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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 20, 2017 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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some were choosing not to open. local people claim the group were travellers, camping illegally in a car park. we have had some problem with travellers before but not on this scale. saddened for the businesses that are closed today. this is the height of the summer season. we need the tourists to come here to keep cromer going. footage taken last night shows a large police presence where the travellers were parked. earlier, the final parade for the cromer carnival had gone right past the site. the children of these travellers were throwing objects. i understand some cases bottles at them. well, we don't need that. the council served eviction notices on 23 caravans on the site on saturday. by this afternoon, most had left, as did the extra police. norfolk police say they received reports of theft, shoplifting and of a large group of people refusing to pay for their drinks in bars and restaurants. they've described it as a slight increase in low—level anti—social
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behaviour and crime. they are not linking a rape that happened in the town on friday night. they have not arrested anyone. jenny kirk, bbc look east, in cromer. police in arkansas in the us are searching for thieves who stole an atm from a bank using a fork lift truck. the raid was carried out in the city of conway in the early hours of wednesday morning. police say the suspect or suspects can't be seen in the cctv footage but they believe it is someone who works in the construction industry. and we're all aware of the potential consequences of not paying attention while driving. but a man in china found out in a rather unusual way. a giant sinkhole opened up on a street of guangxi in the south of the country. but for one scooter rider, his interests were focused
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on his phone rather than on the road causing him to drive straight into the pit. apart from a potential drop in signal and his dignity, the man remained unhurt from the incident. lesson learned i think! let's find out how the weather is looking. there was sunshine to be handed during sunday but atlantic weather fronts show their hand quite late in the day with cloud and rain, that will be there and the low cloud all over the southern counties and indeed into northern ireland as we get into monday, the best thing which can be said is it is mild, clearer skies, sunny start, rather cool to monday, the band of whether seeping its way further north, the
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rain throughout across northern ireland and increasingly across the south—westerly quarter of scotland, if the sun breaks in the south it could be 22, 23, 2a degrees and the rain continues its slowjourney up to the northern parts of scotland as we move into tuesday, the rain still close to the western side of northern ireland, if the sun comes out, 2627 could be yours. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines: seven—year—old julian cadman, with dual british and australian citizenship, has been confirmed as one of the victims to die in the terrorist attack in barcelona. police in spain investigating the terror attacks that claimed 11! lives have said they've seized more than 120 gas canisters in the house which exploded in alcaner on wednesday. fraudsters aiming to scam people out their pension could soon face
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fines of up to half a million pounds, as the government introduces new measures to tackle cold callers. and jerry lewis, the comedy legend who teamed up with dean martin before starring in his own series of slapstick movies during the 1950s, has died at his las vegas home aged 91. now on bbc news — sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. coming up. wembley woes — tottenham lose to champions chelsea in their first home match of the season. huddersfield win again — it's two wins from two on their return to the top flight. farah‘s farewell — mo wins his last track race on british soil. and jumping for joy —
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great britain win team gold at the european eventing championships. a new season, a new home but a familiar story for tottenham who were beaten at wembley by chelsea in the premier league this afternoon. spurs will play all their home games at the stadium this season but it probably feels far from home today. two marcos alonso goals condemning spurs to their first home defeat of the new campaign. spurs are on their way to wembley, as they will be every couple of weeks or so. building their new ground, this is home and they had decorated. the last visitors were chelsea in the fa cup semifinal, the blues won that and should have gone one up. alvaro morata is an expensive
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striker. but then marcos alonso is a left back and still fancied this free kick. everyone could see why. simply unstoppable. spurs played at wembley in the champions league last season without much success. they needed something to settle them, they needed harry kane and he needed some luck. spurs held the thread but offered strangely little threat. the new chelsea, the only team to finish above them last season could strike suddenly. eventually the dead but not how they planned. across from christian eriksen, the inadvertent finish from mitzi batshuayi. some might want to cling on to the draw but not the champions. marcos alonso, up from the back, winning at wembley often takes a trophy home, chelsea willjust take the points. for sure a big win, it's not easy to play against tottenham away and to win, also because i consider tottenham a very strong team and for
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us tottenham a very strong team and for us it was very important this win. i think an amazing performance for character, for desire, for all these players and for this reason i want to thank them. disappointed because i think we deserve more but sometimes in football, they were very conical in front to shoot on target and recreate a lot of chance and we dominate. i think we were better, but in football sometimes you are better but if you're not clinical in front of goal you can lose like today. in the day's early kick off, newly promoted huddersfield continued their superb start to the season with their second win in as many matches, with a 1—0 victory over newcastle, in what was their first home game in the top flight in 45 years. tim hague reports. another step into the unknown for david wagner and his huddersfield town team. the club's first home match in the top flight for 45 years,
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not a moment to miss. you sense the players knew exactly what was expected of them. against another promoted side in newcastle the terriers put on the pressure. and then soaked it up. the goalkeeper handy. that save proved that rafa benitez‘s side were not being bullied and they went into half—time level — only to then go behind straight after. mooy, already the best player on the pitch, did this. 45 years waiting for a goal, and what a goal. well done mr chairman, well done mr mooy. but it was not over yet, newcastle not only threatening, they should have been level. perez the very guilty party. despite their best efforts a difficult week for the away side was completed by this defeat. huddersfield are well and truly back in the top division, two wins from two and this is no step into the unknown now.
