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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 23, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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commentator: and rooney's shot! 0h, fabulous! but today, wayne rooney resisted the temptation to prolong an international career that earned him a place in footballing history. in a statement that took the sport by surprise, the striker said... already england's youngest ever player, rooney was the team's star performer at his first major tournament. commentator: rooney is the big discovery of euro 2004. in an international career that spanned 1a years and six managers, rooney became captain and then record goal—scorer. this how much it meant to him. it's a huge moment for myself, me and my family, in my career. so, hopefully, for the team, for myself, a lot more to come. for a player that won everything for manchester united, injuries and ill—discipline ensured that his england career was not without controversy and at times the frustration boiled over. nice to see the home
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fans booing you! that's what loyal support is. wayne rooney said today that one of his few regrets in football was retiring having never been part of a successful england side at a major tournament, but he insists the time has come to put club before country and focus all of his energies on everton, here at goodison. a return to rooney's boyhood club this summer saw a return to form having been dropped by england boss gareth southgate last year a recall beckoned, but the offer was rejected by a player who some believe deserves more credit. it's very important to remember that the vast majority of his career, he's only really been the one england world—class player. so he's gone in at a time were we've struggled, we've had bad sides in the last few major competitions. we haven't had enough world—class players alongside him. rooney was the last of english football's faited, but ultimately unfulfilled golden generation, but his records and commitment to the cause may never be matched.
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dan roan, bbc news. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments, here's nick ferrari. tonight, never has america's motto of e pluribus unum — from many come one — felt less relevant. is the usa's increasingly fractious politics healthy or harmful? join me now on bbc two. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. bye— bye. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, will perry.
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tonight's headlines... wayne rooney bows out of international football, despite getting a recall to the england squad. liverpool will be in tomorrow's draw for the champions league group stage after seeing off hoffenheim in the playoff. and the tour de france vuelta a espana double is still on for chris froome as he extends his lead in spain. wayne rooney has closed the curtain on his 1a year england career. their record goalscorer has today decided to retire from international duty at the age of 31 despite being set for a recall. the everton striker was asked by england boss gareth southgate to be involved for the world cup qualifiers against malta and slovakia but rooney says it's the right time to bow out. and what an international career it was. 53 goals in 119 appearances. there is no question here is one of
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the all—time great england players, record goal—scorer. people argue that tournament wise it has never happened for him, apart from when he burst onto the scene in portugal, he was so burst onto the scene in portugal, he was so good. you have to remember that the vast majority of his career, he has only really been the one world—class england player so he has been at a time when we have struggled, we have had bad sides in major competitions and we have not had enough world—class players. he isa had enough world—class players. he is a little bit undervalued, he has been fortunate to play in an era where he has not played with many major world—class players. we're not going to be competitive in major tournaments. rooney made his debut
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for england in 2003 — shortly afterwards he joined manchester united for £27 million. one of the coaches at old trafford at the time was rene meulensteen. a short while ago he told me about rooney's dedication and determination to better himself as a player. first and foremost, he always wanted to know what we were going to do, he will always say, what are we doing today? he wanted to know what we we re today? he wanted to know what we were doing and if you explain to him any specific aspects that related to him, he would buy into that. hejust loved football. anything you wanted him to do after training, he would stay behind. there was a collective frustration with everybody, the fans and the players, and including wayne rooney himself, that they were unable to win a big international prize with the national team. as you can imagine there've been plenty of tributes to rooney on social media — this from michael owen, "brilliant timing — always great to go out on top. well done wayne rooney, an
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international career to be proud of. from current england striker harry kane... wayne rooney an a amazing player and goalscorer for england, a three lions legend. and tributes not just from the world of football. golferjustin rose says, what an amazing england international career. all the best, mate. liverpool have qualified for the champions league group stage. they'll be in tomorrow's draw after a 6—3 aggregate win over german side hoffenheim in the playoff. jurgen klopp‘s side 4—2 winners tonight at anfield. it was watched by patrick geary. the champions league isjust a step away, walk on, urged banfield. careful not to trip but careful is not liverpool right now. the one goal advantage from the first leg doubled by emre can. this is what jurgen klopp calls heavy—metal football, turned up to 11 and the scoreboard two. the band and
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harmony, the hits kept coming with a sumptuous move finished by that man, chan, rock on. football to forget your troubles too. by the time hoffenheim exploited that, it was too late. even if only 27 minutes had passed. 62 were gone when the fourth from the reds arrived, roberto firmino with the goal. hoffenheim stuck at it long enough to remind liverpool of their frailties but this was a night to look forward for anfield. four other teams have also booked there places in the champions league group stages. cska moscow, sporting lisbon, fc oarabag and apoel nicosia will all be joining liverpool in tomorrow's draw in monaco. there was also action from the efl cup tonight as the premier league sides entered the draw. west ham made no mistake against league two side cheltenham. goals from diafra sakho and andre ayew ensured they returned from gloucestershire with a 2—0 win. and sean dyche‘s burnley cruised past local rivals blackburn
