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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 23, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news. the headlines... theresa may insists the jurisdiction of the european court ofjustice in the uk will end after brexit. the government has published new details of its position on the issue, with theresa may saying the uk would "take back control of our laws". a cyclist accused of knocking down and killing a woman as she crossed the street has been cleared of manslaughter. however, charlie alliston was found guilty of causing bodily harm by "wa nton or furious driving". the victim's husband has called for a change in the law and has being paying tribute. for us to remember kim not through the lens of this trial but being the beautiful, fun loving woman who adored her children and who lived her life to the full. a man who tried to smuggle a pipe bomb on to a plane at manchester airport has been jailed for 18 years. nadeem muhammad was attempting to board a ryanairflight
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to italy injanuary. and prince harry says he's "very glad" he joined the funeral cortege for his mother, princess diana. he and his brother have been talking about their sense of bewilderment at the grieving crowds following her death, exactly 20 years ago. in a moment it'll be time for sportsday but first, let's take a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. following his speech attacking the media and clashes between police and protestors outside a rally in arizona, donald trump is due to give another speech in the next hour in nevada. we'll have the latest. following a call to make driving on rural roads compulsory for learners, we'll be speaking to the executive director of the parliamentary advisory council for transport safety after 7.30pm. and at 10.1i0pm on the papers, my guests will be hugh muir, associate editor at the guardian, and lucy fisher, senior political correspondent at the times. that's all ahead on bbc news.
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now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, will perry. the headlines this evening... wayne rooney says it's the right time to bow out of england duty as he retires from international football. just over an hour until kick—off at anfield, where liverpool are hoping to reach the main draw for the champions league. and england's women will defend their title against new zealand after seeing off france in world cup semifinal. it's all about giving the fans what they want to see, i have been around they want to see, i have been around the sport for so many years and this is the last one. good evening.
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only one place to start, it's the end of an era for england, their record goal—scorer, wayne rooney, has today decided to retire from international duty at the age of 31 despite being set for a recall. the everton striker was asked by england boss gareth southgate to be involved for the world cup qualifiers against malta and slovakia but rooney says it's the right time to bow out. and what an international career it was. top of the pile in terms of goals, 53 in 119 appearences, four more than sir bobby charlton and, as you can see, in esteemed company. the closest current england player to rooney is danny welbeck all the way back on 011111. let's go live to our reporterjohn watson who's at goodison park for us. john, there's been plenty of reaction to this news today. yes, andi yes, and i think an element of surprise. in light of the
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performance that wayne rooney has been enjoying since returning to his boyhood club, everton, where he has made a great start to the season with two goals in his opening two league matches, and becoming only the second player to reach 200 premier league goals. i think it was that which prompted gareth southgate to get in touch and look to recall rooney to the england squad for the upcoming world cup qualifiers but it was in that telephone conversation they had on tuesday that wayne rooney told southgate of his intention to retire from international football, intention to retire from internationalfootball, bringing to an end a internationalfootball, bringing to an end 3111 year association with the national team. he burst onto the scene at euro 2004 when he scored four goals as england reached the quarterfinals before being knocked out by portugal and that started an incredible run in the england team with 53 goals in 119 appearances, the most capped outfield player and all—time record goal—scorer. the one criticism levelled at him was his
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inability to replicate those performances he produced at euro 2004 in the major championships, world cups and european championships that followed. but speaking to another former england striker, gary lineker, he said that in the future people will look back fondly on wayne rooney's international career and if anything feels he has not been appreciated in the time he has had with england. no question he is one of the all—time great english players. his record speaks for itself, so many caps and goals, record goal—scorer of course. people argue about the fact that in the tournament it has never really happened for him apart from when he burst onto the scene in portugal when he was so good. you have to remember that the vast majority of his career he has only really been the one england world—class player. he has gone in during a time when we have struggled, having bad teams in the last few major competitions, not
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enough world—class players alongside him. ithink enough world—class players alongside him. i think he is a bit underestimated and undervalued in the sense that he has been unfortunate to play in a era apart from when he burst onto the scene that he has not played with many world—class players so we will not be competitive in major tournaments. rooney played for england in 2003 and shortly afterwards he joined manchester united for £37 million. -- £27 manchester united for £37 million. —— £27 million. a short while ago he told me about rooney's dedication and determination to better himself as a player. first and foremost he wants to know what we would do, he would come up to me or might be led and ask what we we re to me or might be led and ask what we were doing, every single day —— mike phelan. and if you explained if there were specific aspects that related to him and other players, he would buy into it. hejust loved football and they think he wanted them to do. i think there was a
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collective frustration and may be disappointed with everybody, the fa ns disappointed with everybody, the fans and also players, and including wayne himself, that they were never able to win a big international prize with the national team. as you can imagine there've been plenty of tribute to rooney on social media. this from michael owen. from current england striker harry kane... and tributes not just from the world of football. golferjustin rose says... let's go back tojohn watson at goodison park. he has flown out to croatia with his everton team—mates for the second leg of their europa league play—off against hajduk split. what has the reaction been from everton fans? mixed it is fair