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for ourselves we were excited. will it work will it not work? we were sure that it will but we have no secure if it will and now we have seen it worked in the first two games with two clean sheets, everybody knows how difficult it is to get a clean sheet in the premier league with so much high quality of offensive players every team has. there was a minutes silence head of at the new camp ahead of barcelona against real betis to remember those who were injured in the terror attacks and lost their lives last week. the players wearing jerseys with the name of the city on the back instead of their usual names. mo farah won his last track
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race on british soil, winning the 3000 metres at today's diamond league meeting in birmingham. britain's most successful athlete will compete on the track one last time next week in zurich, before he focuses on the marathon. joe wilson reports. the message of being prepared to be carried this sentiment was felt inside the stadium and in the polite queue waiting to get in. he has done a lot for our country, he is a great inspiration for the youngsters. yes. he just represents us so well, everything that britain is. yes, mo, they mean you. 3000 more metres on his farewell tour. for one more time, one last time on a british track, he is there. go mo! mo farah will next take to the roads, he will concentrate on marathons. british athletics will look for a new figurehead and that is even tougher. he was pushed in this race, he wasn't going to lose. let nobody say it was ever the slightest bit easy. the final chapter.
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the final win for mo farah in britain. i love what i do and that is part of it but at the same time, it can get harder when you have so much pressure and you cannot go anywhere. but now on the roads it will be a new game with a new mind and i am excited. he expressed anger that anyone doubts the credibility of his connection with coach alberto salazar. his record is clean. and there is no time to deny it. this era has to be over. there was plenty of other british interest competing in birmingham, fresh from helping great britain win the axioom men's relay gold at the world championships, cj ujah won today's exhibition 100m race. he pipped james dasaolu and zharnel hughes in a time of 10.08 seconds. yeah, i mean today, i am optimistic, ijust wanted to come out here and put on a show from the crowd and have fun.
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my legs are still a bit jelly but i'm just trying to get ready for zurich. this crowd is amazing, i love it. nethaneel mitchell—bla ke, who was part of the 4x100 metre gold medal winning relay team at the world championships, could only finish fifth in the 200metres. world champion ramil guliyev of turkey won the race. dina asher—smith raced in the women's 100m. she finished in fifth place, with a time of 11.21 seconds. jamaica's elaine thompson won the race, after missing out on a medal at the world championships. kyle langford, who made the mens 800m final at the world championships, managed a sixth place finish today, just behind fellow countryman elliot giles. the race was won by botswana's nigel amos. and qatar's mutaz essa barshim — the reigning world champion — cleared 2.40m in the highjump. it's the biggestjump this year, and the biggest competitive jump in the united kingdom in 17 years. great britain won the team gold
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medal at the european eventing championships in poland. nicola wilson also took individual bronze. riding bulana in the showjumping, wilson could afford two penalties to secure the team gold but managed a perfect round. that confirmed britain's triumph, and her own bronze individual medal. germany claimed team silver, with sweden finishing third. i cannot put into words just how impressed i am by how the riders rode, stuck to the system, you can probably hear i am a bit emotional about it but that's no bad thing. ijust cannot be more proud. i just said to them stick to the system, only one thing matters, a clear right inside the time and if they ride to the system they can only do the best and they all rode exactly as we trained and they trained and they are capable of. england's men have opened their eurohockey campaign with a 6—0 win over poland — two goals each from mark gleghorne and sam ward alongside strikes from chris griffiths
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and david condon made for a comfortable victory in amsterdam. they next play germany tomorrow afternoon, probably the pick of the games in pool b. and despite their win, england know they will need to improve. we were just sloppy all over the place really. too many bobbly passes, too many passes just out of reach, just real basics that, you know, we need to make sure we get right all the time and where we want to get to in world hockey, it does not matter who we are playing against, we got away with it today against lesser opposition. we need to be bringing that everyday. defending champions england suffered a narrow 1—0 defeat against germany. cecile peeper capitalised on a couple of missed clearances by england for the game's only goal. victory over scotland on tuesday will still see england into the semi finals. disappointing result but we've got to break it down into a performance and analyse that and i think there are
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