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in a lancashire derby. it finished 2—0 thanks to this goalfrom jack cork, who joined from swansea in the summer, and robbie brady. so here's the rest of tonight's efl cup results. huddersfield have also progressed. couple of shocks, though. premier league sides newcastle and southampton were knocked out by championship sides nottingham forest and wolves respectively. stoke enjoyed a comfortable 4—0 win over rochdale. the draw for the third round takes place at 4.15am in the morning in beijing. britain's chris froome has extended his vuelta a espana lead after today's racing. the fifth stage was won by kazakhstan‘s alexy lutsenko after be broke clear on the uphill finish. froome‘s aiming to become the third man to win the a vuelta and the tour de france in the same year. he now has a 10—second advantage over his nearest rival. england's men have reached the semi—finals of the eurohockey championships in amsterdam. they beat ireland 2—1 to progress
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to the last four as runners—up in pool b behind germany. the men follow in the footsteps of england's women, who face the netherlands in their semi—final tomorrow. in so many ways this was our best performance in the groups. but no matter how the game went, we dominated, particularly in the first quarter and were one goal down and then the pressure built and we had to step up and we had ireland on the back foot for long periods and no tea m back foot for long periods and no team has done that but ireland stick at it and it was a real nailbiter. olympic bronze medallists marcus ellis and chris langridge are through to the third round of the world badminton championships in glasgow. the pair are seeded 14th in the men's doubles and beat austria by two games to nil. fellow english player rajiv ouseph and scotland's kirsty gilmour have progressed to the same stage in the singles. before we go, just time to reflect on our top story this evening — the retirement from international
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football of wayne rooney. england's top goalscorer announced earlier today he's decided to stand down from the national side. he scored 53 goals in 119 appearances. we leave you tonight with a reminder of some of them. goodnight. rooney! wayne rooney! and he has got rooney! wayne rooney! and he has got rooney in. and he delivers. just look at those faces in the crowd, they are welcoming a hero. the crossing position and it goes in. rooney has put it in. england have the lead! nicely done! rooney! you're watching bbc news.
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before the papers, a reminder of that developing story, a rock concert in the netherlands has been cancelled at the last minute tonight because of what's been described as "a terrorist threat" the incident happened in the southwestern city of rotterdam after a tip—off from spanish police. a van reported to have come from spain and containing gas canisters was found near the venue. the mayor of rotterdam says police have detained the driver. but he's also said that it is not clear if the van and the terror threat are linked. one newspaper, el pais, says the detained driver is spanish. europe is on high alert after the terror attacks around barcelona last week. just an update on the situation in rotterdam with that rock concert cancelled because of a suspected terrorist threat. we will bring you any more on that as we get it. now, as promised, it is the
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papers... hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are lucy fisher, senior political correspondent at the times and hugh muir, associate editor at the guardian. thank you for coming in. tomorrow's front pages... the financial times lead with a sales warning from one of the world's biggest advertising agencies and the news that the euro has hit an eight—year high against the pound. metro's front page features the story of cyclist charlie alliston, who has been cleared of manslaughter but found guilty of wanton and furious driving after he hit a pedestrian who later died of her injuries. the i leads with claims that theresa may is softening her stance on brexit and that, despite today's claims, european judges will take precedence over uk courts. the telegraph looks at migration figures, saying numbers are far
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lower than previously thought because most foreign students go home after completing their degrees. the sun claims that 1,800 bbc staff have been given a 10% pay rise. while the mail's top story looks at what they call "britain's laziness epidemic", claims that half of all adults on the uk go for a brisk walk less than once a month. the times also leads with migration, claiming that most rejected asylum seekers are never sent home from the eu. the garden leads with the un warning to the us over racial tensions. —— the guardian. that was a warning last given to kurdistan. apparently... not a shred of remorse, the cyclist faces jail
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after the crash that killed a mother. this young man crashed into a mother crossing the road in london and he had a bike that was for a velodrome and not the street and had no brakes? it was a lightweight, incredibly fast bike with the young man obsessed with dangerous bicycle riding videos and is incredibly tragic, this accident. it has ca ptu red tragic, this accident. it has captured the imagination of the public partly because with 400 pedestrians knocked down on the roads, but it is so rare for it to bea roads, but it is so rare for it to be a bicycle, so much less kinetic energy from a bicycle and such a terrible story. also, i think the fa ct terrible story. also, i think the fact that straight after this happened, this woman ended up in hospital, this man was posting stuff on social media saying it was her fault? that is extraordinary, it makes it very much a story of his generation that somebody would be
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involved in something as terrible as this and then goes on to social media and then sent on social media as he did and to some extent, that is why he is in this position, with the child she was convicted on, he was cleared of manslaughter but convicted of this rather archaic charge of wanton and furious driving, dating back to the 19th century. he can still get two years for that and they are sentencing him in one month in the last person convicted of that offence was jailed for seven months so it is very serious and he seems to have exacerbated that by his reaction. the judge said he has not one iota of remorse from you at any stage. it is notjust a of remorse from you at any stage. it is not just a terrible of remorse from you at any stage. it is notjust a terrible incident but also the reaction to this. we are to some extent a cycling nation, authorities around


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