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to say, some are surprised, they think wayne rooney still has a lot to offer the international team in light of those performances he has produced for the club at the start of the season. gareth southgate clearly feels the same. but some argue that it might benefit everton and he can concentrate on club football now he is retired from international football. a football now he is retired from internationalfootball. a bit of surprise, many feel he has played some of his best football and so has plenty to offer and that is the feeling here. when you talk about those records, no doubt he will go down as one of the greats of english football, whether one of the all—time greats i guess only time will tell. and i wonder if he will have a statue like that one behind him! thank you very much. away from wayne rooney, celtic secured their place last night in the group stage of the champions league and liverpool will be looking to join them this evening. they have a 2—1 lead over german side hoffenheim going into the second leg at anfield which kicks off at 7.45pm. again they'll be without phillipe coutinho as he recovers from illness and injury. liverpool have turned down three bids from barcelona
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for the midfielder. with such a slender advantage tonight, klopp believes they have to improve on their performance in germany a week ago. a lot of people in england did not expect the quality of hoffenheim they saw. that is now clear. for me it is half—time and half—time you have to adjust things. you have to change things in the right direction. the first game was good enough to get a result. the second game needs to be better. there are six matches in the efl cup tonight, including a lancashire derby as blackburn welcome burnley to ewood park, and striker chris wood could make his debut for the premier league side. the club record signing is thought to have cost £15 million afterjoining from leeds, and his new manager says he's happy with his striking options. i think they are all different in different ways. the obvious thing is people look at sam vokes and think chris wood is a similar type. physically there are similarities but every strike at their own way about the football pitch
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and he has his. he has a number of different ways of scoring goals and he has shown that, particularly last season but through his career and i think he can be effective here. that north—west derby is usually a lively affair. richard askam is at ewood park for us tonight. ewood park is preparing for one of the oldest and fiercest rivalries in english bubble tonight, going back to the 1800 with both teams founder members of the football league —— english football. as always with this fixture there is a large police operation, more than 5000 burnley fa ns operation, more than 5000 burnley fans will be to my left, coming over ina fans will be to my left, coming over in a convoy of coaches. as for the game itself, blackburn rovers are a league1 game itself, blackburn rovers are a league 1 team at the moment and got their first league 1 team at the moment and got theirfirst win at league 1 team at the moment and got their first win at the weekend, against bradford city, and they will be boosted by that but have injury concerns. burnley are going pretty well in the premier league with that win over champions chelsea in their
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first match and unlucky to lose against west brom last time out and we might seek new signing chris wood coming in, he cost £15 million from leeds united and he might feature up front at some point. even though this is the early stages of the efl cup, make no mistake, in this part of east lancashire it certainly matters. that will be feisty foreshore. let's have a quick look at some of the day's other stories and neymar and his lawyers say they're to fight a claim by barcelona for breach of contract. the brazilian left the nou camp for paris st germain earlier this month for a world record fee of £200 million. in a joint statement, neymar and his lawyers say they'll be filing a defence in due course. shelley kerr, the new manager of scotland's women's side, has named 19 of the players who went to euro 2017 in her first squad for a friendly against hungary in budapest next month. anna signeul stood down following this summer's finals. 0lympic bronze medallists marcus ellis and chris langridge are through to the third round of the world badminton championships in glasgow. the 14th seeds in the men's doubles had few alarms against the austrian duo dominik stipsits and roman
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zirnwald. they won by two games to nil. britain's chris froome has extended his vuelta a espana lead after today's fifth stage, which was won by alexey lutsenko. froome is aiming to become the third man to win the a vuelta and the tour de france in the same year. he now has a ten—second advantage over his nearest rival. england's women will retain their rugby world cup title if they beat four time winners new zealand in belfast on saturday. simon middleton's side earned their place in the showpiece after a 20—3 victory over france. katherine downes reflects on an impressive performance by england's women. this is the final the women's game was hoping for, the two best teams in the world, england and new zealand going head—to—head for the world cup title here in belfast on saturday. the semi final scoreline between england and france was 20—3
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and that looks much more one—sided than the match was. england only won because of a watertight defence, having to make 15 tackles in the first 15 minutes alone, a bruising encounter. and in fact the strength of their defence wore down france both physically and psychologically in the end which meant england could ta ke in the end which meant england could take the chances but they were few and far between. the try from sarah bern ‘s was the only real team effort and the try from megan jones right on the final whistle with a piece of opportunism after a french fumble. it means the captain, sarah hunter, can now finally look ahead to back—to—back world cup finals. the coaches did a greatjob analysing them and looking to set about how we wanted to play and the england team we want to put out and how we impose ourselves on that final. we will go back to looking at what we need to do and approach it as normal as possible. it is about
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that special occasion on saturday and making sure we are in the right frame of mind to take it on. a tough, physical encounter for england. by contrast, their opponent in the final, four—time world champions new zealand, enjoyed a fairly straightforward win, 45—12, over the usa, running fairly straightforward win, 45—12, overthe usa, running in fairly straightforward win, 45—12, over the usa, running in seven tries a longer wait. england know the scale of the task ahead of them and have the patch up and recover because the final on saturday is going to be a big one. england's men have reached the semi—finals of the eurohockey championships in amsterdam. they beat ireland 2—1 to progress to the last four as runners—up in pool b behind germany. the men follow in the footsteps of england's women, who will face the netherlands in their semifinal tomorrow. so many ways but probably our best performance of the group because of what was on it and how the game went. we dominated for long periods in the first quarter and ended up a goal down and to reflect on it, the pressure built and to stick at it and some of the quality they played, they stuck at it and right at the end it was a nailbiter.
