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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 25, 2017 8:00pm-8:46pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm: a leaked report accuses royal bank of scotland of the systematic abuse of its business customers — hundreds of customers complained they were mistreated. rbs denies the accusations. it was like the gestapo walking in, the aggression, their divisiveness, the whole way in which they talked. also in the next hour: texas braces itself for hurricane harvey. what's feared to be the worst hurricane since katrina is due to hit the southern united states tonight. police in northern india say at least 28 people have been killed in violent clashes after a self—styled, controversial religious leader is convicted of rape. major travel disruption is expected across the uk as millions try to get away for the bank holiday weekend while engineering works hit the country's busiest rail routes. stations in london and services to
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wales and scotland will be heavily affected too. the return of caravan holidays. while people are pitching up holidays. while people are pitching up instead of taking off this summer. good evening and welcome to bbc news. they were small businesses that found themselves in need of help during the financial crisis almost a decade ago. but instead of helping them their bank, the royal bank of scotland, which itself had to be bailed out, has been accused of systematic abuse of its customers. a leaked report by the financial conduct authority seen by the bbc says it mistreated almost all of its customers, with 92%
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of viable firms experiencing "some form of inappropriate action" by the bank. one small business owner has told the bbc he considered suicide. rbs denies the allegations. here's our business correspondent joe lynam. it's britain's biggest lender to businesses, its customers are the backbone of our economy, but a major report has highlighted the scale of mistreatment faced by some at the hands of rbs. tunbridge we opened in december ‘98... tracy standish used to own bowling complexes and had been an rbs for decades. when profits fell during the recession, his bowling business was placed into rbs‘s restructuring unit, grg, supposedly to get the company back on its feet. it was like the gestapo walking in. the aggression, the divisiveness, the whole way in which they'd talked. they would bang tables, shout, point fingers. the whole thing was, like, they weren't in any way here to help
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us through a difficult time. they were trying to subjugate us. mr standish says grg loaded additional debt on the company and tripled the interest rate to 15%. in the end, his family had to surrender 80% of the company. i had to be referred to a counsellor for treatment, i prescribed antidepressants and i became suicidal. he's now suing rbs for breach of duty and conspiracy. rbs said that the case was currently the subject of litigation and that the bank would be vigorously defending these claims. hundreds of rbs customers had long complained of mistreatment by grg by 2013, so the financial conduct authority commissioned its own independent report which it received last year, but only published a limited summary of, but now the bbc has acquired the full report and it highlights the extent of the widespread inappropriate treatment faced by rbs‘ own customers, some of which was systematic or
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orchestrated from within the bank. crucially for rbs, the report said that the bank had shown "narrow compliance" with the investigation instead of co—operating fully, as it said it had. the report for the financial conduct authority found that 92% of viable or otherwise healthy companies experienced some form of inappropriate action by rbs, such as hiking up lending costs and fees unnecessarily. only 10% of those companies placed by rbs into grg returned intact to the main bank. many of the rest were either sold off, forced to hand over substantial stakes to rbs or liquidated. even in the midsts of the recession, grg was earning a profit of £1.2 billion for rbs. the bank said that it had not always handled customer complaints well
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and apologised and that it had put in place new complaints process overseen by a retired high courtjudge. the issue of mistreatment of rbs business customers has already been examined by mps, who urged the fca to publish the full report. the bank used inappropriate behaviour, forced lots of companies, that could have survived, could have been put back into health, they went out of business because they were mistreated because the bank simply wanted to make profits out of them. i think we have to learn that lesson. we have to have a general system whereby small companies have redress against big banks. the fca said... for the bank, which is 73% owned by uk taxpayers, this is yet another obstacle on the road to full health. being accused of wholesale mistreatment of its own customers may delay that rehabilitation.
