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paying aluko an amount understood to be £80,000 to avoid disruption to the england team ahead of this summer's european championships, and not prevent disclosure. why speak out now? i feel like there are a lot of half—truths out in the public, and it is in the public interest now to understand the severity of this case. to understand that this isn't something i decided to fabricate out of the blue, this wasn't a bitter, impassioned revenge on the england manager. this was something i was asked to do. aluko has won 102 caps for her country, but she says she now fears her experience could deter other players from raising concerns. manchester city manager pep guardiola says he hopes his players can learn from the mistakes they made the last time they played everton. city were thumped 4—0 last season, but face them tonight in the premier league, having since spent £200 million on players. everton could give gylfi sigurdsson his debut, having signed for a club—record fee, thought to be £16 million. six days, we've played three away
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games, difficult ones. it starts on monday, city, ok, a nice challenge. they are strong, and we like to be strong. 0k, full confident. we play how we play and we do the maximum to get a good result. the game was there, they arrived four times and scored four goals, and we were not solid defensively. of course, hopefully we can learn about that. the same way we win, the same way we lose. scotland manager gordon strachan has handed recalls to five players for the vital world cup qualifiers against lithuania and malta next month. hibernian's steven whittaker is back for the first time in nearly a year and a half for the must—win group f fixtures. we've got to try and win both games.
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that's what we set out. i don't think we ever really set out to draw a game. we set out to win. if we get a game. we set out to win. if we get a draw, we get a draw. but we set out to win, to get some goals and put ina out to win, to get some goals and put in a magnificent performance. we try to win the game. will set out that way. i don't think we've got the physical capability to sit back and be under long periods of intense pressure. england have named their squad to face france tomorrow in their rugby world cup semifinal. katherine downes is in belfast for us. simon middleton's site will come up against a very talented but familiar opponent. yes, and i'vejust arrived at this stadium, home of ulster rugby, to familiarise themselves with the stadium. they are the defending champions, the world's number one test side, and they have
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cruised through the tournament so far, so understandably they are favourites to lift the trophy. and france will be their toughest test yet, having won two the last four six nations titles, coming third in the last world cup in paris. they haven't reached a world cup final before, but confidence will be high after they knocked out the hosts ireland in the last round and, as a result, simon middleton has named what's been seen to be his strongest 15 yet to take them on. we have been professional. we've had time together with combinations, so we know each other well, so actually i think what you want to do is to ensure that people are not worn out by playing the same 15, the same 23 for every minute of every game throughout all the stages so, when it comes to the knockout stages, people feel fresh and ready to go, and that can be done with a squad of
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28. that semifinal kicks off here at quarter to eight tomorrow. the other one is at 5pm. that is underdogs the usa against the four—time world champions new zealand, who have already scored a whopping 35 tries in their three matches of this tournament so far. they are favourites to go through to the final, where they will meet either england or france. thank you for joining us. england's men have lost the second match of their eurohockey championships campaign 4—3 to germany. england came back from 2—0 down to lead, before conceding two goals in quick succession at the start of the fourth quarter. they play ireland next on wednesday. neymar show parish and a man —— paris st germain what they are getting, playing his first home game since leaving barcelona. he put
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together a dazzling showcase talent. in addition to two goals, he set up two more anti—won penalty, as psg thrashed to lose 6—2. zlata n zlatan ibrahimovic has been showing off how strong his knee is, almost strong enough to make a return to football, maybe. he has posted videos on social media with the words, which need 7 videos on social media with the words, which need? he suffered ligament damage in his first season at man united and remains out of contract and outdoor club, butjose mourinho still wants him if he can regain fitness. romelu lukaku started well enough. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. welcome back to the studio. we are
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getting amazing pictures, it has to be said, from the united states of america. this is from carbondale in illinois full stop there is a total eclipse going on, not quite total fare, as you see, but in many parts of the states, there is a 70 mile wide strip across america, from the west coast, there it goes, across from the west coast to the east coast, oh, clouds there, is it? it is going across the new united. millions of people on the ground will be seeing a most amazing total eclipse. the weather everywhere we have seen so far, clear skies, then the eclipse comes along and everything goes much darker. the temperature drops. and there is this extraordinary site which doesn't happen that often. we have just been speaking to a family, a lady from birmingham, who has gone there because she is an eclipse follower and it is her six total eclipse she
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has managed to see. we will be bringing you these pictures as that eclipse sweeps across the united states. coming in on the west coast, and it will exit charleston in south carolina. there are some slight doubts about the weather there, whether there will be a good view. and then the eclipse affect peters out in the atlanticjust off —— a bit short of the coast of africa. we are looking at the end of the eclipse in the state of oregon. this is what people on the ground in 0regon will be seen. that might be a shot from up high, i suppose, but you get the idea. the sum re—emerging as the moon passes away. lots more terrific shots to come. stay with us for those. in the meantime, let's have a look at the slightly less exciting climactic conditions here on earth. louise lear has the weather forecast. we had 2a in the south—west of
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england today. very nice, but it looks like we will be heading for a miscue —— misty, murky night. rain spreading north. you can see how murky it's going to be further south and west and a mild night. temperature is widely staying in the mid teens. we start tomorrow with that missed and merck. that will lift away and the cloud will break up. sunshine will come through. the rain, lightand up. sunshine will come through. the rain, light and patchy moving out of scotland, but more rain arriving in northern ireland and perhaps the isle of man by the end of the afternoon. if we get the sunshine, we'll get the warmth, with perhaps the highest values in england and wales, widely mid 20s. this mild, humid air isn't going to stay very long. that rain across northern ireland is a cold front, sweeping its way steadily east, introducing
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fresh air in the far north—west and, with this area of low pressure, it stays breezy and showery as well. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7.00pm. the spanish police say they have killed younes abouyaaqoub, the main suspect in the barcelona terror attack. he was shot this afternoon west of barcelona — police say he appeared to be wearing a suicide belt. gripped by darkening skies in the united states for the total solar eclipse which is sweeping coast—to—coast. millions have been rushing to get a ringside seat for this, the first time its stretch from the west coast to the east coast in 100 years. this is the scene right now in illinois. no, it is 0regon. sky gazers are watching the moon gradually eclipsed the sun.
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it looks like some cloud as


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