did not enjoy playing second fiddle to the president. now he is going back into the role he played so very influential in and powerfully, helping to bring donald trump into the white house during the campaign, bringing with him people like kellyanne conway and robert mercer and his daughter rebecca. his legacy in the white house is really bringing donald trump in. and now we will see him back in this bomb throwing role which he adopted again last night and is so comfortable in before going to the white house. what is going on in the white house?
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we have seen a revolving door of staff and what appears to be an amicable firing of steve bannon. who is calling the shots in the white house? is this president trump? is at the new chief of staff we have a marine general trying to bring order to the place. whether he can, i don't know. one of my colleagues said john kelly may have his hand on the switchboard of a donald trump has a cellphone. we all know that. steve bannon knows what that number is. ourjob is reporting, not speculation. donald trump knows the fiery populism that steve bannon advocated on breitbart news four months before he joined advocated on breitbart news four months before hejoined the campaign got him elected. —— for. we will see a more moderate white house which will work closely with congress, but
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steve bannon will fight donald trump's opponents in the media, on the hill, and in corporate america. donald and melania trump are to skip an arts awards ceremony to allow those taking part "to celebrate without political distraction." some of those due to attend the kennedy centre honours had said they would boycott the white house reception. the honours recognise the lifetime contributions of performing artists, many of whom have been angered by mr trump's plans to scrap funding. with the average person taking on 11 jobs during their career, it seems the idea of a "job for life" is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. but with different employers come different pension pots, and that can make keeping track of your finances rather confusing. so, as moneybox presenter, louise cooper, has been finding out, the government is looking to simplify things. this 55—year—old has had a job since
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he started work at the age of 20. he knows he has paid into a variety of pensions, but keeping hold of all the paperwork has been a problem.- i got to 55, i decided to review my pension situation. it was then that i realised i knew very little about pensions except the fact i had one big pension when i worked in a company for quite a long period of time. the department for work and pensions estimate there is currently 400 million pounds in unclaimed pension savings, and john worried he may be adding to the pot. definitely, for a while i do not know what happened to it. and later on when i worked in another company, i had no idea, i have no paperwork for that, and that was over 25 years ago. so, no, i have no paperwork. limit terms and conditions... he is not alone. the government have
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recognised this is a big problem, so they asked the association of british insurers to work with the industry to create an on line dashboard, a place where people can log on and see all of their pensions in one place. this is the pensions dashboard? absolutely right. for this hypothetical test person we found eight pensions. eight? they are listed here. you can see he has are listed here. you can see he has a state pension. you can get additional information if you want. two final salary schemes. and you have also five, another five, jobs that he had with their own schemes. and together, add them all up, it says you have gotjust and together, add them all up, it says you have got just over £4000 a month to look forward to. lucky for him. he is very lucky. doingjust
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fine. currently, 60 pension providers have signed up, accounting for 34 million pensions overall. but this is still less than half of all pensions. that is great. but ultimately there is always inertia, people have priorities. and we just believe that has to be that clear signal from government that this has to be done. if you don't do it, you are breaking the law. then you will have that service. the dashboard should be available in 2019. and it is the type of service that people likejohn will find is the type of service that people like john will find invaluable is the type of service that people likejohn will find invaluable when it comes to working out their income in retirement. the weather. we have had a day of sunshine and showers. many in the northern half of the uk. some pretty skylines if you like the clouds. this is a big
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cumulonimbus cloud. it was in the highlands of scotland surrounded by clear skies and sunshine. we have seen clear skies and sunshine. we have seen that mixed during the day. show is continuing in western scotland. tending to fade elsewhere. tomorrow's weather will be influenced by this. hurricanes gert working north of the united states. since then, it was ripped to shreds by the powerful winds of the atla ntic jetstrea m. by the powerful winds of the atlantic jetstream. sunday's weather for most of us will be a better weather day. there will not be as many showers. morning sunshine. things turning cloudier through the afternoon. a lot of dry weather with afternoon. a lot of dry weather with a few exceptions. wales in south—west england, thickening cloud. drizzle. turning heavier towards the evening. patches of cloud ahead of that. for east wales,
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the midlands, northern england, dry with spells of sunshine. clouding overin with spells of sunshine. clouding over in northern ireland. scotland, far fewer showers than we have seen today. more sunny spells. sunday night. the rain will get heavier in wales. southern england, the midlands, late in the night, heavy rain. with all of this wet weather, low cloud. mist out hill fog forming as well. that is tied to the weather front allowing warm air into the south of the uk. monday, a cloudy note in england and wales. low cloud and mistand note in england and wales. low cloud and mist and fog and damp drizzly conditions. northern ireland, southern and western scotland, a weather front bringing southern and western scotland, a weatherfront bringing rain. the finals of scotland staying dry.


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