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a short time ago he explained to me how more could be done to protect customers like the one highlighted in his report. the financial conduct authority has a whole range of powers to take action if consumers have been wronged by the bank. that does not appear to be the case for small to medium entities. this report appears to highlight the gaps in what the fca can actually do. it says that where it has powers, it will take action if it sees wrongdoing. for now, if you are a small entity, you were banked with rbs and placed into this global restructuring group and feel you
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we re restructuring group and feel you were mistreated, your first restructuring group and feel you were mistreated, yourfirst port restructuring group and feel you were mistreated, your first port of call is to address the bank. it is going to be overseen by a a former high courtjudge. going to be overseen by a a former high court judge. the going to be overseen by a a former high courtjudge. the rbs wants to put this chapter in its recent chequered cv behind it as soon as possible. that was jaw line speaking to mea possible. that was jaw line speaking to me a little earlier. in the us, the governor of texas has asked president trump to issue a major disaster declaration, hours before the state is battered by an ever—strengthening storm. hurricaine harvey is turning off the coast as a category two storm. officials say it could bring life threatening flooding that could last for days. as you know, this is a hurricaine harvey that will come in land and will hold work for a long period of time. it could be days. ——
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hover. during that time, there will bea hover. during that time, there will be a tremendous amount of rain dropped on miles upon miles of texas. this is going to lead to what was described earlier in our conference call as record flooding at multiple locations, ranging all the way from the corpus christi area all the way up to the houston area. the governor of texas. jordan longerot is in houston in texas — he joins us via webcam now. thank you for talking to us. how are your preparations going's what are your preparations going's what are you expecting? we really do not know what to expect at this point. the hurricane is hundreds of miles away. we are hoping we get a turn of luck and it spins off in a different direction. that is not what we are
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expecting. we have started preparing, starting with going to the grocery store, trying to get water, nonperishable food to last us at least seven days if need be. had he been able to do that and getting other things underway? so, it has been difficult. there has been a rush on the grocery stores. so, there are shelves upon shelves that are empty. it is hard to find water. also gasoline for vehicles is next to impossible to find. and where you do find it, lines are wrapped around the block. are you thinking about leaving your home? is that in your mind if you have to do that?‘ leaving your home? is that in your mind if you have to do that? a part of my preparation, which cited a
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little late, i actually ordered flood dams that are hopefully going to arrive in the next day or two if possible. if the flood dams do not arise, then i will put all of my belongings as high as i can, put furniture on five gallon buckets with holes drilled in it so they do not thaw away and probably evacuated. had he experienced serious flooding before? evacuated. had he experienced serious flooding before ?|j evacuated. had he experienced serious flooding before? i have. my home is in an area of boosting —— and area of houston. it has flooded. the first time it flooded was in 2015. we received 1a inches of water in our house and it flooded again 11
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months later in 2016. in that time, we only received between one inch and three inches in different areas of our house. i do feel like i am prepared for as well as one can be. indeed. the very best of luck to you in the days to come. thank you very much indeed. thank you. the great bank holiday getaway is on — and there are more problems than usual. major engineering work on the railways is expected to add to the disruption. london's euston station — one of the main lines into and out of the capital — will be completely closed over the weekend. there's also disruption on routes serving london bridge, london liverpool street, cardiff and bristol. motorists have also been advised to expect longerjourneys as people take to the roads instead. adina campbell reports. euston were completely closed by
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tomorrow, affecting passengers. there is never an ideal time to carry out these works but we carry out 15,000 projects every year and most of those happen overnight. during bank holidays, fewer people are travelling and we can deliver bigger projects. this will be the biggest ever august bank holiday engineering project by network rail, costing more than £130 million, involving 17,000 engineers. the works expected to benefit millions of passengers. it will see platforms extended to make way for a longer trains, as well as improvements to tracks and signalling and preparation work for a jealous too.