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now it's one of the most eagerly awaited fights in recent history and certainly one of the longest build—ups. in the early hours of sunday morning, conor mcgregor and floyd mayweather meet in las vegas as the king of ufc meets the king of boxing. 0ur sports news correspondent, richard conway, is in vegas for us. fight week is finally here, mayweather against mcgregor is this weekend i am joined by steve bunce, oui’ weekend i am joined by steve bunce, our boxing analyst. we object which —— just witnessed the first act, continuing from the press conference last month which was chaotic and full of drama but talk us through what happened. i don't know what they expected, they managed to pick up they expected, they managed to pick up this fantastic mobile stage in about 105 degrees, that is how hot it was. they kept people boiling for
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three hours, then they came on stage, first mayweather, completely surrounded and nobody in the audience knew if he was there or not. mcgregor is a reactive manner as we saw at wembley, he responds to what is going on. he did wander around where he must have shaken hands and waved at all 3000 people! it was a masterful stroke. he then took 20 minutes to leave. quality stuff. this was him as the people's champion. there were around 3000 fa ns champion. there were around 3000 fans in attendance but that is the narrative of the week, mcgregor being the people's champion and mayweather almost appearing as the billing as he has done through his career. we saw it with ricky hatton ten years ago when he seemed to have 30,000 people in town and mayweather had nobody shouting for him so he is used to losing the popularity stakes
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but he makes up the shortfall in love by doing what he does the ring and amassing the vast fortune he has. what mcgregor has managed to do and a couple people from the mixed martial arts world have pointed this out, think about it, four and martial arts world have pointed this out, think about it, fourand a martial arts world have pointed this out, think about it, four and a half years ago he was drawing social security in dublin and fighting for 300 quid. four years ago! security in dublin and fighting for 300 quid. fouryears ago! by security in dublin and fighting for 300 quid. four years ago! by then mayweather, yet not yet made his 250 million against pacquiao, but this is such a contrast in styles, not just fighting styles but of life styles just fighting styles but of lifestyles and backgrounds. that is the hype, on saturday we get the fight. i the hype, on saturday we get the fight. i know from your podcast you are saying we should not be talking about conor mcgregor is a winner of this and it has been said a puncher‘s chance, is that a fair way to describe his chances? maybe slightly more than that. i'm not convinced he is a great puncher but he isa
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convinced he is a great puncher but he is a great athlete. he is not just a showman, he is a great athlete. he is young and determined enough to create some problems, some stylistic problems for mayweather. i don't think he can win but he can create problems. what i have seen from mayweather, even though he is 40 years of age and does things luckily, i have seen a slight decrease in speed. you don't need to be that much slower to be half an inch closer and that half an inch is the difference between pitt and hurt. i'm not saying it is going to bea hurt. i'm not saying it is going to be a slug fest, it is not going to be a slug fest, it is not going to be rocky 12! but i feel ill mcgregor knows how to make it a fight. thank you very much. the hype is underway and the fight is looming on saturday. and a reminder you can listen to that fight which will be live on radio 5 live, commentary from mike costello alongside steve bunce from around 4am on sunday morning. now, he's the olympic and world
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champion and one of the biggest names in world sport. just last month, britain's adam peaty broke yet more records at the world aquatics championships in hungary winning the 50 and the 100 metres breaststroke titles and won a silver relay medal. but peaty doesn'tjust want to be the best in the pool. he's also keen to use his status to create a legacy for others. after his achievements in the pool in budapest he took a short break from training in a surprising location. peaty went to zambia to complete a gruelling sporting challenge to raise funds for thousands of children living in poverty there. 0ur correspondent nataliejackson went along with him. 0ut out of his comfort zone, 5000 miles from home. when it comes to it you have to give back to the crossroads no matter where it is in the world.
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this is lusaka, the capital of zambia, hot


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