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i think it is madness. people are going to struggle. it is going to cause disruption but they will plan for it. people know, don't they? we are going to take alternative routes. i just are going to take alternative routes. ijust think it is are going to take alternative routes. i just think it is a failure ofan important routes. i just think it is a failure of an important public service for londoners and people around the country. rail services in the midlands, wales and the north will also be disrupted. transport campaigners say it is well overdue. there has been historic underinvestment in the real be going back decades and some of what is going on this weekend, notjust at euston, but what lou, london bridge and elsewhere, is about putting that right and treating more reliable services. euston is not the only station affected in london. work will also be happening at waterloo, london bridge and paddington. roads are also expected to be busier than
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normal, especially on monday. traffic will build over the weekend and it will peak on monday, with around 5 million leisure journeys on oui’ around 5 million leisure journeys on our road. that is people heading back over the school holidays, also people looking to enjoy a date trip. passengers are being advised to give themselves plenty of time to travel to avoid disruption. adding that give us this update from euston station. this is what the bank holiday friday rush hour looks like. queues of people building as they look at the information board is hoping to make their way home tonight. notjust is hoping to make their way home tonight. not just commuters is hoping to make their way home tonight. notjust commuters but people hoping to make their way to parts of the uk and beyond for the bank holiday. this is part of the engineering work going on. euston station will close tomorrow for two days as part of this widespread
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engineering work. it is a multi—million pound project. network rail will be extending platforms, improving signalling and tracks and also doing preparation work for the high—speed rail. services will be affected. one of the main lines affected. one of the main lines affected will be the west coast main line coming into london. no trains from those areas coming into london. it is not just from those areas coming into london. it is notjust happening in london, there will be disruption in wales, there will be disruption in wales, the north of england as well. the advice? check before you travel, leave yourself plenty of time. network rail say they have to do this work. it will be short—term painfor this work. it will be short—term pain for long—term gain. they see fewer people travel at this time of year. check before you travel and stay safe. the time is quarter past eight. a leaked report accuses the royal bank of scotland of abuse of
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its business customers. hundreds complained they were mistreated. rbs denies the accusations. texas is preparing itself for a life threatening hurricane, the to hit the mainland since hurricane katrina in 20 05. it is a category three storm. major travel disruption expected across the uk. millions are trying to get away from the bank holiday weekend. engineering works will be hitting the busiest rail routes. sport now, and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. ben stokes hit a century for england's on the opening day of the 2nd test against the west indies but the story of the day was the much—improved performance from the tourists at headingley as patrick geary reports. etched into headingley‘s memory, great west indian cricketers of the past, men of shock and awe. caribbean test cricket burned
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so bright, you notice its fading all the more. a team which seem to have rediscovered a bygone energy. then roach picked on the new boys. tom westley a nd roach picked on the new boys. tom westley and mark tumbling four balls. headingley got to see a yorkshireman in early. joe root escaped. so to ben stokes. west indian catching not up to speed. it costs, it always does. a record equalling 12. persistent and poignant. as a boy, he would have been among them. the list alger did not last. —— the list alger. one
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mistake remained outstanding. he can become uncatchable. on 98, out of nowhere, a chance. the rage understandable. a century that might never have happened and upon which, england have relied. gabriel, the lack of capturing, allowed stoke to reach 100. that was good by an simulator. england 258 all out. for them it was a day that should have gone far better. it could have been far worse. it is international cricket the bowlers did a good job. they contained really well and picked up wickets when they needed to. i thought they did well as a single unit. f1 returned after the summer break and lewis hamilton has set the pace ahead of this weekend's belgian grand prix.
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after being pipped by kimi raikkonen in morning practice, the three time world champion was comfortably quickest in his mercedes this afternoon, nearly half a second ahead of championship leader sebastian vettel. chris froome continues to lead the vuelta a espana by 11 seconds after seven stages. it was a day for the breakaway today, as uae team emirates rider matej mohoric took the victory into cuenca. froome finished along his main rivals in the peleton eight minutes later as he bids to do the tour de france / vuelta double for the first time. ireland's hopes of remaining in european's top—tier tournament have taken a knock after they lost 1—0 to spain. the winner will take on belgium on sunday. ireland's hopes of remaining in european's top—tier tournament have taken a knock after they lost 1—0 to spain. the defeat means they sit
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second in the pool, with one game remaining. a victory over austria in their final game on sunday will secure their position, but a draw could be enough still. england will be guaranteed a first world badminton medal in six years after chris and gabby adcock reached the semifinals of the world championships in glasgow. the fifth seeds dropped the first game against their opponents from hong kong but recovered to take the next two. the adcocks are likely to face the world number one zheng and chen of china in tomorrow's semifinal. that's all sport for now. i'll have more in the next hour. thank you. the united states has announced new financial sanctions against venezuela, designed to further isolate the government of nicholas maduro. the measure bans dealing in the bonds of some venezuelan public companies, including the state—owned oilfirm pdvsa. earlier this month the us imposed sanctions on president maduro himself and some of his closest aides, branding him a dictator.
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a short while ago president trump's national security adviser — h r mcmaster — explained the latest sanctions. this order demonstrates more clearly than ever that the united states will not allow an illegitimate iterator ship to take hold in the western hemisphere at the expense of its people. —— dictatorship. the united states will target the means with which the dictatorship can accumulate debt to enrich its corrupt regime insiders and perpetuate this behaviour. our correspondent will grantjoins perpetuate this behaviour. our correspondent will grant joins us from havana. how are these sanctions likely to have an impact on venezuela, where things are in turmoil anyway? they are. the thing
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is this step of choosing to impose sanctions on an oil rich country exactly where it hurts the most, its energy sector, is a very significant move forward. i think the fear for a lot of venezuela ns move forward. i think the fear for a lot of venezuelans is it will hurt them, the purist, rather than the leadership of the country and there will be a strengthening of his hands as he will rally people around a cause that it is being caused on venezuelan by washington. mr trump has also said the military option is on the table. there is a lot of debate whether or not this is the right course of action. will grant, thank you very much. semi—automated, self—driving lorries will be tested out on our roads from next year. the trucks will be connected wirelessly with up to three lorries travelling in convoy.
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the technology has already been tested elsewhere in europe and the united states. the government says it will mean cheaper fuel bills, lower emissions and less congestion. our correspondent richard lister looks at how it will work. this could be the future. the driver in the second lorry is only steering, his speed controlled by a computer. it is called flattening. these dutch trials suggest these lorries can drive closer together. that may have benefits. 10% fuel savings, that is money off the shopping bills. it is 10% less co2, we will be helping the planet. if we get it working, we will not get the traffic jams we get it working, we will not get the trafficjams we have today. safety, we will have robots not making the mistakes. this is one of the specially equipped lorries that will
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ta ke specially equipped lorries that will take part in the trials. first an test tracks and then on the motorway network in 2019. some cars can already steer themselves, too. we hollered industry wants to catch up. the big question is, do sophisticated lorries need people at all? the short answer is, yes, our roads are too small. vehicles like this could revolutionise long distance haulage. we are going to jump distance haulage. we are going to jump into the vehicle and pool forward and do the exercise. les is training the next generation of lorry drivers. neither is keen on sharing the driver ‘s seat with the computer. if the driver sees something is wrong, they can deal with it. if a machine makes darren, wi—fi connections, i do not think it isa wi—fi connections, i do not think it is a good idea. —— ifa wi—fi connections, i do not think it is a good idea. —— if a machine brea ks is a good idea. —— if a machine breaks down. you have to account for
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road users and all these things when you are driving these vehicles. the british trials will have three lorries and a platoon. some say that is too many. uk motorways are some of the most congested, many exits and entrances. it is difficult to see road signs, it will be difficult to exit the motorway. with several countries now testing this technology, it looks like it is coming and the uk will have to decide if it wants it. with me now is peter campbell, the motor correspondent. you have had some experience of seeing these in action elsewhere in europe. what was it like? last year a lots of countries across europe tested this very same technology on european motorways. i was lucky enough to join them for pa rt was lucky enough to join them for part of the trip. the lorries drive
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closer together than would be safe with human drivers because the braking is synchronised. the driver about 22 metres apart when i experienced it. it is slightly unnerving that you are so close to the lorry in front of you but not that different from normal driving because there is someone in the cabin who is steering. it is very different from advanced car tests we re different from advanced car tests were the car steers itself and has no need for a driver at all. we must emphasise that the person is making big decisions in the front and steering but the second and third drivers would just be steering. they would be steering and when the front person breaks, all the lorries break in sync. there is no reaction time. that means they can drive closer together. as close as four metres on test tracks. you can never have that safely with human drivers. it is just about here to the edge of the desk. one of the worries is when
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this comes onto the motorways, people trying to get off the motorways. if you are trying to leave the motorways and there is a convoy of lorries, you will not be able to get. they have to split up. the convoy has to break and the drivers in trucks to and three reta ke drivers in trucks to and three retake control of the vehicles in order to let motorists on and off. it has worked well when tested in america and europe because there are a long gaps betweenjunctions. in britain, ourjunctions are closer together. that raises huge questions over whether this technique would be as effective in the uk at saving fuel. of course, we are only talking about motorways or large a roads. a lot of our roads are little lanes which are only two carriageways. this technology... can you see widespread application of it in the near future? it is many years,
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decades even until driverless cars exists on our motor weeks or lorries exists. there are so many complexities to get a vehicle to drive itself, pedestrians, ongoing traffic. driverless technology on the motorways is easy because eve ryo ne the motorways is easy because everyone is going in the same direction, nothing will jump everyone is going in the same direction, nothing willjump at you from the side. it is possible abuse could be used in several years' time to reduce fuel use on the motorways and to change the way the haulage companies employ people. if you can have lorries that drive themselves and steer themselves from long distances of time, you do not need truck drivers to go that far. they can get into the vehicles and drive them to the depots and unload them, a job that will need to be done by humans for some years yet. as with everything, savings by people will lose jobs
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everything, savings by people will losejobs in some everything, savings by people will lose jobs in some sectors. thank you very much indeed. let's bring you some news that relates to brussels. a man has been shot in the centre of brussels after attacking soldiers. that is all we know from the state broadcaster there. a man shot in brussels. we cannot say whether this is terror related or not. early reports. we will bring you more when we have further information. meanwhile, what about the prospects for the weather? let's get the latest. warm sunshine around but showers continue for a time over northern ireland. they tend to fade away. temperatures of 13 or 16
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celsius. tomorrow, a lot of dry weather. some spells of sunshine. showers across eastern in scotland where they could be lightning, thunder at times. some showers for north—east england. a drier day for northern ireland than we have of late. 19 celsius in belfast. temperatures of 25 elsewhere. patchy cloud and sunny spells, you little bit of damp weather into the far north—west of scotland. it will turn breezy later in the day. top temperatures of 2a celsius. hello. this is bbc news. the headlines at 8.30pm. a leaked report accuses royal bank of scotland of the systematic abuse of its business customers — hundreds of customers complained they were mistreated. rbs denies the accusations texas braces itself for hurricane harvey, which has just become a category three storm, the worst to hit the us mainland in 12 years.
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travel delays are expected over the bank holiday weekend as engineering and roadworks take place on some of the country's busiest routes. at least 28 people have been killed in clashes in india after a controversial self—styled religious leader was convicted of rape. violent protests have broken out in the states of punjab and haryana, which includes the home town of gurmeet ram rahim singh. thousands of his devotees went on the rampage after he was found guilty of raping two women 15 years ago. there are also reports of arson attacks in the capital, delhi. from there, our south asia correspondent justin rowlatt reports. violence broke out almost as soon as the guilty verdict was handed down by the court in this town in north india. more than 100,000 followers of the self—styled godman guru, had blocked to demonstrate their support.
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had flocked to demonstrate their support. they went on the rampage, burning cars and attacking the police, who responded with tear—gas and water cannon. when they didn't subdue the crowd, they fired live ammunition. and there have been clashes elsewhere, too. this train was torched by an angry mob here in the indian capital, delhi. elsewhere in the city, buses have been set on fire. the guru has an absolutely enormous following. he estimates 50 million people and the fear is, that violence could spread in north india. gurmeet ram rahim singh is a charismatic figure. he calls himself the messenger of god, sports a huge beard and has a taste for enormous motor cycles. he has been dubbed "the baba of bling", and stars in his own movies and pop videos and, despite his extraordinary appearance, he's regarded as a living saint by many of his followers. this is the latest in a series
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of scandals here in india, involving those who claim exceptional spiritual powers. guru ram rahim says his sect is a social welfare and spiritual group, but he's been accused of involvement in murder and it is also claimed he persuaded 400 of his acolytes to have themselves castrated in order to get closer to god. it's that kind of devotion that explains the scale and intensity of the violence here in north india and also why the authorities are so concerned about it spreading. justin rowlatt, bbc news, delhi. a former rock star — who's been jailed for multiple cases of child abuse — could have been caught years earlier if the police had investigated him properly. ian watkins — the lead singer of the band, lost prophets — was sentenced to 29 years in prison four years ago. but an investigation by the independent police complaints commission found that south wales police missed a series of opportunities to stop him.
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our wales correspondent, sian lloyd reports. a rock star and a hero to his fans across the world, but in private ian watkins was a paedophile, his behaviour was described as "having plumbed the depths of depravity." his sexual interest in children was reported by his former girlfriend. watkins had sent indecent images tojoanne mjadzelics' mobile phone, but when she took it to the police, her allegations were not followed up. the police watchdog, the independent police complaints commission, has found officers' bias against her meant watkins was able to carry on abusing children. joanne mjadzelics spoke today of the toll it's all taken. she said: "the ipcc report finally vindicates me and accepts that from the outset i was telling the truth and trying to bring a serious criminal sexual predator to justice." south wales police didn't begin investigating ian watkins until four years after they were tipped off that he was a danger to children. he was arrested during a drugs raid
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at his home here, in pontypridd. what they then found on his mobile phones and computers showed that those earlier warnings should have been acted on. in all, six people made complaints about watkins, none were followed up. south wales police missed opportunity after opportunity to bring him in for questioning, to arrest him or to bring him tojustice. the force says it's truly sorry for its failings and has introduced wide scale changes. the ipcc has also criticised south yorkshire and bedford police over inaction in investigating watkins. the singer manipulated fans to get access to his victims, the extent of his abuse may never be known. sian lloyd, bbc news. a pakistani man suspected of being an international drugs dealer has been arrested in north london. muhammad asif hafeez is wanted in america for importing heroin
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and meth—amphetamine. known as the sultan — he's thought to run a global drug production and distribution network. a court has found two white south african farmers guilty of attempted murder after they forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to burn him alive. the judge said it was clear willem oosthuizen and theo jackson had intended to kill victor mlots hwa. the two farmers were arrested after a video of the attack was posted on social media. the bbc‘s nomsa maseko was in court. the video of the assault caused outrage here in south africa. it once again highlighted racial tensions in farming communities. two white farmers shoving a black man in a coffin, threatening to bury him alive. they accused him of trespassing on their farm. alive. they accused him of trespassing on theirfarm. the
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alive. they accused him of trespassing on their farm. the two men were arrested after the video of the attack was widely circulated on social media. they said they only wa nted social media. they said they only wanted to teach the victim victor mlots hwa a wanted to teach the victim victor mlotshwa a lesson, and that they meant him no harm. but thejudge dismissed their claim, saying it was clear their intention was to commit murder. in relation to the attempted murder. in relation to the attempted murder of victor mlotshwa i hereby find you both guilty, on the count of attempted bodily harm i find you both guilty. of kidnapping, ifind you both guilty. shortly after the verdict was delivered here in court, the visibly emotional victim victor mlots hwa the visibly emotional victim victor mlotshwa told me he was relieved that justice has mlotshwa told me he was relieved thatjustice has finally been served. his mother welcomed the ruling. translation: alli am asking for harsh prison sentences for these men. the ordeal left my son deeply
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traumatised and i am happy his attackers have been found guilty. various political party supporters protested against racism outside the court. the convicted men will be sentenced in two months‘ time. many who attended the trial are hoping thejudge will deliver who attended the trial are hoping the judge will deliver lengthyjail terms. the billionaire boss of the samsung empire and south korea‘s third richest man — has been jailed for five years after being found guilty of bribery, embezzlement and perjury. jay y lee was found guilty of making inappropriate donations worth around six million dollars, in exchange for government favours. the former thai prime minister, yingluck shinawatra, has fled the country, hours before a verdict was to be delivered in her trial for criminal negligence. ms yingluck faces up to ten years in jail over a rice subsidy scheme
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that paid farmers up to 50% more than market prices. the scheme lost the government billions of pounds. so how are you spending your bank holiday weekend ? wild camping — pitching a tent on lonely mountain tops, away from the holiday crowds — is growing in popularity. but a minority of wild campers are being accused of trashing the landscape they‘re supposed to love. national trust wardens in the lake district say some of the campers are treating the land as if it were a pop festival site, leaving rubbish and sometimes complete sets of camping equipment. dave guest has the story. wild camping is all about getting far away from civilisation and far closer to nature. it is about going and spending the night high on the hills away from civilisation, where from other people and spending that night with nature and the starters in a very that night with nature under the stars in a very self—sufficient, low—key manner.
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responsible wild campers, such as these, make sure they are discreet, do not cause damage and take everything home with them when they leave. what is the change you‘ve noticed recently? i think new audiences have become aware of wild camping but are treating it in a different manner. there is more of a disposable culture coming into what people perceive to be wild camping and that now is very much coming within 500 metres of our car parks, carrying in as much stuff as they need. as for taking everything home, this is what national trust rangers are finding frequently in the lake district. simon hill is spending more and more of his time chasing off and clearing up after the clueless campers. in this area we have picked out tents, inflatable mattresses, batteries... so this is evidence of the remains of the fire site. it is the sort of remnants that we come across. we have had experiences up
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here where we have taken trailer loads of rubbish out. it has become commonplace for festivalgoers to abandon cheap tents, sleeping bags and other clutter at the end of a festival knowing someone will clean it up. this of course is not a festival site. the national trust say they are not trying to stop all wild camping in its traditional form but they do want people to do it responsibly. if you want to know how to do that, visit the national trust website. maybe you‘re spending your bank holiday by going on a caravan break? the popularity of caravan and mobile home holidays has increased significantly in 2017 — with some sites in the north east of england reporting the busiest yearfor a decade. megan paterson reports. one way to see the world is to go
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by car, taking your home literally on your back. in other words, by caravan. that may sound ambitious, but there are few more confident people than caravan owners. ca ravanning has changed a lot since the 1960s. initially, a curious hobby and now a family staple. now it is back in vogue. just a break with the family. just to get out into the countryside instead of being in a concrete jungle, so it's nice to get out and the fresh air. a lot of people think it is old —fashioned. it's not. it's cheaper than going abroad nowadays and the kids prefer to come to the caravan instead of travelling to or three hours on the plane. it is good to get away from home when you like the outdoors and it's just fun. and to get active. it'sjust fun. everyone is doing it. it‘s more affordable. the facilities are second to none. it‘s more enjoyable for everybody now. all the hassle of boarding planes and stuff like that.
8:43 pm
basically, it‘s a great time of life. it‘s a great life. that enthusiasm for caravans of all shapes and sizes has grown over the last 18 months, with obvious benefits for business. i have been in this industry for 18 years and the last year or year and a half, the holidays and the bookings and people coming in motor homes has gone up sixfold. it's amazing how many people want to go on holiday nowjust for the weekend and it is the best it has been in ten years. just as the sites are busy, so are the places selling the modernised caravanning experience. up until the end ofjuly, we have seen a 40% increase in sales, which has been great. our demographics are starting to change. we are having a lot of our families and young couples and the likes as well as our older clients.
8:44 pm
it is changing, as you can see. we are into the 21st century now. it is not about the old—fashioned decor and it does not have the stigma it used to. the headlines on bbc news: a leaked report accuses royal bank of scotla nd a leaked report accuses royal bank of scotland of the systematic abuse of scotland of the systematic abuse of its business customers, hundreds of its business customers, hundreds of them complained they were being mistreated. rbs denies the accusations. the us state of texas is bracing itself for a life—threatening hurricane which is supposed to be the worst to hit the us mainland since hurricane katrina. major travel disruption is expected across the uk of millions tried to get away for the bank holiday weekend, while engineering works hit the country‘s busiest rail routes. just give you the latest we are
8:45 pm
getting on an incident in the centre of brussels this evening, a man attacked two soldiers with a knife. he was shocked but he is still alive, and we‘re hearing from the authorities that the man who is in a critical condition, is not known to have any links to terrorism. that is the latest from the capital of belgium, brussels. as we get more details, we will bring them to you here on bbc news. now it‘s time for the film review. hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week‘s cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week?


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